LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white)

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white)

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) – –

What are luxe bidet neo 120 – self cleaning nozzle – fresh water non-electric mechanical bidet toilet attachment blue and white features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • A luxurious look at an excellent price – with a sleek design and high-quality parts, our bidet attachment will give your bathroom a next-level look. Constructed with high-pressure valves with metal/ceramic cores and steel hoses instead of plastic.
  • Hygienic nozzle guard gate – shields the nozzle for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash to ensure it is protected until your next use.
  • Have fun doing it yourself – includes all parts and tools to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Easily attaches to and detaches from any standard two-piece toilet.
  • Environmentally-friendly, worthwhile investment – save money (and trees!) on toilet paper. Cleaning with our bidet is gentle on your skin and sustainable for the planet.
  • No kidding 18-month warranty – we are always here to make sure you are 100% satisfied, so anytime you have problems or concerns about the products, we are just one call away. Register your bidet online and get an extended warranty.

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) AMAZON

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) – –

Looking for specific info?

Is the toilet seat level (back and front) with this bidet installed?

If you have a solid wood seat, you can install these:
and it will level your seat.

What works better. Wet wipes or this bidet? Do you have to use more toilet paper than normal because your rear end gets all wet?

You reduce your toilet paper use greater, you use toilet paper to wipe away the water only, so a wet wipe isn’t useful. If you have a house with a septic tank you really want a bidet, it keeps a huge amount of wood pulp out of your septic tank.
Wished the house had an electric outlet behind the toilet, you need one of those cheap $100 point of use instant on hot water heaters, otherwise pass on the hot water models. It takes too long to get hit water to the toilet.

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Does the self cleaning nozzle function completely clean the nozzle or does the nozzle still require some manual cleaning?

The nozzle is behind a little door that opens out when activated. The door protects the nozzle from body fluids i use a lysol or clorox wipe to clean the door and the area around it. It is not really dirty but i just like to give it a quick swipe. If anything ever accidentally got in the nozzle the self cleaning feature would take care of it. We are very happy with our luxe bidet neo 120.

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What is the difference between neo 180 and 120?

Description from the neo 180: ‘feminine wash – equipped with dual nozzles for rear and frontal wash. The frontal or feminine wash is gentler than the rear spray. It can be useful for monthly cycles and is highly recommended by new or expecting mothers.’

the neo 120 is equipped with the single nozzle.

Am i doing something wrong? No matter how long i spray or how high the pressure, wiping still yields poo. I’m never 100% clean.

I have used the 120 model for a few months now with excellent results after a short ‘getting used to’ period. My descriptions below may be too specific for some, but needed to get the best results. One important factor that is not mentioned is when to start to apply the spray. In the beginning i waited until i was completely ‘done’, meaning that the sphincter has closed firmly. This yielded occasional brown streaks on the paper and later on my underwear. I learned that it is most effective when you start the spray while still discharging, before the sphincter closes. I use the spray for about 60 seconds while gently rocking front to back and side to side a couple of times which has resulted in consistently clean paper (only wet) and no more racing stripes in my shorts.

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So, i’m fat will this still work with my large butt cheeks?

You’re not fat. You just got more cushion for the pushin. Turn on the bidet, (on high… Best practices) and jiggle that booty and throw in some beyonce moves on the throne and you will be ready for your next salad tossa!!

Does it clean front and back?

The neo 120 comes with 1 nozzle which has a fixed spray. If you’re interested in a dual nozzle bidet that cleans both front and back (regular + women’s wash), we would highly recommend the neo 180 or 185 models.

How far does it stick out from the side of the toilet? I have the astor bidet but its too close to my bathtub and i can’t close the shower curtain.

About 4 1/4 inches, on the left side as you face the toilet.

Why did you jack up the price? Now i cant afford it?

I have purchased 4 of this item in the past 4 months. The first one purchased in november, paid $32.35, 2nd and 3rd in february and march 10th for same price $32.35. The 4th just 4 days later march 14th i paid $81.88. Now if that is not price gouching i don’t know what is. It’s ridiculous i bought these items for elderly people who absolutely needed the bidet. I would hope that the seller has scruples and refunds me the difference from first 3 to what i paid for 4th.

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This doesnt show the nozzles at all does this work for #2’s and for lady parts as well? Does the arm move? Can’t understand each ones features.

This works for #2 and lady parts but has no moving arm. You have to rotate your pelvis a bit to wash the desired area

Does this work with koehler santa rosa elongated toilets?

No. I does not fit. I have the koehler santa rosa elongated toilet and bought this bidet. The back, where are the seat mounts to the toilet, is too wide. There’s not enough clearance for the control valve of the bidet. It did fit the 2 piece toilet in my other bathroom.

Left handed

My husband and i are both left handed and have no problem.

Wasn’t this bidet cost about $30 before? Why so high now? Isn’t this price gouging?

Price definitely went up since i purchased on march 18 for $30. It’s covid-19 demand for sure. First toilet paper, then bidets…

My toilet has a solid brass water supply line, which will need to be replaced with a braided steel hose. Does this bidet kit include that hose?

Since this hose is generally not needed, the box does not include it anymore. However, i=if you will need this hose, you may contact us on the luxe bidet website and we will be able to ship you this hose for free.

Can this still be used if you cannot connect the hot water line? (sink is too far from toilet)

I just use cold water and it’s great. I live in seattle and i thought i needed warm water, but the cool is actually very refreshing and not freezing cold you sit there a while (which i have done instead of cold sitz baths). If you haven’t bought the warm water attachment, i’d save myself the few bucks and just get the cold water one. It’s awesome!!

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Venden partes

No compres! Nunca me llegó

Will this work on a rv toilet? Meaning one with only the seat base, tankless type common in rv’s?

It may be possible, however you will most likely need to install the bidet with alternative parts. The 7/8′ t-adapter normally does not fit with rv toilets. Please contact us via the luxe bidet website for more assistance with this.

Need 1/2 tee connector versus the 7/8 for my rv toilet? Does anyone know of a tee connector with 1/2 inch female to wall and 1/2 male to toilet? Thx!

We do provide a 1/2′ x 1/2′ x 1/2′ t-adapter which is available on the accessories page of our luxe bidet website. For more assistance or information, please feel free to contact us on the luxe bidet website. Thanks.

I currently rent a house. Is this something that can be installed and then uninstalled with no damage to the owner’s toilet?

This item attached under the toilet seat and can be connected to the water tank easily , yes you can attach it temp and remove it when you move. It is simple but a bit complex ,let a handyman do it because some units not this one might cause leakings/dripping in the connection , but once done properly you will enjoy it for a long period of time. I love it hygienic.

