Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White)

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White)

Buy Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are mellanni queen sheet set – hotel luxury 1800 bedding sheets & pillowcases – extra soft cooling bed sheets – deep pocket up to 16 inch mattress – wrinkle features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Feel the difference – sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. Silky soft, most comfortable and luxurious bed sheets you can find. Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest room, kids room, rv, vacation home. Great gift idea for men and women, moms and dads, valentine’s – mother’s – father’s day and christmas
  • Queen size luxury 4pc bed sheets set – 1 flat sheet 102’x90′, 1 fitted sheet 80’x60′, 2 pillowcases 20’x30′. Deep pocket fitted sheet with elastic all around (not just the corners, like other sheets). Fits mattresses up to 16′
  • Easy care – fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. Machine wash in cold. Dries quick on tumble dry low. More durable than cotton
  • Highest quality brushed microfiber – made of the highest quality microfiber and workmanship so you know it lasts! Fabulous selection of colors will make your bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine
  • Mellanni lifetime promise – mellanni is a different kind of company that prides itself on providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. If you are not satisfied with your purchase at any point and for any reason, you can return it with no questions asked. That’s the mellanni promise (in fact, you don’t even have to send back the product)
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Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White) AMAZON

Buy Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What fabric are these sheets made out of? What chemical is used to make them ‘stain resistant’?

The ones we bought are made of ‘microfiber.’ but that’s just a generic term: it simply means a very fine–small diameter–synthetic thread, finer than a strand of silk (which itself is very fine). The basic purpose of using microfibers is that they are very soft and, well, silky. Polyester, nylon and kevlar are all used to make microfibers. I remember something in the packaging mentioning ‘birch,’ as in the tree, being the source of the material. If that’s the case then the microfibers would be cellulosic: rayon or viscose, which are soft and luxurious by nature. The fabric could also be a blend, say incorporating polyester microfibers for strength. Regardless, all of these fibers are reasonably stain resistant so i don’t believe there is a separate treatment for that. And they’re all hypoallergenic.but remember, i’m only guessing as to the chemistry of the actual thread.

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Do you feel like you are sliding off the sheets?

I did slide off the side of the bed twice. Didn’t realize it was the sheets until the second time. I am 84 years old and spent the entire night lying on my back on the floor beside the bed because i couldn’t get up and had nothing to pull myself up. Please tell senior citizens to avoid. The problem came when i raised my legs to lie down on the side of the bed. Purchased in november,2021.

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Do these sheets smell bad after awhile? I ask because they are microfiber and should absorb moisture (i.e. Sweat).

There are some really snarky answers on here to a very legitimate question. Sorry about that. First, these are the softest sheets i have ever had and i own two sets because i never want to be without them. I’m planning to purchase another set just for travel as we travel frequently and some hotels have scratchy bedding. Yes, i have noticed these do absorb odors and normal washing doesn’t seem to do the job. I wash mine in vinegar and hot water and that works great.

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How deep is the queen fitted sheet? Also, are there pillow cases that matc?

Deborah, are you measuring from the top of the mattress or from where your present sheet starts ? I am trying to buy sheets online and i looked at the fitted sheet on my queen bed tonight and i measured from the very top of the mattress to where it goes down and tucks under and my friend said i should measure from where my present sheet’s seam starts. Then i realized that i didn’t need a 16′ deep pocket – i hope!

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Do these sheets sleep cool?

Of course, they are super thin! In no time at all you will have nothing but holes covering you. You will be nice and cool then! True!

Are the reviews for exactly the same sheets? It seems impossible that the best and worst reviews can be for the same product.

It says questions may be answered by sellers and manufacturers. From reading the reviews i have no doubt some are written by them as well. You can tell they’re pushing them. And the spelling and grammar are perfect – you don’t see that consistently from customers. The negative and so-so reviews seem much more like they’re written by real people. Of course some of the positive ones are too, just not this many. Read through them, it’s obvious some are advertising.

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I seem to have issues finding sheets that don’t sound like nylon jogging pants any time you move at night. Are these sheets, um, quiet to sleep in???

I think they are quiet. I have not noticed them being loud or sounding like nylon jogging pants. I do know what you are talking about. Its almost like the softer the sheets, the louder they are for some reason. These are quiet.

How long have you had these sheets and have they held up over time? Any pilling? Threadbare patches? Seams unraveling?

