LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black)

LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) : Electronics

What are liens laptop cooling pad with adjustable height two 5.1 inches fan 2 usb ports suitable for 12′-15.6′ laptops(black) features?

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  • 【 ergonomic desigh】laptop fan cooling pad as an ergonomic stand, with 4 height-adjustable. Height: 2.3′-5.1′ (6-12cm). Angle (9-28degrees) ,also equipped with a detachable non-slip baffle, effectively prevent laptop slipping off.
  • 【dual efficient fans 】the laptop cooling stand has two large fans of 5 inches (12.8cm), fan volume: 5-15db, the fan is equipped with blue led lights, the brightness of the lamp beads: 10lm, working voltage: 5v, current: 0.22a, usb cable length: 60 cm, the speed is freely adjustable in 800-2000rpm.
  • 【unique usb port design】laptop cooler fan with built-in two usb ports, one for connecting laptop usb ports , one for connecting more usb devices. Such as a mouse, keyboard, just plug and play, easy to use.
  • 【wide application & support】 laptop cooler pad meets your needs for using notebook computers in-home/office/outdoor, work/games. Applicable to almost all 12′-15.6′ laptops, compatible with dell, macbook pro, alienware, thinkpad, lenovo, hp, asus, etc.
  • 【easy to carry】our computer fan for laptops weighs in at a mere 1.65 pounds making it one of the most lightweight coolers for its size, it is completely flat making it ideal for transport in a backpack or a briefcase.
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Liens laptop cooling pad with adjustable height two 5.1 inches fan 2 usb ports suitable for 12′-15.6′ laptops(black) details:

Product dimensions

13.8 x 9.8 x 1.1 inches

Item weight

1.72 pounds



LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) AMAZON LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Will this laptop cooler be noisy when it works?

I purchased the black with blue lights model and it arrived today. I have been using it for about 2 hours now and not sure if this noise is normal or not. The video i am attaching is of me going from high all the way to low.

Are the lights on this super bright? Can you turn them off?

No – the laptop covers the cooler so you can’t see the lights. If you’re working in a dark room you can faintly see the lights around the back but it’s not distracting.

Has the laptop cooling pad as good as say?

Welcome,this is simple dual fan laptop cooling pad, very simple and durable, one switch controls two the laptop above the cooling pad ,can cool down quicly your very nice!

The plastic lip (the piece that stops the laptop from sliding off) looks very tall and that for some uses would scrape against your wrists, true?

The lip does stick up a little higher than my laptop (i have a lenovo t490); howe, the way that i type, with fingers on the home keys and elbows and wrists slightly out, it doesn’t touch the lip as it does not go all the way across the front of the laptop.

Which direction do the fans blow, toward the computer or pulling it away from the computer?

Fan pulls it away from computer

Is there any noise when the fan is adjusted to the maximum?

I love it. Led brightness matches fan speed. It’s extremely quiet. I have a 16′ msi gaming laptop that gets pretty hot. I feel it does the same as most more expensive laptop fans.

I accidentally or think i did ordered two of your lap fans and i was like wondering if i’m going to get a refund

You should get a refund 2-3 days after they recieve your returned product

What is its warranty?

First 90 days full replacement if returned with original packaging. 1 year repair as long as all seals, housing an d sticker have not been removed and is in original packaging with original warranty card included. But honestly, for price i am not even concerned with the warranty if i get a year use out of it, and i am a smart enough consumer to know to take air to it weekly to clear out and dust or debris.

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Do laptop cooling pads work on laptops without vents in the bottom like the surface laptop 3 and macbooks?

Somewhat….obviously it works better with vents rather than without. I never understood why macbook don’t have vents considering they’re so expensive.

How is this supposed to connect to a computer? No computer i have ever owned has had a mini-usb connection port.

This cooling fan came with type a usb on both sides (a short cable). One side plug in to the laptop and the other end goes in the cooling fan. The fan is then powered by the laptop battery. I purchased a long (10 ft) type a usb so i plug it in a wall outlet not my battery (it saves battery). I hope this helps. I love the fan, it does what it supposed to and it is perfect size for a 13-inch macbook pro.