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What are the benefits of using this product?

When you have that one straggler that just doesn’t want to vacate the rectal cavity, you can douche it out. Then you feel like a winner! Win-win, homeskillet!

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) AMAZON

LUXE Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white) – –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
I never thought i needed it — until i tried it

I am a middle-aged male, quite simple and middle class (i don’t typically eat foods i can’t pronounce or drive a car i can’t afford), and i consider myself hygienic but not ocd when it comes to that. I’ve never been one for lotions and potions for daily hygiene. I’m a bar of soap and bottle of cheap shampoo kind of guy.

This product changed that for the better. If you feel such a device is ‘weird’ or ‘odd,’ well if you consider it in an honest way, many of the most interesting and surprising (in a good way) things in life can be weird or odd at first.

The device (neo 120) functions as advertised, for the most part – see below — and works very, very well. I must say emphatically up front that i did *not* receive this item for free or for a discount for my “honest and unbiased review,” nor do i work for the company that makes this device, nor own stock in said company. I have nothing to gain but good karma for relaying my feelings about this so you can make up your own mind:

• installation to the water supply is easy. (if you read ignorant, misleading reviews that claim this device gets its water from the toilet tank (or worse, the bowl), ignore such misinformation). It uses the same water source as the rest of the fresh water in your house, and anyone who actually owns one knows that. When installing the water supply hose to the water feed side and then the bidet, it needs to be tightened snug – not torqued down with a wrench. The latter is totally unnecessary and instead of preventing leaks, it may very well cause them. If you are concerned about leaks, it does come with plumber’s tape—not much, but enough for the job.
• as others have said, installation onto the toilet itself can be tricky, especially if your toilet seat dips in the back. Imagine completely removing your toilet seat (both lids), and then placing three stacked quarters next to both holes before putting the seat back on. That is about the elevation that results. Do purchase some cheap white plastic toilet seat hinge bolts that are as long as you can find – 3 inches or so. Those will be needed, and i am surprised this wasn’t issued as formal guidance in the instructions. (if you want nicer bolts, then sure, but no one really sees those. It’s about utility for something like this). This advice is based on my standard toilet. If you have a specialty toilet that normally wouldn’t be a “standard” model in a typical big-box home improvement store, you should investigate further before you buy.
• the temperature of the water that comes out of this is precisely the temperature of the cold water that comes out of your faucet. The temperature is whatever is in the pipe. If you live in a hot climate where the ground remains hot almost year around, the water will be warmer. If the water that comes out of your cold tap is normally seemingly freezing, so too will the water that comes out of this device. The company makes another more advanced “bells and whistles” model if you want to hook it to your cold and hot water supply. I did not think i needed that feature – installation is a lot more complicated, for one – and now that i am using it, i’m glad i decided the way i did. If i lived in a cold climate, i would consider the more advanced model with a hot/cold water blend and not just cold tap (i.e., the neo 120 model that i have).
• contrary to other reviews, the device will not drill you a brand new door on your backside, nor will it violently launch you smashing your skull into the opposite wall in a watery, shameful mess. That’s fun reading, but it’s not fact-based. Whatever your water pressure (cold tap), then that’s what you get – which is adjustable with the topmost dial. (but that has a downside – see below)
• this device will save you money on toilet paper. For sure. “do you still use toilet paper,” someone might ask. Yes. Yes i do. But it’s much less about cleaning and much more about drying off when using one of these.
• i’m sorry to be gross, but even for a guy like me, handsfree washing of the back bumper is highly preferred to smearing around your trash like car wax. There is a reason why “snobs” love these things. Did this product make me a bit more of a snob as well? I don’t know, but if it did, i’m now a snob and that’s fine by me.
• it also saves on your stain remover costs. Think white underwear. See bullet point above.
• aesthetically it is quite nice. I don’t have guests over in the middle of a pandemic, but once i do in the future, i will be interested in their potential interest. Think about it. You are a guest in someone’s home and you see this. The door is locked. It’s just you. Why not give it a try?
• the price is very reasonable for what you get. The parts that could flood your house (water connections) are metal and appear strong. There is no need for a wrench, which is very useful at breaking things not designed to withstand one.

What i don’t like:

• installation (of the product onto the toilet, not the water connection) can be tricky depending on your current setup. I recommend a package of those cheap, long plastic hinge bolts. (the metal ones you likely have now are probably really gross as well, so replacement won’t hurt. In my case, my existing screws were 1) far too short with the bidet wedged in, and 2) gross.
• the little white swinging “door” that inserts down into the bowl (but not the water in the bowl) forms a barrier. When in “clean” mode (bottommost dial, 3:00 position), the spout will spray water, not on your back bumper, but on that back of that little door. In “wash” mode (bottom dial, 12:00 position), the spout will drop down below the door to work. All of this is automatic. What i do *not* like is the “catch” for the door. When sitting on the seat, the little door sometimes flies open (which impedes operation), and sometimes the water pressure in cleaning mode will pop it open as well. This is a prime area of design improvement in my view. The only reason this door exists is for nozzle cleaning, either the machine doing it in cleaning mode or you manually opening the little door to manually clean the spray nozzle. Yeah – wear gloves. I see the appeal of these features, but there must be a better design that would accomplish the same result.
• the water pressure control dial reminds me of the clutch on the riding lawn mower i used when i was 15. I would *ease* off the clutch and the mower would inch forward and come to speed. But if i did more than ease off it, the front wheels would clear the ground. Same here. The knob turn distance between 1% flow and 75% flow in this device is very limited. (this is due to the valve design, another sure place for improvement). The distance between 75% and 100% water flow on the knob is really the majority of the turn. (the valve moves from 12:00 to about 3:00 position). Go easy on this dial, especially at first. So if the full turn of the knob is 12:00 to 3:00, 50 % water pressure is like at 12:30. Anything beyond 1:00 is full pressure all the way to 3:00.
• this has nothing to do with the functionality of the product, but some people shop less for utility and more for aesthetics. More color choices would appeal to such buyers. This is free advice to the company.

Overall, the device is something i have faithfully used every day since installation (so, a bit over a month). I never thought i needed it until i had it. Next i may even switch to bottled soap instead of bars.

Five stars.

5Expert Score
The best thing i've bought in a long time

I have a colon disease, so sometimes i have bathroom problems and sometimes i have to have colonoscopies which require plenty of time spent in the bathroom. This bidet has been a godsend. There are tons of great reviews already, so i’ve decided to do more of a q&a to help y’all decide if this is something you need in your life.

Q: why would i ever need a bidet?
A: if you’ve ever felt unclean after a bathroom session, this will make you feel cleaner than you’ve ever felt in your life. Even if you don’t think you’re icky after using just toilet paper, you probably are.

