Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified

Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified

Buy Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified: Mattress Toppers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Enhance your sleep experience with the linenspa gel infused memory foam mattress topper. Gel infused memory foam keeps you comfortable while you sleep, and our 2 or 3 inch mattress topper profiles make sure you find the perfect level of support. The 2 inch mattress topper adds a standard boost of comfort, while the 3 inch gel mattress topper adds an extra plush layer that’ll make every night a dream. This memory foam gel topper revitalizes your mattress, preventing long-term wear and tear. An optional mattress topper cover is also available for added protection. Available in eight sizes from twin to california king. This gel infused mattress topper arrives compressed. Allow 24-48 hours to expand. Gel infused memory foam is certipur-us certified for quality standards.

What are linenspa 2 inch memory foam mattress topper features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Memory foam
  • Personalized comfort: plush gel infused memory foam conforms to your curves for personalized comfort that hugs you to sleep—available in 2 or 3 inch mattress topper profiles
  • Perfectly paired: pair your memory foam gel topper with a mattress topper cover for added protection and enhanced comfort, or just order the topper on its own—either way we’ve got you covered
  • Mattress makeover: rejuvenate an old mattress, soften a too-hard mattress, or simply prolong the life of your mattress with a protective layer of gel infused memory foam
  • Easy setup: your gel infused mattress topper arrives compressed, but set up only takes 4 easy steps: open your package, unroll the mattress, cut the plastic, then allow 24-48 hours to expand (allow extra time for expansion in cooler temperatures)
  • Rest assured: sleep soundly knowing your mattress topper is certipur certified. Available in a full range of sizes, you’re getting the best of the best with our high quality gel infused memory foam.
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Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified AMAZON

Buy Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified: Mattress Toppers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Why would one choose gel infused memory foam over pure memory foam?

I bought a memory foam mattress and i woke up sweating.. Loved the mattress but hated waking up like that… I was told gel infused would’ve been better, so i ordered this gel topper… Wonderful sleep and body temperature control! Highly recommend it

Is this latex free?

Hi there! This topper isn’t manufactured using any latex and it is 100% polyurethane foam. However, please note that it is manufactured in a facility that also handles some latex foams.

If you have any other questions, please email us at:

-the linenspa crew

Did it come with cover?

yes, a thin one, basically disposable i think? Am not positive it wasn’t mentioned in the directions or packaging, but my full xl size that i ordered came tightly wrapped in plastic inside of a box & to my surprise there was a very thin, almost papery thin cloth covering over the topper. I went ahead & left it on because it doesn’t seem to hinder performance in any way.

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Will this 2 inch topper make my hard bed softer?

Hi ray87, thank you for reaching out to us. All of our toppers are designed to help soften the feel of your mattress. The are made with very plush foam. It can be difficult to make a mattress feel more firm by using a topper. If you have any other questions regarding toppers please do not hesitate to contact us at! Linenspa

Where is this made? In the usa?

Hi, amazon customer. Thanks for your question! Know that we are an american company headquartered in utah with employees across the globe. We source products around the world based on metrics of quality and performance. This particular mattress model is manufactured in china, and certified by certipur-us®, an independent foam certification company, for safety and performance. Know that it is covered by our 3-year quality warranty. Please contact us at: if you have further questions.
Thanks! Linenspa

Can this be cut to fit a travel trailer size queen mattress?

I would think it could easily be cut to fit your smaller mattress. I have found the best way to cut foam is with an electric meat carving knife.

I sleep on my sides and back and wake up in pain. Will this help?

Prior to purchasing this, i would frequently wake up with shoulder or hip pain or with limbs like jelly from side sleeping on them wrong. I’ve owned if for three months and i haven’t once woken up in any pain since, although my arm will still occasionally fall asleep. It’s soft enough that you sink into it but firm enough to offer excellent support so you don’t pinch nerves at night.

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If i’m trying to make a matress firmer , do i use a 2 inch foam topper or thicker

Hi, amazon customer. Great question! This linenspa 2 inch gel infused memory foam mattress is topper is designed to make a firm mattress more soft. It’s airy softness provides a slight ‘sink-in’ feeling. With this being said, it will not make your sleep experience more firm, it will make it more plush. Let us know if you have any further questions at
Thanks! Linenspa

How does this come in the mail? What is the size of the package? For a size queen

Hello! This topper comes vacuum sealed and rolled. The queen sized package will be 12 x 12 x 24 inches.

