LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures

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What are leapfrog leapland adventures features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • This video game for early learners takes kids on a quest for keys to unlock clever castle while exploring letters, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Insert the hdmi game stick and usb power cable into the tv and start playing immediately using the wireless controller; no downloads or account setup required
  • Choose between two characters to explore replayable game levels; save unique game progress for up to 5 players
  • Kids can explore 150+ learning items at their own pace by playing the educational content in the learning center
  • Intended for ages 3+ years; requires 2 aa batteries; batteries not included
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LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures AMAZON

Yakibest.com: LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Will this game system work on a computer screen

Needs an hdmi hookup

Is this good for kindergarten?

It is, it teachers numbers and when learning the letters whole playing the game it goes over the sound it goes over words. You can also can just go to a section on leapfrog where it just has the letters and numbers and you can go iver them that way also. As the game progress it gets harder and it goes over more and more. It’s a great tool, it’s a game but iteaches a long the way.

Leapfrog says its good for children up to 8 which i do believe.

My nephew is 4 and it helped to really starting to learn sounds and and also while playing game it teaches and learn how to use the controller and and also coordination.

It’s good learning tool and has many levels.

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Can you choose the levels from easy to difficult depending on the age?

There is no levels i don’t think

Is there alot of letter sound teaching on this game? We know abcs just needing help with what sounds each letter makes

Yes it does do the sounds and speakers words for every letter

Can two children play this at the same time?


Is there a way to ‘defeat’ the mosters so that you dont lose lives?

I don’t know a way of deleting them but jumping over them keeps your from being harmed and losing lives

Can other games be bought for this?

kids can explore 150+ learning items at their own pace by playing the educational content in the learning center

Is this game even good for a child up to 7 years old?

Depending on the 7 yr old. My 6 year old completed the game in less than 2 days.

Remote not working, changed the batteries several time. Any ideas?

Thanks for your inquiry. Please reach out to our team at www.leapfrog.com so we can work with you.

My tv has the hdmi port but no usb port. Can i plus the usb port into a usb wall charger without it frying the game? Or should i buy usb-hdmi adaptor?

Thank you for your inquiry. We suggest purchasing an usb-hdmi adaptor.

Does anyone else deal with a high pitch noise?

Thanks for your inquiry. The first thing to do is to change the batteries. If that does not help please reach out to us at www.vtechkids.com

Can you choose another language other than english like spanish?

Thank you for your inquiry. This item is in english.
You can visit our website for more information at www.leapfrog.com.
Best regards,
vtech & leapfrog support team

Does this hame save progress and does it have 2 profiles?

You can ceeate more than one profile and like regular games it does save progress.

Can two children play this at the same time?

Thank you for your inquiry. This has 1 controller so 1 child can play. You can save unique game progress with up to five player profiles.

Is leapland adventures compatible with leap tv

Thank you for your inquiry. No, this item is not compatible with the leaptv.
Please reach out to our team at www.leapfrog.com if we can be of assistance.

Best regards,
vtechkids & leapfrog support team

What numbers do it count up to 10 or 100

Thank you for your inquiry. The number curriculum for leapland adventures goes up to 10.

Best regards,
vtechkids & leapfrog support team

Would the hdmi stick work on laptops?

Thanks for your inquiry. This is made to connect to your tv.

Is there a way to decrease the volume of the annoying background music so the speech audio can be heard better?

I think so in settings

Will this work on a portable dvd player that has hdmi capability?

I don’t see why it shouldn’t. It is basically the same as an hdmi connection so it would make sense that it would. Hope this helps!

Can two children play this at the same time?

