Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More

Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More : Toys & Games

What are made by me create your own bead pets by horizon group usa features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 10 unique bead pets: use the 5 design templates included to learn how to craft 10 different bead animals or create an original using your imagination!
  • 600+ pony beads: mix & match hundreds of metallic, translucent, and opaque pony beads on the included cording.
  • Make bookbag keychains: show off your creations by connecting your bead pet to your backpack, lunchbox or keychain with included key rings and clips to rock your back-to-school style!
  • Store, organize and create: the included case doesn’t just hold your beads, use it as a beading workstation! Organize and let your creativity fly no matter where you are!
  • Set includes: 641 pony beads, 6 key rings, 4 lanyard clips, 2 satin cords (20 yd.), storage case, easy-to-follow instructions
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Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More AMAZON Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More : Toys & Games

Looking for specific info?

Does it come with detailed instructions for making several different kinds of pets?

It comes with instructions for all the animals shown. It tells how many beads you need of each color and has picture instructions. My 9 yr old had a hard time figuring it out her self but once i showed her she made all of them on her own

How do you tie off the ends?

I just tie a bunch of knots and sometimes if i remember i’ll put a dab of super glue on the knot and it never comes undone

What size is the satin cording in the kit?

1 mm.

What size are the key rings?

Hi there!

The size of the key rings are 1 inch

if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach to our customer service team or call them at 1-800-651-0616.

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How do you get the animals to lay flat?

Upon creating the animals, make sure the string is not too tight nor too loose.
You can also apply abit of glue on the sides of the beads to make sure it stays flush.

Can i buy more ripple top storage cases? I bought this for several children to do at once.

Unfortunately, we do not sell the storage cases separately.

What age and skill level do these actually seen more ideal for?

My 6-year-old loved it! However, she is not a newbie to crafts like these. There are simple directions to follow, bit you may want to do one together first depending on the experience of the child. It’s always fun to give them the materials and see how it goes also!

What size beads are used to make these?

While i do not have the exact measurements of these beads, they will be about 1/4 inch in length. They are designed for small hands to utilize and create so the openings are larger than normal. But the bead itself isn’t exceptional large or small. And as per the warning, these are not designed for small children under the age of 5 without adult supervision. Be aware that they aren’t going into little mouths.

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How do you tie off the ends?

Hi there!

A basic double knot should suffice.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach to our customer service team or call them at 1-800-651-0616.

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Does it come with a shark or dinosaur one?

The instructions include these pets: puppy, dragonfly, penguin, ladybug, kitten, butterfly, bunny, frog, gecko and spider. You can also follow the instruction to create your own pets such as shark or dinosaur, though!

What size string is in the kit?

There are two, each 2 feet in length, of satin string (white and black) about 1 mm in diameter.

Is this made in the usa

The product and packaging are designed in the us and manufactured in china.

Do you receive the ultimate kit? The photos in the reviews look like a completely different kit.

There are different options for the kit, if you choose ultimate bead pets you would receive that.

What size are the beads?

These beads are the regular size. They are not mini nor jumbo.

Does this come with spanish instructions?

Yes, we do! We’d be happy to send you the instructions directly! Please call or email our customer service team for further assistance at 1-800-651-0616 or with the product name and item number. Thank you and have a great day!

How many animals can you make from one kit?

Hi there!

This kit comes with the exact amount of beads to make all 10 patterns shown in the instructions.

In order to guarantee that you’re able to make all of them, use the exact colors indicated for each project.

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What type of string is in the kit?

This item comes with satin cording.

Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More AMAZON Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Over 600 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, Storage Box & Much More : Toys & Games

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Fun and not too hard

This was easy for my 9 year old to follow the instructions and make the various keychains. We lost the instructions after the first play and very easily found other instructions online since these designs have been around forever. It’s nice to be able to free play and have other animals to choose from online too. Nice for the kids to gift a keychain to friends or do a keychain trade on the bus.

5Expert Score
Tons of fun!!

I enjoyed this craft as much as the children did. Templates helped tremendously. It was a lot easier to make them with the templates as a guide.

5Expert Score
Excellent beginner kit!

Well packaged. All materials are included as advertised. Instructions understandable and suggestion to look on youtube for more is appreciated. Lots of color patterns included. The beading trays are a great advantage. The notch in the tray for holding the piece is a super idea! The only two extra items you need to get started are scissors and a tape measure.

5Expert Score
Kids loved it.

Everything was as described, kids loved it. Kept them busy for a while.

5Expert Score
Fun kit for kids! Great birthday gift.