Please let us know if you have other questions at:

Thanks! Linenspa

Can this be used with a heated mattress protector (vs a heated balnket)?

Hello! Yes, this can be used with a heated mattress protector if it doesn’t get above 125 degrees.

Please let us know if you have other questions at:

Thanks! Linenspa

I aired it out for the recommended 24 hours but still smells like mildew. Does it go away?

As memory foam expands, it can off-gas and can have a “new” foam smell. This is completely harmless and should dissipate within a couple of days. Sensitivities to smell vary and placing the topper in a well-ventilated room with a fan blowing on it can help accelerate the process. If it continues to smell, please reach out to us at:

Thanks! Linenspa

Is the gel easily affected by room temperature?

Amazon customer
the gel is not easily affected by room temperature. For best results we recommend keeping this is a well ventilated environment.
Thanks! Linenspa

What are the dimensions of the queen short?

I have a regular queen, not a queen short, but for possible comparison, the dimensions are 59’x79′. And i love it.

Return policy

It’s amazon. I’ve never had an issue with a return.

How long will this last with nightly use?

This mattress topper is backed by a 3-year warranty so we guarantee it will last at least that long with nightly use. We expect that if it is well maintained, it has the ability to last much longer than that. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at:

-the linenspa crew

Would there be any issues using an electric blanket with the gel being infused?

Matthew gardener so annoying! I use an electric blanket and bring one with me on trips! Esp living in the pnw! Gah people! And i’m 30!!!

What are the layers when making the bed

Hi there! This is a great question. The topper will be placed flat on your mattress, then the sheets will go over both the mattress and topper.

Please know that we highly recommend using a mattress protector to keep your bed clean and to extend its life. If you use a protector, then you will make the bed by placing the topper on the mattress, placing the protector over the topper and mattress, then adding your sheets over the bed.

If you have additional questions, please let us know at:

-the linenspa crew

Can this topper be folded up into a pull-out couch mattress? Will it hold its shape?

Hi lorraine friedberg, thank you for reaching out to us. We do not recommend storing this item in a folded postilion as this can cause pressure points in the topper causing it to crack or tear. This will then affect the performance of the item. We recommend storing the item flat to help prevent this from happening. If you have any further questions please contact us at! Linenspa

Does the extra inch really matter?

Yes! We have a 2, 3 & 4 inch. The 2 is fine for our toddlers, but not thick enough for my husband & i.

Viene el foam solo o viene forrado con tela?

El foam viene solo.
Just the foam.

Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified AMAZON

Buy Linenspa 2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Gel Infused Queen Mattress Topper, CertiPUR-US Certified: Mattress Toppers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best cure for back and shoulder pains

I rarely write a review but feel compelled to save everyone sometime if you are considering buying this! I have been struggling with lower back pain and sometimes shoulder pains when i wake up for the past 2 months. At first, i thought it was a combination of aging, bad posture, and working a lot. I changed my pillow and it helped a bit but not much. I also started doing weight training for my glutes, abs, and lower back. However, each morning i wake up feeling worse. I did some research and decided to get a mattress topper to soften my bed to help with my spine alignment during sleep. I read all the reviews for foam mattress topper on amazon and decided to settle with this one. I had bought a few foam toppers before for old beds in my parents’ house but they were not that impressive. I received this foam topper yesterday and can immediately tell the difference in quality compared to the ones i purchased before. Today, i woke up feeling zero lower back pain and shoulder pain for the first time in months!!!!! I thought it would take a few days for the pains to go away but they are gone after one night of sleep! I don’t think i have ever been so pleasantly surprised by a product. 100% worth the money and more! If you suffer from the same issues as me, definitely give this a try. I will update this review in a few months to see if the quality holds up. 🙂

5Expert Score
I love it so far. Zero issues. Fantastic for arthritis!

I am going to address all of the negative comments by some other reviewers, because i experienced zero of their complaints.

There was absolutely no odor or fumes when we opened this, in the house, in winter, windows closed. Zero. I have asthma; i would have detected fumes when others do not. And i did so in the dining area of our small house with an l-shaped living room dining room, so it was pretty much ‘in my face’ for hours.

