Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′)

Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′)

Yakibest.com : Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′) : Office Products

What are leather desk pad protector features?

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  • Protect your desk:made of durable pu leather material, which protects your desk from scratches, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. It also gives your office a modern and professional atmosphere when you put it on your desktop. Its smooth surface will make you enjoy writing, typing and browsing. It is perfect for both office and home.
  • Multifunctional desk pad:31.5 x 15.7 inch size is large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse and keyboard. Its comfortable and smooth surface can be work as a mouse pad, desk mat, desk blotters and writing pad.
  • Special non-slip design:special cork suede design for back side,increase friction resistance with the desktop,non slip.the friction resistance is increased by 70% than that of double-sided leather.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean:made of water-resistant and durable pu leather, this desk pad protects your desktop from spilled water, drinks, ink and the other liquid. Easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth or paper.
  • One year warranty:we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products and superior service.. If you are dissatisfied with our product, we can offer you a new one or 100% money back. A good gift choice for your family, friends and yourself.

Leather desk pad protector details:





Item weight

‎8.1 ounces

Product dimensions

‎31.5 x 15.7 x 0.08 inches

Item model number






Material type

‎faux leather


‎31.5″ x 15.7″

Manufacturer part number


Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′) : Office Products

Looking for specific info?

Is it really squishy to write on? I use pen and paper a lot and hate the rubber and leather mats that are too soft.

I wouldn’t recommend this to directly write on, the surface is indeed squishy enough that the pen pokes through the paper

How do you get this pad to lie flat? It ripples on my desk from being tightly wound in the shipping tube.

I put four heavy books on each corner for around 24 hours. That flattened it down for me. Sides still had a slight bend to it, so i had also rolled it in the opposite direction a few times tightly to counter that initially.

The edges of my table is frayed, will this help by naturally draping to the contours of the edge?

It does not contour to the table too well if you have a slopping edge. I wouldn’t recommend that you put it to the edge either and your wrist would likely brush against it and lift the mat up. The edge of the mat does not sit flush to the table. There is a slight height difference between the mat and the table.

Regardless i would still recommend this product.

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Can the pad be cut to size?

It probably can, but i would use a straight edge cutting knife. Otherwise you might fray the edges

Does it have a chemical smell?

Mine also had a very strong chemical smell. It was worse whe. I tried to use a disinfectant wipe to see if it was surface smell, but that made it worse. I left it outside on the back of a chair on the deck for a few days to ‘air out’ and the smell was gone when i began to use it. Highly recommend doing this.

Does it work well with an apple magic mouse?

Apple magic mouse 2 works perfect on my grey mat.

Pu is plastic. Why do you insist on calling it leather?

It’s obviously a faux leather, nice cleanable texture. Intention was likely to express to appearance rather than actual material as ‘plastic’ may be misleading.

Can you write on this pad?

Yes you can easily fill out paperwork and sign forms on this pad.

What’s an answer to my question about getting rid of ripples? -i through it in the dryer for a few minutes and it worked! It looks much better now.

I didn’t have many ripples, however i laid it flat on my kitchen floor then laid something heavy over it, covering the entire thing and left it over night.

How to clean the back of the desk mat?

It is just faux leather, and the bottom side is sueded. I suppose it can be wiped down with a mild detergent and/or brushed with a soft brush. I haven’t had to clean the back, so i haven’t really tested it.

Fake leather : sellers can sell 50,000 without telling you it is fake leather?

The description clearly indicates that it isn’t real leather, and if that didn’t do it the price should have.

Is rose red more of a hot pink color or a blood red color?.

Its more of a pink

It’s either leather, an animal product, or what animal is pu made off?

Pu leather is polyurethane leather, a synthetic leather that closely resembles and feels like real leather, but is not made from any animal.

Its 2021, do we still have to use animal skin for such items? Others like neoprene are so much better. Dont spike animal farming and killing!

This is not real leather.

If you were writing on a piece of paper, is the pad too soft where the pen will poke through the paper?

Yes, i think it is too soft. I normally always use a book to do my writing so i don’t get pen marks on my pad.

Is the back of it cork?

No, it is not. It is soft and smooth at the back.

How can this be climate friendly if it’s made from leather? Cows produce methane that pollutes the atmosphere.

Our desk pad is made of pu. It’s not leather, it’s faux leather.

Will this pad harm table finish (i.e.: old oil based varnish)?

No. I too have an oil-based varnished table. The pad doesn’t stick to the desk surface, but it doesn’t slip also. It just stays in place perfectly. The back is made from very soft material and will protect your desk from scratches.

