Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic

Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic

Buy Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free,72 Count (Pack of 6) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes:

Made with 99% purified water and a touch of cotton for softness, mama bear water wipes are the gentle way to clean newborns and up, from head to toe. Free from alcohol*, parabens or phthalates, our water wipes are safe to use all around babies, including bottom, hands and face. Resealable packs and multipacks make cleaning your cub easy and convenient, whether around the house or on the go. *does not contain ethanol, isopropanol or rubbing alcohol.

What are mama bear 99% water baby wipes features?

  • Made with 99% purified water
  • Each wipe is made with a touch of cotton for softness
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free
  • Formulated without alcohol*, parabens or phthalates (*does not contain ethanol, isopropanol or rubbing alcohol)
  • Gentle wipes for newborns and up
  • Safe for cleaning all around baby including bottom, hands, and face
  • Do not flush. Dispose of used wipes in trash receptacle. Store at room temperature. Close lid tightly to retain moisture.
  • Reclosable packs keep wipes moist, and multipacks allow you to keep them throughout the house and in travel bags
  • Satisfaction guarantee: we’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385
  • An amazon brand
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Mama bear 99% water baby wipes details:

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14.31 x 8.81 x 7.13 inches; 1.2 pounds

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ services llc.

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Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic AMAZON

Buy Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free,72 Count (Pack of 6) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

How is it ethanol/alcohol-free when the second ingredient is “phenoxyethanol”?!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, i would of missed this.. Gus is right, phenoxyethanol is a germicidal and germistatic glycol ether, phenol ether, and aromatic alcohol often used together with quaternary ammonium compounds. This is very misleading, symptoms from phenoxyethanol can have an effect on the brain and the central nervous system. It irritates skin and eyes, and can cause blistering on skin as well.

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How do these compare to water wipes?

Very similar but not as moist. Still really good.

Are these ‘nested’ or ‘continuous feed’ as in when i pull 1 out, will the next one come? It’s my biggest issue with water wipes!

I guess nested, similar to a tissue box, not just one long piece of wipe…hope that’s helpful…we’re very happy with them.

Are these continuous feed?

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but the wipes are folded together in the package so that pulling out one wipe lifts the next wipe to the top, ready to go, like pulling a kleenex from a box of kleenexes. I hope this helps!

Do these leave behind a cotton residue after wiping up?

No, they leave no residue at all.

How do these compare to amazon brand wipes?

I have never used the amazon elements wipes, but the mama bear brand are fantastic. I have read reviews of the amazon elements brand turning skin orange and fabrics brown, but i haven’t had that experience with these. I would definitely recommend these wipes. I get them on subscribe and save and it is amazing.

Are these compostable in industrial compost facilities?

Need to check with yr recyclable people.

What is the size of one individual wipe?

They’re 5×6 good size.

Our favorites wipes are huggies pure. Are these as good?

No the unscented version is scented and i found black spots on a few , pretty close but not better

It says that the wipes are made with at least 15% cotton what’s the rest? Is it synthetic?

Water. Glycerin. Matricaria. Cucumber. Licorice. Punica. Citric acid. Sodium benzoate. Disuccinate. No animal products. Hypoallergenic. Plant based wipes. Perfect.

I ordered one box, should include 6 packs. However, i only received 5 packs. Should i replace this item?


Are these wipes discontinued?

Not the momma bear wipes

The second ingredient is phenoxyethanol. Exactly how much of it is in this product?

Need to ask the manufacturer.

Are these wipes textured?

They are like a cloth. If you get them take them out of the bag and put into a container. Half of mine had black stuff on/in them. My daughter had a horrible fungal infection from it.

How do these compare to the honest wipes?

We couldn’t use honest wipes without skin irritation, but we can use these mama bear wipes and we love them. Everyone is different, and for us, these wipes are the best. Our whole family loves them. We prefer these mama bear wipes over any other brand. They’re really great!

Is this wipe bleach free?

No bleach is in the mama bear baby wipes

How are these 99% water with all the ingredients

There is only one other ingredient with the exception of the cotton wipe.

However, anything can be 99% of one thing and have 1% of many other ingredients. Thing about seasoning chicken…

Are these amazon mama bear wipes the same as the old amazon elements ones i can no longer find? We’ve been using the elements ones for 3+ years

We loved the elements wipes and were really sad when they were discontinued. Luckily, we love these even more!!! These wipes are great. They are the best i’ve seen, and we’ve tried a lot – all of the major brands and competitors. These are definitely the best in my opinion and the most gentle by a long shot. I hope this helps!

Where are these wipes made?

I know the diapers are made in the usa…i’m not 100% sure about the wipes, but i believe it’s the usa as well. I hope that helps!

Are these just gone forever?

Looks like the elements wipes have been replaced by these.

Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic AMAZON

Buy Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free,72 Count (Pack of 6) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
The best wipes available, that i have personally tried.