2/3 expanded in 3 hours. The rest of it was finished when we got up the next morning. Far less than even 12 hours.

It did not tear. It is bulky, (3 inch queen size) so i had help to move it to the bed, but its not really heavy that way. We did not drag it or pull on just one corner; we folded it in half and carried it to the bed. Then gave it a tug or two to align it. No indication it would tear.

Either i have a different product than the other reviewers, or some reviews are by competitors? Because all that was wonderful.

Comfort: fantastic! I have recently hit the point of osteoarthritis in my hip, and am a side sleeper…and it felt like i was sleeping with a rock under me. Not sleeping well at all, needless to say. The 3 inch foam eliminated that issue for me as much as could be possible….95% of pain and discomfort gone, vanished!

Heat retention: i placed an old mattress cover around it, the kind that used to have some quilting but has been washed to the point it should have been trashed really…so just a touch of some insulation more than a sheet. The sheet i put on top was much heavier/thicker cotton sort of surface than any other sheets i have. The foam did retain some heat, but that was perfect for the arthritis in my hip, knees, feet. I will likely be putting away one of my two heavy blankets i have been using with a light quilted bedspread that is a good air block, and that’s great. That former arrangement was too heavy and would get too hot and awaken me at night, but i needed that to get my joints warm and ‘quiet’ enough to sleep. Not anymore! The mattress topper gets very comfortably warm in just a few minutes. I am writing this in april in south central pa; temps have been in the upper 30s to upper 40s at night and our thermostat is set at 72 at night, though i have to close the vent in my small bedroom or i get roasted when the heat flows. The thermostat is that high because of the illness of my roommate and our 70 year old brick home is a bit drafty, needing windows and new insulation. I was quite comfortable having some gentle heat from retention by the foam on my joints, while my face and shoulders enjoyed the cooler room temp.

Its wonderfully soft and cushiony. I was comfortable both in my normal side sleeping positions, and also when i had my head rather elevated on multiple pillows (which puts more pressure on the hips). I did not experience any difficulty at all rolling over, even though i am 5’10’ and 195 lbs. I frequently roll over… So much so i use a queen bed all to myself. In fact, it was easier for me to roll over than it had been rolling over the hard mattress surface…my mattress is not a rock hard one, maybe the high end of medium firm. It has had about 6 years of regular use and has just recently developed just a touch of sag in the middle…just enough to increase pressure on my hip bone in certain positions….but this extra pressure disappeared with this wonderful topper.

I would anticipate that because this is foam, that at some point it will begin to stay compressed and eventually require replacing. That is affordable at this price…. I see the same complaints made by products costing even four times what i paid for this ($90 plus sales tax). If/when i experience this, i will come back and update my review for a time concept. If i don’t experience this within 6 months, i might buy a second one for a backup. The pricing was great, and necessary, because i also need to replace my chair in the living room,which aggravates my arthritis, and i couldn’t afford both a good new recliner and another mattress…which might not have been good enough without a topper anyway.

Extremely pleased at this moment!

5Expert Score
Great alternative to buying an expensive new mattress!

I wasn’t sure how this would help. I knew i needed to get a new mattress but after shopping and seeing minimum cost was $3000 (including tax and delivery), i decided to try a mattress topper. So i did research. If you want to boggle your mind and get more confused and unsure you are making the right decision- read the reviews. I finally decided on this one due to the more positive reviews and that it came with a cover. So here after a couple weeks use – no smell at all, fluffed up in under 1 hr, cover fit perfectly and it does not slide around on the mattress. I also used my own mattress cover as it had deep pockets and helps prevent any sliding. It does not make it hotter using the linenspa cover and my mattress cover. It does add 3” to my 12” mattress but it’s fine. It relieved the pressure points on my hips and shoulders and my husband sleeps just fine on it as he is a back sleeper. If you turn over, yes you do feel the imprint of where you slept but it almost immediately plumps back up. So overall, this was a very good choice and fact that it was medium firm vs firm was what i needed. So much cheaper than a new mattress although i had to buy new sheets to have deeper pockets. But saved a lot of money. Will see how long this lasts!

