MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single

MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single

Buy MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are mcs studio gallery frame features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • This 16’x24′ frame perfectly showcases your favorite photos, posters, or art prints.
  • Profile of each frame is 1. 125′ wide with a black woodgrain finish
  • Each frame is made of mdf wood with plastic styrene front to prevent breakage
  • Frames include pre-attached saw tooth hangers for vertical or horizontal wall hanging
  • Easy to open turn buttons make adding your photograph a breeze
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MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single AMAZON

Buy MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Will they fit a 27 x 40 movie poster?

Yes, we’ve ordered a few of these and every poster fit just fine

Would i be able to sand this down and stain it?

No you can not sand it down but you can spray paint it.

Can this frame be used vertically?

Yes, and it does have mounting points for it. It’s even listed in the about item bullet points:
‘frames include pre-attached saw tooth hangers for vertical or horizontal wall hanging’

I’m wanting to use this to frame a puzzle. Is this pretty sturdy?

I’ve bought two so far and have used them to frame puzzles and they worked perfectly! Very nice quality frames! I think they are very sturdy, they have a good weight to them and they hang well on the wall. The plexiglass is a little thin but still worked well.

I ordered each one separately and both arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. I was able to pop my puzzles in and they were ready to hang. Will buy more when i have more puzzles to frame!

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I have a 16.4 x 23.2 poster and am wondering if the 16 x 24 frame will work. I’m fine if some of it gets off by the frame but not sure if it will fit

If your fine with the picture being cut off a little then it should work.

Does it include glass or what?

Can the plastic part be separate from the frame, or is it one part?

How much does it weigh?

According to the product description, it’s just under 5 pounds for the 18×24 frame

Is it glass or plexiglass


Is it actual wood or laminate that will detach over time?

Not actual wood. The corner cracked the day i got it.

My 16×20 frame came with plastic, not glass interior. Can i order one with glass?


Is the lens glass or plastic?


Will this fit half inch thick picture?

Yes. You may have to secure with additional tape.

One of the materials listed is plastic. What part of this frame is plastic?

The clear part that goes over the print, it would normally be glass in any other picture frame.

Will this frame hold a 3/4” canvas

Do you mean the canvas has a thickness of 3/4”? In this case, no it won’t. The space between the glass and the backing of the frame is very thin and fits more for posters and puzzles. Not something so big like canvas.

Do i go off the opening size or overall dimensions? My poster is a little over 17.5” and exactly 24”.

I would do overall dimensions. Better to he a tad big than just a little to little.

Would this frame work for framing a 20×30 puzzle?

The 20×30 frame is likely too small to fit the same size puzzle. There needs to be some extra space around the outside of the puzzle so the back of the frame can be secured. The 24×36 would be a better size. You also need to make sure that your puzzle isn’t too thick otherwise you may not be able to secure the backing after you insert your puzzle. Check your puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces 4mm thick or less should be ok to use. Here’s a link to the 24×36 frame:

Will this work to stretch a canvas? Need to frame paint by number canvas.

I don’t think so as it is an actual finished frame. I would stretch the canvas on an unfinished wooden frame for stapling, then insert into this frame., although the frame is only 3/4′ wide.

Does it come with plexiglass?

Yes. Mine came with a thin sheet of plexiglas rather than glass.

How is the glare? I see it uses plastic on the front.

Probably depends where you hang…i went with these because im using velcro to hang rather that put holes in my wall…if they happen to fall– no glass

I have a metal picture. Do you think it will fit 16×24?

It depends on the thickness. There is quite a bit of “wiggle” room so if it is not to thick, it should fit!

MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single AMAZON

Buy MCS Studio Gallery Frame, Black Woodgrain, 16 x 24 in, Single: Everything Else – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfect for puzzles

White wooden quality frames. 2 for about $40. Well packaged. Arrived in perfect condition. My aunt had put together 2 beautiful puzzles and modge podged them so they would stay together. They fit perfectly in the frames. The puzzles were a bit thicker than a poster that would normally go in the frame. So it was a bit harder to get the stays in place. I liked that this frame had so many stays. The metal stays twist around into place between the wood part of the frame and the cardboard backing. Being as it was a tight fit, they did not go in place easily. It took pressure on the frame and pushing down on the metal while turning to get them in position. Took some patience. I found they moved easier when the frame was stood up than lying down. This is not a flaw. My puzzles thickness just made it a bit harder to get them in place. Once the stays were set, i pulled off the extra plastic shielding the front. Hubby said i was supposed to remove that first, but then i would have gotten fingerprints and dust all over it during my maneuvers to get it sealed up. I am very happy with these frames. I like that they have a plentiful amount of hanging hardware attached and lots of stays to keep everything in place. One more tip, make sure you have the puzzle and the cardboard in the correct direction for hanging before turning the stays. I almost closed them without checking and would have had the hanging hardware on the bottom of the picture. Lol

5Expert Score
Nice economical frame

I measure the opening at 39cm (15.35in) by 59cm (23.23in)

it’s solid (already survived one drop) with sawtooth hangers to mount horizontally and vertically. There are several metal latches to secure your artwork from the back and a thick plastic sheet to protect it from the front. The plastic is nice and clear with removable film on both sides to protect the surface during transit, not that it needs it with the excellent packaging. Tbh, i’m thinking of saving the boxes for when i move.
If your art is smaller, you can use the paper insert as a matte or a jig for cutting a matte. If your art is larger, there’s space enough to press a canvas in without trimming.

