L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary)

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary)

Yakibest.com : L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are l’oreal paris magic root cover up gray concealer spray black 2 oz.packaging may vary features?

  • Temporary root cover spray: our magic root cover up conceals grays in seconds for flawless roots; get seamless coverage with our lightweight formula that leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry, and that’s ammonia and peroxide free
  • Colored hair spray for gray roots: perfect for in-between color or salon visits, magic root quickly gives coverage to grey roots within seconds; lasts until your next shampoo
  • Root touch up solutions: just a few pesky, scattered grays; try our precision pen; for more gray coverage, use magic root cover up, the number 1 root concealer in the world; for longer lasting gray coverage, use root rescue 10-minute permanent root kit
  • Match your l’oreal paris hair color: magic root cover up shades are formulated to match your l’oréal excellence or superior preference shade, for an easy, quick fix between colorings
  • Long lasting hair color: get beautiful color from l’oréal paris hair color; permanent, semi-permanent, temporary hair color, and root cover up; cover gray hair, highlight, go bold with bright color, or even try an ombre hair color

L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary) : Beauty & Personal Care

Looking for specific info?

Does it rub off on pillows etc.?

Hi there! This product provides seamless coverage with our lightweight formula that leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry. It will last until your next shampoo! If you are concerned about the product rubbing off on your pillow, simply wash your hair before bed. We hope this was helpful!

Can i use for root growth even without gray hair?

Yes the root cover up is great for adding life to dull looking hair or just as well for creating a different look to your natural hair color.

Can you brush this product through the hair once it’s sprayed on? To blend it a bit?

You can brush it a bit with a stiff bristle brush, although you may not need to. It blends in well on it’s own. Be careful how much you spray, it doesn’t take much and you need to hold the can several inches from your head.

Several reviewers mentioned the color is darker than what the color is for. I have brownsh black asian hair. Should i use dark brown color or black?

I would probably use the dark brown. I tried the medium brown and it was very dark. It was too dark for my hair which is dark brown with quite a bit of natural red to it.

Is this just for hiding grey hair? I have really thin hair and am looking for a product that i can put on my roots so you cant see my scalp

I love this product! It helps me cheat in between color treatments. My hair at times thins out above my temples, and i discovered i can spray in those areas and it camouflages my scalp, giving the look my hair is thicker. I also found this product give my hair/scalp more volume. I wish they sold it in a larger can.

Is this product for people who semi rinse their hair?

This product is for gray roots. After i wash my hair i let it dry most of the way then spray the roots at the part in my hair to cover the gray then when my hair is dry it looks like i don’t have gray roots.

Does it make your hair feel heavy looking?

Seeing the other comments, i don’t agree that this product is sticky at all. Its does make it feel ‘dirty’, very similar to dry shampoo. Like several others, i only use at the hairline and thin spots in the front. I almost feel like it gives more body because it does sort of dirty up the hair. For most people, dirty hair is easier to style than clean hair. Wouldn’t consider it heavy.

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Will this run if you are rained on or sweating?

I have been lightly rained on and bike ride with a helmet, tend to get sweaty and it has not run. Great product and i’ve tried them all

What is the difference between light brown and light golden brown?

I found light brown to be a shade darker than light golden brown.

Does it take off with shampoo

This product stayed in my hair (happily) for almost a month. I shampoo my hair three times a week, and it took that long to wash out to the point where i needed to reapply.

How i can receive this product to saudi arabia ?

Amazon ships everywhere, think it would be fine

Does this hold up in chlorine?

I don’t know as i have not gone swimming after putting on this colour and i wear a shower cap. But as i said in the review it is good for about two to three days.

The root touch up is the item described but yet has a picture of cuticle remover?????


Can i return the product?

You can’t return this product.

Can i highlight my black fake hair crunchy with this?

I use this spray all the time to color the roots of blonde wigs and make them look more natural. Works great and does not smell like rotting flowers, unlike a similar product l had to throw away. But l dunno about a lighter streak on fake black hair. I think you might do much better with the hair color wax cream. I use that stuff too, to put blue streaks in a white wig. Amazon sells it.

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Will it turn my black hair gray as a side effect? I have very few and scattered grays, i don’t want my black hair to turn white permanently afterwards

Thank you for your question on the l’oreal paris magic root cover up. This product is not permanent and will wash from the hair when you shampoo. It will color where it is applied. For best results it is suggested to hold the can 4-6 inches away from your roots. – to ensure 4-6 inches, you can place the can on top of your head as a measure. If you need more then one spray to cover be sure to let the product dry for 1 minute before touching your roots. After applying, wait 1 minute to allow drying and then use a comb or brush to ensure there is no excess product. Too avoid using too much product, apply in layers, pausing 1 minute in between each application. We hope that you enjoy using as much as we do!

