LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More

LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More

Yakibest.com: LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More : Sports & Outdoors

What are le led camping lantern features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • High brightness & dimmable: long press the button to adjust brightness up to 1000 lumens, suitable for reading or illuminate the whole space.
  • 4 lighting modes: short press the button to switch light modes (daylight white, warm white, full brightness, flashshing).
  • Long battery life: powered by 3pcs d alkaline batteries, it can last 12 hours even under 1000 lumen brightness setting. Not rechargeable.
  • Ipx4 water resistant: it could protected against splashing water from all angle, suitable for outdoor activities in rainy or snowy day.
  • Hanging hook & removable cover: with a hook the bottom and a metal handles on the top, it can be hung back and forth for all sorts of purposes.
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LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More AMAZON

Yakibest.com: LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

Is there really no way to turn it completely off without removing the batteries? Does a light blink when turned off unless you remove the batteries?

Yes, the light blinks always when the batteries are in. But it’s such a low energy led that i’ve used it for many hours and the light is still bright after a year on the same batteries. And when i’m sleeping in the back of my truck or in a tent, i just turn it away from me. Any reflective light is so faint it doesn’t bother me and i’m a very light sleeper who is annoyed by almost everything at night. I totally love this light. In fact, bought a second and i have two double burner propane lanterns that i will never used again. This light is about as bright as those.

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What are the hours of continuous use at both 100% and 50%?

Discharging time: daylight white 18 hrs, warm white 25 hrs, combined 12 hrs.

I would like to know the size of this lantern. I couldn’t find it/

The size is 3.74 * 3.46* 7.24 in.

Does it come with batteries?

There is no battery included.

Will this lantern take 3d energizer advanced lithium batteries

Please use 1.5v d batteries, it cannot support lithium battery, please kindly understand.

Can you leave in your car? Would summer heat in a car hurt the light/ battery?

Although batteries can stand up to 140 degree heat, prolong heat can not only shorten the life of the batteries, but it could also ruin components, the plastic, and the glue that holds it together.

How do you get to the battery compartment??

The bottom screws off. There is a spline you have to align with a groove in order to screw it back on after installing the batteries. Very simple to drop in the batteries.

Can i use d cell alkaline batteries

Absolutely yes that’s what it uses is a d cell alkaline battery.

The lantern does not turn on. What am i doing erong? Thank you

Why doesn’t it turn on? I’ve installed 3 d (alkaline) batteries correctly (2 pos down, 1 up) and i’ve reclosed the battery cover correctly (aligned spine, clockwise 1/4 turn). Looks great. No response though from the on switch.

Knocked off a kids table and fell two feet. Jiggled it and light flashed then went off an stayed off. Battery lid is secure. How to fix?

Sorry, i don’t know the answer to your question. I am not pleased with mine so if mine broke i would use the opportunity to buy a different one.

How many d batteries does this require?

Each lantern requires 3 d size batteries.

What is the spanlife of battery

Here’s what it provides in the product description, at the top of the page:

【long last time】 using 1.5v 3 x d batteries (not included) as power supply, enables it can be used up to 12-25 hours, which last longer than most of the camp lamp in the market.

If you mean the battery shelf life, then that will depend greatly on the battery brand. I much prefer the energizer max batteries, which have a 10-year shelf life.

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Does it come witha remote?

No, it doesn’t come with a remote. It’s very good quality, and the light is very bright. I recommend it without any doubts.

How do i return a defective unit?

Print return label and apply it return package. Drop off at delivery place

Any tips for getting the #*%({{customersQuestions}} bottom on the battery case? I haven’t been able to do it yet.

With the lantern standing on it’s top and the bottom removed, iif you look into the lantern battery compartment, you will see a stem sticking up in the middle . That stem is round with a raised pointy area on it. Look at the bottom piece and you will see a hollow stem sticking up that has an opening with a matching pointy area. In order to put the bottom on the lantern you have to match those two pointed areas together , slide the bottom in and then twist clockwise.. If you don’t match the stem in the lantern to the hollow tube in the bottom piece they won’t go together.

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Can you store this with batteries inside?

You can store this with the batteries inside. As with any device, the batteries can corrode if you store it for a very long time between using, so removing them is a good idea.

Hi. What type of bulbs does this take. And are they easy to locate?

