MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red

MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red : MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red : Utility Carts : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are macsports collapsible folding outdoor utility wagon features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Large capacity – sets up in seconds, no assembly required! Outside dimensions approx: 35′ l x 20′ w x 23′ h inside dimensions approx: 32.5′ l x 17.5′ w x 10.5′ h
  • Convenient compact storage – wagon folds to only 8′ thick! Folded size approx. 20.25′ l x 8′ w x 29.5′ h and includes a convenient carry case. Weighs 24.5 lbs.
  • Lighten the load! – the heavy duty frame allows loads up to 150 lbs., and the durable 600d fabric can be easily cleaned. Uv and mildew resistant
  • Functional features include an adjustable handle for effortless transport and 2 mesh cup holders to keep your beverages secure
  • Easy transport – perfect for hauling gear to outdoor sporting events, concerts, trips to the park and great for use around the house. Please note that it is not made to transport children.
Categories: Home & Kitchen

MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red AMAZON : MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red : Utility Carts : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Looking for specific info?

Can this wagon hold a child (or children)?

Sure you can pull a child in the wagon. My groceries are 40 to 60 lbs. I would be safe pulling it. I have a little trim to go around to get to my home, and it does good and i go slow with it.

How is this in the sand with a cooler and beach chairs?

You can get this, but you’re going to hate your life when you try to pull it across the sand!!!
I own a beach rental supply company and i live at the beach year round. This model’s tires are too narrow. It will sink in the sand. There is another model that has wide tires (approx 6” wide each). That is the one that will roll much easier over the sand!!! And it’s awesome. It’s the only one i offer to my customers.

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Are the wheels rubber? How would this handle a gravel path?

I believe it is a form of synthetic rubber. I do not know how much gravel is in your path that you speak of, but in my experience, it would not be a problem. Especially because of the large wheels that assist on non flat paths.

What are the dimesions of the carrying space–not the cart overall, but the carrying space itself (l x w x h)?

L =32, w = 16, h = 10. Sides can expand slightly, front and back is fixed. We use this for everything, carrying in groceries, luggage on vacation, very handy. I wouldn’t expect it would stand up to any yard work but for moving bulky stuff around this makes. Life easier.

Would it work for a person to haul groceries 4 blocks while they are on a electric wheelchair and pull it home from store

I believe you could do this with no problem. It is very sturdy & very easy to pull even when loaded. Wheels have good tread. Folding is easy but i have trouble keeping it upright to put cover over top. But once it is on & has click ties like suitcase it rolls on wheels that way. I’m very impressed with it! I do vendor shows & use it to pull all display bags in. Everyone who sees it wants one!!!

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We want to use the cart to carry groceries from parking lot to apartment. We’re both in our 60s. Do you think it would work well?

I think this would work well for hauling groceries. If you order it, you will need to attach the wheels. It folds easily; if you want to stand it up for storing, you need to leave it slightly opened so all the wheel touch the floor to stay standing upright. It manuevers easily since the front wheel pivot. The only issue i have found is that if i want to carry it while it is folded, you need to hold it from the metal frame; the blue cargo part does come with handles, but they do not fit around the metal frame easily to be able to carry it from the handles. I have used it at my daughters horse shows hauling small cooler, purse, camera bag, folding chairs and has worked nicely.

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How large are the dogs that have been carried in this wagon?

I have used this wagon for transporting folding chairs, coolers, etc. But not a dog. I have a 90lb laborator retriever and would not recommend this wagon for a large breed dog. While sturdy, it has a canvas body.

Where is this cart made?

The cart is produced in china. The cart is excellent for my wife and her scrapping supplies. Works like a charm!

Useful for beach use?

It would be very useful for the beach. The wheels are sturdy and move easily. You could fit a cooler and beach chairs. It will hold 140 pounds.

Does this require assembly?

No assembly required and i wish i would have known about this wagon along time ago, it is awesome.

If you’ve purchased this recently, is the handle a single bar or double bars? Image on search page shows single bar, product page shows double.

I bought mine yesterday, and, it has a double bar handle. By that i’m assuming you mean the bar that goes from the wagon to the handle.

Contact phonee number???


How long is the handle? Is it comfortable for tall people to pull? I’ve found that handles on some collapsible wagons are short.