5Expert Score
Sleep like a baby on a cloud

I was up with insomnia one night, neck killing be as it has been for some time, and after hours of research and reading reviews i went ahead and bought this topper. I was skeptical but hopeful. The delivery was smooth, here in just two days. I go grab it, unwrap it and lay it across my bed to fluff. Fast forward to bed time and it was ready to go. I make my bed (am using one of the quilted covers over it, then a sheet). I climbed into bed and ohhh sweet baby jesus in a manger was this thing comfy! It’s like sleeping on a cloud… Or a nice big hug on your saddest day!!! I did not wake up one time, my neck and back were happy and i felt so rested!!!!

Now if you don’t like super soft, you will not like this. You will sink into it and it will form to your every curve. I was a bit concerned about becoming hot but was pleasantly surprised that i didn’t.

I highly recommend!!! Get it now! Back to bed i go!

Pros: fast delivery, isn’t heavy, forms pretty quick, no smell, great sleep

cons: not sure about how doing the deed on it will be but idc honestly!!! Might have to do more work but at least i know i’ll sleep better than a box of babies after!!!

5Expert Score
Very pleased

Usually don’t leave many reviews but this one deserves a review.
I have had right hip issues for many years sleeping on a firm mattress. I changed to a pillow top mattress but was too soft but was better than the firm mattress, it was worn out so time for a new one.
Rather than a new mattress i went back to the firm mattress but the same issues came back. Not surprised.
Stayed at my brother’s house for a couple days and they had a foam mattress and it was comfortable.
I started searching on amazon and found many options. Decided to go with mattress topper on top of the firm mattress and it has worked out very well.
I am 250 lbs so i thought the 3” would be the best fit for me.
After a month it is doing exactly what i had hoped for. Waking up without pain and sleeping through the night. I don’t sink to far into the mattress and changing position is not too difficult.
Really don’t notice any cooling effect but i don’t get hot or sweat. I do have a ceiling fan above the bed. Love it.
Hopefully this will last for several years.
Time will tell.

5Expert Score
Better than you would think

Very pleased with the 2′ memory foam topper. I always find myself making excuses for the cheapest options on amazon, before they even get here, too. You know the generic, everyday department store kind of items that don’t need to be brand name. Whether it’s something like a mattress topper, tools, electronics, etc. I always assume that the item is gonna have something thats a little off before it arrives. Thats possibly because i’ll look for things like button-down shirts, or fitted sheets, and end up finding a perfectly fitting shirt, dare i say the best shirt i’ve ever lain across my back. The shirt that will change my life. However, in the recent years i must remind myself to adopt a policy of pre-dissapointment. Because usually, right after the nice little shirtprise occurs, i find that the fine garment i purchased, used, for 3 american dollars, has a third sleeve. Just for instance. I am not going to sit here and lie about it any longer.. Dammit i loved that shirt, and when i think how shallow it was of me to reject a fine shirt like that, over something as trivial as an extra sleeve sewn into the back of the shoulder.. Well i’ll just say i’m not proud of it.. But my tale of epic shirtprise that ultimately ended in shirtzaster causes me to digress.. My original point was that if you’re going to search through the bottom of the amazon barrel, your gonna get a third sleeve every once in awhile. Well let me tell you, this 2′ topper was the cheapest option i found in the size i needed, and this intercourse rebound dampener is no three-sleever. The quality of my sleep before getting this topper was comparable to falling asleep in a bar stool. In a bar. I would wake up every 10 minutes, every morning i would need two advil and a midol just to get out of my medeviel torture rack of a bed. My neck, my back, my elbow and my sack would cause me quite a bit of bad pain. Not these days though. These days i fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow. I mean so fast i don’t even have time to say goodnight to my wife or maintain a meaningful relationship with her and my 2.5 beautiful miracle children, and that’s one of the few statements i’ve made here that you can take to the bank. To summarize, all i have to say… Is that i’m not all that complicated, or all that rich. I’m not all that passionate about my marriage, and i’m definitely not gonna be gettin any of those mug’s claiming i’m the world’s greatest father, or world’s greatest anything, and frankly just bringing up those facts used to cause me some mild, severe depression and life was just so bleak. But today i walk the streets with my head held high and just a little cocky, as if to say, ‘hey girl, what your name is?’ to the world, and act unaffected when answered by the world with a firm ‘get away from me.’ basically friends, fellow amazoner’s, is that today i’m a changed man, and as far as the government and the paper boy are concerned the old me doesn’t exist. It has done so much as transformed my meaningless existence into just a literal existence! Its turned my metaphorical toothless frown into a lipped horizontal line. Its as if myself and this single little 2′ memory foam mattress topper were lost in this big crazy world, doing big crazy things, with big crazy people, in big crazy places, wearing big crazy hats, but then the rain stopped, the clouds parted, the sun shone through and we started a wicked-awesome moshpit in the mud with each other, but we’re also doin it at the first woodstock or like one of the first 4 lalapaloozas, and the 2′ memory foam mattress topper and i are just out there in the middle of the crowd.. Gettin all graphic in nature. Just the two of us, just each other, and i think we were with an old ‘my pillow’ i found in a stadium bathroom awhile back that has the word ‘jabroni’ written on it with sharpie.. But hey man, that pillow was a serious horndoggin-party-brother and we are all gods children… In closing, the mattress topper was more okay than anticipated. My previous experience with ‘brand-less’ items will now be quietly repressed until the next three-sleever item is delivered. 5 out of 5 would buy again.