Have had the lantern for a year + works fine, haven’t had any need to replace bulbs. Just checked, bright as it ever was new. Sorry, not much help on bulbs, but if it were me wouldn’t worry about it.

What are the hours of continuous use at both 100% and 50%?

Unknown. I used mine for approx 2-3 hrs.

How many led bulbs does this have?

Not sure but it is an awesome bright light. We love it. Bought two more!

Can i use rechargeable batteries or just the regular ‘d’ batteries??

I have used rechargeable aa/aaa but never ‘ d’s ‘; but they should. Rechargeable’s have a slightly lower voltage (1.2v-1.4v) vs d (1.5v).
You will need a specialized recharger that works with the nimh battery chemistry.

LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More AMAZON

Yakibest.com: LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM, 4 Light Modes, Waterproof Tent Light, Perfect Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane, Emergency, Survival Kits, Hiking, Fishing, Home and More : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Brightest lanterns i now own – very happy with this purchase

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Summary. I really like these lanterns. They are the brightest emergency light source i now own. I like the fact that they have separate settings for turning on blue/white light, another setting for turning on warm white light and another setting for turning on both the blue/white and warm white leds on at the same time. So i give these lanterns 5 stars as they all worked the first time as soon as i put in the batteries and because of being the brightest lanterns i’ve ever purchased.

Details. I bought these lanterns to have a bright emergency light available for power outage situations and boy or boy, they certainly do the job. They are very bright and the brightest emergency light source i have ever purchased. They are powered by 3 type d batteries so when inserted the lantern is not as light weight as other lanterns which are powered by aa batteries. However, being powered by d batteries should mean the lanterns will last longer than alternatives powered by smaller aa batteries. The manufacturer implies it should run 12 hours on the highest setting. I have not tested that. The manufacturer also seems to state you should not try to run these lanterns on rechargeable batteries. I suspect the problem is rechargeable batteries can output about 1.25 volts while standard alkaline batteries output 1.5 volts.

So the pros: 1.) worked as expected right out of the box once batteries were inserted and 2.) are easy to hang up anywhere you would want to, 3.) are very bright and 4.) 3 d batteries should last longer than any lanterns powered by aa batteries.

The cons: 1.) some other lanterns may be more amenable for carrying around outside in adverse conditions. Not saying these aren’t designed for rain but only that i have other lanterns that i’d probably bring outside in the rain before i tried these. 2.) these lanterns were more expensive than some alternatives. 3.) as you have to apply pressure, putting new batteries in is a bit of a pain. You also have to make sure you orient the batteries correctly which may not be obvious. (please note, you will see me put in batteries in my attached video. I subsequently learned the manufacturer has included a video with this item on amazon that shows how to make this process easier. You essentially put the lantern upside down on a table which makes it then easier to apply the necessary pressure when screwing in the bottom of the lantern. Recommend you check out their video.) update: just for my knowledge, i removed and replaced the batteries several times to see if i could make the process easier. One time after i inserted the batteries and screwed in the bottom, it did not light. After simply taking off the bottom, jiggling the batteries and rescrewing in the bottom, it then worked. So there may be some fuzziness along those lines requiring repeated tries when putting in the batteries. Nonetheless, i have working lanterns at this time.

Now i’m going to give this product 5 stars primarily because it works and is the brightest set of emergency lighting i now own. However, at the same time i purchased two other types of emergency lanterns and i am equally happy with them for different reasons. I encourage anyone reading this to click on my profile and read the reviews of the other two lanterns i purchased at the same time. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. I am nonetheless very happy with this purchase and should i need more emergency lighting i would not hesitate in purchasing them again.

5Expert Score
Really nice area lantern lights, indoors or outdoors.

Awfully nice area lights. Use them for vehicle/car camping, trailers, emergencies, backup for other lights, etc. 1000 lumens setting, the third mode, is great for larger areas, and if you remove the globe it’s a harder light with more contrast and sharper shadows. If you select the second setting, only 4 warmer color temperature leds produce a more yellowish color, and if you hold the power button for a looong time you can reduce the illumination further. (the light output cycles as you continue to hold the power button.)

the bottom hook has a latch so the light won’t accidentally blow off a line or small limb so easily.

This lantern has enough weight to stay put on a flat surface in most wind. If you put this inside a gallon, double-zipper freezer bag, it can be used for boating or heavy rains, although it probably won’t float.

