Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!…

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!…

Buy Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!… on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are leather honey leather conditioner features?

  • Powerful leather conditioner: leather honey penetrates deep to protect new leather and rejuvenate dry leather and old leather. This non-toxic leather conditioner has no silicone, solvents or animal products. Not sticky and completely odorless. Protect leather all year long from snow & rain with our water-repellant formula!
  • Restore all types/colors of leather: soften leather furniture, moisturize leather car interiors & promote flexibility in your favorite leather belt or leather shoes. Great for upholstery, truck seats, motorcycle leather, boots, gloves, purses, jackets, saddles & tack! Not for use on suede, faux leather or vinyl.
  • Family-owned, american-made, specially formulated: for over 50 years, we have been making the best leather care products, including leather honey leather conditioner, the #1 best-selling leather care product on amazon. Use our leather conditioner with leather honey leather cleaner, also an amazon best-seller!
  • A little goes a long way: to apply, put a quarter-size drop of leather honey conditioner on a leather honey lint-free applicator cloth. Spot test in a discreet area and allow test area to dry. Then completely coat your leather in a thin, even layer of conditioner. Use product at room temperature or warm slightly before use.
  • Unlimited 100% satisfaction guarantee: our small family business has millions of happy customers. If you’re not satisfied with any of our leather care products, simply return them for a full refund of your purchase price!
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Leather honey leather conditioner details:

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5.91 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches; 7.8 ounces

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Leather honey

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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!… AMAZON

Buy Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!… on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

Can it be applied to the interior (including the shaft part) of my leather boots? (leather lining)

Yes it can. But should it be is the question. Depending upon what style of boots you are speaking of. I have combat-type boots that have no inner liner. It’s just the single piece of leather that is both the outside and the inside of the upper part of the boot. It that case, the inner side may not be necessary but it also would depend upon how far gone the boot is to start with. But on cowboy boots with an inner liner, you definately want to treat the inside with conditioner. The liner is a very thin layer of leather that will deteriorate over time with leg sweat and dirt. The guys who wear their pants tucked in their boots always have much better looking (almost new) liners when the rest of the boot is gone for good. From the answer that says to wipe it down with vinegar, i’d be cautious. Vinegar is an acid. Just because he’s been doing it for 40 years could mean that he’s been doing it wrong for 40 years. I clean saddles for a living. Some have been sitting in the dirt-floor barn for 40-50 years and are caked with dust, humidity and more dust – sometimes thickerr than the leather itself. I use nothing but murphey’s oil soap & water 50/1 ratio to start with and then skidmore’s (i’d never heard of leather honey before) but skidmores is another family leather conditioner. Its a lot more pricey than leather honey so i’ll give lh a comparison test now that i know about it.

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Is this good if your objective is waterproofing ? (western cowboy boots) i was also looking at chamberlains water protectant

Leather honey does not waterproof — it is water repellent. We recommend against water proofing because that clogs the leather’s pores and leather needs to breathe. For most of our customers, the water repellent properties of leather honey are more than sufficient.

Anyone know what the ingredients are?

They do not use animal ingredients. From their website, ‘p.s. Leather honey is free of animal products, silicone and solvents as well. And you can always buy it here, or at amazon.’ i was concerned after another person stated they thought it had animal ingredients.

Can i use this on a coach white leather handbag? Thanks!

This product is an oil moisturizer which softens the leather and gives the leather a mild to deep shine depending on the # of applications. To restore color you may want to look at leather refinish color restorer which comes in numerous colors.

Just used cleaner on my car and let it dry for a day. Would you recommend letting the conditioner sit for 2 days and then wipe off the excess?

Hi kornfed, we’d recommend leaving the conditioner sit at least overnight, or for 24 hours, if possible. In many cases, it will dry and absorb in as little as two hours. There is no harm for leaving it for two days if that is your preference. Thanks!

Does it darken with every coat? For example: will the 2nd coat be darker than the 1st coat?

It may darken slightly more as you apply additional coats, but the original color returns in time as the leather dries. Not all leather darkens — whether darkening occurs depends on factors like the color of the leather, dye used and the condition (dry leather may darken more, back to its original color).

Is there a solvent that will clean off the brush after use, or should one just use a discardable brush?

I used a rag, not a brush, and it worked perfectly.

Will it discolor light tan or beige leather jacket?