Q: aren’t wipes just as effective?
A: maybe so, but if you’ve seen recent studies showing that the wipes don’t dissolve as well as previously thought and you know how expensive and ill-timed plumbing problems are, you may want to consider an option that doesn’t involve flushing more items down your toilet. Also, who wants chemicals all over their hindquarters? The cost of this is by far cheaper than the cost of using wipes over time and for paying for any plumbing problems you may encounter in your life.

Q: this isn’t heated – isn’t that going to suck?
A: no. It’s actually somewhat soothing. It typically starts out close to room temperature because the water is just waiting in the hose, but even the cool water isn’t too bad. I find it exhilarating and have never thought the water was too cold or uncomfortable.

Q: is this just going to blast me in the ______ and not where it needs to actually go?
A: i don’t know how, but this thing manages to hit me exactly where it needs to every time without fail. Same with everyone else in my household that uses it. It just knows exactly where to aim and sometimes, i feel like it shoots right into my soul. The short of it all – this thing doesn’t miss.

Q: is it gross? Will i feel gross knowing other people use this for…that?
A: it has a nozzle cleaning feature, so even though it’s shooting out fresh water, if you have any gross feelings about using it after someone else, you can flip the switch to do a quick nozzle clean then go about your business.

Q: are the guys going to pee all over this?
A: maybe? But it has this cute little door protecting it (with a cute little bit of info printed on it), so even if they pee on the door, they’re not going to pee on the actual device that sprays the water. Also, urine is sterile, although it may be gross, it’s still sterile.

Q: is it hard to clean?
A: not really because the nozzle has a simple cleaning mode, just flip the switch to cleaning mode, spray a little, and it’s clean. For more physical cleaning, you can just run your toilet brush over the little door while cleaning your toilet.

Q: will i use less toilet paper with this?
A: probably. Just do your business, spray the yuck away, then pat yourself dry.

Q: is this hard to install?
A: not really. The most important thing to take note of is that you have a flexible hose going into your toilet tank. If you have a firm copper one, you’ll need to run to the depot or wherever, grab a flexi hose for a few dollars and be on your merry way. You’ll need to know how to remove your toilet seat so you can loop this into the same place, but other than that, it’s not too difficult.

Q: will this work with my skinny little slow-closing toilet seat?
A: yep, that’s what we have and it works fine.

Q: does this have decent pressure?
A: i guess it depends on your water flow, but basically, it feeds off your toilet tank filler hose, so as long as that has good pressure, so should your bidet. Mine has extreme water pressure, so even at minimum water flow, it works majestically.

Q: can i spray my brother with this?
A: yes. Get your bro in the right position and yell ‘hey, check this out!’ and it will likely spray him in the chest, or possibly the face if he’s short enough.

Q: will this clean my ‘lady bits?’
a: while this is more of a unisex rear end bidet than the other models from this brand, a simple repositioning will do the trick. Just slide back slightly on your toilet seat, and you can clean your lady bits til kingdom come.

Q: will this fit in my teeny tiny bathroom?
A: probably. It’s very small and just attaches to your toilet where the toilet seat attaches, so it takes up very little room. I’d imagine this would work in the tiniest of bathrooms, assuming there’s a couple inches of space on either side of the toilet. It would probably fit in nearly every bathroom.

Q: will people think i’m weird for having a bidet?
A: probably not. They will probably be fascinated and ask to try it out. They may even text you at 11pm on a saturday night asking you specifics of its functionality. You may very well become a trendsetter in your friends group.

Q: how many should i get?
A: i would recommend putting one in every bathroom you poo in. Maybe try one first to make sure it’s your bag, and if you agree with my sentiment, consider putting one in each bathroom for maximum freshness.

Q: should i get this?
A: do you like having a clean rear end? Do you have ~$35? Yes, just get this. It’s not weird, it’s not gross, it’s easy enough to install with the most minimal of tools and it is the most amazing thing that will make your booty feel fantastic every time you use it.

I hope this was helpful in your decision-making process. Don’t forget to mark reviews as helpful if you find them helpful so they appear more prominently on amazon. Happy bathroom times to you!

5Expert Score
I love this! Why did i wait so long??

At the time of this writing i’ve had the luxe neo 120 a little over a week and love it! Why did i wait so long to get it!?!? If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether to get one or not, just do it!! You won’t regret it, get one now!! I’m serious! It will be one of the best things you ever get for yourself. You will be amazed! Never again will the threat of a toilet paper shortage strike fear in the core of your being! Never again will you need copious amounts of tp to make sure you’re good & clean “back there.” with this you will feel super clean & fresh all the time. You too can have a shiny hiney!! A happy fanny! Choose your preferred model and click the buy now button! Don’t wait. Just do it!! Join the clean bum club now!! 🧻

here are some of my observations about installation and usage:

* i actually installed one in each of our three bathrooms with no problems.
* the t adapter:
use the adapter that comes with the bidet first. If you still think you need a water regulator to adjust the water pressure to the bidet then you can get one with a shut off. We have high water pressure & the standard t adapter works just fine. If i think i need to cut the pressure at any time i can just turn down the water supply knob to the toilet a little.

I tried to use the luxe brand t adapter with water shut off but it would’t thread onto my toilet connection so returned it. I have fluidmaster toilet parts with regular 7/8” connection coming out of the tank. Although this adapter says it is compatible it would not thread on mine and i tried on two different toilets. I ended up using the adapter that came with the bidet and it works great.

(i also purchased this adapter with regulator and used it on one of the toilets. It connected fine and works but don’t really think it’s necessary and would recommend using what comes with the bidet first. Https:// )

* you will need a flexible hose that connects the water supply to the toilet so if you have a straight pipe connection you will need to replace it with a flexible one.
* toilet seats: i installed on three toilets. One had a wood, flat bottom toilet seat & needed no adjustments after installation. Two had plastic toilet seats and needed bumpers under the seats to adjust them so they would be level. Although i got the luxe brand toilet seat bumpers i ended up getting these from my local home improvement store for a little over $3 and they work great. Whatever you get (if you need it) i would recommend determining proper placement and then super gluing them to the toilet seat as the sticky tape that comes with them doesn’t hold. Https://

using the bidet:
* there was a slight learning curve getting used to the bidet since i’d never used one before. I did a few test runs just to get a feel for operation, water pressure, water angle & sitting position. It is amazing! It is so refreshing and leaves you feeling so clean. Now i can’t imagine using a bathroom without one.
* start very slowly turning up the water pressure! It has a pretty strong stream! I never have to turn mine up past the first dot on the dial. Once the stream begins you can back the pressure up a tiny bit if needed.
* i did not get the model with warm water attachment and don’t mind the cool water at all. It actually feels very refreshing. I don’t have a warm water supply close to my toilets. Even if i did i figured by the time i ran the water long enough for it to get warm it would be too much trouble. Just do the cool water & enjoy it!!
* ladies can just tilt forward a little to direct the stream a little farther toward the front. I did not get the model with the two nozzles (one for rear & one for feminine) so can’t compare with that feature but this works just fine.