5Expert Score
Nice looking, flexible sized mat

I have been looking for a source for low priced, nice looking frames for some time. Blick’s shipping is prohibitive where i live. This frame fit the bill. I would be happier if it did not have the ‘easy framing’ style backing as it doesn’t look professional. The opening was cut very small which allowed me to recut it to fit my artwork, adding value to the frame. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to present art work for sale, this could be your answer.

5Expert Score
Beautiful wood with glass

Well packaged, with hard plastic protective corners. Dark black frame with wood grain texture. Real glass.
Looks amazing with my new ‘any means necessary’ print. Either the frame is a speck big, or the print is a tad smaller than the 11×17.
So i cut a piece of cardboard from the box it came and added it in between the print and the back. Keeps the print from sliding down. Nice frame.

5Expert Score
Must buy!

I was hesitant buying this frame based on some negative reviews, but i’m so glad i did! They are perfect for my 1000 piece puzzles! I loved it so much that i even came back and purchased a second. Won’t hesitate to buy more from this brand/seller if the need arises. Comes well packaged and looks like the advertised picture.

5Expert Score
Beautiful frame

A beautiful frame, and easy to hang. Perfect for my needs. I have a media room and this petticoat junction photo, signed by lori saunders, ‘bobbi jo’ my first crush as a little boy, is one of my favorites and looks great in this frame.

5Expert Score
Well made quality

I was skeptical about the frames being a little pricey but once i received it, i saw how well made it was and it’s a very sturdy frame that has options of hanging on the wall or placing on a table.

5Expert Score
This size is for the old size newspapers, not todays newspapers.

Purchase this frame for 1995 newspaper of the atlanta braves world series. The newspaper fit in it perfectly. You do have to remember, that newspaper from 25 years ago it’s a different size than today’s newspapers, so just take that into account. Would definitely purchase this again. Shipped and delivered as promised.

5Expert Score
Very nice affordable frame good hardware

This frame is inexpensive, but does not cut corners, there are two hooks each for hanging both vertically and horizontally, and the retention tabs are the good rotating style, rather than the cheap bendable type that can break off. It’s very light, the frame is most likely plastic rather than true wood, but it looks fine and blends in perfectly with black picture frames from other companies that its been hung among on my walls.

5Expert Score
Very good quality for the price!!!!

Ii need to buy a lot of frame in the near future but have little money to spend. This was the least expensive individual frame i found in this size (8×8) so i wasn’t expecting much and only hoped it would at least look ok. The frame looks good! It is heavy, and sturdy and seems decently made. I would recommend this to anyone needing a frame in this size.

4Expert Score
Fake wood and plexiglass.

I ordered these thinking they would be real wood and glass, but received 2 of them today and they’re both plexiglass with wood frames that have wood grain pattern printed on them. Happy that they both arrived intact, but one is warped and doesn’t sit flush against the wall, and the other the frame is almost buckled inward on top.

That being said, they do fit the birth poster perfectly, which is what i ordered them for. You can see the comparison to real wood with the sign hanging over them. Still very pretty, just wish i got some that were straighter/not warped.

4Expert Score
Good but not perfect

Frames are sturdy and a good value for the money. After hanging them, we kept taking them back down because the pictures did not look even. Finally, measured them and one is 1/2′ larger than the other. Placed them farther apart so it is not as noticeable. Is a hard size to find at this price.

4Expert Score
Plastic but sturdy

If your picture/poster has writing a little might be cut off.

4Expert Score
Nice frame

Good frame. A little price but would probably purchase again

4Expert Score
Size i needed

It was the perfect size for van gogh poster i had

4Expert Score
A nice frame for the price

It’s a nice, serviceable frame, for the price. It looks decent, it’s lightweight, easy to install.

4Expert Score
1 was perfect, the other heavily 'pixalated' overall good purchase for the price…

1 canvas print can be read clearly its the one with the smaller print, (laundry symbols) thats not legible ‘pixlated’, i would purchase again. Good value for the price.

4Expert Score
Item as described.

Item as described.

4Expert Score
Good for price

Not a bad frame does the job looks good price is good for the quality

4Expert Score
Item as described.

Item as described.

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