Here’s the item link i bought:

ainope 10ft usb 3.0 a to a male cable,usb 3.0 to usb 3.0 cable [never rupture] usb male to male cable double end usb.

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I have dell 17′ laptop, cpu overheats when gaming, causing it to crash. Will this cooler fit and will it cool down the cpu?

My dell 15.6 overhangs on each side about 1⁄4′. So a 17′ will probably have significant overhang, but it should still be pretty stable. As for the temperature, it should cool it decently, but i’m not sure if it will cool it enough to keep from crashing. But the fans runs all the time when plugged in. There are 2 usb ports on the back by the fan speed control. 1 of mine was loose and wasn’t providing consistent voltage, if you do buy it and have this issue just use the other usb port. Sorry i couldn’t help more with this

Is it good for using computer outside

Well i’m not sure why you would need a fan outside it would just be another thing to carry. Having said that it will work outside but i would use mother nature for keeping my laptop coll outside.

Why is this item cheaper than others?

I did not purchase the other ones but i would say this one is cheaper because it is cheaply made…..i had to duct tape mine shortly after purchasing. The fan works great but the arm that the computer rests on snapped in half and the ends are on their last straw.

Can you stop the lights from coming on?

No but they are covered up by my laptop.

What is the amount of noise in terms of db for min to max fan speed ranges?

It produces a very quiet humming sound, but no whining or annoying frequencies.

How is the cooling effect?

Great.i’m rating this highly because it cool down my laptop. Possibly 4°c.

Usb cable is on what side? Left or right?

Left side as you face it. Works great good value for the money.

Can you turn the lights off?

I don’t see a way to turn off the light. You can adjust the fan speed. The light isn’t very bright, not disruptive.

Does this work good for xbox consoles

My son uses this with a gaming laptop and it works great for that so it should work good for an xbox console

How do you adjust the fan speed? Dial on back controls off/on and rotates, but fan speed doesn’t change. I have the black cooler with two fans.

Hmmm not too sure whether this can be done.

LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) AMAZON LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Height Two 5.1 Inches Fan 2 USB Ports Suitable for 12′-15.6′ Laptops(Black) : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great even when flat

I needed a cooling fan for travel. My computer and computer bag are too heavy as is; i wanted something lightweight. This definitely fits the bill. I saw one or more reviews saying it had to be angled in order to do the job. I have a dell inspiron, non-gaming computer that i place directly on my lap — flat. I feel nothing on my legs and no heat at the bottom of the computer when using this fan, but plenty of heat without one. At first, in order to be careful, i tried it on a sheet on a bed and left it for a few hours — no heat on the sheet.

I have the fan turned way up and there’s no sound that i can hear once the computer is in position and very little sound when the fan sits by itself. As far as i’m concerned, this is an excellent fan for someone who isn’t running a gaming computer about which i know nothing other than that it *probably* gets very hot.

5Expert Score
In love!!

I was nervous, but i am so thankful for this accessory. Everything works great! I’ve been using it for over a week now. My old (2013) macbooks over heats easily due to the amount of work i put it though. It hasn’t any issues since using the cooling pad. And it’s a great “desk” for my on the go, in the car times.

5Expert Score
Gets the job done

A bit noisy i’d say, but the dial let’s you out it on a lower cool setting which is silent. A stronger cool has a rattle which can be annoying at time but when you’re wearing headphones or deeply invested in a game, it doesn’t bother me at all. Also, it’s hard to clean but that’s a bit obvious.

5Expert Score
Exactly what i needed to cool my laptop

Excellent and some stand that helps cool a laptop down when using it. Has an on off and variable fan switch. Runs nearly silent. Connects via usb-a port and has a usb-a port on it so you don’t lose the port.