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Does this leave hair looking greasy or like it has too much product in it or does it go on light?

It goes on very light. Think it as an aerosol dusting of color. I always spray hairspray after applying mine for longer lasting effects. Please note if you smooth your hair after applying the hairspray, you will have color on your hand, but it washes it off easily with soap and water.

Will this make my husband look less bald?

If his hair is thinning it should. It does for me.

How do you keep the color off your skin, particularly around the hairline?

I use a small travel bottle of lotion to cover my forehead while i spray the hairline and it works pretty well. Of course i do get spray on the bottle but better than my forehead and it works until i can find something else. Anything that is small (so you can still see) with a flat edge will work fine. Hope this helps!

Is this product good to use?

Hi, our magic root cover up conceals grays in seconds for flawless roots. Get seamless coverage with our lightweight formula that leaves no smudging or sticky residue when dry, and that’s ammonia and peroxide free. Perfect for in between color or salon visits. Lasts until your next shampoo. Thank you for your interest in loreal!

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L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray Black 2 oz.(Packaging May Vary) : Beauty & Personal Care

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great life hack

First my disclosure, i received this product from l’oréal paris, an opportunity given to me through bzzagent which i am very thankful for. This is my honest and unbiased review of l’oréal paris root cover up in dark brown. My results are my own and may be different depending on the person.

As a busy, mom, woman, college student, daughter, human there is either never enough time or money to get things done. When it comes to the topic of hair coloring both time and money apply. As i get older i notice that my once raven colored hair now has sprinkles of “natural glitter” around my temples. I have my very own “silver lining”. Okay, to be honest i am lucky enough where my white, they skipped grey those darn overachieving follicles, are at my temples and bang area mostly. Those that make it to the back of my head are covered with a layer of color that is not white, grey, or silver. My natural center part is still full of color. So i can get away with not coloring my hair for a bit longer then let’s say my older sister. This product was perfect for me.

Having this product means that shelling out $20 for two boxes of hair dye can wait a bit longer and that $20 can go towards something else, like my daughter’s 31-day bus pass that she uses to get to school. Not so much now since it is summer but you get the idea. As a parent we make sacrifices on our own wants so our children can have what they need, sometimes their wants also. This is why the new l’oréal paris root cover up is so fantastic. It is wallet friendly, quick, and a mom’s new tool in her beauty arsenal.

This little blue canister of magic contain 2.0 oz (57g) of fast drying, root covering, no more grey/white awesomeness. Are you sensing that i love this product, because that is the vibe i want to give off. I don’t want to give off the idea that this is some sort of permanent hair coloring in a can. No, this is temporary and will wash out after a few shampoos. You are still going to need to color your hair eventually but it will be when you have both the time and money to do it. This is a quick fix, a much needed life hack that makes it life a little bit easier for you.

This product come in 6 colors; black, dark brown, light to medium brown, red, dark blonde, and light to medium blonde. I recently watched a woman review the product in red and she mentioned that not a lot of companies make this type of product in red. That is really cool and exciting if you have red hair. L’oréal claims that this product is “3 seconds to flawless roots”. Now i did not time myself but i know that it took way longer than 3 seconds for me to cover my roots. This may be due to my inexperience with the product and i kind of scared to actually press the button. It’s a new product that i have never use and i was learning how to maneuver it, my daughter thought i was hilarious while in the act of “root covering”.

I shook the product, held it from the target a good 4-6 inches and slowly depressed the button. A cold burst of colored product shot out. I repeated the process 2 more times in the same area, put the product down and inspected the area only to find matte dark brown color along with my natural and colored hair. I was happy, very happy. Okay, so the fact that it is matte is not so great, i would have loved it if the product were a shiny like hair is normally, but since it is at the roots i don’t think it really matters to me. There were no drips for me but when i searched for reviews on this product i read and saw that some women experience product dripping while some did not. I think it has to do with how you spray the product. If you purchase this product try quick short bursts, you can always add more, you can’t take off less.

I also found that this product dries quickly which is very nice. I do not mean immediate though, so if you touch the area right after you spray it your fingers will come away with color. More like 30 seconds, and the color will not rub of. Also, i was able to brush through my hair after i applied this product. If any of you have ever applied that can of hair color that is sold during halloween you know that those products are more like colored hairspray. You cannot get your fingers through your hair let alone a brush. This product is not like that at all. I was able to brush through it and my hair fell naturally into place. I had to check if there were any more visible white hairs that needed to be covered. There were none.