Price & value:
* i considered buying a bidet attachment from another popular brand but ended up getting the luxe. It is what my friend has had for over 2 years & she is quite pleased. Also between the different models & colors luxe has over 70,000 reviews!! For the price of the one i was considering i was able to get three luxe neo 120s for about the same price as one of the others in a similar model.
* although i’ve only had it a little over a week at this time the unit seems very well made, is visually nice, was easy to install. All three i installed are working well with no problems. If you register it online it extends the warranty to two years. And i’m sure it will last much longer than that!

5Expert Score
Could be my best all-time amazon purchase ever!

This review is for the luxe neo 120 (white) bidet which i have now been using for about 2 months (due to time restraints it sat in the box for a while before i installed it).

In full disclosure i was asked by luxe customer service to write a review of this product in return for a free unit – but in no way does this change my opinion of this product.

Before i purchased this bidet i read hundreds of the other reviews for this model and others. I decided to purchase the “neo” self cleaning model #120.

I installed the neo 120 bidet on my elongated american standard low flush toilet. The toilet itself is amazing but the seat that came with it is an absolute piece of cheap lightweight plastic junk. I thought for certain i would need a new seat. I must have lucked out because the neo 120 installed perfectly with that seat and without the optional rubber seat-bumpers that luxe sells. The installation was a total breeze. I also purchased the “luxe metal t-adapter with shut-off valve” even though some reviews weren’t as favorable. It shuts supply water off feeding the bidet but not the toilet. This very high quality shutoff gives added security of knowing the supply water into the bidet can be shut off quickly & easily when not in use. I live alone and do not want to come home to a flood. However many times i’ve forgotten to shut it off for a day or two and feel totally confident in the high quality of the bidet itself. I highly recommend this $15 option for peace of mind and its smooth and simple operation (1/4 turn inconspicuous lever). Working very slow the installation from start to finish took me about 25 minutes. No leaks anywhere.

Upon finishing the installation i didn’t have to “go” but i sat down on the toilet and slowly turned on the water nozzle…. “wow!” “bull’s-eye!”

the quality of the neo 120 is excellent. The rigid plastic does not look or feel cheap. The metal braided hoses (all supplied) are high quality. The internal ceramic valves work perfect (as opposed to rubber seals/”o” rings). I bought the less common white color and the device has a “smooth & clean” design. The first couple weeks it stuck out like a sore thumb on the toilet, especially the metal braided hose that feeds the unit – but after 2 months i’ve gotten used to it and hardly notice it.

Now i’ll review the actual use of this bidet (after using it for at least 2 months).

Like others have mentioned, for the first few weeks i experimented a little bit with moving around ever-so-slightly on the seat for full “cleaning & aim” of the “entire area”, slowlyyy turning on the nozzle to avoid getting blasted to hard, turning on the self-cleaning feature first to remove some of the initial force of water blasting out, and using the self cleaning feature. Now that i’m a pro user after a couple months here are my thoughts:

– first and foremost, you will never have to “fear” or more accurately “dread” going to the bathroom again!
– i considered one of those hand held units that look like a kitchen sink spay. I am very glad i didn’t because this one is much easier to use and by design more efficient.
– with the exception of a shower you will never feel so clean and refreshed down there. Toilet paper is ancient and unpopular in many areas of the world. I now hate to go the bathroom somewhere else and use tp. Your use of tp will be *greatly* reduced. As another reviewer somewhere said about using tp, “it’s like using toilet paper to clean up peanut butter off your sidewalk; as opposed to blasting it away with an outdoor hose and nozzle!”
– i feel cold water only is ample for the vast majority of folks. I would not want the electrical and plumbing complexities of a hot water hook-up. I love the simplicity of this model. The cooler water is refreshing. I do not think winter will be a problem, if anything, maybe only first thing in the morning if you must go.
– many people mention the pressure is too forceful and there isn’t enough change when they use the variable water-force control knob. I do not feel this problem. In general bidets must have good force to adequately clean. But…it does take a little getting used for sure. And if you’re careful enough with the control knob you can surely adjust the pressure. Some reviewers said if it’s to forceful to first turn on the self cleaner to “take away” some of the pressure, and then slowly open the control knob. Others have said you can adjust the pressure by turning down the optional luxe water shut off valve – which i installed but haven’t tried that yet as i don’t see the need.
– the self-cleaning option seems to work well at cleaning the nozzle, although honestly it doesn’t get dirty. I’ve only used it about 2 or 3 times so far. For the extra ten bucks i feel it’s worth it and nice to have if you need it. It helps in cleaning the back area of the bowl if need be.
– cleaning the toilet the traditional way with brush and cleaner takes a *tiny* bit more patience. Just have to be careful going around back of bowl where the nozzle cover is. My toilet actually stays much cleaner now because after using the bidet i flush and then take a very small towel and wipe away any water that my hit the rim or underneath the seat(s). By drying off this water the toilet is always clean. Please note, this water i wipe off the rim/seat is notttt dirty water…it is ordinary clear clean water; overspray only. Depending on how long the bidet runs for or how much you may slightly move on the seat the amount of overspray varies – many times there isn’t any at all.
– some bidet washing’s will be quicker than others (depending on your movements). When done you will find yourself using tp to double-check your cleanliness and if the bidet is used properly you will be astonished at how clean you are. Wow again.
– reviewers have different ways of “finishing up” but my preferred choice (for the most part) is “pat-dry” with a few small pieces of tp and for those occasional times where more drying is needed after that pat-dry a second time with a very small towel (its just water, clean water) and then drop in the laundry hamper.
– no more pain, no more soreness, no more rash/hemorrhoid, no more feeling “not so clean”, no more still feeling full (see below), no more anything bad. All good!

I’m just about done here and i saved one of the best features for last. It’s a “hidden” feature and i found it quite accidentally. First let me say: 1) i have never had an enema and 2) after i bought this i found out a friend of mine has a bidet with a variable control knob like this one but on his highest setting it says “enema”. On the neo 120 it simply says “high” (we’re talking about the bidet water pressure/force here).