5Expert Score
It performs exactly as discribed

It was cheap and so lightweight that i thought it would be flimsy, i would have been surprised if it lasted a week if at all in my house. I honestly wasn’t really expecting it to work very well or last very long, however it has exceeded my expectations and it has been running non stop since i got it on august 4th over a month ago. I am very satisfied with it’s functionality and durablelity. It is well worth the buy and i highly recommend it for someone on a budget who wants a good product at a low price

5Expert Score
Good value

The base is fairly cheaply made but as long as you just leave it on a desk it is fine. It is not meant to be used in your lap. Works well for the money. Needs to be up atleast one notch to get proper air flow. I tested it on a few games and it definitely made a noticeable difference.

5Expert Score
Value for money is unreal!

Very simple design but it is done so well. Love the adjustable stand and love that the fans are quiet. Keeps my laptop at a nice 65* celsius while gaming on high settings!
Also keeps my wife’s macbook oven cool! Which i didn’t think was possible.
It’s also compact enough to use on the go which is a huge plus!

Very happy customer here!

5Expert Score

Hot laptop put the laptop on it really didn’t cool it still smelled. Put my vents right over fans u can feel air coming out of keys..coool ******* 3 for $32

5Expert Score

Very light weight, bought it for my laptop that was over heating playing the sims 4 plus the thousands of added on content and it stopped the over heating issue! Now i can play with no crashes.

5Expert Score
Practically noiseless; keeps laptop cool to the touch

Very pleased with the liens cooling pad, mostly because it works very well, but also because there is virtually no fan noise. At first i thought there was a problem with the one i received, because the fans don’t spin very fast – holding your hand to the output side there is not much of a breeze. However it is enough to keep my dell latitude cool to the touch. I use external monitors and keep the laptop lid closed, and the bottom of the laptop would get very hot – way too hot to actually hold in my lap. Now i have it sitting on the pad, elevated to a slight angle, and is cool to the touch. I’m running it on max speed and can’t hear it from about 18′ away. The blue lighting is kind of silly, but can’t really see it anyway once the laptop is in place. Very pleased overall, i’ve recommended this to others at work.

4Expert Score
Great functionality for the price of this adjustable laptop cooling pad

The bottom frame could be a solid piece and it’d be better, but overall it’s a great value. While i’ve only had this cooling pad for a week and cannot attest to longevity, i can verify that despite the thin resting frame i am able to use the cooling pad in my lap (as i was my last, more durable one) as normal; however, to prevent breaking that thin plastic bar that rests on the thighs, i am aware to go easy on setting it there (and generally moving it around). –this in thanks to another reviewer who’d easily broken theirs while trying to use in the lap. (my previous cooling pad, which lasted years and finally just was too loud, had a solid bottom and thicker plastic.)

despite being concerned about longevity as it relates to my ongoing comfort with the product and subsequent risk of breakage, i’m pleased with this affordable replacement.
Paid $10-15, runs very quietly—quieter than my previous model.

The lights are useful to remind you that the fans are on, since they don’t automatically go off when you shut your laptop down (my other one was automatic). This model incorporates an on/off/high-low dial, like an old hand-held radio volume disc. Right next to this is the single usb access (there are two, but one is required to run the fan—my previous unit had 4 extras).

The part on front that hold your laptop on . . . It is quite low and narrow; but, works fine after all. If i were to replace this with a unit i could spend a little more on, i’d rectify these potential shortcomings. But, in the meantime, this cooler will be quite reliable. Those not needing all the bells & whistles, and who are careful with their equipment, this unit is a fine use of $10 to keep your laptop cool—works well for that.

4Expert Score
Good cooler for ten bucks!

Let’s stats with my system specs to get a better understanding of the cooling needed. I have an alienware intel i7 with 20 cores and gtx 3080ti. As you may know cpu and gpu are both power hungry. The same cpu for amd pulled less power then intel. You can check those reviews out on toms hardware. Alienware laptop does a good job by itself on keeping the temperatures at reasonable level. Longevity of the health of the laptop, i’m more worried about keeping the depursing heat away from the main components, exspecialy the battery.