No ma’am. I got one for my son and it’s a very simple game but great for learning. While they can’t play at the same time, they can take turns and both watch and listen and learn together

LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures AMAZON

Yakibest.com: LeapFrog LeapLand Adventures : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
If only it was 2 player

Only two cons: the hdmi stick has to be plugged in to play, which i didn’t realize. No big deal, just need an open usb port on the tv. And second, both my boys want to play at the same time! Super fun and colorful, not to challenging for toddlers plus a little basic learning along the way. My 4 year old has almost outgrown it (the learning is to simple for him and he finds it boring playing to long) but my 2 year old has been able to enjoy it more.
I bough this 7 months ago as a welcome home to the new baby gift to help keep my then 3 year old occupied a few times during the day and it did just that, now it’s being passed down to his younger brother.

5Expert Score
Great gift for my 4yr old brother!!

My little brother is enjoying his first game console. This is such a great gift for such a great value. I would have paid triple for this great game. Thank you leapfrog!

5Expert Score
Birthday present

Great gift for toddler at little hard for him to play at 3 because of controller size but fun and affordable

5Expert Score
My 5 year old is engaged and having fun!

My daughter is 5 and a half. She is enjoying looking for berries and playing a “video game” with her dad. For $20 this is a video game i don’t mind her playing. I do wish they had questions like which one is a and which is b. The letters talk and give examples which is cute 🙂

5Expert Score

There’s so much to do! My 4 year old loves it!!!! This would make a great gift!

5Expert Score
Very easy to use, user friendy

Fun product to gift, age appropriate and good value for the buck!

5Expert Score
So cool

My young kids want to feel like the older kids on gaming devices but i really don’t want the little kids on them. This is a great solution. My daughter feels like she is one of the teens playing her game!!!

5Expert Score
My 4 year old loves it!

We are a gaming free household and will always be. My daughter had friends who are allowed to game on and xbox or playstation so she wanted one too. There was no way i was going to allow that so i found this game. It’s very educational, easy to use, and very age appropriate. I’ve noticed a significant change in her ability to point out numbers, shapes and colors.

5Expert Score
My grand daughter loves it, that is enough for me.

For my 3yr old grand daughter, it is great value for money.

5Expert Score
Such a awesome education game.

This was a great gift to get for your child who is getting ready to go to school for the first time.

4Expert Score
I like it

My 3 year old isn’t the biggest fan of it just because it requires her to press 2 buttons at the same time but i’ll come back and review it when she gets a little older.

4Expert Score
Good, but too easy.

My 4 year old daughter enjoyed the game for a little while, but there really wasn’t any challenge or any fun mini game type thing to check her knowledge. It’s super mario style game & you come across the letter, color, number, etc. & they say what they are, give an example and that’s it. Still good & good for the age group, but i do wish there was more of a challenge or questions to test her knowledge.

4Expert Score
Leap frog

I thought it was a really neat toy. It had a lot of games for learning and very age appropriate. My son wasn’t interested in playing it.

4Expert Score
Very educational.

My son plays with it here and there, but get bored easily because it runs through the task very fast.

4Expert Score
Its ok but not outstanding

Slow, and a bit jerky on the controls-very basic jump run crouch. Did not hold my childs interest. Leapfrog makes good products overall, but this one misses the mark in my opinion.

4Expert Score
Cute little game

Cute little simple game for the kids, i feel the game is a little cheap looking as far as graphics but at the age of 2 and 5, definitely meant for kids. The game definitely reminds me of mario party.

4Expert Score

It’s a cute educational game but my 2 had a hard time trying to learn to play. Very easy to hook up.

4Expert Score
Plug and play

It’s ok. It really doesn’t keep the toddler’s attention like you would hope. I think the books are better.

4Expert Score
Still a little complex for 4 year old

Every child is different, but my 4-year-old struggled with the controls. He had a hard time balancing moving and pushing buttons at the same time.

He understood the content, but i think an easier lever with just movement could help too.

All in all, still good. He just may need to grow into it a bit.

4Expert Score
Ok for younger kids

It is an ok game for a younger child but found it was not on the older age spectrum like it may indicate. My 6 yr old had completed it twice and is already over it. She enjoys the gaming part but the learning part leaves a lot to be desired.

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