Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV

Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV : Electronics

What are made for yakibest sandisk 128gb microsd memory card for fire tablets and fire -tv features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Exclusive ‘made for amazon’ sd memory card – the only one tested and certified to work with your fire tablet and fire tv
  • Load your fire tablet with more fun – by adding space for additional photos, music and movies
  • Download your apps and games directly to the sd card
  • Class 10 performance for full hd (1080p) video recording and playback
  • Designed to perform multiple simultaneous activities with no lag or delay
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Made for yakibest sandisk 128gb microsd memory card for fire tablets and fire -tv details:


‎128 gb



Item model number


Item weight

‎0.071 ounces

Product dimensions

‎0.08 x 0.94 x 1.26 inches

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎0.08 x 0.94 x 1.26 inches




‎western digital technologies, inc.

Is discontinued by manufacturer


Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV AMAZON Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

How to insert the sd card in the fire tablet?

Combining the good advice given by others into one answer: (i) the sd card slot is located on the top right edge of the fire tablet (ours is a fire hd 10 – 9th gen -2019) under a plastic lift up tab. (ii) with the tablet screen up and camera at the top, insert the sd card into the slot with the ‘gold teeth’ down. (iii) push in the sd card, but don’t force (in case you have it in backwards). I was not able to get the sd card to ‘click’ into place until i used the pointy end of a letter opener to gently push the sd card all of the way in. (iv) once the sd card was recognized by the the tablet, i was able to go to settings > storage > sd card, format as internal storage. Other options are available at this same place in settings, but for me, that was all i needed to do.

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Does anyone know if this card comes with any kind of warranty? Ours stopped working for no reason. The tablet can’t read it anymore. 🙁

I’ve had this same issue myself. Please don’t just jump to the conclusion that it’s an amazon problem, a sandisk problem and/or both. I’ve experienced this same issue with the ‘made for amazon’ 16, 32 and 64gb cards. I’ve also had the same experience with higher end cards made by pny, samsung, lexar, transcend and sony cards. I’ve had this same problem with everything from 2015 fire 7 8 and 16gb models to the current 2017 fire 7 and hd8 models. I’ve also had the same experience with my samsung tab4 and my samsung e9.6 which i just purchased last fall.

In a nutshell it doesn’t seem that any tablets are quite ready to reliably store apps on external (sd card) memory. As at least one other said, try recycling the power if the apps disappear. It may take multiple times. It also may not work at all. I have gotten lucky on one occasion that i was able to restore by moving the app back to tablet storage. Many times i have gotten a message stating that the file does not exist or no longer exists (something to that effect). I will warn anyone using a non-kindle fire tablet who are using their amazon apps on it to not move any of those to external storage. Most likely the first time you recycle the power (restart or have battery die while using and turn back on after charging) you will find that many of the amazon apps are gone and will be unrecoverable other than redownloading. If that happens any progress made in a game or customization done in an app will be lost. To be safe only use the sd card/external storage for music, photos and videos which can be redownloaded if necessary. Anything not backed up in the c!oud which is the only copy should be backed up to another location. It’s just good practice these days to keep an archive backup of anything important anyways as it will make restoration both easier as well as possible in addition to avoiding the loss of unrecoverable data which may be anything from sentimental family photos to vital business data.

Keep in mind too the cost of these devices as well as the memory cards. Even my $1000+ ipad pro can lose data/files if i don’t regularly back it up to icloud. I still periodically hook it up to my computer to perform a backup to file which i then duplicate to a usb drive for storage in a fire safe just to ensure that my critical files are safe (or as safe as can reasonably be without going to extreme measures). Cheaper devices and memory means more likely the potential for failure. Redundant backup is the only way to help ensure that you can restore your device in the event of failure and/or corruption.

Hope this helps. Also, remember that depending on the sale at the time you can buy 4-5 fire 7 devices for what just one cost only a few years ago. With memory cards these days 64gb cards are selling for less that what an 8gb card cost when the first kindle fire came out. Enjoy what the advancements in technology over just the past several years has made possible to all of us.

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Can i use a commercial sd card?

You can but it doesn’t run as well. You want a class 10 micro sd card or you will be experiencing some delays and difficulties using certain apps. I learned my lesson!

Will it work with fire hd 7, i ordered the 64gb but can’t find were to install it

The fire hd 7 does *not* have a slot for micro-sd cards. You can order it with 8 gb or 16 gb of internal storage. In practice, this is not so bad since you can use amazon cloud drive to store content, especially music and video.