I’ve purchased this kit several times for birthday gifts, and it’s always a huge hit.

5Expert Score
Birthday fun!

My nine year old granddaughter wanted this kit for her birthday. Hours of fun!

5Expert Score
Great for kids

I purchased this for my kids 9 and 7 and they loved it! East enough for them to do mostly on their own. We did youtube it to make it easier.

5Expert Score
Perfect for a rainy day!

Kept young kids busy and quiet for hours!

We had our extended family over for mother’s day which included six young kids.

Very rainy day, needed something to entertain the kids. This kit kept the kids busy for a very long time! Even the young boys made bead animals to give to their mama for mother’s day!

The instructions were printed in black and white on one 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Each animal instruction was a black and white image with numbers to indicate which color bead to use.

The instructions were written in steps which require the ability to read. The directions did not show step by step details, it was a little confusing. But one of the mothers had experience and showed the kids how to place the ends of the rope in each side of the bead. This step was very confusing, an image or diagram should be included.

But after the demonstration, the kids were busy creating critters for hours!

5Expert Score
Great craft!

Purchased this for our nine year old granddaughter. She was really excited to receive it, she made bead pets for her siblings and friends. She asked for another kit so i’d say it was a hit.

5Expert Score
Family fun and nostalgic

This was fun for all of us. My 5yo loved handing me beads to make her these, my 10 and 12yo girls loved making these on their own with guidance on some of the more complex designs. The instructions were easy enough and we used them to make more animals with our own beads. My own suggestion is to use thin twine that u can get from any walmart. It stays much better than with the silky chord that’s given. I like that it comes with the beads separated and a case for all the items.

4Expert Score
Tons of fun

I love this ultimate bead kit. It has been fun doing them with my daughter. They are kind of hard to get laid flat and kept together. They want to bunch up or stretch out. They come with all the book and key chain hooks. They have different cards which tell you what color beads and string length to use. You can make tons of different ones. My daughter was so excited to make a flamingo

4Expert Score
Loved this for an early christmas gift for my grandson!

I was so very happy to get this and it came in great condition. The only reason for 4stars- i expected a booklet for directions, a little paper came . I had to google how to do the kitten because the directions just didn’t help. My 6 year old grandson is just learning how to do it but once we called our 31 year old son to help, he came over. He had made these geckos and mccall’s put out two booklets for christmas beads 20 years ago that we still had. So there we were- not on our phones——we were sitting- i made the kitten, jay was making a ladybug, joe and daniel(grandson) were making the bunny. Husband sitting in chair. Best christmas present for all of us- what a great night- and a great gift. Thank you.

4Expert Score
Lots to do, but designs are less than appealing.

These is a cute set and i was so excited to find one of these kits for my girls to enjoy. The instructions were followed to a tee, but i still found myself struggling to get the design to sit properly… Maybe i’m doing it wrong? My last complaint is that the instructions aren’t very clear on how to tie off the keychain at the end and i fear my daughter’s unicorn will soon break.

4Expert Score
Cute but you’ll need youtube

This item was great for my 8 year old , she looked up how to make bead pets on youtube as it doesn’t come with the best instructions also certain colors you get more of , so you’ll need more colors to make most things .

4Expert Score
Daughter loved them

Not so easy to make at first but after watching a video it all made sense

4Expert Score
Bead pets

Awesome xmas gift for my 8yr daughter although i should of waited a couple more yrs she had trouble making them,so i made them

4Expert Score
Watch some videos on youtube for help!

Great gift for boys or girls, value for the money- but the instructions were confusing and unclear in my opinion. Good thing we were able to hop onto youtube and watch some videos of other kids making these. I gifted to an 8 yr old and he had a little trouble concentrating and completing without assistance. I wouldn’t gift to a younger child.

4Expert Score
Great activity, bad instructions

The kids really enjoyed this, once we figured out how to do it. I bought this for my children to use while inside during the lock down. We really struggled with the first project, and had to go to youtube to see videos on how to do the projects. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy and the children can even do it on their own. Most of the creations turned out well, although there were a couple that didn’t come out as expected.

4Expert Score
Too difficult for most kids

I have nine grandchildren ages 3-10. Grandma better know how to do this before doing it with her kiddos! No kidding!!

4Expert Score
Tray not included

We were unsure if this craft would be age appropriate for our daughter. After watching the video, it looked great because there was a tray that the child can use to line up the beads. Come to find out, the tray is not included. Otherwise, this seems to be a fun activity for kids.

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