McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code

McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code : Everything Else
McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC Windows| Antivirus Protection: Award-winning protection so you can enjoy life online. Mcafee antivirus delivers a comprehensive, simple solution that protects you online, wherever and whenever. Mcafee protections, including antivirus, are fully compatible with windows 11. Both new windows 11 users and those that upgrade from windows 10 will be protected without interruption. Operating system microsoft windows 11, 10, 8.1 (32- and 64-bit). Windows enterprise not supported. Build 4.11.1 or higher: macos 10.15 and above build 4.9.1: macos 10.12 – 10.14 google android smartphones and tablets 7 or higher apple ios 13 or later supported browsers firefox google chrome safari (macos and ios only) microsoft edge (chromium-based).

What are mcafee antivirus protection 2022 | 1 pc windows| antivirus protection features?

  • Award-winning antivirus: rest easy knowing mcafee’s protecting you from the latest threats
  • Bank, shop and connect worry-free: be warned about risky websites before you click
  • Protect your privacy: easily remove cookies and temporary files that track your online activity
  • 24-hour support: get free customer support via phone, chat or online
  • Instant code download: digital code will be emailed to you after purchase
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McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code AMAZON McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Will it work on windows 7?

Yes, as long as you have all the latest patches installed. We have had issues with systems that don’t have all the latest patches. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I bought this in feb 2020, used it till june when it stopped working. I call mcafee, and got a buzz off run around and no service, why?

Did you buy a full year subscription or just a three month trial subscription? That is what you need to find out first what you actually paid for. If you purchased this from amazon, get your receipt (order form from your account) make a copy and contact mcafee to show you did indeed pay for a full year if you did. There are various types of subscriptions to purchase. Check to see which one you bought. You may have only bought a three or 6 month subscription and then you will have to renew again. Definitely cheaper and worth buying a year at once.

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Buenos días, hice la compra en este momento y no se cómo descargar el código, me podrían enviar la información para obtenerlo?

Necesito el codigo

What version of mcafee is this, ie is it total protection 2018?

This is the 2018 packaging, but it is not the total protection suite. This is the antivirus package, which only supports a single pc. You cannot load this onto other devices. With total protection, you can install on pcs, macs, smartphones and tablets and there are a variety of other features like a password manager and parental controls. Also, regardless of when you purchase our software, you will always receive the very latest in protection as long as you are subscribed because our software is always updating itself to keep you safe. Please let me know if you would like to know more about the differences between this version and mcafee total protection.

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Does it have anti spyware ?

Yes, this protects against all types of online security threats – spyware, malware, ransomware, trojans, viruses, bots, etc. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Will it work with windows 10 s?

Unfortunately no. Windows 10s is a closed operating system and you can only download software out of their app store. We can only support windows 10 if you revert back to it. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you.

Will this work on windows 11?

Yes! We work closely with microsoft so were compatible since the beta released and now that it has officially launched, we fully support it. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Is this good for anti-virus protection

Yes! That is what we do. We protect you from all sorts of malware – viruses, trojans, worms, etc. And we are consistently awarded top honors with antivirus test companies who monitor the industry. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Will this work for android phone?

It does work on android phones. I use it on my samsung

How do i change credit card number in account?

Log in-under your name and profile info go to account info-scroll down to payment methods and click edit. You’ll find all your payment methods there. You can also add and delete cc’s from your cart when you are checking out as well.

Cuanto tiempo tengo para activar la licencia?

Aprox 10 minutos porque mi computadora es un poco lenta

Does it come with file shredder?

Yes! File shredder comes with all of our products. Make sure you go to to redeem your product code and begin the install. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Sirve para un pc en colombia?

Los antivirus son universales pero debes de entrar la página oficial de mcafee para cualquier duda

He comprado pero no me dan el codigo de descarga. Como lo descargo?

Para acceder a su código de activación, vaya a ‘sus pedidos’ y seleccione ‘ver su artículo’ junto al pedido de mcafee.
Puede encontrar el código de activación en ‘canjear su artículo’. Copie este código e ingréselo en Si necesita ayuda, póngase en contacto con nosotros en

I’ve had a code for the 3 device protection the past few years, but want to switch to just a single device. Is this the correct software?