I’ve been using leather honey for over 10 years. I ride motorcycles and have used leather honey on several (no less than 8) quality leather jackets that i still have. Never damaged or ruined any of them and i condition my jackets with this product once a year. It will darken brown leather. I personally liked the richer color. I’d test it on a small inside part of the jacket before doing so though…..just in case you don’t like the darker color. I also used leather honey on 2 pairs of shoes….a pair of brown leather dress shoes and brown casual shoes. Same results as the jacket…a darker richer brown color that i like. With black leather i wouldn’t say it darkens the color, makes it more vivid…really livens it up. This is a great product and i feel very confident saying this after 19 years of use. I’m thinking that anyone who says it ruined their jackets used this in suede. Don’t use this on suede!

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Do i use a cloth to apply this conditioner?

People say you can use a micro-cloth or other lint-free cloth, but i found it easier to use 2 or 3 fingers directly to rub in the leather honey into the leather. It works great, and doesn’t waste the product soaking into the cloth. I waited 24 hours after applying, then used a clean micro-cloth to wipe off any remaining excess. Good luck!

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How long does this product stay good or how long can you store it?

The first bottle i purchased lasted over 2 years (truth on label “a little goes a long way) and it worked as well as when i first opened it.

Is this safe to use on a light tan leather sofa or when it ruin the light finish?

It is safe for all colors of leather, but conditioning can darken some leather, at least initially. We always recommend spot testing so you can preview any potential color change.

I have two leather sofas. Will one bottle be enough to treat both?

I applied it to a full-sized leather sofa as well as a large leather chair with ottoman. I didn’t use a lot, and they were shiny and smooth and looked brand new! It only took up maybe 1/6th of the bottle (16 oz). I’m very pleased with it.

Can this be used on peccary?

Yes, it is safe for all leather but suede. We always recommend a spot test.

How is this product for a leather sofa?

We are pleased with the results of this product. We followed the instructions on the bottle, and it took about 24 hours for the conditioner to completely soak into the leather. It improved the appearance of our 14 year-old leather couches, and will use again as needed.

Does the product ever expire?

No, the product does not expire. Thanks!

Can i apply this product with my hand? I don’t think i have a cloth

I used my hands, actually went on much better because i was able to warm up the product by rubbing it together. It was as though i was lotioning up the couch. I found that the lint free cloth wouldn’t really glide across my leather. End product was very successful.

How soon could you use a treated couch without staining clothing?

We recommend allowing the product to absorb overnight, or 24 hours if you have the time. Then you can wipe any excess away with a lint-free cloth.

What is the easiest way to apply this?

We recommend applying with a lint-free cloth — apply the conditioner to the cloth, then spread over the leather in a thin, even coat. Allow at least two and up to 24 hours to dry, and then wipe off any excess that remains.

Can i use this product on my honda leather seats…..and if so, how long do i leave it on before i buff it off….?

Yes i used it on my jag and my trucks. Great stuff. Just follow the instructions. Guess it depends heat, humidity . Just let it soak in good and wipe it off. You’ll see it. Smells good if your into leather, makes it soft and supple. ‘soft and supple’ sounds like a clinton anderson video. 🙂

Can this product be used on vinyl?

Vinyl does not absorb it. The chinese have often represented to me that a product is leather that i then bought because it was supposed to be leather. Then, after i received the item, i discovered that it really was not leather, but, instead, a plastic that i would not have purchased. I use leather honey to confirm: if it isn’t absorbed, it is vinyl and i return the ‘leather’ product as misrepresented. Leather honey will darken dried out leather, and most light colors are too dry and will then darken more and more until fully moisturized. So, be prepared for darkening as it moisturizes the dry light leather. This effect is similar to wood being oiled where the dry light finish is darkened as the oil moisturizes the wood. Leather usually is darkened as it moisturizes.

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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!… AMAZON

Buy Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in The USA!… on Yakibest.com ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Made my old car seats look great!

I used this on a 17 year old buick. It is in pretty good shape, we don’t use it that much with about 100 thousand miles. Anyway, the newer cars get the garage and this one is mainly in the driveway, so it gets a lot of sun (well, my area doesn’t seem to get too much warm weather!) the way it is facing it really only gets morning sun but i worried that it would really take a toll on the leather seats.

They aren’t cracked or faded, but are looking a little creased in places. I cleaned them really well first with a detergent. I used fantastic spray because it seems to be the best cleaner i have used to get off any oily films (like on my ceramic fireplace surround, on stoves, etc. It was probably a little harsher than many cleaners, but i don’t think these seats have been really cleaned in many years. To me, leather is like skin. If i would use it on my skin, i don’t fear it with leather. I have used saddle soaps and i used to clean my leather sofa with dove bar soap. It worked super well, but i needed more aggressive cleaning here. I think dawn dish soap would also work, but i wanted less water since i wanted to condition soon after cleaning and not wait a day or so after the soap and water.