This is a great question and one which i will have to research. However, the handle extends around 39′ from the top of wagon which is 22′ off the ground. There is another wagon/cart we sell creative outdoor distributors original folding garden wagon, green …b011q0f9p8 that is specifically designed for snow, the beach, non-friendly terrain. That handle is significantly higher.hope this helps.

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Is this wagon easily accessible for a black lab mix who has hip/joint difficulties? For example, when we put her in a vehicle we must use a pet ramp.

Well it depends on her size. Some labs are rather large. The wagon will hold up to 150 pounds. My dog is a shih tzu. She can easily jump in it. I have filled it with a lot of groceries.

Do you have parts?

This question makes no sense at all. It’s a one piece expandable wagon. What parts do you need?

What are the closed dimensions?

I had to return this item for a kerosene-like odor; they promised to send me a new canvas after thanksgiving. I haven’t heard from them. The dimensions were not stated.

I have three children 3 1/2, 2, 1. Will they fit comfortably? I just don’t want the radio flyer option that is hard plastic and takes up so much room.

Two can fit if they’re old enough to be taught to keep their fingers away from the collapsing joints
with that said if you watch them while they’re in the wagon we use this every day to go for rides so the three-year-old and a seven-year-old are comfortable when they get too tired to walk more

Is this good on the sand?


Is any assembly required?

No assembly required.

How is this for the beach in sand?

I do not use mine for the beach. I think you would need wider wheels for this type of wagon to work in the sand

MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red AMAZON : MacSports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Red : Utility Carts : Patio, Lawn & Garden

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A must have for kids sporting events.

My wife and i got tired of lugging the chairs and cooler and toys to and from the vehicle for our son’s games and when we finally purchased this wagon, we were kicking ourselves for waiting so long. We easily fit two adult bag chairs, two kids chairs for our daughters, a small cooler, plus a blanket and toys in the wagon.

It comes with a cover that buckles at the bottom to keep it clean when not in use and the handles velcro together when folded up so it doesn’t unfold on it’s own. It’s super simple to unfold, just push apart on both ends then press down in the middle to lock. Folding up is as simple as pulling up on the small handle located in the middle of the wagon bed.

The telescoping handle is a great feature that makes it easy to pull the wagon around even when it’s fully loaded. The wheels are made of solid rubber so it’s smooth on the concrete and goes over bumpy grass easily. The back wheels are in fixed position but the front wheels have full motion which makes turning easy. We’ve already recommended this wagon to 2 families on our team.

5Expert Score
Great! My arthritic pup can now go on walks with me again

Very sturdy, not overly heavy so i can get it up and down the porch easily. Opens up easily and closes just as well. Wheels give a smooth ride and easy maneuvering. I put a soft throw on the bottom for comfort. My elderly pup has not been able to walk for a few months but this allowed him to come on a ‘walk’ today with me. When we got to some of his old favorite spots on the walk, i lifted him out and let him sniff around as he likes to do (he can stand a bit and take a few steps only), then i put him back into the wagon. He was so very happy today, waggy tail and kisses, very excited to be able to go for a walk!

5Expert Score
Using for walking to the store.

I just got this about a month ago. I’ve used it for walking to my local costco about 5 times so far. It pulls easy. I”ve probably put about 15 miles on it so far on sidewalks and in the store. I have not used it on rough ground. It holds my packages well. The handle has a lock on it to hold it in the extended position but the handle does slide down shorter anyway. And the clip that the folded handle fits into in the upright position seems like it might not last. I have a plan to attach a magnet to secure the handle if the clip breaks…. But please note… The clip has not broke. It just looks like it might. The mesh pockets on the outside front are just flimsy and not big enough to hold anything. So i bought a cup holder that attaches with velcro and added that onto it. It doesn’t really stand up on the wheels in the folded position. All in all, it does what i purchased it to do. I can walk to the store to get groceries and don’t have to use gas or car.

5Expert Score
Sturdy enough to carry 200+ pounds of supplies from tractor supply

We have had two similar carts that we got from costco 9 and 7 years ago. This cart is similar in size, design, and sturdiness to them. The 9 year old orange cart’s fabric has gotten worn and we decided to get a new cart. These carts are used weekly to take deliveries from tractor supply,, and others and move them to storage locations including across our deck and down a steep driveway to a side door to our basement. Maybe it is just newness, but the fabric and frame looks tougher than the first 2 carts. If it lasts 7, or 9 years, or longer i will be happy. The orange cart is semi-retired. We use it occasionally.