The top plastic bail handle has a detent to keep it folded against the lantern, but i wish it had other detents to allow the handle to stay in other positions as well. Not that important for my uses so not a deal-breaker at all.

Batteries are not included, so get some ‘d’ sized alkaline batteries. The instructions indicate that rechargeable batteries will not work and i wouldn’t challenge that advice.

Just got these, so no idea about durability or battery life yet.

If i get even reasonable usage out of these lights, i’ll buy more. They’re that good in features vs cost.

5Expert Score
Great life

We took a direct hit from hurricane ian and we’re without power for 12 days.

I used the c batteries to power it, and we ran it all night every night, and sporadically throughout the day so it got at least 12 hours of use per day mostly on the dimmer (yellow light) setting-the brighter setting was way brighter than we ever needed. I only had to change the batteries 3 times in 12 days, which given the amount of time that it was powered on each day, is great battery life.

It’s light to carry, bright, and lasts a long time on a set of batteries. What more could you ask for?

5Expert Score
Very bright it’s like a little sun

I have always used propane lanterns for fishing/camping because we’ll battery ones just never were bright enough but this one definitely does the job great. I like using it for short night fishing trips compared to propane just for one thing no mantles to worry about and it’s safe for kids to handle.

5Expert Score
The best lighting ever – a comparison of lanterns and why the le wins over rayovac sportsman

Purchased this lighting ever 1000 lumens lantern and the rayovac sportsman 240 lumen led lantern se3dlnacom on the same order. Not realizing the identical nature of each lantern at the time, having both in hand together allowed me to make a side by side comparison. This might help someone chose which one to buy.

The rayovac i purchased on this page shows a 240 lumen lantern, however the one that arrived clearly states 305 lumens. Physically, the le and rv are manufactured almost identically in composition. Both require 3 d sized batteries to operate. The le is only one ounce more than the rv, but the le feels and looks sturdier and of higher quality. Le and rv will be used when describing each lantern, but keep in mind that i am comparing the rayovac 305 lumen that arrived, versus what is advertised on the amazon page.

The le’s output on highest mode is 1000 lumens compared to the rv’s highest mode at 305; both are daylight white on high. On high, the le touts a run time of 18 hours (10 watts), to the rv’s 70 hours (4 watts), rv wins on run time.

The le’s second mode both reduces the lumens (dimmer) and changes the color temp to a warm white. While the rv does not have a color temp variable, it does provide an option to dim the output to 140 lumens for its 2nd mode and can run 140 hours. Le wins due to the option to change to preferred temperature color.

The le’s 18 hour operation will increase to 25 hours when on mode 2 (warm white). The third mode of the le further dims the light and combines the warm and daylight temperatures to somewhere in between. The paperwork for the le shows that mode 3 will last only 12 hours, which does not make sense as to why it shortens the life by the most .

The last mode for both (le’s 4th mode, rvs 3rd mode) is a blinking / strobe light of the daylight / cool white color. I’ve not much to say on this mode – does not seem relevant at the moment to me. The rv has one final feature though, which is a dim green light on the power button that blinks very slowly, to assist the owner in locating it during periods of darkness. Personally, i do not like this feature and would either remove the batteries or put a dimmit over the light. Buyers might prefer this, i’m just not a fan of idiot lights with or without power.

Lastly, i mentioned these being cut from the same mold, and both have battery compartments in the base of the lantern. The le has a stem mounted in the base that the cover’s slot must align correctly to close the battery compartment. The rv has a slot (no stem) on the rim of base to align to the cover’s slot opening. However, the le cover is still much easier to close with the batteries in the unit. Once the appropriate alignment is met, you must push down and turn to close the base. Think of pushing a child-proof pill bottle’s lid to open it. Do the same on these lanterns. The le base closed after 3 tries, to the rv’s numerous tries getting frustrated. Le wins on battery replacement procedures.

Overall, the le wins hands down. For a 15 ounce lantern with more features, i paid approximately 17.00. The 14 ounce rv cost $24, but the amazon page shows the list price at $34 and the buyer was getting a $10 discount at purchase. Though the 4 watt rv runs much longer at 2.9 days or 5.8 on mode 2 and the 10 watt le has a run time of .75 days or 1 full day on mode 2, i am not using this to go camping. This was purchased for power failures, to be used as part of an overall emergency preparedness plan, and bright is what we need indoors during power failures. The hours will be broken up over various times and 18 hours will get us several days. For the money, same battery requirements and functionality, le takes the cake.

