Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

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What are magic bullet blender features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Included: (1) 250w motor base, (1) cross-blade, (1) tall cup, (1) short cup, (1) party mug, (2) lip rings, (2) stay-fresh resealable lids, (1) to-go lid and 10-second recipe guide
  • The magic bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more. Cups are made out of high-impact plastic
  • Effortlessly create your favorite meals and snacks like smoothies, omelets, sauces and dips. 250 watts high-torque power base
  • Included recipe book gets you started making quick, easy, and delicious dishes from appetizers to desserts. Add 1/2 cup water for smooth blend for vegetables
Categories: Home & Kitchen

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

Looking for specific info?

Is it bpa free?

The information about plastics is completely wrong. The only plastic that sometimes has bpa is polycarbonate, which is a number 7 inside the triangle. However,

a: 7 means ‘other’ – lots of other kinds of plastic are also numbered 7.
B: there are now a lot of bpa polycarbonate plastics (which are also numbered 7).

This means that there are two ways you can know if something is bpa-free. First, if the number in the triangle is 6 or below. Second, if the number is 7 but the manufacturer guarantees that the material is bpa free (and you don’t think they’re lying).

For anyone curious, a 1 is polyethylene terephthalate (pet), which can be stiff if it’s thick enough but is more commonly thin and semi-flexible. This is the clear plastic most disposable drink bottles are made of, along with a lot of other things. Manufacturers love it because it’s appealing to the eye and cheap. There are some cancer concerns related to it, but i don’t know if they’ve been substantiated. This and polycarbonate are the only two plastics that i’m aware of having any health issues raised about them. 2 is high density polyethylene (hdpe) which is rigid but either cloudy or opaque. 3 is polyvinyl chloride, aka vinyl, very flexible and often semi-transparent. A lot of shampoo bottles, for instance, are made of this. 4 is low density polyethylene (ldpe) which is cloudy or opaque and more flexible than hdpe though less than vinyl. 5 is polypropylene (pp) which is tough, high temperature-resistant, easily made food-safe and generally rigid. It is also cloudy or opaque. 6 is polystyrene, which is what is commonly called styrofoam, although this is actually no longer correct (which is good, because the original styrofoam had a lot health concerns associated with it), but so are some other rigid light-weight plastics. Anything you think of as ‘styrofoam’ (e.g. Disposable hot-liquid cups) is almost guaranteed to be polystyrene, but so are some other rigid light-weight plastics. And, as stated above, 7 means ‘other’ which includes multiple kinds of plastics/resins, including polycarbonate (with or without bisphenyl a, aka bpa).

All of this information is widely available from reputable sources, online and otherwise. There are plenty of problems with using plastics – considering that they are petroleum-derived products and unlike glass cannot be recycled back to the same grade material they started with (they can only be ‘downcycled’) – without spreading information.

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Would this work well for making blended margaritas? I’m nervous about frequently blending ice.

Let me preface by saying really like my bullet. For the price paid ($40) it’s been great. I use it primarily for smoothies but commonly end up with things being a tad less blended (ice leaves a few rounded small chunks) than i would like. If smoothies were all i cared about i would stay with this. I’ve had it about 6 years and like the ease of quick single serve smoothies. Now i am looking for something new because i have not been able to get the nice blended margarita consistency i want (like ice for snow cones). Also, now i’m in a position to spend more money than i had when i purchased this.

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Does it chop nuts?

I recommend the slap chop for nuts.

Would this work for hummus?

Meh. It can be done, but it’s a pain to make hummus in a magic bullet. A food processor-style grinder works better – i have a small food processor attachment for my ninja that does a fab job with chickpeas. The magic bullet works better for dry ingredients like nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, as well as with salad dressings and such. And it’s a bargain price.

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Will this blend vegetables like carrots or harder fruits like apples?

Yes, we use it for frozen smoothies and it easily blends frozen blackberries and strawberries so thawed hard fruits shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Does it purée vegetables?

Yes it does puree vegetables. So far i’ve done carrots, cucumbers & squash. For a thick puree add a little water , for a thin puree ads enough water to your liking 

How quiet is it on a scale from one to ten? One being will not wake anyone up in the early mornings ten being sounds like a motorcycle?

Hi: it’s a little loud, like blender, nut grinder, would wake people in the house unless they are a heavy sleepers… which case, nothing would wake them anyway….it’s a great tool for the kitchen….easy clean-up.p.s.i would give it an (8) or (9) on the motorcycle scale……

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How durable is it? Meaning will i have to replace any parts a year after i buy it?

