Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari

Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari

Buy Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari: Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are melissa & doug paint with water activity books set: farm features?

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  • Three watercolor activity books: the melissa & doug paint with water activity books set is a three-pack water-coloring book for kids featuring jungle, barn animals, and underwater ocean scenes and a paint palette embedded right inside the book.
  • Easy to use: our activity book 3-pack for kids is an ideal mess-free introduction to painting that’s incredibly easy to use. Simply wet the paintbrush, moisten the paint palette, and fill in the pictures.
  • Helps teach skills: this water-painting for kids activity set of three books helps teach color recognition and promotes the use of fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Gift for ages 3 to 6: the melissa & doug paint with water activity book set makes a delightful and educational gift for kids from 3 to 6 years. Add the melissa & doug reusable sticker pad to round out the hands-on and screen-free play experience.
  • ‘the gold standard in childhood play’: for more than 30 years, melissa & doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that nbc news called ‘the gold standard in early childhood play.’
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Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari AMAZON

Buy Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari: Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is the paint non toxic?

Hi there. I want to assure you that we at melissa & doug take safety very seriously. We test our products to stringent global standards that assess chemical content. These standards ensure that we exceed expectations for the control of restricted substances and heavy metals. You may find additional information regarding our comprehensive testing program and commitment to safety on our site. Https://

Are the pages able to be used again once they dry?

No, they are not reusable. I did not have much luck with the paint on the page actually working – it barely even added a tint when used with a wet brush on the page. We ended up using actual paint kits for them to be able to paint these pictures. Totally defeated the purpose of a ‘less-mess’ approach here.

Are these paints gluten free?

You don’t eat them…

Are these paperback or hard bound?

They are paper bound. My grandkids love them.

Do each of these books come w/its own brush?

This is a melissa doug paint set, and each set has its own brush and paint palette for sure. Thanks

How many pages come in one book?

Do not know, but there isn’t enough watercolor paint on the cakes at the top of the page to add enough color to each design.

Is the paint washable?

The package says to cover the work surface with paper & wear protective clothing. Art supplies may not wash out of all materials.

How many pages per book?

20pgs per books, so 60 pgs in total.

Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari AMAZON

Buy Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Activity Books Set: Farm, Ocean, Safari: Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Cute for kids

Very easy to use, just need to add a cup of water. The kids love it and it saves a big mess. It sparks their imagination and keeps them busy for a while.

5Expert Score
Perfect toy!

Melissa and doug have absolutely wonderful products, i can’t wait to use this with my grandson!

5Expert Score
Paint books

Ordered for my great grand babies and they have fun painting but we use q tips instead of brush

5Expert Score
My 2 & 3 year old grandchildren love these ( and so do their parents-no paint on the walls!)

I send these paint with water books to my grand kids for every occasion-no mess!

5Expert Score
A craft without the mess or taking time to set up

This is a mommy miracle!!!!

I am a single mom of three and it never fails that one of my toddlers needs something or wants something while i am in the mists of adulting. I want my kids to have fun, be artistic, free play, and more. However there are times i say “we can do that later.” however “later” in my mom brain means, i don’t want to clean up again where i just cleaned and i also can’t stop what i am doing to get everything set up for a craft. These are amazing water color pages that have no mess, i can just get them a small water cup for their paint brush and it takes me less than 30 seconds to get them everything they need. I take these everywhere now. I own a salon and there are many times my kids come to work with me and this can keep them busy for a while so i can focus on my clients. Or when we go to a restaurant, they always have water. I think everyone with kids needs these!

5Expert Score
My granddaughter loves this activity.

Love the palette built right into each page

5Expert Score
Love these

I love these paint with water books. My 1 year old can get the experience of painting without as much of a mess

5Expert Score
Thank you

Hello my name is kari. I love these water paint books. My mom originally had them and my daughter’s absolutely loved them so i had to cut some for my daughter’s for our house. I have two and a half year old twins. Girls are wonderful. I love this item and i stepped on one of the pens canvas question can put a hole in the very end. I am unable to afford to buy a new one for now i was hoping out of kindness maybe with everything going on he would be willing to donate one book to replace it. I just thought i would ask you don’t have to. I just thought i would reach out to sea what your thoughts might be. I just want you to know i love purchasing from you i’m a very faithful amazon prime member. Thank you for everything you do. I’m an essential worker i’m a pharmacy technician so i have to go to work every single day just like some of your workers. So thank you.

5Expert Score
We are never dissapointed with their products!

You can’t go wrong with melissa and doug products. I have been buying their products for years, for my grandchildren, and have never been disappointed!

5Expert Score

It’s a really fun, low mess craft for kids. My 2.5 yo loves them!

4Expert Score
Use a proper paint brush instead of the one included!

Love this! My daughter loves to paint but it’s such a pain to bring out all the paint and cleaning up is just as bad. Whats worse is when they mix up all the paint colors so everything ends up poop brown after one session. Such a waste of paint! I don’t have that problem with these pages. I love that each page already has the paint included in it. I just tear a page off and she’s ready to paint. Clean up is also super easy. My only critique is that the paint brush that comes with is very poor quality and doesn’t really pick up the paint. The first time we tried this, it was barely coloring the page despite pretty much saturating the paints. After using a better paint brush, however, we haven’t had any problems with color quality. Colors are vibrant and just the right amount! This is perfect for busy moms who want to foster that creative spirit in their children but hate the mess!

4Expert Score
Paint hard

Paint needs a little time with water exposure before you can lift it to brush on the picture. Otherwise, its great!

4Expert Score
Fun for little kids

Nice concept. Works ok. The watercolors provided are hard to apply and be able to see. The colors are very light when painted on and run out quickly.

4Expert Score
Very fun, just wisht he colors worked a little better.

I love the pictures that come with these sets. I gave the product four stars instead of five because i wish the colors that came with the pictures worked a little better. To paint on them we use some of the color that comes with the pictures, but primarily we use a separate water color set. My daughter absolutely loves painting these and so do i.

4Expert Score
Great gift and minimal mess

I love to keep these around for a quick paint time with toddlers, three and four year olds too. The paint brush is not great. And the paper quality is lacking. So, they don’t hold up well to kids and water color paint. They are affordable for what they are and there is not a lot of good water color style coloring books out there for kids.

4Expert Score
Lots of fun

I noticed after the first time these were used then dried there was white paper looking stuff coming off. It was possibly the coating to make them work? Otherwise my son loves these!

4Expert Score
Sanity saver

What a relief when these came today – my daughter has been begging to paint but we are on a trip. While it’s always better to let them have at on a wide open piece of blank paper, sometimes i do not have the sanity for that. These are for those days.

4 stars because there isn’t quite enough paint on the chips to cover the paper (didn’t have this problem with the last pad we purchased), but still a good product.

4Expert Score
Good value no mess

The paint is hard at times to make dark enough but perfect.for.toddlers and reduces spills and mess

4Expert Score
My 3 year old loves these painting books. They're …

My 3 year old loves these painting books. They’re not very messy, and so convenient. My only issue with this particular brand is the paint doesn’t seem to be as colorful as some of the other books we’ve tried….it seems to come out a little more watery than others.

4Expert Score
It's actually paint with paint

As kids my sibs and i had paint books that we would paint with water and colors would appear. That’s what i thought this was. Instead, each page has a strip of dried water color paints attached. It’s convenient. No need to carry a water color set, and each picture has a fresh strip. I would have preferred what i was looking for though. Less potential mess.

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