Meat Chopper, Hamburger Chopper, Premium Heat Resistant Masher and Smasher for Hamburger Meat, Ground Beef, Ground Turkey and More, Nylon Ground Beef Chopper Tool and Meat Fork, Non Stick Mix Chopper

What are meat chopper features?

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  • Perfect kitchen tool: our meat chopper tool with 5 wide beveled pinwheel blades, which is easier to chop and crumble food than other products with three or four blades. This meat masher can not only chop all kinds of meats for quick cooking, but is also very suitable for mixing and mashing other foods, such as gelatin, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Premium and safe material: our ground meat masher is made of very solid nylon material, bpa free, non-stick, odorless, and with a high temperature resistance up to 447°f; it is safe to use on all types of cookware including non stick and coated.
  • Ergonomic design: our chopper and masher comes with a non-slip ergonomic handle and five blades designed to efficiently chop, mix, mash and smash, and can relieve hand fatigue, making your kitchen tasks easier and faster.
  • Easy to clean: this meat masher adopts anti-dirt design, non-stick surfaces, the ground meat chopper can be cleaned easily in the sink or dishwasher. This meat smasher utensil is the best tool for cooking in your kitchen.
  • Easy to use: simply press the blade of the ground beef smasher into the cooked food and stir to the desired consistency; use the angled blade to scrape the sides of bowls and pots when mixing and mashing food.
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Looking for specific info?

How about this ground beef?

It certainly won’t grind the beef but it’s great for separating and cooking it.

Is this dishwasher safe?


Can it be used to swizzle callaloo?

It u want it like cream u can but most of all it for mashing meat and also it can mashing u potatoes

Does it come in stainless steel

No. This hamburger smasher ​is made of nylon.

Can this be used for mixing up meatballs and meatloaf?

Not in my opinion. Meatloaf and meatballs are best mixed with hands. The chopper is for making cooked meat into loose meat

Will this damage non-stick pots and pans?

No, it will not damage non-stick pots and pans. It is a wonderful tool and i am going to buy a couple more so i can give them to family members.

Can i use a meat masher for potatoes?

It would not be best for a mashed potatoes masher.

Is this dishwasher safe?

It is good quality, and since i use it for raw meat, i will wash it then put it in the dishwasher.

Does it pull apart?

This is going to be a xmas gift, i just look at it and it does not pull apart…it is one piece..
Very strong material. It says it is made of food grade nylon, non-toxic, odorless non-stick, bpa free.

Compared with farberware, this meat smasher is easier to decompose hamburger meat?

I’ve never used the farberware one, but it does work better than any of the brands that have only 4 fins.

Can you use potato masher for hamburger?

Yes. When cooking ground beef or sausage, use a potato masher to break the meat into chunks. It’s much more efficient than using a spoon or spatula, and it forms more even pieces.

What’s the benefit over just using your spatula?

The benefit of using this you can grind your meat up into pieces where with a spatula all you can do is flip the meat.

Can this be used when mashing hot things like out of the boiling pan potatoes ?

This is a meat chopper & i use it to break up hamburger & other meats when cooking in a skillet that’s hot; therefore, i feel it is durable enough for using to mash things out of boiling water such as potatoes. However, my question to you would be if you want things mashed, why not use a potato masher? Never thought i would use this much but it is my go to utensil when browning meat.

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Where is this made?

I do not know where it’s made, i do know it’s the best i have ever seen in any store by far, i would never call this one plastic, highly recommend

Is this ground beef smasher durable?

Very durable and does a good job chopping ground beef.

Is the handle sturdy with a comfortable grip?

The meat masher ​handle meets the ergonomic design which can perfectly fit your hand curve and increase grip, non-slip and greatly relieve hand fatigue while have long time gripping.

Can i use it to chop up hamburger?

Yes! Excellent for hamburger!

Where is this made?

It looks like it was made in china

Can i use this meat chopper to mash potatoes?

I have never use it for that but i don’t know why you could not and i am going to try that myself. It works great for chopping meat such as ground beef etc so why not potatoes

Where is it made?

