McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count

McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are mccafe premium medium roast k-cup coffee pods features?

  • 1 box of mccafe premium roast medium coffee k-cup pods
  • Mccafe premium roast medium coffee k-cup pods let you enjoy the mccafe experience at home or at work
  • Medium roast coffee delivers a smooth, balanced flavor
  • 100% arabica bean coffee. Does not contain any of the 8 major allergens
  • Brew a cup of mccafe premium roast coffee in all keurig 1.0 & 2.0 brewing systems
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McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count AMAZON McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

Does this work with keurig 2.0?

It is all i buy and works fine on my keurig 2.0

Does the 84 count k cup also come in decaf?

As of now for me i can not get decaf mccafe

Are these cups past expired date?

I have ordered these several times and have been very satisfied. Only the last order came in a brown cardboard box and the date on each k-cup was 2014. I wasn’t pleased with that but i gave it the taste test and they were good. I will reorder but if i get an expired date again i won’t continue to buy them.

Does anyone know if this is considered a black coffee? I can only drink black coffee while fasting and was wondering if i could drink this?

Yes, this is a black coffee. The only ingredient listed is 100% arabica coffee.

I want the mcafee decaf pods 100 counts deal for prime day

I have not seen it either!!

Sat. While browsering prices with monthly reording were 31cents via 84 count. Bait and switch?

Prices on the web can rise and fall daily. The price really didn’t matter to me. I had tried bustelo coffee pods and the coffee was so horrible that i gave away the entire box full of pods (less 3 which i used.) i also tried dunkin doughnuts coffee pods, which wasn’t too bad either. I stuck with mccafe and drink it every morning.

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Double ordered. May i return?


I had a 3 month standing order?

Good for you

How to add ebt card


Can this be returned


Has anyone noticed the increase in price again?

Everything costs more now.

How much is mc cafe 100


Why is delivery 2 weeks after it ships?

It will be delivery 1 week

What’s the dimensions of the box?

I’m not sure exactly. I shipped it in a 13x11x10 box. I hope this helps🙂

I have not received my order> order placed may 21, 2022> have not received it???????

Try contacting customer support directly. Either set up for an auto ship or lost order, which has happened to me a few times.

Why more expensive per k cup then at sam’s club?

Can’t say for sure but my guess would be, sams club would purchase it in a lot more book which would give them a better price to be able to give you a better price.

Does the product contain harmful substances?

I use mccafe dark (french) roast and i love iit. I like robust coffee not weak. As far as harmful substances, i’ve been drinking this coffee for many years and i seem to be fine. I drank it at mcdonalds for years and i’m still living.

Why is the 84 count $30.01 then $99.98 at checkout?

You will need to take that up with amazon.

When will it be shipped ?

Mine are auto ship set up for the 15th. One you click on a description, it should give you a delivery date.

I’m looking for something really really strong and most of the dark roast is still not strong enough. Is this one strong?

I would say no. Its a medium roast. Mccafe does make a few others that are considered dark roast. I have never tried them because i like light to medium roast. If you look up mccafe coffee/k-cups they will say what type of roast it is on the box. Hope this helps.

McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count AMAZON McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Exactly what i wanted

My favorite coffee and i was happy to find these on amazon. Best part, coffee was ordered and delivered in september 2022 and the expiration date is june 2023. When i order a quantity of 96 pods i don’t want to receive coffee near expiration date as i like my coffee fresh. Super pleased. This will be my new source.

5Expert Score
100% goes to charity and you get the best tasting coffee for being so cool and helping humanity!

Wow, what can i say …the coffee itself is delicious, period. I have several cups of coffee throughout my day. I used to be a big folgers coffee drinker, and yes, that’s still good too. However, i permanently switched because of the greatness that comes from it. I’m helping charity and i thank god for paul newman and his smart, talented, and lovely wife, joanne woodward. They gave so much back to humanity. I know of no other charity organization that gives 100% back to charity. I love, love the coffee and their other products are just as tasty!

5Expert Score

Good coffee. Smooth rich taste. I drink it black and find a lot of the k-cups to acrid. This is my go to k-cup. Better if you actually drive to mickey d’s and get some fresh brew.

5Expert Score
Medium roast is yum

Thank you for the coffee received today, someone must have took yesterday by accident, and they put it back today, its in great shape ! Thank you again …dad loves this coffee

5Expert Score
Lately this is our go-to coffee

My husband is picky about coffee, he doesn’t like it too strong and tends to go for breakfast blends. I generally go for a dark or medium roast, because i don’t want to drink creamer water. This coffee makes us both happy, so it’s my go-to brand and flavor.

5Expert Score
Great coffee taste, no bitterness!

Love the flavor. No bitters, not too bold or too weak. Best coffee taste, especially if you use pods as well.

5Expert Score
Good product. Wish i’d bought more.

One of the best coffee pods i’ve purchased on amazon. Too bad the sale price is over. I would’ve bought more.

5Expert Score
Great coffee at a good price

Love the flavor medium roast. Like that i could buy the large quantity of 84 count. Not available in my area.

5Expert Score
Tastes just like fresh from the restaurant

Love mcdonalds decaf coffee. I order this regularly and with the pods the coffee always has that fresh brewed flavor.

5Expert Score
Great value for the flavor!

My mother loves this decaf coffee! In fact, i buy it in bulk for her. It has a rich flavor at a good value. The taste is almost as good as sipping it in a high end restaurant.

4Expert Score
Good coffee

I’m not sure if i like the morning blend or the premium blend better but premium seems to be the only product i can by a box of 96 cups.

4Expert Score
Taste good

Taste is good

4Expert Score
Premium roast

Coffee arrived on time and is being used for breakfast

4Expert Score
Best for my budget

Have tried several decalf brands. This is my second best favorite as far as taste goes but best for price. Since i’m on a fixed budget this is the one i purchase. I’m a satisfied buyer.

4Expert Score
Grate coffee

I bought it at a good price and love the taste.

4Expert Score

As much as i love trying new kcups brands, i always come back to this. I just like the flavor and freshness…i’ve never had an issue with bitterness or weakness. It’s just a nice, good cup of coffee ️.

4Expert Score
It is the original but we like

Morning coffee

4Expert Score
Not as good as at the restaurant

Good value decent taste

4Expert Score
Mccafe coffee is good

The coffee is good

4Expert Score
Great product

Morning coffee

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