5Expert Score
Love this wagon!

I was tired of carrying my totes and camping gear back and forth from the vehicle to the tent/picnic table and got this folding wagon to use. It cut my back and forth trips by more than half. This wagon is sturdy, the material is tough and the wheels are not of cheap material. It folds easily and does not take up too much room. A friend uses this to carry firewood he gathered near the campground. This product is heavy duty. I love it so much i want to get another one! But what am i going to do with two wagons? Lol

5Expert Score
A must-have for apartment dwellers

When we moved to a city apartment, i did not think about the difficulties related to grocery shopping. As soon discovered that having to transport groceries from a parking garage across the street to an apartment building via multiple elevators is no small task. The macsports cart was the perfect answer! While i’m shopping, it’s folded up and on the backseat or down on the floor of my car. Once i arrive home, it unfolds with one easy shake and a push of the center into a sturdy, large, easily maneuverable cart. It holds over 200 pounds, and while i have never shopped for that much (yet?), i have certainly had shopping runs that included multiple packs of water bottles, soda cans, and canned goods that made me thankful i had an easy way of transporting all of those heavy items in one trip, not 10 trips. This is a sturdy, reasonably priced piece of gear. Highly recommend!

5Expert Score
Very functional

I bought this utility wagon to carry my heavy western saddle from the tack room to my trailer. It has a neat cover and handle to make it easy to pick up. It easily pops open to its full length and snaps lock into place. It is large enough to carry grain and hay to my horse when my trailer is too far away to walk comfortably with it in my arms. I am taking it on a horse clinic trip and am looking forward to seeing how well it works for my purposes.

5Expert Score
Works great. No smell.

Smell went away quickly. Many reviews mentioned a smell. I’m reviewing to share my experience. Yes, it arrived with a smell. I can see why people thought it smelled like smoke. But it was just the wheels. I put it outside for a few nights and the smell went completely away. I’m so glad i gave it a try because its been great. Wish the wheels locked but it maneuvers well – better then my neighbors who has a different brand.

5Expert Score

This cart has literally helped so much i’ve had other regular shopping carts and i was never able to fit things in it properly but with this cart it’s so simple to open and close within seconds i’ve been able to load it up with a good amount of stuff and it carries its weight well it’s easy to turn corners it’s all around great i might buy an extra one just to have.

5Expert Score
Good little cart for the money.

The first one came broken. The clip that holds the handle in place was broken. No piece in the smashed up box either. So it appears to have been shipped broken. So be mindful of its fragility. That being said the replacement works great. I use it for groceries and hauling trash to the dumpster a football field away from my condo. It folds super easy . I like it.

4Expert Score
For the price, it’s good

Overall this is a great little wagon. It’s perfect for my walks to the grocery store! My issues with it are that when folded, you cannot roll it easily. It’s clearly not designed to be moved closed and that’s a huge issue for me as i use it for grocery shopping. It’s a city block and a half to the grocery store and i have push it very carefully so it doesn’t lock the wheels and scrape the plastic wheels. 3/5 stars for that but when it’s open it pulls and turns great so 5/5 open. I wish the handle was attached to the wheels so your turns could be sharper but over all, it’s good. Another issue i have is that the handle isn’t long enough when extended. Just about 2-3 more inches would have made the handle easier to hold when pulling so your feet are getting hit by the wheels occasionally. I would purchase this again for what i paid for it ($90) but definitely wouldn’t pick this if it was the original price.

4Expert Score
I swear i got a used one

First off, the box was very damaged upon arrival – a wheel sticking out through a hole, and clearly not factory sealed as it had random packing tape all over it. Unboxed it and examined for any damage and while there wasn’t any (thankfully), when i took it out of the storage cover and opened up the wagon, i noticed what looked like little wood chips inside, like you’d find if you had hauled firewood. In addition, there’s a faint yellow discoloration orange stain the the bottom (i purchased the red wagon). Not a huge deal and too much trouble to box up & exchange – especially since the box was destroyed in shipping. Everything else looks fine, though. I bought this to haul food, drinks, shoes, dress, totes bags, etc. As part of my maid of honor duties before a wedding ceremony. It folds up easily and seems like to will be roomy and sturdy enough to get the job done without making multiple trips from the car to the bridal suite in the hotel.