I have had them pilling or threadbare patches or unraveling..i had avery expensive
set that needed to be ironed after washing not my thing….i like these so much i ordered
another set of them

Due to allergies, i wash my sheets in hot water, and dry on high. Has anyone washed these in hot water; if so, did they survive?

I use 100% cotton because of my severe severe allergies. I bleach them to disinfect, wash on the hottest setting & dry on the hottest setting once a week, every week. I am using a brand i got off of amazon for really inexpensive is & they’re so amazingly soft, what you’d expect to pay for quality microfiber. I highly recommend getting cotton or any natural fiber even bamboo for allergies and not microfiber, they are magnets for dust, hair etc.

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Has anyone ever used this for a purple mattress, do they stretch enough?

I put them on an intex air mattress that was 22′ tall. These sheets have very deep pockets, easily 18′, with no slipping.

Do these sheets stay cool? I need cool sheets for the hot summer.

They stay an average body temp, that might be the easiest way to answer. From my experience if it is mid 60s at night i can throw a comforter on top and still not feel overly hot or sweaty. They stay cooler more often than staying warmer to be honest, and they are super comfy.

Ironing needed?

I didnt need to iron the bottom sheet. The top sheet did have the usual creases that a new sheet has out of the packaging. After washing and drying, didnt need to iron.

Do these sheets have pilling issues?

I bought 2 sets in nov 2016 and rotate weekly, so each set has been washed approximately 20 times and they’re still as comfy as the day i bought them. No pilling issues at all.

Is the material more like a cotton percale or a sateen? Is it slippery?

It’s a microfiber so i feel like it is between a cotton and a sateen…it’s not slippery feeling though. Very soft and comfortable.

Does the fitted sheet fit right? I’ve been searching for one and all the king size are actually too big and look like tablecloths.

I purchased the queen size and it fits perfectly, not too tight or too loose, however, i have a fairly thick mattress and a mattress topper, so it would depend on the depth (thickness) of your mattress. I believe these sheets are designed to fit thicker mattresses. If your mattress is not very thick, these sheets would likely fit loosely, but they do have nice elasticized corners that would wrap around your mattress and wouldn’t be like a tablecloth.

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I am very hot natured. Do these sheets feel cool?

They may feel cool to the touch but not good for a hot person or a person who sweats. Microfiber/polyester traps heat and moisture. Go for a natural fiber like cotton for sure. I speak from lots of experience.

Does the set come with 2 pillow cases?

I ordered the king size and it included two king size pillow cases the fitted sheet and flat sheet.

What is thread count?

Notice they advertise 1800 sheets not 1800 thread. Microfiber is polyester and not categorized by thread count. Only cotton does. Seems slick to me to even include that 1800 numbers. Notice from answers and reviews, many people assumed it means 1800 thread count.

Is the light grey as in picture ?or lighter or darker

Well, i guess there shipping department has gone down hill since since the last comment on color. I ordered the silver gray (looks like light gray in picture) received black. There is no color discription on product packaging. Would have returned them but did not have time to replace them. Will say they are very comfortable to sleep on and great fit. But i also realized that i paid double for the same product that several other companies offered on amazon. Make sure you shop around on amazon to get best deal.

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Are these hot at all?

All microfiber is less breathable than a natural fiber. It traps heat and moisture. Definitely not recommended by experts for people who get hot at night. If you run hot i suggest a natural fiber. I used to use cotton but switched to microfiber once because of the awesome pricing but couldn’t sleep with the material since i ‘run hot’ so i had to go back to cotton personally.

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Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White) AMAZON

Buy Mellanni Queen Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases – Extra Soft Cooling Bed Sheets – Deep Pocket up to 16 inch Mattress – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – 4 Piece (Queen, White): Sheet & Pillowcase Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
New favorite sheets!

changed from 1 star to 5. Here’s why:

i finally got ahold of the company (i think i had the wrong contact info) & they responded almost immediately from that email. They sent over new sheets very quickly. So they have lived up to their ‘mellanni lifetime promise’ & it is appreciated.

Now on to the quality of the sheets. Idk how to explain it but when you lay the flat sheet down and try to pull it more to one side, it feels like the other side is already tucked in. It’s weird. Not bad at all – just weird. The sheets are smooth but not silky.