First one lasted about 6 years. The connection between the jars and mixer part wore out…the jars are plastic and it’s possible that we could have been more careful=gentle engaging the mixer. We had trouble replacing the jars and just got a new one because we use it often.

Can i blend ice cube with this?

Yes you can blend ice cubes. I blended crushed ice in mine fairly often. I would look to another device if you are looking to use it often and for crushing whole ice. I have gone through 2 bullets in 18 months (first replaced under warranty, second they would not replace do the original purchase being >1 year. Replacement part lasted 8 months. I haven’t bought my replacement yet, but oster is getting great reviews for a less expensive model. I had the hamilton personal before the bullet $14.99 lasted longer then the bullets. Of course vitamix is number one in the market right now, but pricer-then again you get what you pay for sometimes.

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Can you blend soybeans to be make into soymilk?


Can u use mason jars instead of the containers provided?

No. The spinner lids have grooves that need to match up with the grooves on the plastic cups provided in the set.

Is this portable? Does it need a cord to operate?

No! You have to plug it into an ac outlet for this to work. I’m mad because this shows up under. Search for ‘usb blender’, and all the pictures *hide* the power cord!! This is not portable, as in, it has a cord you need to plug in when you use it. No usb, no battery.

Can you buy bigger container sizes? I need 32oz

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, this particular model does not come with that size cup. I can recommend the nutribullet 900 which has that 32oz cup.

Can it grind small pills

I haven’t tried grinding small pills but most likely not. It doesn’t grind or blend very fine

Is this good for making baby food?

its a pretty good machine. I can say yes you can make baby food for veggies and fruits,it can give it a apple sauce texture the more water you add the more liquidy it will get.

Can it make whip cream ?

Yes for smaller amounts. We use the blender with the more vertical prongs so you can get a little more air in. It’s not as fluffy as true whipped cream but it’s fine. You need to watch it as someone else said…or it will turn into butter.

Will the cups fit the old version?

Not sure ,this is the first one i got

Is it dishwasher safe?

I think the plastic container is safe on the top rack but i wash it by hand. The blade base is by hand only.

Does this blend frozen fruit? I make smoothies using frozen fruit.

Yes it does blend frozen fruit; but sometimes it can depend on the size of the frozen fruit being used to make the smoothie as well as how many pieces – so i just purchased the separate ice blade for the magic bullet so i now have both options.

I’m looking for a good blender to mix mlikshakes,fruit drinks,soups,salad dressing, will this blender work for me.

I have been using my ‘older magic bullet’ to make smoothies and slushies for around 20-25 years, possibly a lit’l longer. I’ve made smoothies for myself… B-4 and during my cancer-1993 /chemo-days… To help with my nausea; and for my 3 kiddos (makes a quick & easy breakfast drink)… Until they graduated from school and then moved on to college and ‘on with their lives’). Then my mother had brain cancer… Diagnosed in 1999, sadly, we lost her in february of 2000. My fruit smoothies, frosties, or milk shakes were something she looked forward to, because they helped to soothe her ‘upset stomach’. My grand kids love-love ‘smoothies’, as well. That’s something they usually want on each visit. We just have to decide on the ‘flavors. Lol!!
Well, my ‘first’ & ‘older magic bullet’ has been having some problems with making my smoothies ‘as smooth’ as they ‘used-to-be’ … But… ‘lands-sakes-alive’ … How many appliances? … Or ‘name anything’ … That has ‘lasted’ or ‘worked’, as ‘functional’ … For ‘this many years’ … And ‘is still going’. It does ~ still work … Just not ‘as well’.
So… I bought a new bullet… But … The new bullet doesn’t seem as powerful as my first~ bullet.
I’m not really sure – ‘what’ the ‘problem is’ … But, no matter – ‘how long i blend’ – the crushed ice, the fresh strawberries (or if… Strawberries are frozen, i adjust and use less ice, accordingly…) and soy milk. No matter… There will still be: a couple of small round pieces of frozen strawberries or ice. ‘everything’ will not blend, entirely.
I have always – ‘bragged on’ ‘the magic bullet’. It’s, also, really easy to wash and clean. Oh, yes… I did make sure my 3 kids had their own, when they ‘moved on’.

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Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set AMAZON

Online Shopping for Kitchen Small Appliances from a great selection of Coffee Machines, Blenders, Juicers, Ovens, Specialty Appliances, & more at everyday low prices

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The perfect blender for everyday use!