Not sure. I didn’t really think that was relevant. It works well. That’s all i care about.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It’s a meat mallet, there’s not a lot else to say.

It’s easy to get sucked into the habit of having to read 5-10 reviews to get the confidence to buy something online.

This, is a meat mallet, a meat chopper. Don’t go crazy thinking about it

it bashes, it breaks, and in a pinch it can double as a small tool to threaten your children if they’re misbehaving.

It’s not gonna change the world but it’s helpful when cooking.

Stop reading reviews on it, and if you think it might be useful, buy it!

5Expert Score
How could i live without it all these years!?!?!

This is the one kitchen tool i will never be apart from! I was researching for a tool to assist spreading the ground beef in the pan when cooking, when i came across this unique shape one and decided to give it a shot. Besides performing above expected spreading ground beef, it is a great food mixer!!!

5Expert Score
Very helpful kitchen tool

For years i struggled breaking up ground meat for dinners. I wish i had this tool years ago. I was surprised how easy and even the ground meat was separated using this. Additionally, this kitchen tool feels very well made and cleans easy. I highly recommend purchasing this.

5Expert Score
Great device

Never thought i’d be excited about a smasher but i am. This device made the mashing of ground beef so much easier. It’s light, sturdy, and simple tu use
very easy to clean. I’ve been disappointed with kitchen gadgets in the past but this one is a winner

5Expert Score
Works great and is easy to clean

I purchased this item on a whim after seeing a similar product in the pampered chef catalog. This one is much less expensive and works like a charm. I‘ve always just used a spatula for chopping up ground beef or sausage, but this utensil is a new must for our home.

5Expert Score
So easy to use!

Using this to cook chopped meat, chicken or turkey saves so much time! I wish i had bought this sooner! The meat breaks apart into small bits so easily and cooks quickly

5Expert Score
Great job

This is a gift my daughter wanted. Watching her use it on some hamburger made me possibly get one. She loves it. It mashes the meat into finer pieces for stews/soups/casseroles.

5Expert Score
Loce this appliance.

I have only used this chopper on meat but i am going to try other uses. One of th best gadgets ever made.

5Expert Score
Works great for ground meat

We regularly make ground turkey and this makes the process much faster in terms of breaking it up and it cooking more evenly so i recommend this product

5Expert Score
Handy helper

Works as advertised and came on time. A better way for sure when it comes to ground meat for any recipe

4Expert Score
Cuts time

I use this to separate the ground beef while it’s cooking. I can not fathom the idea of going back to using a spatula to break down the ground beef. This product has cut that amount of time it takes to break it down significantly. It’s easy to use, and comfortable to hold. I can imagine a person that has challenges holding things easily using this product. My only downside is a personal thing which it the texture. I’m very sensitive to textures, and it feels funny to me, and i can only imagine it will not feel that way to most of the population, so just buy it as it will save you a ton of time.

4Expert Score
A smashing product

Haven’t used it yet as i just got it today, but i’ve seen it used on a couple of cooking shows & those people were quite pleased.
It has a comfortable grip & looks quite sturdy.
I would never have paid the full price for this, but saw it on sale at 33% off & grabbed it. I think i’ll be glad i did.

4Expert Score
Chops up meat but a little hard to clean

Chops up meat well but not sure it’s any better than a metal spatula for cutting up meat.

4Expert Score
Pretty good

Quite strong and robust. Wait until ground meat is 3/4 cooked then start pounding. Works really well. Way easier and faster than a spatula.

4Expert Score
Works as expected

Works well and not a burden to clean.

4Expert Score
It works

It actually breaks up beef, turkey and wieners (kids) to fine or mild chopped.

4Expert Score
The handle will melt. Just leaning on skillet.

Liked everything about it.
Bottom paddle takes high heat well, without melting. The handle cannot take even medium heat lying aside a skillet on low. Used maybe 5/6 times. Disappointed, i really liked it.
Great for getting burger ready for tacos.

4Expert Score
I bought two of these in this is the toughest one, needs to be at able to take heat

Well made an adverse the heat

4Expert Score
Pretty good

I have only had chance to use this once but seems to work well!!

4Expert Score

Well made affordable easy-to-use

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