How many movies can you download on this sd card?

Hey sherry myers. It really depends on the length of the movie and the streaming quality. You should be able to to fit at least 30 at 1080p. It’s a great card and should get you through a road trip and then some. Hard to really say. Good luck!

Can you i use this sim card on the new fire kids edition?

This is not a sim card. This is a microsd card. A sim card is what a cell phone uses to get your service working. This is a card for data storage.
That being said, it should work in the kids edition.

Does it work in other tablets

It will work in any tablet that can use a micro sd card, or even a regular sd sized card (an adapter is included). And if your computer, laptop, netbook, or cell phone, has a sd or micro sd slot it should work with that as well. It is when you get to the 64 gb and 128 gb sized sd and micro sd cards that you may encounter problems with the older devices.

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Will the sd card work on the fire 7 and if si how do you install it

Yes it does, you just flip out the access panel on the right side and slide it in,easy peasy.

What is the hc and the xc mean on the card? Is one better than the other?

Sd stands for ‘secure digital’, sdhc stands for ‘secure digital high capacity’, shxc stands for ‘secure digital extended capacity’. From the names only you can tell he main difference in all three i.e. Storage capacity. Sdhc cards offers between 4gb to 32gb and sdxc offers more than 32gb.

If i fill the card up with movies can i take that card out of my 8′ fire tablet and put it into my 10′ fire tablet?

Yes. Unless you are only storing movies on the memory card, before you remove it, be sure to move any apps, games, books etc. Stored on that memory card back to the smaller fire’s local storage or else you won’t be able to access them anymore.

Whats the max size storage sd card for kindle 8 hd thats made and stated to specfically just for the kindle 8hd

Fire hd 8, 7th generation can use micro cd card 256 gb.

Will this work in a kindle 8, 7 generation?

Fire 8 hd, 7th generation can use micro sd card 256 gb max.

Will this work in a lg g3 android phone?

Omg go upgrade that phone

I am unable to open the memory card. I have pressed and slide but it does not open

My memory card is in. Is it suppose to automatically start filling the storage? One of the customer mentioned going to settings, check to see if all your downloads are in the ‘on’ position. Ok i did that. Then they said to press erase sd card and then remove card. Is this what i’m suppose to do. I’m confused.

How to return? I bought 2 bu accident and it wouldn’t allow me to cancel.

Call the company were you brought it from

Is this card compatible with both fire 5 and 7 tablets?

Fire 5 the card fits in the slot, but does not stay in position. It is held with a rubber band. The card also may not be recognized by the fire 5.

Does this work on a free time kids tablet?


Where is it installed

Near the power button. It might be hard to see at first. Its like a rectangle with circle sides. Gently pull it out and underneath is where you install your card.

Ios phone or apple item

I use it for an ios phone and a amazon kindle. I’m not sure about apple items.

Does this work with the new amazon fire hd 10 plus?

I don’t know. We have the fire 7 9th generation and i can not get it to work with either of them

Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV AMAZON Made for Yakibest SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Another 'must have' for kindle fire 5th gen, 10.1 users!!!