My previous blender was not getting the job done and most of my shakes and smoothies were coming out clumpy and not enjoyable at all. It was time to find a better blender! Getting the magic bullet was probably one of the best and easiest decisions i’ve made. The seamless transition from putting all your ingredients in one blender and being able to use the same cup to drink out of is second to none! I mainly make protein shakes or smoothies with my magic bullet after my workouts and it definitely gets the job done with no issues. The clean up is so easy as well. I love the extra cups it comes with so you don’t have to transfer what you’ve made to a different container and you can store it in the fridge to enjoy what you’ve made at a later time. I’m very satisfied on how fast it shipped, my package came 6 days before the expected arrival date! 10/10 would highly recommend!

5Expert Score

I am absolutely obsessed, and so is my whole family. I haven’t ever been able to get into the protein shake smoothie lifestyle because it felt like too much work, too much clean up, etc. This little guy solves it all. No smell like i’ve seen in other reviews, works great with my preferences (almond milk, spinach, half banana, protein powder, ice……delish). I love that i can take the blender part off and put on a lid and drink it like a cup, save some a ton of dishes, and it’s so small. It’s not quiet but not ridiculously loud, and on the smaller side, but i can’t live without it.

5Expert Score
I’ve had 2 years still works great

I just wanted to write about how this blender works just great. After reading reviews before i bought it, everyone posts about how it breaks when using ice, how the parts somehow miraculously just broke for no apparent reason but yet they are using it several times daily with ice etc. So i gave it a minute before seeing and it’s been 2 years and still works fine. I was thinking and i believe i’m right, that it’s not invincible, if you put ice in it constantly it’s going to break, if you’re putting indestructible items in a tiny device it’s going to short out and stop working. I thought that was common sense…but apparently there are still people who think they can put everything through hell & expect it to work..but no i use it almost daily for just regular smoothies, fruit, etc, i let the frozen stuff thaw out for a minute (again common sense) and i’ve had no issues at all. Hope this helps.

5Expert Score
Greatest lil blender

Bought my first one over 15 years ago, it just went out on me (so awesome it lasted) started using it everyday for protein shakes, guess the old girl was tired! Purchased another, best lil blender ever. I will never buy a different one, and the cost is very affordable! Love it

5Expert Score
Makes me excited to make smoothies

The magic bullet is good and quick. The noise though is a tad bit loud but you get used to it. The smoothies i’ve made from this has been a1 and a exciting part of me day.

5Expert Score

It’s great for convenience for small things . I did have a few issues when i first used it the motor smelled like it was burning . Then one time it stopped working mid blend and i had to wait like and hr to use it again . The power of the blender is not that strong and it’s loud on the counter . However i still use it daily for my protein shakes

5Expert Score
Just buy it!

Great blender! I love that the size is easy to store. There are multiple cup sizes depending on what you are using it for. Just buy it! Its worth it!

5Expert Score
Easy to use

I like my magic bullet blender it’s small and cute,not huge and bulky looking,not taking so much place in my cabinets.

5Expert Score
Versatel blender

I have bought this magic bullet set twice in the last six months. One, i purchased for my daughter to use in the dorms. The other for my best friend to use for smoothies but didn’t have a lot of counter space. This was perfect in both cases.

5Expert Score
It's magic! What else are you looking for?

Yup, it’s magic…says so right on it. I was not disappointed with it’s performance. My blender expectations are normally never met but this little number, it knows how to do it. I own a vitamix blender, it doesn’t have the word magic printed on it but i’d throw down 100 bucks that there was some sort of sorcery involved in the production of it. This little blender is straight up with you about its powers…and did i mention ease of cleaning? Pure magic!

4Expert Score
Pretty good blender – especially for the price

I’ve pretty much switched to having protein shakes in the morning along with the occasional shake as a meal replacement or whenever i get hungry and need to satisfy that hunger with something healthier than what i used to eat…at first i tried blender bottles. They were mostly, meh. I’ve determined a lot of how efficient your bottle may be depends a great deal on the protein powder you plan to use. They are not created equal and some blend better than others. I try to shy away from plant-based meal replacement/protein shake powder for only one reason: i’ve tried more than 7 different kinds and i’ve never liked the taste of any of them. Some were better than others, but none made me want to finish the whole bottle and i ended up donating each to friends who were okay with the flavor or genuinely liked the taste. Not sure if this is true with all plant based shakes, but so far (for me anyway) it has been.

