Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack)

Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) : Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) : Everything Else

What are liquid death mountain water features?

  • 100% mountain water from the alps
  • Water made by nature, not in a lab
  • Infinitely recyclable (plastic bottles are not)
  • 8.1+ ph // over 2x more electrolytes than essentia, smartwater, lifewtr, core, aquafina
  • #murderyourthirst #deathtoplastic
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Liquid death mountain water details:

Is discontinued by manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product dimensions ‏ : ‎

10.5 x 8 x 6.9 inches; 13 pounds

Upc ‏ : ‎


Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Liquid death

Country of origin ‏ : ‎


Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) AMAZON : Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Does liquid death have alcohol in it?

No. But liquid death does contain microscopic chainsaw maniacs that will savagely dismember the thirst neurons in your brain.

Is liquid death vegan and cruelty free?

Liquid death is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. And we never keep our cans in cages.

Will liquid death get me drunk?

You can cause hyponatremia (low sodium concentrations in the blood) from excessive water intake which will make you feel drunk and if you continue to drink, you’ll pass out and potentially die.

Is liquid death an energy drink?

No, it’s 100% natural mountain water. However, studies show that drinking water can actually give you energy and increase brain function.

Is liquid death sparkling water an energy drink?

No, it’s 100% natural mountain water. However, water was the original energy drink thousands of years ago for cave people. They would drink water and perform incredible feats like killing saber-tooth tigers with primitive weapons. Way more “extreme” than any skateboard or dirt bike trick. Even science says that drinking water actually does give you energy and increased brain function.

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Does liquid death sparkling water have alcohol in it?

No. It’s just water in a beer-inspired tallboy that makes it fun and easy to mess with people who think you are drinking a beer. However, liquid death does contain microscopic chainsaw maniacs that will savagely dismember the thirst neurons in your brain.

Will liquid death sponsor my band, esports team, porn convention, haunted hay ride, bear-e-oke night, yoga retreat, or satanic motorcycle rally?

Yes, we are always interested in potential sponsorship opportunities. However, we are very limited in how many we are able to do. Just visit the contact section of our website and follow the directions for sponsorship requests.

Will liquid death sponsor my band, esports team, porn convention, haunted hay ride, bear-e-oke night, yoga retreat, or satanic motorcycle rally?

Yes, we are always interested in potential sponsorship opportunities. However, we are very limited in how many we are able to do. Just shoot us an email at and let us know what you’re looking for.

What is the carbonation level in liquid death sparkling water?

Liquid death doesn’t just look like a beer, it’s actually carbonated like a beer. We use a more drinkable level of carbonation (5 grams/l) more similar to most beers than the higher carbonation levels of most sodas (6-8 grams/l). Slightly less co2 means less carbonic acid is formed, which means the taste of liquid death sparkling is less bitter and more drinkable than many other sparkling waters.

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Why dont you just buy a britta?

Who the hell is britta? Is she that chick with the good hair that dances at the club on weekends and says she’s just doing it to put herself through college?

Who obtains the thirst souls that are released upon drinking?

That would be hel….daughter of odin, ruler of the underworld….only i hear she’s a real bitch, and often sends those thirst souls back because she’s just petty like that. Best to drink more liquid death until she finally banishes them to jotunheim for safe keeping….or in the abyss with all the mermaiders.

Is liquid death actually from the austrian alps?

Some cans are. Some are from the canadian rockies. Though they don’t tell you which one you get and doesn’t list the rockies on the website. Can’t speak for the alps water (unlucky, didn’t get what i paid for) but the rockies water was pretty bad. If you’re gonna pay for expensive water i recommend icelandic water. Much better.

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Where can i find a side by side refrridgerater less than 65’tall and less than 33′ wide?

By searching for refrigerators instead of water

Does it contain fluoride?

No, we do not fluoridate our water.

Is this compatible with bank v aegis or wheat headphones?

Ummm, this is water….in a can…..for hand….man. I guess you could stab the can with the earphone jack, but i don’t know what that would accomplish other than to waste good water….i mean, it’s not dethklok’s dethwater album in a can, if that’s what you are asking….that got lost when someone drank the original recordings in a bout of parched drinking. If they had a few hundred cases of liquid death on board, they may have been able to release it sooner….but hey, accidents happen right. You could try holding up a stethoscope against the can to listen for any residual dethwater recording, but your more likely to hear the gentle slosh of billions of thirst murdering molecules and maybe, if you’re lucky, the windswept sigh of ancient mountains, but that’s stretching it a bit.

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What is the shelf life?

What is the shelf life of natural springs?