Yes. I also had the 3 device before and i really only needed the one device. This is perfect and working great.

The note says ‘currently, this item is available only to customers located in the united states’ why?

Sorry…i don’t know.

If i purchase this as a gift can i forward the download code for them to get it with no issues?

Yes, absolutely! We (mcafee) don’t receive any of your details when you purchase. We make a connection with you when you take the download code to and create an account with mcafee. Then that code is tied to your email address. You are free to send that to whomever you wish, wherever they are, and the codes don’t expire so however long that takes is fine. Your subscription doesn’t begin until that code is redeemed, so they will have 1 year from whenever they install it. You can also let them know if they do have any problems or questions, they can contact our support staff 24/7 for free at or 866-622-3911. They can also submit questions like you have done here and i will respond. Have a great day!

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I never received it

Yes, and if you check, there is no refund possible. Quick try to cancel through your credit card company…

I paid for a year. Where is my code?

If ordered from amazon you should have received the product code separate. I would suggest to call mcafee support.

Is it possible to get a copy on cd? The pc i need it for cant go on line because it doesn’t have the mcafee.

I don’t think so. But you can download it from another computer and put it on usb stick.

McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code AMAZON McAfee AntiVirus Protection 2022 | 1 PC (Windows)| Antivirus Protection, Internet Security Software | 1 Year Subscription | Download Code : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Worked for me, great savings

It was a bit tricky to get it to work. But works great after that

5Expert Score
Best price

It was easy to install. I didn’t have much to do!

5Expert Score
Love it

Love it, recommended

5Expert Score
Great value for the money

Every year i come here to get and renew my antivirus.

This was easy to install and works great.

This program is great value for the money and worth every dime and my time!

5Expert Score
Difficult to install

You have to look really hard to liad

5Expert Score
Great price (and authentic mcafee code) for basic product!

I’m not sure what is going on with all the negative reviews posted on this product, claiming bogus codes and 3rd-party installers, so this is just a confirmation that all is working as intended:
1. Buy the product
2. Wait for a confirmation email from amazon that your order has processed — that email will also include your activation code and the mcafee website to get your product installed (or extend the expiration date, as in my case)
3. If you have any other antivirus software installed (i.e. Not mcafee), use your program-uninstaller to deactivate and remove it, then re-boot your pc, prior to starting the mcafee activation process. I suspect many of the negative reviews stem from people skipping this — any legitimate anti-virus program will have built-in security to stop almost all other programs from just uninstalling it, so you have to do it (unless it is mcafee to begin with — their website knows how to uninstall their own software)
4. Let mcafee install, period. You’re done and have basic anti-virus protection.
5. If you want to supplement your protection with an additional free program, i’d personally recommend the products from advanced systemcare. They have paid versions of all their products, but they also offer free versions of all of them as well. And these work alongside mcafee quite nicely, i’ve found. And no, i do not work for or benefit in any way from advanced systemcare for stating this — just came across their products years ago and have used them ever since.
6. After and during the installation of mcafee, it will ask you to set up auto-renew. The ‘pro’ is that this gets you free support in the unlikely event your pc does get a virus — mcafee will work with you to get it removed, at no additional cost to you. The ‘con’ is that this sets you up for a ridiculous renewal charge ($40 this year) when your subscription is 30 days away from expiration. If like me, you forget about this con and get charged, you can get a refund within 60 days, so it’s not a huge deal. And you’ll want free support if you do get a virus — happened to me about 6 years ago and was a nightmare, but professionals can diagnose and fix it pretty easily.
7. Never take a renewal-price from mcafee directly — they’re a company, and like all companies, they want to maximize profits. So they’re betting on ‘hooking’ you with any easy auto-renewal, charging you an outrageous fee ($40 currently), and hoping you’re too lazy to want to challenge any of it. Get your refund, then shop the web, and find the exact same product (from amazon for just $5, in my case), and smile 🙂

5Expert Score
It's great, but i had one issue.