Any suggestions how to get rid of smell? It’s been airing out for a week…

Mine has zero odor. Maybe you have an odd one and should ask to return/exchange?

What’s the best color for a natural solid butcher block wooden desk?

I would need to see it to be sure, but my best guess would be black or what ever the décor is in the room

Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : Leather Desk Pad Protector,Mouse Pad,Office Desk Mat, Non-Slip PU Leather Desk Blotter,Laptop Desk Pad,Waterproof Desk Writing Pad for Office and Home (Black,31.5′ x 15.7′) : Office Products

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Really good – surprised

I don’t really write much reviews, but after using this product for a few months, i will admit that i am surprised. I was thinking that this would probably last only a few weeks (we know how some products are), but no, this thing still looks like brand new. I have it on my desk under my laptop and we spilled water, coffee, the kids spilled whatever they have when they come to my office. And yet, it looks like brand new. I was also afraid that the sides would start to roll up like paper, but again, this thing is 100% flat. Not a single dent, no curl, nothing. Not sure what is the composition of this but they hit a homerun when they made it. The only thing is that if you need to sign a sheet of paper, you need to put another sheet under. The mat is just the good softness to work, but if you sign, you could go through the paper, so i just put an extra sheet under and it does the trick. Apart from that i would give it 6 stars if i could, which is probably a very rare thing i would say about my purchased in general.

5Expert Score
Perfect for my needs

I use these on my formal dining room table where i tend to sit using my laptop. Placemats work fine but aren’t large enough to cover my work area. These turned out to be great and much better than the neoprene version i have on my desk. They arrive rolled up, there for rolling them in the opposite direction and letting the sit that way for a while helps. You may also need to place something heavy on the ends if they are still curling up. If you get one that has a crease or major wrinkle, go ahead and return it, because no matter what you do, you’re still going to see it. I wish the manufacturer made these in placemat sizes. I really like them, and they look good on my table but are just too large for each of 10 place settings.

5Expert Score
Ok, i am shallow. I wanted to decorate my desk with this.

It is a mousepad… A very big mousepad that covers a lot of your desk and adds a pop of color to your boring desk. Ok, i said it… I bought it because it was pretty. As to function, the mouse slides along it well, it covers most of the front part of the desk, you can spill your coffee on it and wipe it up easily, and did i mention it adds a bit of a decorative touch to your desk? Not as cushy as one of those spongy mouse pads, it is more of a thin pleather (plastic leather) material. Overall, a nice sage green that has a calming effect while paying the bills…. Ohmmmm.

5Expert Score
Great desk pad

I previously ordered different brand desk pad and it kept moving around my desk so i was looking for a non slip option instead.

I decided to purchase this desk pad in the light blue color. The first one i received arrived damaged. The box it came in was an exact fit of the mat so when the box was closed and sealed it pushed the side of the mat in.

I returned and ordered another one and it’s in perfect condition. The color looks exactly like the photos. I had no issues with the mat curling up. The mat does not move around on my desk and is perfect for my office desk.

5Expert Score
Surprisingly nice

I made a mistake when i ordered this. I intended on buying a cloth desk pad. When this leather pad arrived, i was a bit disappointed. But after using it, i am actually glad i made this mistake.

I’m loving this leather desk pad, for the 2 days i’ve had it in use. It feels more durable and high quality than standard cloth. I also don’t think it will be nearly as difficult to keep clean. My mouse moves slower than it would normally, but that just takes a little getting used to.

I’m very pleasantly surprised given the price.

5Expert Score
A nice surprise!

This mouse pad is simple and great.
I like the larger size because i have a lap top and tend to move it around my desk a-lot and i can just move the mouse wherever and it works great. (compared to the small pads that end up having a stop point or i have to pick the pad up and move it to use it).
This is something different, but worth a try!
I have to use a clipboard or book to write on over it, but i did that without it as well. (i write super heavy so that could be why)

5Expert Score
Almost soft

I got this to go under my keyboard and mouse. My desk has a glass top, which is rough on my wrists and makes it impossible to use an optical mouse. This is almost soft enough to use by itself. I still put a mousepad under my mouse though.

5Expert Score
Pleasant color

The color matches the photo exact and is a pleasing lavender. I had been using a table runner before acquiring this but had decided to upgrade.

It smelled terrible for a bit, so definitely recommend airing it out in some way. I just dealt with it because i was eager to have it in place.

5Expert Score
Great desk pad

The desk pad serves a great work from home accessory. I’m currently working at my dinner table and i needed a sturdy place for my laptop and mouse. I needed a pad that wouldn’t move or slide, and this pad has helped! I like the sleekness and durability. Very happy with this purchase!