4Expert Score
Nice cart, terrible “protective” bag

We’ve used this twice so far, once to carry all of our gear to go crabbing and a second time to carry our camping stuff. I’m not good at king reviews, so here are a couple of quick comments:

1. The cart is easy to fold/unfold. It stows well!
2. The cart is sturdy and maneuvers well, even on rougher surfaces. The fabric is thicker than other, cheaper carts we considered; however, the side piece of fabric seems very flimsy. I’m worried over time it will tear, which will lead to outward flexing of the metal structure and possible binding of the joints while folding and unfolding the cart. May be a non-issue, but such a weird thing to skimp on…
3. The protective cover is terrible. I slid the cart, in its “protective” bag, into the back of my forester and it started to come apart at the seems. I guess it need to be gently lowered, not slid into the hatch. What’s the point?
4. The adjustable handle is great. It works well and stows well. Not issues there since, as was mentioned, the cart is very easy to maneuver.

So, overall it’s really a 3.5, but we’ll see. I’ll

4Expert Score
Made my life easy, but squeaky

This cart made our life pretty convenient. I would say best deal out there. Although carrying the first heavy product (around 60 lbs), which was under the weight limit (150 lbs) for sure, made it to start squeaking. I had already got rid of the box so couldn’t return it. Now it squeaks when it’s loaded, if the packages are light, it’s alright.

4Expert Score
Handy for bringing groceries in from car

This is easy to use and can clear door jambs with not too much effort. It is a bit on the heavy side. It tends to move around in the trunk of the car. Could use a tie down to keep it from bumping on stops and turns of the car. However, it is large enough to bring even large grocery purchases into the house in one trip and with little physical effort. Glad i bought it.

4Expert Score
Pretty handy

Needed a wagon that would collapse to take in the car. This did the trick. Do wish it could stand on the wheels and lean against the wall. That would be convenient. Bag it comes with is useful. Used it about a dozen times with no concerns so far with the durability. Wheels are a bit awkward to maneuver since they don’t rotate with the handle like a dedicated wagon but seems to work good enough. Capable on grass or dirt paths. I have not tried on sand but doubt it would roll too well in that.

4Expert Score
Not “really” a beach buggy

I bought this to use on the beach. It folds nicely, is compact, super easy to open up, super easy to close up, comes with a cover to keep it closed, and handles nicely…until the wheels hit the sand. I used it on new england beaches and it just sank into the sand. I had to lift up the front with the handle and drag it on its rear wheels till i found a spot. Possibly i had too much weight on it, but pulling it along the sidewalk (pavement) was super smooth, easy, nice…it was the sand that made it really tough. I was afraid i was going to pull the handle right out, luckily i didn’t. The cart is great, i can see using it for other reasons, but not for the beach. It would need bigger, fatter tires to go over the sand as nicely as it goes over pavement.

4Expert Score
Good for specific things probably

I use it to haul my teaching stuff. It does fold up nicely, but it hasn’t helped my situation. I have to unload it at the car, then fold it up and put it in, then take it out, load it up again, and two more times in that day. It’s time consuming for me. I even tried keeping it loaded and put it in the suv but it’s too heavy and bulky. It would be great in the yard i’m sure. Just not a time saver, nor does it make easier. I will keep trying to find something that works.

4Expert Score
Perfect for my senior pomeranian to be paraded around town in.

This wagon is so cute. I bought it because our pomeranian, fred, doesn’t enjoy walks like he used to, but i still want him to enjoy being outside. I loop the leash around the frame to secure him. My dad has joined me on a couple of walks with my parents’ dogs and their shih tzu tires easily and ends up riding with fred when he gets tired.

Pros: it is easy to fold up for storage and comes with a cover that secures at the bottom. It has two pockets – perfect for cell phone, keys, and waste bags. The handle extends, but then snaps into place when it is shortened. The fabric seems to be of good quality. I haven’t had to clean it yet, so i can’t speak to that aspect.

Cons: really the only concern i have is that is seems a little wobbly at times. I hope that it holds up. To be fair, i am pulling it on the street, but not for very far or long, and fred is 13 lb so it’s not like he’s pushing the weight limits.

Overall, i’m happy with the purchase!

4Expert Score
Wish it had a break and a stand when it’s folded

It folds up easily but once folded, it’s so clunky. There’s no stand or break/wheel lock so it just flops over. If you plan on laying it down flat when it’s folded then i would recommend. When it’s expanded it’s really useful though

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