Can kids over 10 drink it

No you absolutely have to be 10 1/2 years old anyone under the age of 10 1/2 will should drink soda only!

How will liquid death enhance my nunchuck and bow staff skills? I want to be perceived as an alpha male.

You will need to hunt more, and sell the pelts in order to afford liquid death.

What minerals are in this ?

The only minerals in liquid death are ‘murder minerals’.
They are great for consumption but deadly for your thirst.

Can you share and provide some information for me?

Of course. Water is wet, the sky is blue.

Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) AMAZON : Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Over a dozen subscribed deliveries and counting

The title says it all. I receive a delivery of a case of mango chainsaw liquid death every two weeks, and i always am so glad to have these drinks arrive on my porch to relieve my fatal thirst!

All the time spent working at home due to the pandemic has made me a carbonation addict. Since there are not yet any carbonation addict groups, i feed my habit with various carbonated beverages. Liquid death mango chainsaw is hands down my favorite, but i can honestly say that i enjoy every product that liquid death offers.

I keep buying ld mango chainsaw because of the perfect level of carbonation, the refreshing flavor that is not overpowering, and the 16 oz size. And i admit, i enjoy the brand and marketing on top of it all, but branding aside, this is my favorite sparkling water beverage, hands down.

5Expert Score
Must be cold

Do yourself a favor, let ’em get good and cold in the fridge. Don’t rush to try one by pouring it over ice. It’s some how better out of the can but it’s gotta be cold. No good at room temperature.
Admittedly the 1st can isn’t great, but by the end of the 2nd can it starts to grow on ya. Especially if you throw ’em down like your chugging a beer. I wouldn’t advise savoring this beverage but i fully endorse the marketing campaign and will support this product for that reason alone. What do you want people? It’s a can of water that’ll put hair on your chest. Now the way i figure, you’re either into the sound of that or you’re not.

5Expert Score
My little secret

I have nothing but positive things to say about liquid death, which has saved my life on more than one occasion (literally).

I’ll start with what happened 2 years ago- i went on a vacation where there was no shade to shield me from the triple degree weather. I had a hard time drinking water or remembering to, and basically would reach for any other liquid first. Well, wouldn’t you know it, i got heat stroke- big time, to the point where my body started seizing. I end up in the er- yep, it’s severe dehydration and i’m getting told i could have died. Doctor advises me to drink more water. I stop by 7-eleven, i see these cans. I was confused at first (“why is there beer with the waters?”). I grab one out of sheer curiosity. Lo and behold, it’s the absolute best water i’ve ever tasted in my life. I end up buying out every store in my area, and eventually feel sad that i can’t find them anywhere anymore.

Then, almost exactly a year later- kidney stones, that supposedly are going to require surgery to remove. I end up ordering several cases of liquid death- by the time i finish the cases, my stones have passed and the doctor is bewildered. No, it wasn’t cranberry juice or some crazy diet- just this water, which i consumed enough of to eventually get $80 back when i recycled them.

And thirdly, to the biggest selling point for me- many people think it’s beer. I, myself, thought they were beers when i first saw them. As a sober person, i cannot explain to you how much of my sobriety i owe to liquid death- it feels like a tall boy, looks like a tall boy, but it’s water. The placebo effect of it has kept me clean for years since i discovered it, and i still reach for one after a long day at work to wind down.

Everything about this company, this brand, this water is incredible. If you live near me and are having trouble finding it- i’m sorry it’s because i still buy the entirety of stock when i find it. I can’t get enough of liquid death- thank you so much for everything you do for the planet, for the body, and for me.

5Expert Score
Good product and brand bad delivery

I love the liquid death and the fight against plastic pollution along with its badass marketing and logo designs. The only issue i had with my package wasn’t with the company but with the blatant sloppiness of the delivery. The box it was shipped in was beaten to hell and soaking wet, looks like while others were handling it, it was dropped and two of the cans were busted leaking all over the boxes it was shipped in.

5Expert Score
Yes. Drink it.

Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!

5Expert Score
Just right

Liquid death has a nice, light lime-y flavor, good for hot summer days. The price is reasonable, for as much as you get. I really do not like weak, watery drinks. While this is light, it isn’t either of those. I’m not crazy about the name, so i keep it in the back of the fridge and don’t offer it to anyone; more for me.

5Expert Score
Sparkling awesome…

Lets get this out of the way first…for those feeling let down or disappointed looking for that so called pop!!! Or fizz!!! That you get from a soda or beer or even the over carbonated waters you won’t find that here. But who likes to rehydrate with water and filling your belly with gas. Not me, what you will find is the right amount of sparkling/carbonated water with flavor (i have not tasted the non flavored products from liquid death) berry it and mango chainsaw, they both taste great. Berry it has a hint of mixed berry-black cherry-hibiscus flavor, the mango has an ever so slight similar flavor as the berry it but with a kick of mango and orange. The flavors are not over powering which is great and only contain 3g of sugar. If you are looking for a sugar filled flavored water this is not for you.