5Expert Score
Good mattress topper

I’ve been sleeping on this topper for a few days now, so far no complaints, it’s pretty comfortable. As expected, it was quite flat coming out of the vacuum sealed packaging, make sure you follow the instructions and let it lie out so it can expand. I let mine lie on top of my bed for several hours and i let it be. I didn’t wait 24 hours, i gave mine about 8 hours before sleeping on it. I think it’s great! Maybe a bit overpriced but i would definitely buy again.

5Expert Score
Life changing for poor people.

I have to be honest. There was a deal and it was an impulse buy. I live in a sober living for men and the beds are nothing to write home about. In fact, they are absolutely terribble. I’ve had memory foam toppers on beds before and not noticed much difference. After sleeping on this one i feel like i got my first full night of sleep in over a year. I had forgotten what rested felt like. For $60 this think can dramatically alter your perspective on life.

5Expert Score
Great alternative to buying a new mattress

I have had my current mattress for about a year now, and i felt like it was not giving me the support that i needed. This mattress topper is the perfect alternative to buying a new mattress. It is incredibly soft and form fits to your body to provide the perfect amount of support. It came quickly and took under an hour to fully decompress from its packaging. I would definitely recommend this topper to anyone who needs more comfort but isn’t ready to buy a new mattress just yet.

5Expert Score
Really nice

I have never slept on a foam bed before, i was too nervous about it when i bought a mattress three years ago. Recently, i purchased new sheets with a fifteen inch pocket, and my mattress is only twelve inch. So i purchased the topper to help with that. I truly love it, i did not know sleeping on foam could make such a difference. I am 63 years old, and have some aches and pains. What a difference this topper has made, i almost spring up out of bed when i get up in the morning. I definitely recommend!

4Expert Score
Pleasantly surprised

I had doubts about buying this but was very surprised at how comfortable it is. I purchased a new mattress about 1.5 years ago and went with something a little firmer. I hate it but my husband loves it. I suffer from neck pain and the firm mattress was better for my back but not my neck. The foam mattress topper works well, its comfortable and i found myself having a better night’s sleep. I have a king-size bed but purchased the twin xl size. While it looks odd on the bed, it works well for my purpose. My husband can sleep on the harder mattress while i sleep in comfort (btw – he is jealous). It was in full shape in about 4-5 hours. The only complaint i have is that there was not an option to purchase a cover for it. You do get these little blue specks on your sheets but it’s not a big deal. I’ll end up making a cover for it myself.

4Expert Score
No more fights with my mattress

Every morning when i woke up i felt like i just went 10 rounds with the champ. Eveything ached. Could not swing the cost for a new mattress so i decided to buy a topper. After reading through a ton of reviews for the various toppers i decided to buy this one and so far i am happy. It took a little getting use to. I am on the heavy side so every time i laid down i felt kind of like i was sinking, but after a few nights i started to like it. And while i am still a little stiff when i wake up, no pun intended, it is way better than i used to feel. So in my humble opinion a topper is not substitute for a new mattress but if you want to extend the life of your current mattress or cannot swing the cost of a new quality mattress, it’s a nice alternative.