So, seats are clean and ready. I noticed that the headrests and the sides and backs of the front seats looked like a different texture. I wondered if they were not genuine leather, actually being some sort of vinyl or some sort of ‘bonded’ leather.

Bonded leather is really ground up bits of leather and other plastics, then the mixture is pressed to a backing and then sealed with something. I mean technically there is some leather ingredients, but if you ever had an office chair where the ‘leather’ peeled off in bits, you know it isn’t really like leather. Still, if you are gentle with it and don’t expect it to be like split leather or hide, then it is fine.

Anyway, i did not use this product on those areas. I kept it to the places where the leather felt like supple and had the deeper markings of the skin. I used 303 protectant on the vinyl and other plastics in the car. I got the 8oz bottle, because i wasn’t sure i would like it. The bottle was sealed with a big piece of tape (i guess to prevent the product from leaking) except when i tried to peel it off, it ripped the entire front label off of the bottle! Luckily i had peel the back more carefully, so i still had the directions. It is simple though, wipe on , wipe off…so i am sure i could have figured it out.

It is clear in color and came out of the bottle in a viscous fashion like corn syrup or glycerin. Thick and sticky. (that was my nickname in high school! Ha ha!! Just kidding!)) it wasn’t easy to put on. Initially, i poured some on my microfiber cloth and tried to rub it into my seat. Well, it like got stuck. Not like glue, but you really had to pull to move the product around. The next swipe, i poured it on my cloth and sort of dotted the product around a larger area. Then rubbed it in to make an even coating. By dotting it around, i wasn’t trying to smear a puddle of the stuff, but move smaller dabs of it. That worked much better. After you sort of have it moved to a generally even coating, it is easier to rub the whole area again to get it to be like a film over the whole thing. Then you are supposed to let it sit for up to a day and wipe off the excess.

The next day, i was a little nervous that i would go out there and the product would be like sticky paint. It looked shiny-ish like nothing had penetrated at all. I envisioned my rag skipping and dragging over the stuff to remove the excess and i was ready to give my hands and arms a real workout to buff this stuff off. To my happy surprise, i didn’t have much of any excess at all! There was a corner or two where i didn’t get it spread as thinly, where i could feel my rag catch, but it was only about a square inch at at time. It was no longer sticky. The leather was really nice and shiny and i really still thought it was the leftover product. Maybe it changed to like a greasy/oily residue. But i kept trying to wipe it off as i didn’t want it on our clothes. But nothing on my rag. I even ran my hand over it with pretty good pressure to see if my hand was shiny afterwards, but it was not.

I am really happy with the way the seats came out. I am hoping that the conditioning treatment will help me keep the seats cleaner now as they are more smooth and dirt will be easier to remove (with a just a damp microfiber or super mild soap.) next time i might want to do this on a warmer day (it was in the 50s in the shade when i did it) to see if the warmer product would be easier to spread. I see that others have warmed their bottles, but i was into a big entire detailing project with carpet extractions and steaming and everything and just didn’t feel like stopping to warm it when i was finally at this step. I did this last because i didn’t want to be crawling all over the car to clean window and stuff after i applied it.

Sorry for the long review, but i try to tell everyone my whole experience with using the product. My recommendations are: 1. First, clean your stuff first as much as you can. You don’t want to seal in dirt, i wasn’t insane with this step, just clean it. 2. Possibly warm the bottle in warm water or sun. I didn’t do this and it was fine. 3. Dot it around to make it easier to get an even coat. I made mine thin, like a film, not a coating. Sort of like putting lotion on your skin. You don’t paint it on, you put a film on. It will still feel sticky if you put your finger on it though. 4. Then wipe the next day. I am sure the absorption rate varies based on how dry your leather is, the warmth in the room, etc. I did not need additional coats. Maybe for something very dry, you may. I wouldn’t try a heavy single coat, you are just gonna waste it if you are wiping off goo. If it still isn’t nice, try another coat and see if it will absorb. If not you may have to wait a few weeks for it to penetrate more deeply.

5Expert Score
Hard to apply, took a week to dry, but saved my couch!