5Expert Score
Great low cost desk mat

So the pu mat is just about the cheapest one on amazon, wanted to replace an old soft rubber desk mat i had that was falling apart, didn’t want to spend 200$ on one though. So i found this guy, some of the reviews mentioned that the edge of it was rather uncomfortable on the wrists, and i found it was the case for me as well.

No big deal though, pu is pretty easy to slice! Put your mat on the edge of your desk, angle a nice sharp knife or razor blade at a little bit of a tilt and slowly cut a wedge in the front of your desk mat. It takes just a few seconds and the result is a much more comfy mat to use with a tiny amount of time and effort needed. After i cut the mat, i used a small lighter to very briefly heat up the edge to get rid of the small remaining pieces that were sticking out like lose hairs, and to seal the edge of the pu. Be careful when doing this because pu can and will catch on fire, move the lighter across the edge quickly, you don’t need to burn anything just heat it up. Overall i am pretty happy, included a picture of the edge of the mat after i cut it so you can see the little angle. It really does help!

4Expert Score
Sticky, not a good surface for a mouse.

I really wanted to love this product. It has an absolutely stunning look (in black) on my desk, far better than any extended mousepad i’ve ever used. It’s very thin and has a deep, shiny black finish that looks excellent on a desk. It’s very thin, with just that slightly more comfortable cushion over a hard surface.

I bought this thinking it a life hack opposed to buying a gaming mousepad that would look gross after a couple months. It was perfect in every way….until i started moving my mouse on it. This pad is very sticky, it easily doubles the effective weight of your mouse on its surface. It’s so bad that it’s actually unusable for me. Don’t buy this assuming you can game on it like any mousepad.

I’m still trying to think of a way to mitigate this without making extreme compromises. It is, bar none, the most attractive looking ‘mousepad’ i’ve ever seen on a desk. Heartbreaking for the most important requirement to be a complete failure!

4Expert Score
Has trouble staying flat, sometimes mouse pointer won't work on its surface

All in all a decent mousepad. It’s a good size and keeps my desk safe from dings and scratches, but i’ve had it for awhile now and then ends still like to curve up. Also, sometimes my mouse has a hard time registering on it, and i have to move over to my desk to be able to move my cursor. The color is nice and so is the leather. Worth the purchase in my opinion, since it’s low cost compared to others. Don’t use for gaming.

4Expert Score
Waterproof and … Good size

The size is just perfect for mouse and keyboard with room to spare. I just had no idea how much my arms sweat from being in direct contact with this material for hours when working/gaming. For that reason i’m going to replace it, however this will be used on the workbench so not totally wasted. There is zero stretch in any direction, which is nice, does not deform. Good price/fast shipping.

4Expert Score
Attractive and functional

Has a rich feel as and perfect for my glass paneled desk. Liked the variety of sizes and colors. I actually wanted an in-between size and cut a larger one down. Worked perfectly. Great price.

4Expert Score
Good for the price

Decent size pad. My desk is glass and there for the past tense to slide a little bit when i’m resting on it. I feel like it’s different surface would make the difference. It’s cushiony, a good size, and worth the price

4Expert Score
Great desk pad, needs to be stuck down on the edges

Great desk pad for college dorm room. It was rolled up so i had to stick it down at the edges to keep it on the desk but it was cheap so i expected this. Would recommend to anyone who’s on a budget but if you’re looking for something solid, i would recommend something thicker and a little more expensive.


4Expert Score
Different than a mouse pad

Works great for tables and desk really long for the price. Definitely worth it but if you’re really looking for a mouse pad, i would suggest not buying this one only reason being it’s more of a leather-ish pad. It has nothing to do with the typical mouse pads that enable to move really fast so if you want the best mouse performance, i would suggest using another mouse pad on top of this but to each to their own really good size really good thickness just definitely does not make the mouse move more efficiently so it helps everything else out but the computer mouse unfortunately , still a solid 8/10 as you’re able to cut it if need be

4Expert Score
Beautiful color like the image but it's not anti-slip

I so wanted to keep this because i love the color but the mats slips! I only had this a day and need to return as it is not working out on my glass top desk.

4Expert Score
Curls up over time

Been using this for a while now but the mat tends to curl up slightly in weird areas. Not sure why that’s the case but be sure to revise it wwekly and make sure no folds are being made.

4Expert Score

Funciona para lo que lo necesitaba, sin embargo si se mueve un poco de su lugar

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