4Expert Score
Back pain getting better after 2 weeks; updated review after 3 months

My husband bought an extra firm mattress because we both have back issues and our old mattress (while only about 2years old) is already getting holes in the places where we sleep. I have a a lot of back and hip problems due to arthritis and also shoulder issues. My husband has shoulder issues. The extra firm mattress helped his shoulder pain, but made my back and hip pain much worse. So, i first ordered a dark colored grey fabric topper (not memory foam), which was way too thin to help at all. Then, i ordered this one day later, after sleeping on the other one night. After receiving, i unfolded it and left it laying on top of my bed. It was compressed fully and very flat. It fully expanded within a couple of hours. I didn’t wait the recommended 24-48 hours to let it completely fill out since it already did so within a couple hours. I advise waiting longer if yours doesn’t look like it should and the recommended time hasn’t passed. I slept on it the same night, which was about 4-5 hours after sitting fully undisturbed. I kept the other topper over this one since it is so thin. This memory foam topper didn’t help over night. But, i did start seeing pain relief after sleeping on it for a week or two. I started seeing my pain lessen here and there over this period. My back still hurts sometimes, as arthritis issues will. But, this memory foam mattress did help a lot. So far, i’d buy it again. Keep in mind that i haven’t had it a long time. I could feel completely different in 3-6 months. It says i bought a 3 inch. But, i bought a 2 inch. I will update if anything changes.
Update 8/21/22- it’s still working pretty well. My reviews still stands for now. I will mention that it sometimes will move an inch or two toward my husband’s side of the bed. I’m a side sleeper and do have to switch positions many times while sleeping. So, it could be happening because of me. But, i’m not sure. It doesn’t do this on my husband’s side. It isn’t hard to get the foam carefully pulled back to my side when needed. I have to be careful to not break my nails doing it though. Sometimes, i’ll wake up and feel like i’m in a hard feeling flat spot, like it gets mashed with my body’s imprint. I just move out of that spot for 5-10 seconds to let the memory foam fill back in. I think this sometimes bothers me more because of the amount of pain i typically have. I can go back to sleep pretty quickly after letting the foam fill in. My sleep quality is still pretty good. Overall, i’m still pretty happy with it.

4Expert Score
Supports a better night's sleep

Sometimes my body just does night sweats, no matter what surface i sleep on. But what i’ve noticed with this pad is that if i go to bed tired, i can sleep like a rock on this and wake far better rested than without it. Often, i wake without any sweats–just being real that no surface is going to be a perfect solution to night sweats if your hormones are in flux as often happens with menopause and after.
I bought this to replace an older egg-crate style 1 inch pad which i had for years. This memory foam has been just great! Downside is that i have taken it off my bed for sleeping away from home, and it’s not really sturdy enough to be great for transporting. It works once i get it put in place–just not easy to roll up and travel with. Taking it on the road caused a few tears but still working fine. … So i think i’ll look for a separate pad for travel.

4Expert Score
Aches are gone!

I bought this product to use on these college twin xls (if you know, you know) and i literally saw a change in my sleep quality the first day i got it! It ain’t no celebrity bed but it’s better than the prison cots these colleges call mattresses!

4Expert Score
Getting better sleep

Since using this topper, i am sleeping much better. It has helped ease shoulder pressure when i sleep on my side. I feel less overall pain when i get up in the morning. The foam might be a bit too thick for me, because i sink down in it and it makes me feel a little hot. All in all, i’m pretty happy with this product.

4Expert Score
This mattress is awesome

This mattress is awesome. Very comfortable hard to roll up and it would be awesome. If it was sold with a bag to put it in to carry it would purchase again.

4Expert Score
Mattress topper

I bought this to top the top bunk mattress in our camper. It didn’t fit exactly, but was very easy to cut using scissors. My husband even uses the piece that was cut off as a backrest in the car. The camper mattresses are very thin, and hard as a rock, so this topper hopefully will provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.

4Expert Score
Softer than expected, but has helped relieve lower back pain

I thought the product would be firmer, but despite being somewhat soft, i found that it molded into my back well to provide adequate support for my lower back. So far, i have woken up with less lower back pain than usual. Definitely worth a try!

4Expert Score
You get what you pay for

Somethings are just worth spending the extra few bucks. I bought the foam (non gel) and hated it. Bought this and it is way better than just the foam but not a drastic difference. I purchased one years ago from sam’s for 99 bucks and it was the best thing ever. I would definitely spend more money to have a better one.

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