Update: 5/26/2022 — it has now been a few weeks since i applied the conditioner. The slight sticky feeling that was still on the couch sofa is gone now. It has either soaked in or evaporated, etc. The sofa feels just like when i got it, but now i know it is not dry and going to crack worse. No new cracking has showed up on the sofa couch anywhere. The parts i repaired using the repair kit i bought on amazon has also held up well. The areas where there were cracks are still sealed, but the repair kit filler has stretched i think. So it appears more visible that i patched them, but not unless you really look at it. However, i do think that the conditioner has helped to stop any new cracks from developing. All in all i wish i had put this on my sofa couch before it started to crack! I do think this would have prevented any cracks from forming. I may have put too much on when i put it on, but after running the fans on it and wiping it down many times and now a few weeks later, the couch looks great and has no sticky feeling to it at all anymore. I know this may not be ideal to have a couch such you can not sit on it for a while, but what i did was put a huge blanket over it until it was fully dried. That allowed us to use it without any problems and if we had not treated the sofa, i am sure by now there would be many more cracks in the sofa.

the first photo showing the entire sofa is from about a month ago when i bought a used faux leather sofa couch.

About a month later the right side top head rest began to crack.

I am guessing the couch is older than i thought and it was dry and the oils from hair against it after sitting and using the couch a few times for a few hours watching tv began to break down the sofa leather.

I first used the honey cleaner on it, but it did not do much. I then used this honey leather conditioner, but it soaked into the leather fast. It was hard to spread, i eventually put on disposable plastic gloves and rubbed the leather honey all over the couch surfaces that are used.

I was having trouble getting it to spread, so likely used more than you are supposed to, but i did not want the cracking to spread and ruin the couch. The couch i had before this had this kind of cracking spread all over it and i had to pay to have it taken to the trash. You can see the cracks in the leather head rest of the couch in the 2nd photo.

Those cracks did not come out from the honey leather conditioner. What i did to get the cracks fixed was use the coconix brown leather and vinyl repair kit here on amazon, but after i used the honey leather conditioner on it all to restore the health of the faux leather. I had to wipe down the couch a few times the first 24 hours. First i used paper towels and tossed them.

Then a old towel and then a wet old towel and wiped more off. Then i ran a big fan against the couch 24/7 for about 4 days and then wiped it down again with a towel. I put old knit blankets over the couch for a week or so until the honey leather had completely soaked in. Even still if i rub my fingers on the couch they will pick up some of the substance, as my fingers i have not rubbed against it will be smooth, and the ones i do rub against it are a little sticky.

The stickiness is getting less and less and i am sure in a few weeks it will be back to how it was. It is not a very noticeable stickiness now. After this i think i may just wiped it down with the honey leather cleaner every few months.

I do think i needed to use this honey leather conditioner though to save the leather, as it was cracking pretty bad in just a month of having it after i bought it used and it had no cracks when i bought it used. All in all i am happy with this. I likely used way more than is recommended.

If you are wondering how this works on fake leather couches, it does seem to work, but does not absorb i think as fast as it does in real leather. It may be that my fake leather couch has been treated as well, which is why it did not soak in as fast.

5Expert Score
Amazing product!

I have to share about this product. I bought these leather sandals at the beginning of the summer. I absolutely love them. They were expensive, but i know they will last a long time if i take care of them. That said, because they are leather, they needed to be waterproofed. I saw that leather honey had excellent reviews on amazon, so i decided to give it a try. It was super easy to apply. I started with the black pair first. I got nervous because a little dye rubbed off on the cloth i was using. I continued on with the process of applying, conditioning, and waterproofing all four pairs of sandals and a pair of dress shoes(not pictured). I’m super happy with the way they all turned out. I already tested to see if they were waterproof by dropping a droplet of water on the black sandals. The water beaded right up. What i love about this product is that it was super easy to apply, had no harsh chemical smell, and it worked as expected to waterproof my sandals and shoes. A little really does go a long way! I would highly recommend this product.

5Expert Score
Great for restoring old jackets

Instead of buying a new jacket, i wanted to restore my boyfriends dad’s old jacket for him since i could tell underneath the leather was still in great condition. This brand cleaner was amazing at getting off bugs and sticky stuff and did not harm the leather at all. The conditioner however took it to a whole new level after cleaning. I took my time working in small sections, using as little as possble, and went over some spots a second time and even after recoloring but i was just nervous to do it all in one go. If you’ve worked with leather at all before and know ehat you’re doing, it will be quick and easy. The leather was so soft when it used to be rough to the touch and super dry at seams. I think i extended the lifespan of this jacket by 20 years no joke!

Also you will get way more use out of this size bottle than expected! I only wish the cap was different as sometimes it dripped down the bottle while pouring on to the cloth i used.

5Expert Score
Saved my favorite belt

I have a leather belt that i cherish – and it went through the wash. I thought it was ruined, but this stuff has saved the belt for real. It’s taken like 6 applications of leather honey, but my belt is back to being supple and wearable. It had been through the wash and became hard and awful. So yay this stuff is worth every penny.