I prefer whey based shakes…but not even all of them are equal. This is a case where the phrase, ‘you get what you pay for’ pretty much applies. Not 100% mind you, but far more often than not. I tried a chocolate peanut butter protein powder from complete nutrition once (i had a $50 gift card) and the bottle of powder cost the whole $50…which for my meager budget was quite expensive…but man did it blend and taste incredible. Best i’ve ever tried, in fact. No sugar…but you’d never know it from the taste. Unfortunately that first bottle was also my last because my finances simply cannot afford it. I discovered around this time that even the harder to blend whey protein shakes would blend much better with an actual blender rather than a shaker bottle. I’ve stuck with them ever since.

For quick protein shakes that do not require ice (more than a single cube) and no frozen ingredients, the magic bullet works great. If your goal is to get a powerful blender to mix frozen fruits and veggies to make a smoothie, you would be better suited to look elsewhere. The motor in the magic bullet simply isn’t strong enough to work on anything more than as i mentioned before, a single ice cube. I tried 2 cubes once, and it was apparent from the moment i turned it on that this was not going to work. I pretty much knew this going in having done my research ahead of time on the blender and i knew the limitations, so this didn’t surprise me. If you truly wish to make a smoothie using frozen anything, i don’t know that a personal blender exists that can conclusively show they are effective at blending well. The motors simply aren’t powerful enough to expect any kind of efficiency…not without running the risk of burning out the motor and/or getting significant chunks of ice or fruit left over regardless of how long you try to blend it. You may as well invest in a larger model that has the power to blend whatever you wish. There may be a personal model i don’t know of which can do this, but i’d imagine if it can, it will come with a rather significant price tag as well. Just keep that in mind.

For me, i love my magic bullet. I know what it can and cannot do, and that’s okay. Especially for the price. It comes with the most cups and attachments i’ve ever seen, again, especially for how little it cost. I would gladly trade 2 of the cups for one larger cup however. Maybe twice the size? Again, this is a very minor complaint considering what it comes with, but it’s nice to know i can order a cup which is bigger that fits the magic bullet specifically…which i’m sure i’ll do at some point. For making my protein shakes with almond milk, an ice cube and maybe a small chunk of banana and a spoonful of peanut butter, it works pretty much flawlessly.

4Expert Score
Nice product

Is more than i expected is easy to use and is a perfect for a quickly smooth, i love the small size that’s work for my dietary. I really recommend the product.
Just it could be great if they have a better design for beverage lids.

4Expert Score
Great product but super loud.

This product does exactly what i expected, but good gracious it is so loud. I used it in my classroom during my lunch and others would constantly come check to see what was wrong. I tried to muffle it with a jacket, but that was just a pain.
Still a great blending product though.

4Expert Score
Worth the money

The item works well but it’s intended for soft things. Anything too thick will heat the motor if not used properly. It works perfect for it’s designed purpose. If you are looking to make purée or anything too thick ñ, i suggest you get the bigger one

4Expert Score
Working for now

The bummer is, the only reason i needed to buy this was to replace the one i had for maybe a year and a half. It was used once a day for about three seconds to blend my bullet proof coffee. And then it stopped working. The cup wouldn’t trigger the motor. What a waste of time and landfill space. The motor was fine, but it would not engage no matter how much i wrangled it. I do love these things…but i really hope this one lasts. Before the last (dead) magic bullet, i bought a cheapo ‘off-brand’ blender that worked just as well and lasted longer than this ‘higher end’ brand. Bummer. Well, i hope it lasts.

4Expert Score
Good little unit

It’s a good system but mine broke.

4Expert Score
No sustituye una licuadora

Si lo quieren para sustituir una licuadora, no es una opción. Sirve más para batidos de frutas y algunas mezclas con sustancias no muy densas

4Expert Score
Works very good

Oked everytibg. And. Disliked nothing.

4Expert Score
Good for smoothies, not for chutneys. Smells on every run

Powerful little machine but has limited things it can do great with that one blade it comes with. It also has that smell that something is burning every time the machine runs. And it has been less than a year but it smells every time. Can i buy more blades to suit my needs? – need some research on that

4Expert Score
Kinda struggles

Idk if it’s because i’m used to my massive ninja blender and it’s power, but i tried making a small cold protein shake in the largest cup provided and it struggled a bit to mix all the ingredients. It’s also not easy considering you have to take it out, flip it upside down, take the top off then stir it if needed, which makes a mess. It definitely worked with fresh food items but struggling a bit with the frozens.

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