I bought this in february of this year for my computer and had it run along with my other antivirus programs. But a week ago, it started to mess up my internet with it’s firewall. I tried to turn the firewall off, but it still messed my ethernet up and i couldn’t turn the program off completely at all. It wasn’t an option which was confusing to me, so i decided to completely uninstall it and my ethernet connection finally started to let me use the internet again. If any of you are wondering, i did turn off wi-fi to see if it was one of those sources but it didn’t do me any favors and i had to get my fathers help. He told me to turn off my antivirus firewalls and i did for all of them, but uninstalling mcafee and keeping the other programs firewalls on worked perfectly. It’s a great product, but i am not using it again because i like my internet, thank you very much.

5Expert Score
Activate the code first

The code worked perfectly for me. Your code will be in the email that they sent to you. Go to the website Enter in the code. After activating the code, it will prompt you to enter in the email that you use for the account in the 2nd tab. Then it will tell you to install it. When installing, if your on windows, click the arrow ^ and click ‘open when installing’ then just wait for it to complete then your all set! I used it for my dell laptop and it went through just fine. Also, the price of this 1 year subscription is very affordable. I hope that helps you all! God bless 🙂

5Expert Score
Good antivirus program, even found my info on dark web

I like the mcafee anti-virus alot. My problem is like all antivirus programs, they give you a great introductory price then when it is time to renew, they want and arm and a leg and your first born baby. So i bought this because of the price thinking i could just use product key to renew but you can’t. You have to do a complete uninstall, then reinstall to make it work.

5Expert Score
Great product!

I had no problem downloading and installing this product. I’ve used mcafee protection for a few years now without incident. Amazon price is more than half off of what the mcafee ‘sale’ price is when you go to the mcafee website, so i like the convenience and value that amazon offers. I recommend that you wait until you only have a day or two left on your subscription because your renewal status starts the day that you install the new version. So, if you still have 10 days left on your existing version and install the new version you will lose those 10 days of your old subscription/version.

4Expert Score
No auto renewal needed

This was the fastest installation/renewal experience i have had. I already had mcafee livesafe on my windows 10. I followed the instructions in the email. The auto renewal everyone is freaking out about is a screen in which mcafee is asking for your credit card info so you can reward them for failing to protect you. On the other hand i understand they have to pay the person that picks up the call. The point is, you don’t have to give them your credit card info and you don’t have to sign up for auto renewal. On the same screen they ask for your credit card, there is a small link that allows you to skip it. So far paying $15 through amazon instead of their $70 renewal worked very nicely, not that i would pay the $70. I would just pick a different software. In the past year mcafee has been mostly in the background unlike norton that always acted like a virus with pop ups and sales pitches. I have no idea which one is more trustworthy or competent but mcafee is definitely less intrusive and annoying. I will update if there is a problem or change down the road. So far so good.

4Expert Score
Seguridad ante todo

Seguridad en la red

4Expert Score
Not bad

I was a bit skeptical about making this purchase but it worked it. It’s only been three days now since i downloaded it to my computer. I did have a moment where some funnies was going on with my laptop after i download the protection so i had to shut my computer down for like 5 minutes and it was fine. Ill write a nother update in 2-3 weeks to see how this is working out.

4Expert Score
Great price

I had same anti virus that expired on my computer. Decided to renew thru amazon, mostly based on price.

Very easy to install

4Expert Score
Good product!

Good product and easy to install! Thanks mcafee!

4Expert Score
It’s easy to install but need to singup for the auto subscription

Overall good product but it took some to install but it’s does the job well now.

4Expert Score
Works well; website sucks

I’ve had mcafee for several years and have had no problems with it at all. No install problems, though if you have another brand you’ll have to uninstall that first. They are overpriced compared to other comparable brands, but if you buy one of these for about $10 the price is unbeatable. My reason for 4 stars is their website. It will send you in circles, always always back to their product page. You have to track down the website that allows you to log in: Then be careful what you click on because you will end up back at the product page. Surely they have lost more customers over frustration with their website (w/zero price info if you are renewing) than they ever gained from relentlessly routing back to the products page.

4Expert Score
Very good protection for a good price.

Very reasonable price. I had to call the company for help installing. Functioning well now.

4Expert Score
Easy to install

It was pretty easy to install took less than an hour

4Expert Score
Works great!

It was easy to install and it works great so far.

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