Overall, this product is a good investment. Like i stated previously it is a much needed life hack that needs to find its place in the lives of busy women, but i think anyone male or female could use this. There has to be some men out there who want to cover some grey/white hair put do not want to actually dye their hair. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a temporary reprieve from eyeing their “glittering” hair in the mirror but does not have the time or the funds for that project. Plus, you do not have to use the entire canister of product to cover your roots. I may go out tonight to purchase a canister for my sister to make her life a bit less hectic as well. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

5Expert Score
Amazing product

This product is simply the answer to my prayers. I don’t use it for gray coverage but for scalp coverage. You can see how amazing it works by my pictures! Only thing is, do not spray it too close to scalp or it will leave a worse bald spot (if you have any). This product is best used as a ‘fill in’ for thin areas not bald spots. I use a grey root coverage crayon/stick for my bald spot then use this spray on the entire rest of my scalp to fill in the thin areas. Has taken all my shame and anxiety over my thin hair away!

5Expert Score
It works for me

Pros are i like it, you have to rub it in real good and it shimmers which i think is real pretty. Spray a little on the length of your hair too and rub it through real well. Con is that the bottle is rediculously small so only for emergencies. To bad because that means i won’t be buying much. I would use it just for the shimmer alone. To bad.

5Expert Score
Perfect short term solutionthis is to

This is the solution i needed in between salon appointments. It has immediate coverage and lasts a couple of weeks. The color was an easy match and odorless. Great purchase and i would recommend it.

5Expert Score
Good product

Keeps me out of the salon for an extra week or two. Covers the grey perfectly. This is a life-saver when in a pinch. It does not smear while working out, in the hot tub, etc. It washes out with shampoo.

5Expert Score
Works great between colorings

I love this stuff. I use the light brown but it’s still quite dark, but i like it because it makes my root area look darker. It’s pretty easy to use, but you do have to practice to make it go on evenly and not make a dark spot on your part line. It works best when the can is newer. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use this, i use it for a few weeks before coloring again.

5Expert Score
Works great

It takes a bit to learn how much to spray and how to spray it but once you get it down this temporary collar works great.

5Expert Score
Works well!

L’oreal paris magic root cover is an easy way to hide the gray; it’s very simple to use, a simple spray, and the coverage is complete. One caveat, which bears mentioning, when i spray on the side(s), i always use a small cloth to protect my pillow, as there will be discoloration.

5Expert Score
Just buy it!

Best multi use hair color spray. Better than powder . I use to hide thin spots on my scalp, to cover grey, and to make my hair match my topper. Can’t live without it!!!

5Expert Score
Root cover up

Works great when you do not have time to color your hair. I will buy again.

4Expert Score

Not sure what i was expecting with this but it’s not what i thought. This is basically the same stuff you spray in kids hair at halloween. It makes your hair feel dirty and if you run your fingers through your hair it will be on your finger. I mean it does cover the roots. Just not something that i’d buy again. To each their own. However. Let me add. It does work good for thinning spot that you want to cover up.

4Expert Score
Nice product

Only is a little bit challenging to spray on the spot it can get smugly if you are not careful otherwise is a good spot grey hair cover-up.

4Expert Score
Wipes right off.

Covers ok, but don’t swipe your hand over your head. Then, don’t pat/rub your mother-in-law’s white dress at her wedding. Use jerome russell instead.

4Expert Score
Medium brown is dark

This should be the color i was going for—it is at least 2 shades darker than i anticipated. It is easy to use.

4Expert Score
If done right works well

Love the thin nozzle. Good coverage. Wish it was water proof

4Expert Score
Great product for in between hair salon appointments.

Great to use for in between hair salon appointments and new growth.

4Expert Score
Perfect color my ash blonde hair wish was bigger

Greet shade — dark blonde— wish there was more product. Sprays out really strong and is used up quickly. Nice for travel but i use another brand at home due to cost.

4Expert Score
This color was not blonde. Very dissatisfied

It was not blonde. It was dark brown. I ordered two cans and would like to exchange for a light blonde

4Expert Score
Great root coverage!

This product is great for covering roots!
The only thing i don’t like is it tends to get a bit crunchy & builds up in hair/scalp. That being said, it does wash out easily when you shampoo. Overall, great product!

4Expert Score
This stuff makes my hair feel dirty

The product really makes my hair feel dirty where i sprayed.

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