I’ve never heard of lighting ever before, but the product packaging shows they have their home base in las vegas, nv, another in the uk and one in china, where this lamp was made. It comes with rohs certification, 1 year warranty and the instructions are the most accurate regarding the english language than i’ve seen in a long time. How refreshing to receive grammatically correct documents included in the box (yes, a real box). The rayovac has a limited lifetime warranty and came in a plastic transparent bag, unbranded. The tlc shows on the le, while the product packing on the rv is a wrapped label with specs, and it is though product presentation was an afterthought. For the $24, some type of protection during delivery wouldn’t hurt. Whoever le is, i will buy again if they produce a product as good as this one.

5Expert Score

My first time purchasing and i was not disappointed. Very light weight but very bright. I purchased them for times of inclement weather and was extremely surprised at the coverage in a room. I plan to purchase more for use in the auto vs a handheld flashlight.

5Expert Score
Lightweight lights

We keep these in several rooms for power outages. It’s a nice feature to have the choice of bright or dimmer light. We’re happy with them.

5Expert Score
Bright !

Very bright, they also dim, and they are nice and small. They are brighter than my old ones that are much larger. So these are easier to store. Great job !

5Expert Score
Great product

I bought these a few years ago for emergencies (hurricanes…ugh!), and put a few in my smaller closets year round. I live in a 30-year old home, and none of the closets have lights in them. I was trying to figure out what to do in my master bedroom closets. No electric to tap into unless you run a line quite a distance. Expensive to have an electrician install something anyway. And most portable led lights are useless for this purpose. (not to mention my eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.) bedroom tends to be dark most of the time, on the nw corner of the house. I bought a few more of these, and found they work perfectly in those closets. I hang two on a hook for the upper closet rod, and just lay them on their side for the lower closet rod. Very bright. Last a *long* time. (first ones i bought went quite awhie before i had to change batteries.) i can actually see the clothes in my closet now! Only issue i have is installing the batteries can be a bit of a challenge.

5Expert Score
Awesome buy!!

Very bright!! Lights a room. We bought 4 to have throughout the house in case of power outages. Already had to use them, would 100% buy them again!

4Expert Score
Great light, stopped working, simple fix, works again. Hurray!

It’s a great little light, lightweight, bright while only requiring 3 batteries, with the highest setting very bright. We kept it around in case of power outages and outside forays, and it worked very well. Then, believe it or not, a car ran into our house, causing structural damage and requiring us to shut off all utilities. We were able to use this lantern as the primary light in the basement over several days while getting the wall shored up. Then we had to move temporarily, and when we unpacked it, it would not turn on. Tried new batteries, carefully reseating and aligning the bottom, nothing worked. We assumed it had been dropped or damaged and figured it was dead. Several weeks later, we’re going to replace it, and looked at the reviews with the filter ‘stopped working’. It seemed like a fair number of people had the same problem. Then we found the four star review by sungmin that said that the battery terminals could get depressed and that he fixed the problem by making sure the terminal contact points were firmly touching the batteries. So we tried carefully pulling up the three metal ‘springs’ that contact the batteries so that they made better contact with the batteries, reseated the bottom, turned it on and it worked! Hurray! Thanks sungmin!

4Expert Score
Not rechargeable

I don’t know about the product so all i placed the batteries saw it worked wonderfully then removed the batteries and the only problem is that in a hurricane the power goes out for weeks and i assumed the claim of emergency light meant it could be used over and over on same batteries therefore rendering it useless to me

4Expert Score
Smaller than expected, but bright and sturdy

Worth the cost of less than $25. This unit is small, i didn’t check the measurements. It seems well-built and would be an excellent tent lantern due to its size but even in my apartment, it lights up the whole bedroom. Probably too limited for use in a big room.

4Expert Score
Smaller than expected. Overall great for just in case.

Smaller than i was in visioning. Overall very bright and hope to be useful when needed.

4Expert Score
Design defect but works great!

Bought two. Both stopped working after only a few occasions of use. But found a solution after i posted a question. I cannot answer my own question there so writing here to let others know how to fix.

The four battery terminal contact points on the battery compartment cover may get recessed easily. Just lift them up enough or put 1/8′ thick small folded paper underneath of the positive terminal contact point.