5Expert Score
Leather honey

I have a buffalo hide bag, was told this leather honey would be good. Received package on time, use just a little, (do not drizzle on leather) i did an oops:), it will soak in, so no worries, but works great, my buffalo leather bag looks great, not sure about water proof yet as i have not delt with that yet. Good product

5Expert Score
Rejuvenating old leather

This product did what it was supposed to do—make a worn leather sofa look better. Not new, but definitely better. The cap was secured by packing tape, so there was no leakage as others have reported. Also a few minutes of heating in a cup of hot water made it easier to apply— an easy solution to another issue that some people had reported.

5Expert Score
Amazing product!!!!

It is thick and gooey. It works great. It has the actual consistency of honey. Put rubber gloves on and work in the leather with your fingers.
Let it sit for 15m and than use a clean dry cloth to wipe the excess. It will dry in a few hours. The leather will be soft and protected.

5Expert Score
This stuff works!!!

This stuff is called leather honey for a reason. It has slightly more viscosity than real honey. It’s kinda sticky and makes you wonder if you should be putting this on leather, but you definitely should.

I picked up this yves saint laurent leather sport coat and it was in horrible condition. It was stored in a closet of a super smoky home for over 20 years. It was so bad that i had to wash it in the regular washer 4 times (completely different story) to get the smell out. Anyway, after it was air dried, the leather came out slightly drier than before i washed it. But at least the smell was gone. So i started by covering a small area of the arm and it completely soaked in. I could see/feel/hear a difference, but it was still bad. The pictures are of the second whole coating. It’s very shiny when you put it on, but it looks like healthy leather once it soaks in. You’re supposed to wipe off the excess off, but this jacket is so thirsty i just keep putting it on until it stops sucking it in. It will sit again for a few days and i will test it again to see where more needs to be added, but it definitely works.

It says to apply it with a lint free cloth. I followed these directions with the first coat, but after i applied it with my bare hands for the second. Obviously it will get all over your hands, but it washes off very easily with soap. I did get some on the liner and hopefully it comes out, but at this point even if it doesn’t i’m happy with it ask long as it doesn’t rub off on my shirt.

I plan on taking the jacket to the cleaners and having it cleaned and some stitches repaired. Hopefully they can get the liner cleaned.

5Expert Score
Simple and potent

I used both the cleaner and conditioner on my 40+ year leather office chairs. You can tell the before and after based on the photos. I have used the cleaner previously on my 2021 f150 tan leather every few months to clean off blue jean color bleed and it works fabulously with no effort. I’m was extremely surprised how well it restored “ancient” leather office chairs.

4Expert Score
Good leather conditioner

This is a bit oily. You apply it and let it sit, preferably overnight, then wipe the excess. And then wipe it again, because there was some oiliness, but it conditions well and keeps my seats soft and prevents cracking.

4Expert Score
Great product

It was easier to apply warmed up, little sticky when cooler.

4Expert Score
First time user but liked it.

Vinyl office chairs and leather car seats

4Expert Score
Really helped our leather couch, and used in the car too!

Spent 30 minutes rubbing this into our 16 year old leather sectional that is showing it’s age. Although it’s not a miracle, it certainly looked a lot better afterwards. The dry cracked areas were significantly decreased and it gave the whole couch an overall shine again. I did it before bed and let it sit overnight. There was no residue the next morning. I also used it in the car when cleaning, and it worked great too!
My only complaint is when squeezing it out of the top. I think next time i will have to take off the cap completely. It is so thick, it come oozing out all around the top of the cap causing a mess as it warms up. If they can adjust they way it is dispensed somehow then it would be perfect.

4Expert Score
Good product

Great product, easy to use and made my boots look brand new

4Expert Score
Cleans well

Like that it uplifted the look

4Expert Score

Used it on 2019 vehicle and it made the leather softer and richer feeling and looking. For a week now. Without having to reapply. Idk how long others usually last.

4Expert Score
Doesn't destroy leather. Big plus. Some products out there are detrimental.

Seems, so far, to be a good product for conditioning leather. I used it on a new leather carry-on bag, came out nicely.

4Expert Score
Haven't had a chance to test water resistance

Used this on real python skin shoes. Need time to assess effectiveness. So far, the scales seem more supple than they were.

4Expert Score
Would get 5 stars if the bottle didn’t leak.

The product is awesome, possibly my new go-to. The only downside is the lid seems to leak a lot making the bottle slippery and creating a mess.

Will still buy again and just put into a different container for use.

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