Long story short, if you’re willing to experiment some you will find you can give yourself an enema and become “extra, extra clean internally” and at the same time avoid another bathroom trip again in the near-future. Hard to explain without getting to graphic but this only works with some of your movements; it’s usually those “multiple hard balls” that take forever and don’t want to come out – and – the more messier ones (with the ‘cleaner’ movements there’s nothing really left in you). You know, it’s those bowel movements you know there’s more in there even though it took you forever and you worked so hard at trying to void is all out. With the water setting on “high” and a little practice you can – *when needed* – give yourself an enema and really, really, really get lots more out, all *very easily without any effort*! This saves multiple trips back into the bathroom in the near future to continue voiding.

A short time ago the many benefits of bidets were unbeknownst to me. It’s time the united states joins so much of the world and jumps on this modern and sanitary device. The old fashioned toilet paper way of doing things unclean, unsanitary and yes, gross…haha.

Do not delay – buy one today!

5Expert Score
Close friend turned me onto these.. Finally broke down and purchased one!

As a kiddo, i was always leery of a bidet; for the reason we all initially are. However, since covid ( now 3 years and counting) we have all seen various shortages of toilet paper as well as the costs of goods skyrocket. Back in early march, i decided to take advantage of my remote working from home and went to go visit my best friend. He and his wife had these installed in every bathroom. My best friend, knowing me for so long, joked with me about going in and giving it a try. Well, i finally did and at first, i wasn’t too keen on it. However, when i did return home, i started shopping around for a bidet addon for my home bathrooms. It all comes down to simple math: a) where i live i am not responsible for the water bill b) this is a fairly inexpensive add-on that literally pays for itself within a month or so of use and 3) its good for the environment… As you literally use 80%+ less toilet paper. This device has metal fittings, is easy to install and i use it daily. It has dramatically cut down on the amount of toilet paper i purchase monthly as well as dramatically reduced the amount of wasteful toilet paper usage in the household. I was skeptical at first and not particularly keen on rinsing my backside with a stream of water ( like most others i know ), but sometimes you just have to get over yourself and look at the bigger picture. This addon has paid for itself hand over fist, is easy to maintain, easy to install, and was a great addition to my brand new super low flow eco-toilet that already conserves a great amount of water. It’s a win-win! I would suggest this product to anyone i know, help talk them through getting over their concerns about bidets, and let them see for themselves how much they can save a month just on tp. It’s like the solar cell charging the battery pack for toilets…. Easy on the environment, easy to maintain… And other than the small amount of water that you do use; you are saving money all the way around.

5Expert Score
Luxe bidet neo 120, how do i love thee? Let me count the ways…

When my husband first suggested getting a bidet, my immediate visceral reaction was, ‘eww no! No way i’m using that!’ therefore, when it came in the mail two days later (thanks prime!) and my husband installed it, i stood in the hall and informed him that i would still be using toilet paper thank you very much. Fast forward thirty minutes to when my husband ‘took it for a spin’, as it were, and exclaimed from the bathroom that it was ‘the most amazing thing ever and i had to try it!’

i put up a good fight, but in the end, my husband’s darling brown eyes won me over, as they always do, and i decided to give it a whirl.

Oh my sweet mercy hallelujah. It was heaven. A bit startling at first, if you have never used a bidet, but i have never felt cleaner in my whole life! It also has been helpful to those of us who have hemorrhoids (thanks childbirth) because it is a bit gentle and less abrasive than toilet paper tends to be. We haven’t bought toilet paper since we bought it (march, so, 4 months) and i haven’t missed it a bit. My husband and i now fight over using the downstairs bathroom, because the upstairs bathroom is lacking the glorious invention that is the luxe neo 120. I should take off a star for wrecking my marriage, luxe bidet neo 120! Thanks.

As for the bidet itself, it is easy peasy to install (according to my husband; i wouldn’t know because i was having a toilet paper protest in the hall at the time of its installation) and simple to clean for the most part…the back (where it attaches to the toilet) is a bit more difficult to clean than your average, sad, greatly lacking, bidet-less toilet, but nothing major at all. The nozzle where the water shoots out is covered by a neat little ‘sanitary shield’ which is a nice touch. To clean the nozzle itself you simply turn the ‘self cleaning’ knob on the bidet controls and instead of squirting ‘out’ it squirts down to rinse itself off. Its very independent that way,

***if your toilet seat doesn’t sit flush (hhhaaaa do you see what i did there?) with the bidet installed, we discovered (after the recommended ‘bumper kits’ kept shifting and falling off, that plastic domed door stoppers work amazing for propping the seat up. We picked up four (but only used three) from home depot (but you can order them online as well national hardware v337 wall door stops, white ) and attached them with contact cement to the toilet seat. The seat rests much more evenly and firmly since we have attached them. Because aint nobody want to be wobbling and falling off the toilet.

I never dreamed i would love a bidet this much, and its gotten to the point that i really don’t like staying at other people’s houses who don’t have a bidet. Some people miss their dogs, their bed, their tv, or their closet when they are on vacation; not me…i miss luxe neo 120. It is better than all the dogs, beds, tvs, and closets put together.

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Day 1 or first impressions review

Quick important things to know:

-buy large bumpers for the toilet seat and a t adapter with a shut off valve. Amazon recommends some good ones as an add on.

-it reaches max pressure at the ‘low’ setting. And it shoots out a powerful jet stream so be careful.

-looks good, clean, and is easy to install.

-overall it’s a good choice for low cost entry. Works well when you know it’s flaws* and adapt accordingly.

Mainly this review is just passing along information i learned about the product as i installed and tried using it for the first time. I think it would be good to know and understand prior to purchase and installation. Giving a better understanding of what to expect and things to avoid.

Background: i have no experience with bidets i have never used one before. A random youtube video is the reason i looked into and purchased a bidet in the first place. And so far i have no regrets. And if you are reading this review most likely you already have one, already made up your mind on getting one, or you are considering getting one. I recommend that you do give it a shot. The idea of a bidet may seem weird, awkward, or maybe shameful at first but you quickly get over that. And it just cleans better than toilet paper alone.

This particular bidet seems like a good one. It looks good it has a clean design. It seems to work properly and came with a 2 year warranty. And although you still need to buy bumpers and an additional t adapter for the best experience or functionality i still see it as a good value.

It was easy to install. For me the hardest part of the install was unscrewing the hose attached to the toilet and that’s because i was turning it the wrong way but it took me a few minutes to realize that.

The bidet raises the toilet seat a little so you will need buy large bumpers for the toilet seat to compensate. It raises it enough to be a problem and require large bumpers to be added.