I bought the cooler which has two around 5 inches. Let’s stat with the strong points of this unit. With the fans running at a top speed of 2200 rpm, it’s considerably noticeable the amount of air it produces. The fans built in blue led, which is nice. However, you can’t turn them off. The leds are brith enough to be noticable but not overwhelming. The unit itself feels pretty solid and at the same time. Feels cheaply made, for my needs, i’m fine with the build quality, this maybe be a deal breaker for some. Considering, i purchased the unit for $10.00 dollars.

One thing to take note of, part of the unit where you adjust the height level. That part does not stay in place when being picked up.

If you can purchased the unit for $10.00! Would be a worth wild investment!

4Expert Score
A bit thick but does the job.

This is done a wonderful job cooling and keeping the laptop. Cool. However, the thickness is a little bit wide, which causes you to feel like your wrists are upward trying to type onto the laptop. I’ve also noticed that the usb outlet does not work for anything else so on the laptop with only one usb outlet you’ll find the plugging this in has removed your option of plugging in a mouse.

4Expert Score
It works decently enough and it's cheap.

I wouldn’t mind if the fan were a bit stronger, but honestly it might just be problems with my laptop overall. I don’t really like the placement of the usb power spot but eh, it could be worse and come out of the front or something ridiculous like that.

Really enjoy the level options, definitely helps with ergonomics that’s for sure. It’s still working for me months later, so i’d say it’s pretty solid of a choice.

4Expert Score
It does make a great stand for my laptop

Fan works ok, but doesn’t cool much. Lights are a nice touch as is the adjustable stand. I like it, but just wish it had more cooling power. I’m not running games, just online school & everyday tasks, so we’ll see if it helps.

4Expert Score
Excellent fan for the cost! Albeit, a little misleading

My laptop is my primary work and gaming device. I work from home and when i’m not working i am gaming with a wide variety of games with different demands on my system.

One thing that was a constant issue, no matter what i was doing on my laptop was the temperature. It is fan cooled and without proper ventilation, it gets hot quickly. Needless to say, i was looking for something to properly ventilate my pc while not being too loud.

Amazon recommended this product and i really couldn’t be happier. It is built well, extremely quiet and pumps some serious air to keep my laptop cool even on full load. It gave me a noticeable drop in temperature by at least 10°c, squeezing out a few more fps in games and not immediately thermal throttling. It also acts as a great laptop stand, with multiple lift levels to prop your laptop up.

My only problem with this product is its advertisement of ‘2 usb ports’ and while that isn’t a lie, one of them needs to be used to plug the fan into your laptop. So really you only have 1 usb port that acts as a passthrough for a mouse or keyboard.

All in all if you’re looking for a great laptop fan that is quiet, look no further. I think you’ll be just as happy as i am 🙂

4Expert Score
Nice product

Cost effective and good product, height adjustable, fan runs smooth with no noise at all, keeps my laptop heat in control.

4Expert Score
Not the best quality.

Because the stopper at the front is short, my laptop frequently slides off and it can get really annoying. I’m going to 3d print something to make it longer but i’m not sure if it’ll work. For just $16 it is an amazing product, though. It’s very quiet and you can’t really hear it at all unless you put your ear right next to it. While the fan speeds aren’t the best, it still cools my laptop pretty well. I’ve had a different cheap cooler before this one that broke and this was definitely a huge upgrade. It became uneven for a little because the metal part to change the height wasn’t in all the way but that was because my laptop is very heavy and it was a quick fix (just pop it back into place, it takes 2 seconds). Still overall a very great product for the low price tag.

4Expert Score
Laptop cooler

This product would be better is the fan strength was a bit stronger. I feel like the max strength for this product is still weak. On hotter days, my laptop still does get a tad bit hot but i like how you can raise the laptop, different levels of height

4Expert Score
Good, unfortunate it doesn't give you any extra usb ports though

Love this product, i use it everyday. It is unfortunate that it only gives you that one usable usb port as the other one is required for power to the fan. It would be nice if they gave you more than just the one it took. That and the only thing holding the table up is a bar into little notches, so any movement, if you’re on the couch, can knock the bark it of the notches and the table falls flat. Otherwise, good product for the price

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