After the above remedy, both work again.

Overall, i wanted to give 5 stars but had to take 1 star away.

4Expert Score
Very nice and neon mart is a great vendor for this product

I did a lot of research before i selected this ever lighting lantern. There are a half dozen or more of these same platforms all more or less the same. Each has minor differences and an amazing difference in price. This one is the least expensive.

I immediately liked the lantern – it was everything i wanted. It became one of my most favorite lights, but about a year into it the lantern suddenly stopped working – the led just flickered, trying to turn on but it couldn’t. It looked like a fluorescent light with a bad starter. I’m thinking the controller wasn’t putting out enough regulated power to fire the led. Or the led failed.

I was bummed that my light died. And since i didn’t know the warranty (and still don’t) i contacted the mfg. They said i’d have to go through the vendor who sold me the product, which was neon mart.

I contacted neon mart and they quickly responded and sent me an entire new light. Which works wonderfully. Its one thing to have a defective product, it can happen to anyone. But its the after-the-sale customer service that makes the difference and neon mart certainly stepped up the mark. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again and i recommend them to you.

As for the light, its quite bright at 300 lumens, amongst the highest for this lantern platform. There is one that’s about 10% brighter at 340 lumens, the streamlight 44931. Its also quite rugged and will withstand a drop from shoulder height. I love the platform’s ability to hang upside down with the top lens part removed so the light can fill a small room/tent. The top is protected by an o-ring so it should be ok in light rain, although i haven’t tested that. It has a nice metal loop hanger to hang right side up. Finally the top as well as almost the entire bottom section is over molded rubber for a nice grip and some shock resistance. I really like over molding – besides the obvious benefits it makes a cheap plastic feel into a quality rubber feel.

Here’s the light of cons in my view:

1) no battery compartment o – ring that would be needed for the unit to be truly water resistant/water proof
2) the bottom hook appears to be cheap plastic and i shutter every time i pop it out thinking i’m going to break it off – other reviewers have said the same but no one has reported that i am aware of that the hook actually broke
3) i don’t really like the blinking green light that’s always on to tell you the light is batteried and ready to go
4) i agree with other reviewers, the battery compartment alignment issue is a real pain. Hard to believe the engineers thought this was a good idea. I’ve used a huge number of lights including lanterns powered with batteries and i’ve never seen such an arrangement.
5) no provision for a night-vision-enhancing red led, such as the streamlight has.
6) no battery state-of-charge indicator is available (again, as you find in the streamlight version of this platform).
7) the streamlight also can float, indicating another superior waterproofing available when both ends are o-ringed. Don’t immerse this ever lighting lantern or you will be diving in after it.
8) warranty – is there one? I can’t find any statement of warranty, either here on amazon or the mfg. Streamlight has a clear statemetn of lifetime warranty. But, as i said, the vendor, neon mart, replaced a defected ever lighting lantern at no cost to me after about a year.

As for this platform, i love it. I’d like to see someone come out with all the features of the streamlight, but at twice the brightness or more. I have a 1600 lumen keychain led light that cost $15 so it can be done. But, with more power means more battery draw – i’d like them to ditch the high/low/strobe control and just go for an on/off with variable intensity – use a pot so you can dial it in and leave it there. None of this digital push-push-push to get to 30% and then start over if turn it off.

In summary you have a lot of choices if you like this platform and there is a lot to like about it. Here are just a few, all available here on amazon:

– the streamlight 44931: top of the line feature wise, but twice the price of the ever light.
– ultimate survival technologies pico lantern: a good middle-of-the-road unit, but amazon’s price on the ever light is so good its my choice if it comes down to ust’s light and the ever light
– the rayovac sportsman – it started the platform but is too expensive for less features

– the ever lighting – the light which is the subject of this review – all in all, the best value of the lot

if ever lighting had the features of the streamlight and priced it on amazon around $20 or $25, they’d have an industry-leading winner here.

4Expert Score
Nice lantern for hurricanes.

Good lantern with light options. A little hard to open and insert batteries.

4Expert Score
Shipped two units in box at great $$

Recommend this product , quality excellent , uses 3 regular alkaline “d” batteries

i am using this lantern as a loss of power from utility company in my home

******* glad this product is not rechargable ******

4Expert Score
Nice little lamp

Just nice and perfect

4Expert Score
Battery needed

No bad word at all
battery not included

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