The card being said from amazon: was created for the kindle fire, but after you buy one, the proof is in the pudding!!!. There is so many options you find for this card after you install your: sandisk 128 sd memory card to your kindle fire. Besides all the options you will have, when you go to check out the card in your ‘apps and games’ area after it’s in, it has it’s own area next to: downloaded app, then you will see ‘apps that can be movied to the sd card’ that’s built right in so you want need a app to move things to your new card. It show you a list of the apps you have on your system that can be moved to sd card, or not. Some apps are not movable, and that’s ok! The ones that are not able to move are not supposed to be moved for the reason, they need to read things out side of the card. Some give you options to move anyways, but will tell you that you will not be able to use widgets and other objects, etc, etc. Just don’t get a sd app and try to force things in to the card that shouldn’t be moved. I find also that my kindle fire is faster adding everything to the card, so that’s a big plus, even my browser is faster, but we do use chrome. The reason you hear that 1-to-2% having problems with this card besides coming to the realization after they buy a 128gb card, and see they could have bought a much smaller one since they had plenty of room to begin with. Most also are not waiting for the card to get everything lined up to work correct. Let me explain: just like you should give time for the kindle fire to load correctly, also give your new card time to load, because besides it getting everything ready for you to use it, and carrying a ton of information at 128 gb, it’s also checking to see if there are any other apps that need to be moved as it starts up, etc. It’s not just a board with apps pinned to it, there is allot of information it is checking on, and also depends on where you added things from, so it can be checking allot of different areas too, thanks to kindle fires åwesomeness!!! You can tell when it’s ready, because the icons on your desktop will turn dark to normal till it’s ready to go, so don’t be like the 1-to-2%, be smart, be patient!. Did you ever wonder why there are only a few who complain about objects we buy? Well besides they can’t spell correctly? There the one who break things screwing around, because if they can’t spell, there sure not going to read, and that makes them not patient enough and they think they must complain to get there money back. Being the ceo of ‘must have’ åpps, and supplies,tm we test ever item for a few weeks inside and out!. We add tons of info, then remove it all, just to add it back in again to see if the card is worthy enough 4ü! We add all kinds of movies, docs, etc, then check to see how everything came out in the end. The more you use your card, and learn to ‘re-boot after your last app is installed for that day, the faster your card will be because it’s lined up and clean with nothing to stop it. We are just like computers, they need to be rebooted after every download, and so does a kindle fire, it needs to be ‘re-booted after adding anything, and hard-booted if you ever have a problem. If you do not know this, you will be that 1-to-2% with problems because you never took time to read about your kindle fire. That’s the first two things you must learn besides cleaning your cache, and making sure you have no malware in your kindle fire. These four things are a ‘must’ to know, and that way you can give great reviews too when done :-). Also, the reason we say this is for a: kindle fire 5th gen 10.1 is we tested this card on one. So those with a 5th gen who been looking to find the right 128 gb micro card, look no further!. Also, we do not get paid for our reviews, we started ‘must have’ for the people that are too busy in a day to wonder what the best is for there system, or the novice who wants what the pro’s use. We take on all the testing for you, it’s our way of giving back to the world. We have a major following and get hundreds of letters each week asking for reviews, but i tell them this: if we feel it does not make 5 star, and find the item has problems, we then will not leave a review, we will tell you instead what wrong with the product or app, and leave the review for another since we only do 5 star items, and you know what? Most say: that’s all we want, honesty!. There is always better out in the world of course, but this passed with flying colors and works great for me and my team!!! Most want to know what we use on our kindle fire’s, and as far as micro sd cards go, this is it!!!..

Remember always! Life is ez! For those who seek! Especially when it comes to all there ‘must have’ åpps, and suppliestm..

Take it from me (ceo)ez-seek.
Don’t delay! Buy your card today! At:

the king of kings is coming! Look to the heavens, for he comes in all his glory, with all his ångels~~~~~}i{

my love, my fåther, my savior, my best friend: jesus christ!!!

5Expert Score
Kindle to blame for under utilization of memory card

Only two weeks in, but the memory card seems to working great.

I got this card for my kindle as it was specifically recommended by amazon, and my kindle came with only 8 gigabytes of storage, which is ridiculously insufficient for any modern complex operating system expected to accumulate data. Even worse, it’s not really 8 full gigabytes. (also, i got tired of being nagged about running out of space after taking only a few dozen photos.)

computers like numbers that are in powers of 2, and work best with processors and ram that are built on powers of 2, which is why you usually see numbers like 8, 16, 32, etc. And not ‘strange’ numbers like 10, 21, 43, etc. For this reason computer systems have *traditionally* used 1024 (2^10) as a base when reporting storage usage in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, etc.

When it comes to a physical storage medium, however, capacity does not have to be a power of 2; it can be whatever number of storage positions will *physically fit*, the only real requirement being that the computer processor can count that high.

Manufacturers are notorious for cutting corners in manufacturing wherever possible then hyping up their products. In the case of the kindle, amazon used 1000 (10^3) as the base of its ‘8 gigabyte’ claim and aimed for a physical arrangement that would guarantee *at least* 8,000,000,000 bytes of storage (1000*1000*1000*8), over half a billion bytes short of 8,589,934,592 (1024*1024*1024*8). Not surprisingly, sandisk did the same thing with this less-than-32-gigabyte memory card, as this deceptive practice has become an industry standard. But i digress a bit, my point being that an 8-gigabyte kindle affords you with much less storage space than you would expect, necessitating a memory card for expanded storage, especially since the kindle’s operating system uses a lot of overhead, and every application you install also wants to use a lot of storage.