I love these. They are durable, they are thick, but not too thick. A wipe or two will take care of almost any diaper change. They are clean, and do not leave that slimes feeling some wipes leave. And i love that they’re water wipes, without all those chemicals and scents. I bought to replace water wipes temporarily, and ended up liking them even better. Thanks mama bear!!! You always come through!! Your diapers are all that i used on my granddaughter, even when expensive, and organic, well known named diapers broke her out, mama bear didn’t. And now the wipes are just as pleasing. Amazon has me sold on mama bear anything.
When a medication caused my nephew a pretty bad rash, he didn’t scream and wiggle from pain when i wiped with these. He acted like they didn’t bother the rash at all, where his other wipes seemed like they burned him bc he would scream and rear up when we tried to even pay him with the wipes. Again, love these!!!

5Expert Score
Great for all messes!

My son’s diaper days are long gone, but i am a cna and i’ve bought several cases of these now for the residents on my unit, and i have zero complaints. They are soothing on the skin, and great for tackling any and all messes really easily. I love that the price dropped on these right as i was running low, so i can restock!!

5Expert Score
Love them

I bought these for both my granddaughter and myself. I love them. No odor and they work perfect! They unfold easily, come out of the package easily and have literally zero odor …just a clean smell. They dont’ break apart or rip. Love em !

5Expert Score

These wipes are a great buy. They’re just the right amount of wetness, and perfect for a baby with sensitive skin. I buy these often and they’re my go to wipe.

5Expert Score
My favorite wipes

Soft, easy to use, and great for sensitive skin. They’re ‘unscented’ but still have a slight smell (can wipes ever truly be unscented?). They are on par with, if not better than water wipes and consistently the best price for the quality.

5Expert Score
Great wipes!

We got these specifically for wiping up after meals. I keep them by the high chair for easy clean up. They wipe everything up and are really soft. My daughter has sensitive skin and we prefer unscrewed products. These wipes are great!!

5Expert Score
Perfect for my baby’s sensitive bum!

A lot of wipes irritate my daughters bum. These are great. If you have the same issue i recommend giving them a try.

5Expert Score
Keep it clean

Nice smell, good quality.

5Expert Score
Best for sensitive skin

Perfect product. I had to be refunded because i ordered a six-pack but received only one pack, despite being charged for 6. Watch what you get versus what you paid for.

5Expert Score
Never buying anything else

I love these wipes. Got them at my baby shower from a coworker. I love them. They pull out one at a time. No scent, and they stay moist. The other brands dry out fast, or you end up pulling several out when trying to get one.

4Expert Score
Good wipes

I bought these hoping for a water wipes dupe. They just aren’t quite the same but they are still great and better than most wipes.

4Expert Score
Helps diaper rash!

Good for sensitive skin at a great price

4Expert Score
Best off brand wipes

My son has super sensitive skin and these ones gave him the least amount of reactions compared to other off brand wipes. They cleaned really well as well.

4Expert Score
Almost perfect but not flushable

If they were flushable and the tiniest bit thicker they’d be perfect in every way. Great feel, great scent, nothing overwhelming, solid packaging for once, i only have good things to say.

4Expert Score
Very convenient!!!

The adorable packaging entices my grandkids to this product, and the product itself is great!!!

4Expert Score
Not quite huggies, thinner and rolls up more

Huggies unscented are the best i’ve tried. These are second, so we use them regularly. I took off one star because they are a little thinner than the huggies so they ball up/roll up on themselves more. They are also slightly harder to get out of the package since they cling to themselves, whereas the huggies don’t. I do recommend these and will continue to buy them. We’ve used these for about 2 years.

4Expert Score
Love that it's water based but leaves residue on baby bottom

I have a 2 month old child so her skin is sensitive. This product is great for her sensitive skin but it leaves some reside behind. If no residue, i would give it a full 5 stars. But overall the product is a good product. I will most likely purchase it again.

4Expert Score
Comparable to the original amazon brand

These are comparable to the amazon elements brand feel that was discontinued. The wipe has a fabric feel like the old brand (similar to water wipes but not as good) rather than that thick quilted feel like pampers wipes do. No scent which is good for my daughter’s sensitive bottom. Ive noticed they’re more of a pain to pull out of the package than the old version. Another downside is you do get less in the package/box than the old brand. The wipes themselves are simply comparable, nothing stand-out about them. I’ll keep using these since they’re affordable although i am disappointed the others are no longer available.

4Expert Score
Nothing compares to water wipes brand

These are ok. They still have a scent to them that makes me not want to use them for hands and face as well. But they dispense easily and are soft. If compared to the brand name, nothing i found compares.

4Expert Score
Works well as dog wipes

They’re textured and durable. Barely wet, though, so i use a spray bottle to add more water. I use these as dog paw wipes so i can’t speak for how well it works for babies. I started getting these because the amazon essential wipes disappeared and these seem like the next closest option. Compared to the amazon essential wipes, these have a very mild scent even though it’s marketed as fragrance free- probably from the 10+ ingredients they use… Which i don’t understand.

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