The knob has 5 dots. There is an ‘off’, ‘low’, and ‘high’ with two unmarked dots in between the ‘low’ and ‘high’. The water pressure reaches max pressure at, or slightly past the ‘low’ dot so there is no need to go above that. The short range of motion means you need to be more precise or controlled with your movement of the knob. But it still works. It just gives a false sense of what kind of pressure you will get when you turn the knob.

At first i opted out of buying the additional t adapter to save money. But i found out that the water pressure can be a bit too much. Or a lot too much. So you will want to buy a t adapter with a shut off valve. This allows you to turn down the overall water pressure to the bidet. You don’t have to buy an additional t adapter if you don’t want to. It comes with a t adapter that works fine it just doesn’t have a shut off valve. If you are going to be the only one ever using the bidet and you want to save a little money you might consider skipping the additional t adapter. The knob on the bidet controls the water pressure so as long as you don’t turn it up all the way the water pressure is not a problem. But it goes from no water to full pressure really quickly so you will have to be precise or careful as you turn it on. Or it requires small controlled movements with the knob. Otherwise i highly recommend buying the t adapter with a shut off valve it helps prevent unwanted powerful blast of jet stream which can be a negative experience for those who are trying it for first time especially if you have guest visiting. Also a shut off valve for the bidet is a good idea when there are young kids in the home so that they don’t play with the bidet and shoot water all over the bath room.

One common complaint i’ve seen when buying t adapters with a shut off valve is that they leak. The one i bought leaked when i put it in and turned on the water. The bidet came with some white tape. I used some of that white tape and a rubber washer that also came with the bidet on the the connection end that was leaking and it got rid of the leak. So if you have a leak you might try something similar before you try sending back the t adapter.

5Expert Score
Had no choice but to get one.

So to set this review up, last year, my grandfather passed away from old age and in september of this year i moved into the house he spent the rest of his life in, practically until his dying day. As old a house as this one, i still expected to handle this house like you would any other house, but my mother warned me against flushing toilet paper in the toilet due to the septic tank not being able to handle toilet paper without cracking. Took me a few weeks to remember that bidets exist so i started window shopping for ones, finally settling on a bidet from luxe.

Installation worked like it was supposed to work, but after i finished installing the bidet, it left a gap in the seat and when i sit down, it blocks the water from hitting the rear and i have to slightly get up in order for it to work. So unless you guys have cheaper recommendations, i’m probably gonna pay for the luxe bidet seat and get my current one replaced.

So long story short, i bought this bidet to save money from replacing a septic tank and probably some of you got friends making jokes at you about your bidet like mine have but i rather have the jokes than pay thousands of dollars to replace a tank.

Update: stupid me, i broke the nozzle guard so i may have to get it replaced, but i’m leaning towards not doing it because i don’t know if the warranty covers it. If anybody has advice about that, let me know.

5Expert Score
Bidets are the bomb!

I’ve installed 5 bidets before this one: 3 in my house, 1 each at my daughter and son’s houses. 4 of them have been luxe bidets. The first one was another brand. They all work well, however, i prefer the luxe as a single stream of water means your butt gets less wet, but does the job where needed.

I rated the installation 1 star b/c i installed this in a travel trailer. Everything about a tt is oddball and really complicated the install. The space to work in is very restricted. I had to modify the plastic, cut a small opening in the sidewall of the storage space adjacent to the toilet and have a custom-made ‘t’ as the water lines on rvs are 1/2′, not 3/4′ like a house toilet. The bidets that i installed at home were quite easy after the first one learning curve.

I didn’t rate the temperature b/c i installed in a cold water line. The first bidet at home i installed a ‘bum warmer’, but i didn’t on the other 2 and i don’t find the cold water, even in winter, is overly uncomfortable.

There is no ‘softness’ on a bidet. It is installed under the normal toilet seat, so the softness of the toilet seat dictates any softness.

One caveat for anyone planning to install a bidet in an rv is to make sure the sprayer housing that sticks out doesn’t prevent you from sitting on the seat properly. I discovered that i had to shift myself as far forward as possible. If i had to do it all over again, i’d change to a wand bidet. I didn’t think of that until i visited a friend who uses the wand-style and it’s so much easier to install.

5Expert Score
Better than expected

Was hesitant to even purchase such a thing. After months of neighbors, friends etc telling me how great this thing is. I finally purchase it! It came and in minutes had the thing installed and operating. To my surprise, it worked better than i could have ever imagined. Still a bit embarrassed to use it and talk about it, i’m slowly coming to grips with it and the wonders of it. The water is room temp and not a cold burst as i thought it would have been. The pressure is, well, be careful to start off slow. The cleanliness after using is beyond my wildest expectations. I’m more than impressed. I would highly recommend this product. Btw although i don’t have this issue right now, it might be a life saver for those going for a colonoscopy since you’ll spend a lot of time on the pot and not have to wipe making your rear end sore and raw from wiping so much. It may also help people with hemorrhoids to stay clean and fresh down there on a low pressure setting.

4Expert Score
They get the job done!

I bought 3 of these and i don’t love them but i don’t hate them either. I’m reviewing the first one , which i purchased about a year ago. I like that we reduced toilet paper usage in our household and also because of health related issues i am very sensitive down there , this product helps with that as well.

Installation is suppose to be pretty straight forward but in my case our toilets were not installed with flexible hoses, instead they had a ones made out of pcv. These pcv lines do not bend to allow space to install the adapter that came with this kit. After purchasing flexible hoses the installation was smooth and completed within 20 minutes.

Now for functionality, the bidet is pretty straight forward. Turn the knob and align yourself and done. There are no extra features like nozzle adjustment, or temperature control etc…turning the first knob from left to right adjusts the strength or power of the water coming out of the nozzle. Sometimes it’s a little too strong even at the lowest settings but then again it might be because i’m extra sensitive. It has another knob for self cleaning , turning this knob all the way and then turning the strength knob shoots the water down and it self cleans. One thing to mention is that it does change the height of your toilet seat so purchasing the toilet seat bumpers is highly recommended.

Compared in price to other expensive bidets i think you get a bidet that gets the job done and you don’t have to break the bank. When i purchased this item it was 29.99 and after a year of use it still performs as intended .

4Expert Score
Finally bought myself a bidet! 😉

I’ve always wanted one and i didn’t want the one that’s like a shower head like my friends (middle eastern) have. This def. Was worth the buy. I wish it had a temperature gauge b/c the cold water sometimes is a shock/surprise, but okay to deal with. I def. Feel clean after this and i’m happy with the overall purchase.