When inserting your new memory card (or removing it) it is best to do so while the device is turned off. Mobile devices are finicky when it comes to ‘hot swapping’ memory cards, often refusing to read the card, or even worse, damaging the card and corrupting data.

After you’ve inserted the card and turned the kindle back on, go to settings -> storage, and move all the option sliders to the right to tell your kindle to utilize the memory card as much as it is willing to. Unfortunately, some features will still waste space on the internal storage, e.g. Screen captures and blue tooth file transfers will not be saved to the memory card.

To ‘move’ my kindle books to the memory card, the easiest way was to delete them then re-download them. To move other personal files to the memory card, i connected my kindle to my pc and used windows explorer.

From the previously mentioned settings menu, you can also move *some* applications to the memory card. Before and after the move, the amount of storage used on each disk is displayed. Moved applications will still use *some* space on the internal storage, and funnily enough, moved applications use more total storage than when they resided solely on the internal storage.

One application i did not move was es file explorer, as this is a system-critical application (due to the kindle’s shortcomings).

It should also be noted that the kindle’s crappy built-in file browser cannot locate the memory card. The files *are* there, but you will not find them without a proper file browser like es file explorer. Also, some programs (such as the red notepad) will not be allowed write permissions to the memory card!

A few days ago my wife turned on my kindle and it updated itself which took over half an hour, which seemed unusual because when i observe updates they tend to run much faster. Afterward, my kindle stopped recognizing the presence of the memory card. The solution was to turn off the kindle, remove the card, turn the kindle on, then back off, then reinsert the memory card, then turn the kindle back on.

The card is working great, and is less than 3% full while my kindle has less than 1.5 gigabytes free.

Update 2018-04-23

last night just before i went to bed, my kindle battery was running low. I was too lazy to go find a charging cable, so i just turned the kindle off.

This morning i turned it back on, with only 12% battery power remaining, and found that several program icons were dark. When i tried to launch one of them, i was told that the program couldn’t run because the memory card could not be found! I tried removing the memory card and restarted the kindle like i described in my original review, but the memory card could still not be found.

I took the memory card out and connected it to my desktop computer and confirmed that it was in perfect working order. I then put it back in the kindle and connected the kindle to my computer, letting the charge process turn the kindle on. The darkened icons were still dark, and i saw a flash of the memory card icon at the top-left of the screen. I opened es file explorer which located the memory card and showed me its files. I went back to the home screen and none of the icons are dark any more.

I guess my piece-of-crap kindle doesn’t want to exert any effort accessing the memory card if the battery power is red-lining when the device boots up.

5Expert Score
Low vision user

I’m using this in my fire 10 as a low vision user. It works well it’s simple to figure out how to put items onto the storage disk without much effort. I just think it’s wonderful and glad i have it in about doubles the capacity of my unit. I am using siri to write this if siri puts in any inappropriate phrases or words i apologize in advance. Thank you for reading my review. Hoping all your memories are good memories

5Expert Score
Really nice powerful sd card for security camera or phone

As sandisk is a well known brand, i did not do a memory verification test as i trust their memory is correct at 32 gb. I do not really question if the capacity is genuine. During usage, this micro sd card did not get super hot. It did get warm but nothing that is dangerous. That being said, i would say this is safe for use with any device. It can be used with a nintendo switch but be aware 32 gb is a bit on the small side. Most games are really big especially if you are buying them digitally now. It also did not come with an sd card adapter for this one. It will also work with any tablet that has a micro sd card reader. I would use this for my nephew’s android tablet. It provides enough memory for some movies and applications (if the tablet supports that). It is also fast enough class to use for running applications without feeling much lag. It is not too noticeable. The transfer speed is not too bad but again it varies based on the medium you are using. This can be pretty good for taking photos or videos. I transferred through the usb 3.0 card reader and it was not bad in terms of reading/writing speeds. I was able to transfer videos at a decent speed but be careful when doing this through your phone as for some reason it gets slow with any sd card. I was able to get everything transferred within an hour. If you are transferring through the tablet however you should expect an extremely long transfer speed. This card does not require any formatting unless you are plugging this into your mac or tesla because it requires a certain format to transfer things onto the card. If you are going to use this with your tesla, be aware that you will need to format it. It does not come with an sd card adapter to allow you to put this into your digital camera. It will work with any sd card adapter if you have it which is great. That being said, the read and writing is pretty good for the most part. Regardless, you may not really notice the lag between shot on your camera. Overall i think this is a good micro sd card. It is a good amount of space and will work for pretty much any device that can utilizes 32 gb, but be aware that 32 gb is not much memory nowadays. The transfer speeds is not bad but be aware it all depends on the medium you are using when transferring. I will say as well that this is great for children’s tablets. It allows me to put a good amount videos and such that my niece/nephews may watch as well provide additional room for extra applications (this is all on an android tablet).