5Expert Score
Amazing water! Death to pop!….. And ya know… Plastic

I’ve tried all variations of this water and every single flavor is amazing! I particularly like the carbonation level because it is not too harsh, but not too dull… They nailed the beer like carbonation. My favorite version is the severed lime, and second is a tie between the mango and berry. I’ve noticed prices fluctuate quite a bit, never buy it when it’s $30, because that just means its a low stock, but restocks happen quickly. I’ve quit drinking mtn. Dew with severed lime taking its place. It does a good job at mimicking the flavor enough to where it does the trick. Ill never go back unless they quit making this water! Thanks liquid death you are a life saver!

5Expert Score

I absolutely love these drinks! A friend introduced me to liquid death a while ago and i’m so happy they did. I don’t drink soda often but i was looking for a healthy(er) alternative for when the craving strikes. This is everything i was looking for! I like the severed lime flavor better than sprite and mango chainsaw is delicious. Will definitely be buying more! No plastic is always a plus as well.

5Expert Score
Great texture and just right flavor

My wife hates all carbonated drinks, she will go out of her way to find and find these. They don’t “ dry” out her mouth. Or leave here teeth feeling funny.
I love carbonated drinks and mineral water. I feel these are pretty good. I wish they came in 40’s as i like to drink water and a bigger container would be fun and last most of my morning teaching.

The marketing is cleaver in a health crazed marketing of water they are unapologetic in the fact that it’s water that rates good

4Expert Score
Good bubbles that die too quickly

I’m a big topo chico guy, but i’d figure i’d try this sparkly (yes… Sparkly) water because of the marketing hype. Packaging is epic and the jury was out in whether it looked more like a beer or energy drink can. I really like the small and fizzy bubbles. Problem is if you’re a slow drinker like me, i found the can lost it’s fizz too quickly. So by the end i was drinking flat water. Maybe it was just this package, but that was a big bummer for me. Overall good taste, good bubbles, but make it a chugger or the only thing that’s getting murdered is the carbonation.

4Expert Score
I like what they are about

This is ridiculously expensive water, but i love that this is a plastic free way to share water on the go, and it’sentertaining. We bought some for a party instead of trying to keep a pitcher of our perfectly fine fridge-filtered water cold for guests. With halloween coming up, it will make a great novelty at parties, but this is not everyday water at these prices.

4Expert Score

My boyfriend brought a can of this home from an event and i immediately purchased a case because i loved the packaging. It’s weird to drink still water from a can, but i think it stays colder and i really hate plastic. I won’t drink it all the time because it’s pricey, but will get it for road trips and parties … Wherever coolers are involved. I’m definitely going to try a couple of the sparkling flavors, too.

4Expert Score
Tall boys

1 can had a pin hole

4Expert Score
Great but carbonation gone in an hour tops

I like this brand i like that that comes in 16.9 o cans however it does lose its carbonation very very quickly and for cans so big it’s hard to or to get it all down before that starts happening.
It also does start becoming becoming uncarbonated the 2nd you put ice in it which is very unfortunate.
Something like mineragua for example keeps effervescence 4x as long.
Food for thought.
…or drink for thought.

4Expert Score
Meh… Love the name and marketing though!!

Had really high expectations based on all of the reviews. Unfortunately it just didn’t do it for us. It tasted very ‘clean’ but wasn’t special, especially for the price. My husband is extremely picky about his water (at work they call him a water snob) and he didn’t care for it. I found it fine but really like the presentation!

4Expert Score

We really enjoyed this just wished it had a little bit more lime flavor.

4Expert Score
Mildly limey, not much sparkle

Rated this at a 4 because my husband likes it – i’m more of a 3 but a truths was called. Not super lime flavored, definitely nothing “severed” about it. We love liquid death water though – will definitely continue to order the plain still & sparkling … And this lime (occasionally) for my husband. 🙂

4Expert Score
Absolutely love it

What better way to fight plastic bottle pollution than with a more recyclable way to enjoy amazing water

4Expert Score
Branding is great, just wasn’t a fan of the taste

I love the marketing, just a little too metallic tasting. But hey, they’re saving plastic so that’s good.

Important information


100% Stone-Cold Mountain Water

Legal Disclaimer

Do not drink more than a gallon of Liquid Death per hour or you will actually die. It’s called water intoxication. Google it.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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