-clean feeling
-for me, easy install but took time as i needed to clean aroudn the area (older toilet was tighter than normal for this install)
-looks great
-use less tissue during the ‘go’
-don’t need to shower afterwards on those messy ‘go’s’


-wish there was a warmer option for the water
-seems to gush out quicker than i thought
-self cleaning, not sure what that option is lol i use it to help alleviate the stream while the main nozzel is going.
-sometimes there is spray on the back of the toilet seat
-sometimes i have to move myself around to feel i got all of the area for cleaning purposes
-still have to use tissue to wipe down the wetness on the area

overall, a great buy and i don’t regret it.

I rated this 4/5 for the above comments. I will update this product as i utilize it.

4Expert Score
Compare and contrast with astor cb-1000

* introduction & disclosure statement *
i am prefacing this review by disclosing that i was provided with this bidet by luxe and asked to provide an unbiased review of it here. To that end, i present my review below and am unabashedly honest in it.

It is also important to note that i have previously purchased and also use another bidet, the astor cb-1000. That being the case, i will structure this review as a compare and contrast between the two models.

* design *
the neo 120 is, hands down, the better designed of the two units in both form and function. It is sleeker and slimmer than the astor unit, which is comparatively more bulky. Both bidets, however, seem to have an achilles heel in the t-connectors that split the fresh water connection into an input to the toilet tank as well as the bidet itself. More on that particular aspect in the reliability section.

The neo 120 comes with braided stainless steel water hoses whereas the cb-1000 comes with a somewhat more flimsy flexible plastic supply hose for supplying water to the bidet. One minor gripe with the luxe: there are two adhesive labels that flank the bidet dials and one of them had come unstuck and was loose in the bag when i received the unit. No huge deal – i simply stuck it back in the proper location when installing, but it is already starting to come unpeeled at two of the edges and will likely not stay on long term without some extra gluing on my part. I may peel it off entirely at some point – it is a minor annoyance at worst and certainly not essential for operation.

Overall, the luxe unit wins in this category.

* installation *
there is not a lot to comment on in terms of installation of these units, as they are very simple devices making installation pretty straightforward. Having installed 4 separate bidets by now, i can comfortably put one on in about 20 minutes, which includes the time needed to drain the toilet tank and do some detailed cleaning around the seat when installing. I would suggest allowing yourself at least 30-45 minutes for your first install.

The luxe 120 has a clear edge over the cb-1000 in two respects. First, i find the stainless supply lines provided with the luxe superior to the plastic water line that came with the astor. Second, the way the luxe bidet mounts to the toilet seat is far superior to that of the astor. The neo 120 uses two removable circular plastic inserts that provide a great deal more installation flexibility than the square mounts that come on the astor. It’s a bit difficult to explain in writing, but the astor unit only allows horizontal and vertical adjustments, whereas the circular, slotted design of the luxe mount points allow for greater adjustability given the 360 degree rotation capability.

Lastly, the neo 120 seems to be a bit slimmer unit than the cb-1000, which results in less height between the bottom of the toilet seat and the rim of the toilet. This means that there is less flex in the toilet seat when you sit down. There is noticeably more flex in the seat when you sit down on my toilet with the astor on it. There is comparatively less with the neo 120, which is definitely what you want in this situation.

Overall, the luxe wins again in this category.

* operation *
on the plus side, the neo 120 does have a self-cleaning feature and splash guard door for the bidet nozzle that the cb-1000 lacks. However, when it comes to using the wash feature the luxe falls short in two areas.

First, the cb-1000 provides tactile and auditory feedback when using the wash dial in the form of pre-defined click points. It may not seem important, but these units need to be operated with finesse, and it does not take much movement of the dial to go from a pleasant personal cleansing stream to a jet of water that could otherwise be used for pressure washing your driveway. The wash dial on the neo 120 provides no tactile or auditory feedback, so you must turn it ever so slightly and delicately lest you go a bit too far and inadvertently blast off the outer layer of your skin. Additionally, even at the most gentle setting, the stream that the neo 120 produces seems to be smaller in diameter and a little more on the harsh side. The cb-1000, on the other hand, produces a much more comfortable stream, plus i know that i only need to go a little past the first click to hit the optimal pressure for my liking.

Speaking of water pressure, and for any of you water pressure nerds, i read 110 psi at the main water supply line coming into the house. I have not been able to measure the pressure at either of my toilets, however. I know that luxe offers a metal t-connector that allows you to dial back the water pressure coming into the bidet, but i’d rather not pay an extra $15 for an upgraded unit that from all the reviews i’ve read will reduce the water pressure both to the bidet and the toilet tank – the design should allow full pressure to the toilet tank while providing the ability to reduce the pressure going into the bidet. Better yet, why not redesign the bidet so that you could bring the supply-side pressure down in the bidet itself (e.g., include a toggle ‘high/low’ pressure somewhere in there)?

All that said, the winner in the operation department is the astor.

* reliability *
unfortunately, i have had problems with leaks with _both_ the astor and luxe units. My first astor unit has worked without issue, but the second had a leak at the t-connector upon installation that prompted me to return it.

I purchased a neo 120 to replace the failed cb-1000, but in a seemingly cruel twist of fate the luxe unit had a leaky connection at its t-connector as well. I had to return that one as well, and was provided with a second neo 120 by luxe that to this point (a little over a month in as of this writing) appears to be leak-free.

I realize that my sample size here is small (n=4), but a 50% failure rate across the two models is a little difficult to tolerate. That said, i have to call it a draw between the luxe and astor when it comes to reliability.

* closing comments *
all of the above said, and despite the fact that the luxe neo 120 wins out in design and installation, i have to give the overall nod to the astor cb-1000. Why? Comfort in operation. I got these bidets for a very specific purpose, and although the luxe unit certainly does the job adequately and provides a couple additional features that are lacking in the cb-1000, it is just a bit more finicky to operate and not as comfortable to me to use as is the astor. To be fair, the neo 120 is mounted in the bathroom used primarily by my spouse who does not seem to mind the stream/pressure issue as much as i do. Your mileage may vary.

4Expert Score
So far so good (with other t valve)

I just installed this thing and so far it’s fine and i have not had the problems i read about here and was worried about when i rolled the dice and ordered this thing. I was concerned about buying this for multiple reasons i’d read in the low-rating reviews for this and similar models.