5Expert Score
Just what i needed for my new kindle

Amazon recommended this one for my new kindle. Easy to install and kindle formatted it accordingly and transferred my stuff on it. Makes life easier for reading books from my kindle.

5Expert Score
Easy to use.

What i don’t like is this card so small.but i’m very excited to have one inside my fire tablet.more memory for my family pictures and movies.

5Expert Score
Love the extra storage

This memory card is easy to install and easy to use. I love that i can download a lot of content (tv shows, books, etc). Definitely a game changer.

5Expert Score
Worked perfectly in my new kindle fire 2017 tablet but there are some set up issues that you should check!

I got this 128 gig card to use with my new 2017 kindle fire 8 inch tablet. So far it has worked perfectly with my tablet and it has automatically installed all of my kindle books, all of my audible books and many of my apps onto the sd card. Please make sure that your kindle tablet is properly setup to use the sd card for storage. Those settings are seen by swiping down on the kindle screen, touching storage and looking at the slide switch settings on the lower part of the screen. Turn all of the slide switches to the on position which is to the right. I show that setup page in an attached photo.

I do want to point out that while this sd card has worked perfectly, not all of your apps will transfer to the sd card. I had about 17 that would not go onto the sd card and they consumed an amazing 12 gb of my device’s internal memory. I simply wound up deleting those apps once i played the game. This is not the fault of the kindle tablet or the sd card but a problem with the way the application is written. Several of the apps were over 1 gig in size.

This card has worked well and i simply plugged it into my tablet. I told the tablet to erase the sd card to make sure that it was empty and i simply downloaded my items from amazon. They were automatically installed onto the sd card. I used 50 gig of sd card memory for 1180 books, 106 large apps and 42 audible books.

I own about 100 sd cards and i always do a speed test to verify the reading and writing speeds before i install the memory. I particularly did this on this card as the web page and the packaging do not list the speeds which is very unusual. The card checked out ok but it is not the fastest sandisk class 10 card i have ever tested. The fastest write speed on this card was 45.886 mb/sec and the fastest reading speed was 47.426 mb/sec. I have attached the graphical test data for your information. I used a usb 3.0 port with a usb 3.0 card reader for the test. I have tested sandisk ultra cards that were twice as fast as this one.

Overall, this card worked well and i rated it five stars. If i have any future issues i will update my review.

5Expert Score

I use it on my kindle fire hd. What is one to say it holds storage.

5Expert Score
For my samsung phone

It works 8 and video,.my phone is over 4 years old a samsung prime 7 ☺

4Expert Score
Not mounting/working on fire tablet properly – fix instructions

These little guys work pretty well most of the time and are usually pretty reliable, however, i recently bought a 128gb specifically for my kid’s new 10.1′ fire. I was able to insert it just fine but then it wouldn’t mount properly (contrary to some answers here, mounting doesn’t mean inserting it, mounting means getting the system to actually load it and read it once it’s inserted). I plugged it into my computer to run first aid on it, i also wiped it and reformatted it as exfat, which should have worked (it comes as exfat) but still no luck. Finally, i tried formatting it as ms-dos (fat) and for whatever reason, that worked. I put it back into the fire tablet and now it’s mounting and the tablet is reading it and giving me the options for what content should be saved on it. If you’re having trouble mounting, give this a try (you’ll need a card reader that can read microsd and then just run your disk utility to reformat it). The only problem with this solution is it’s not going to allow you to save files larger than 4gb (that’s one of the reasons why exfat was invented). Not sure why an exfat formatted drive isn’t working on a brand new amazon fire tablet. I tried other exfat formatted microsd cards and they didn’t work either. I definitely think it’s the tablet not the card.

4Expert Score
Easy to use, only 1 small problem.

This product does exactly what it says, i bought and used the 64gb chip inside my mobile phone and it was as easy as pressing a couple buttons after that, having all my data saved and mostly transfered bringing it from 32gb to 96gb. The only problem that made the 4 instead of 5 stars is the fact that they do not provide a sim ejector, so before purchasing make sure to buy one or have one in your possesion before you almost have nothing to open it like me.