Firstly i’d read that the t valve included with the various luxe models was plastic and was too weak and would leak. So many people complained. But the one in my box was metal, not plastic. Maybe they had so many complaints that they changed what part was included in the box? Upgraded to metal? That’s my assumption. But i didn’t know that when i ordered, so i went ahead and ordered a metal t valve with an adjuster lever at the same time. I was going to get the metal t valve by luxe that you can find here on amazon but that got leaky reviews too. So i ordered a different one here by berket called ‘3 way water -7/8′ g1/2′ – metal t-adapter with shut-off valve’. Now that i know the t valve that came with my bidet was metal and not the old plastic, maybe i didn’t need this one but i figured why take a chance. Plus, unlike the one included in my luxe box, this one had an adjuster lever (shut-off valve). In the end, i’m glad i installed this other one, because that lever allows me to adjust the water pressure at two points – once on the bidet controls and once back where the hose connects to the toilet tank at the t valve. This brings us to the second thing i was worried about…

Wow, some of the reviewers here weren’t kidding. If you didn’t already have a bunghole, the pressure of this thing would blast you one! Man, that’s so strong. I was thinking these other reviewers were sissies and that i’d want that kind of power to really get the cleaning job done, but nope. Super strong spray. Reviewers are right about one thing – in the product photos, you can see that this thing offers a range of pressures on the pressure knob dial. Don’t believe it. There’s about one usable notch in that whole range, and the rest of the range is just maximum death butt laser needle spray. Ouch! It’s way too strong. So you have the off position on the dial and then just a slight little bit of turning of the dial to get a nonlethal pressure on your sensitive bonkey hole, who is shy and doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. If you go past the first notch, you will pay for it and yelp at the sting, at least in my house with my water pressure you would. That’s why i’m glad i got the above t valve with the adjuster lever, because i can set that to restrict the pressure of the flow to the bidet in the first place before i even get to the bidet’s own pressure setting, which is mostly useless, so i don’t have any turbo accidents that blast my prostate out the front of me like a golf ball off the tee. Anyway, it’s fine with that combo of flow restriction.

I was also concerned about leaks from the unit itself, because i’d read that some people would just get leaks coming out of the plastic housing on top somehow that they couldn’t source or stop. That may just be luck of the draw in terms of which unit you get, but mine’s fine. No leaks. I originally had leaks where i screwed in the t valve to the toilet tank but it turns out it was because i had let the rubber washer fall out. That fixed that, so make sure your washer is inserted before you screw your hose or valve to the tank. So yeah no leaks anywhere for me. Some people wrote that theirs failed after a number of months so i guess i’ll keep an eye out.

I was concerned about the angle and direction of the spray, but it’s fine. You can micro-adjust the direction of the spray if needed after you give it a test run, by just loosening the screws at the back of your seat and slightly repositioning the whole unit, and then retightening. The models that have two sprayers side by side (for rear end and lady bits) seem like they’d have more potential to be off center, but i bought this one with just one sprayer so there’d be no question about whether it was lined up in the center or not. All good there.

I was concerned about what i’d read about how the vertical thickness of the unit would push the back connection point of the seat up, meaning the back half of the seat would not actually make contact with the top of the bowl like up front, meaning the seat would bend and potentially crack under you since it wasn’t supported. There is definitely a gap so i want to now buy some of those spacers that you stick on under the seat so it will be level, but so far my seat is otherwise fine. I just figure over time the seat might bend or break under those conditions since it’s just plastic and not that thick. Ok for now though.

I think those were all of my concerns that wound up making me delay for a long time on pulling the trigger on this baby, and none have really borne out in ways that i could not mitigate, so i count this purchase a success. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time and really like how it performs, and it was pretty easy to install in my case, though toilets vary. It just makes sense to clean oneself this way. Every toilet should have one built in. If you’re reading this, i’m cleaner than you, ha ha!

4Expert Score
This is my fifth one i have purchased over the years, i could not go without one!

This is the fifth one i have purchased over the years, great product, i buy a new one every year to year and a half just for sanitary purposes, never had any issues until this one, but i still rate this as a great product. There is a metal screw on bolt that screws into a plastic fitting on the setting module. I was very careful not to cross thread it but the plastic was so soft that i did not feel it tighten at all and it just started spinning. I will contact customer service i’m sure they will take care of it, my suggestion is when you’re doing the fitting that screws onto the control module hand screw it a couple turns, then slightly turn the water on to see if it’s on tight enough yet, if it’s not then tighten another turn or two and check the water again, so you don’t over tighten it, this is what i will do with my replacement i hope i get. Thank you overall great product, i have two autistic children and i will not use a regular toilet ever again!

4Expert Score
Does exactly what i need

This item is exactly what i needed. I have always thought there should be some form of water used to clean up after going number two. Wipes usually have leave my bottom feeling a certain way.

You will have to adjust your rear sometime to get a good clean, but i have bought and installed one in each of my bathrooms. I love it and am pleased with my purchase. There is no temp control on this model, but it doesn’t matter much when cleaning to me.

Watch the water pressure, and crank slowly.

4Expert Score
This thing blows (in a good way!)

Had my boyfriend install (who’s a handyman, but even if you aren’t handy i believe it shouldn’t be to hard to install) didn’t take him too long. I waited till i had to go to the bathroom to use it and when i tried it for the first time in low… Chileee, it bout blew me off the toilet seat, in the best way possible. I’ve only had it for a day and i already don’t wanna go back. I love it has a self cleaning feature as well!

4Expert Score
I’m so glad i got this

This is a great choice for those who can’t afford a bidet that comes with a choice of warm water or an air drier for your parts.
My mom finally got the bathroom in our house fixed up, the down side is that the sink is now far away from the toilet. Sometimes it’s nice to wet the paper a little for easier clean up, and after the bathroom got fixed we couldn’t do that anymore. For months i’ve been bugging my mom to let me install a bidet attachment and she finally gave in. It was super easy to install, there’s a lot of youtube videos that will walk you through the process of your unsure. It’s been a huge game changer!
Now my mom loves it so much that she wants to buy one for my grandma!
It also helps big time when you’re on your period and need to get a more thorough clean than paper alone can do.
Note: please do yourself a favor and get an adapter for the bidet! If you don’t the skin on your parts could tear from the water pressure. An adapter will allow you to adjust the water pressure so that you don’t hurt yourself.
There is a dial that lets you adjust the pressure and one for aim. However the pressure dial works more like an on and off switch. The aiming dial is pretty good. Lower the aim to adjust the pressure as well. You’ll know what i mean.

4Expert Score
Make sure you have the right pieces on delivery.

We ordered 2 before moving into our new house. They sat in the box for several weeks and we missed the return window.

The first one was great and we’re happy with it. The second one must have been a returned item because it had different parts in it and the water supply splitter did not have the right connection. We were unable to use it at all.

We’re unable to find a replacement splitter at our local hardware store and there isn’t an appropriate supply line to fix the issue either.

Open and make sure you have the right parts immediately so you don’t miss the return window!

4Expert Score
Good for what it is.

The fittings were wrong for new zealand. I had to get a plumber in to fit it in the end. Need the gap fillers on the toliet set for it to work. Still waiting for mine to arrive. It seems to be taking a long time.

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