4Expert Score
Great for storage, but one tiny complaint…

Normally, i’ve never had difficulty with sandisk products, especially since i have a microsd in my new nintendo 3ds xl, but i have been hearing the difficulty some have had with the product when it comes to storing personal videos and photos. For some reason, when you turn the kindle fire off (as opposed to just placing it in stand-by mode), then turn it back on, the amazon storage sd system will apparently move your downloaded photos and videos into the others file for some reason.

Meaning the files haven’t technically been removed as you might suppose (since the sd storage will still acknowledge the memory is still there), but it does make it become rather inaccessible from the kindle. Technically when i connect to my computer to locate the files i’m not sure how to find them, or even if i can move them back to the appropriate spot.

Overall, the result is usually having you to reformat (aka erase the card), then putting back your personal items on it via backup. Which for me is not really a pain, but having to reinstall apps and restore amazon books and films back on the card can be tedious. So you’re probably saying, ‘well, don’t turn off the kindle then.’ consequently, this can be difficult though when you have to do a power reset, like, say you’re yahoo account is having problems, or you accidentally let your kindle decharge completely.

I’m wondering if the problem does not lie so much with the memory card, since it hasn’t actually popped out my files or reshuffled them to others unless you shut down the tablet completely. But instead possibly something with the amazon os which somehow either transfers the files or just makes them inaccessible upon powering up.

Overlooking this obstacle, the sandisk ultra is a pretty good microsd card for what it’s worth. Hopefully amazon, or sandisk themselves, can look into this problem and can rectify it with an upgrade or a way where the card is formatted with the appropriate files you can use to place your photos and videos onto it.

As for the book issue, the sd setting menu claims it will allow books to be saved to the card, however, as with the rifftrax downloads, the comixology books will not download to the card for some reason. Perhaps i suspect this is due to the fact these are third party services (despite comixology being part of amazon) and it defaults to the device storage instead. Still working on it to see if there is a way at least for comixology books to be saved to the card.

I’ve heard on the lower reviews that they’ve gotten a pny 128gb microsd, and plan on getting one just to see if the issue is either really with the cards themselves or the kindle. So far the card storage system works for what it’s worth, but like i said, until they can find a way to fix the issue of it shoving the personal files into the others, i can see this becoming rather annoying fast. My only current suggestion is, to create backup files of your stuff in a separate ‘kindle’ file on your computer and just transfer it back onto the card whenever it does this (after erasing it). Hopefully i’ll let you know in an update how the other brand works and if it suffers from the same issue.

Update: adding a star because i did solve the amazon memory issue. Basically i discovered that i was writing folders onto the card through pc. But here’s why it went wrong, by doing this the fireos will not recognize the folders as part of its storage system.

In short, when you power down your kindle, it will automatically dump your personal folders and data into the dreaded others file. So here’s what you have to do to prevent this glitch:

connect your kindle to the pc (via usb cable/charger). Go to the kindle icon in the folders menu, then into internal storage (aka kindle hard drive). Locate the folders marked downloads, movies and pictures. Copy (don’t move) and paste these folders into the external storage (i.e. Microsd card). By doing this you will have formatted your card where the fireos will acknowledge the folders and the contents as part of the amazon storage. So if your kindle does accidentally power down, it won’t dump your personal stuff into the others file, making them inaccessible to your kindle.

However, this isn’t foolproof but after doing some tests after the above procedure, i so far haven’t lost my personal videos and photos on the card.

Hope this might help you out.

4Expert Score
Glad i picked this

I was wanting more and i got it very easy to install even for me

4Expert Score

Added a good amount of storage to my units

4Expert Score
Easily installed on fire 7

This card arrived on time as promised. Pushed this 128 gb card into the external storage slot on the right upper side of the fire 7 tablet. On settings, i went to storage & chose format as sd card storage. Then i chose to store movies, music, photos & personal videos & books on this sd card. So now, my sd card storage is 128 gb & this frees the internal storage. All this for a low price.

4Expert Score
Excelente producto.

Buen producto ha funcionado correctamente todo este tiempo no he tenido ningún inconveniente una buena compra

4Expert Score

Easy to load and works as it should.

4Expert Score
It works very well

It pays to get it because it is made for kindle fire

4Expert Score
Love it

I use it for my tablet and it is what it is

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