That said, these are currently my favorite sheets. I recently bought 3 or 4 new sheets to find ‘the one’ and so far, these are the best. I usually sleep warm but i don’t find myself soaked in sweat with these. I have pets who sleep with me & that means their hair is everywhere. With these sheets, i don’t feel every. Single. Hair. It’s frigging amazing. These sheets are extremely soft. I havent noticed any changed in texture from washing them. My cat has gotten his claw snagged, which sucks but i’m used to it. I am definitely going to buy another set of these in a different color. I have already recommended them to my brother & he has bought them for himself & likes it as well. He said that he likes the pockets on the fitted sheet since he doesn’t usually use the flat sheet.

Older review:
• soft sheets.
• beautiful color/print.

• the pockets are on the fitted sheet.
• two holes in the flat sheet. (see photos)
• flat sheet was a queen instead of calking. (see photos)
• doesn’t live up to the ‘mellanni lifetime promise’ (if you are not satisfied with your purchase at any point, for any reason, you can return it with no questions asked. That’s the mellanni promise…you don’t even have to send back the product.)

i ordered cal king sheets. We unfortunately didn’t check them before throwing them into the washer & didnt see the issues until it was too late. As soon as we took the sheets out of the package, we loved how they felt. So so soft. We were very excited to put these on our bed. I cant talk about how well they are while sleeping though. I did know ahead of time that the pockets were on the fitted sheet but i am mentioning it because well, we would have liked them on the flat sheet instead.

Amyways, we would have been happy with them regardless but as we were making the bed, i noticed a hole in the flat sheet. My fiancé thought it was small enough to ignore so we continue trying to make the bed. He kept pulling the sheet all the way to his side & not leaving me any to tuck in on my side. We went back & forth until i realized something wasn’t right. I decided to look at the tag and saw it said queen. What?! How did we get a queen flat & calking fitted sheet? At this point, doesnt matter about the hole or the pockets, we can’t keep it. I decided to look at the sheets more closely and noticed another hole.

The problem is we ordered these sheets before the fires in ca. And then the fires got too close to our home for comfort. So the sheets got ignored and forgotten for a few weeks. It wasn’t until we knew we were safe & didn’t have to evacuate that we remembered the fresh & clean sheets we washed. But it was too late to return through amazon. I decided to email the company before leaving a review because it seems like an easy fix – it wasn’t like we don’t like the sheets because they sleep hot or some other reason (we don’t know either way at this point), plus i saw their ‘promise’.

Well, we still haven’t heard back from the company a few weeks later. I didnt want to leave a bad review but i feel that will be the only way to get their attention since they havent replied to my email.

We have bought other sheets since then that we like. My fiancé would rather us get our money back. I would honestly be happy to get a new set to try but i believe we should definitely get a refund since we did not get the sheets we paid for. I

just thought about: i do wonder how well the sheets hold up seeing as there were two holes in the ones we received. Either these were well-used sheets by someone else or they wear easily.

5Expert Score
Must- have

We own a purple mattress, so we need sheets that are deep. We tried buying sheets at kohls, target, costco, and ran into the same issue. Even when the sheets were advertised as deep, they kept coming off. We spend extra money getting a huge rubberband thing to keep them in place but nothing worked. Also, half of the time, the fabric was garbage. I was scared to buy sheets online because i couldn’t physically feel the fabric.

Well, these are the softest sheets, they feel absolutely amazing. And they stay on the bed!!!! The pillow cases come with this extra lip on the opening to keep your pillow in, which is an added bonus. Honestly, i’m buying another set. The color tone (we got green) is absolutely gorgeous as well.

I’m writing this review as a psa because we struggled so much for so long to find a quality product like this. We were spending more than double on some occasions.

5Expert Score
Great long-lasting sheets

I bought these sheets several times, but the set on my bed has been on there every night for the last 3 years, i wash and return them straight to the bed and use them every single night. After 3 years, they are still in good shape until the last two washes they finally started to pill where i have kicked my feet around, so i came to amazon to order a replacement set. They’re definitely the best microfiber sheets i’ve ever had, super soft, easy to clean, and warm and cool at the same time almost. Extremely comfortable to sleep on!

5Expert Score
Soft sheets, fit well, great customer service

These sheets are super soft and a joy to sleep on. They fit the mattress well, you don’t have to struggle and strain to get the fitted sheet on, and the pillowcases are adequate for large pillows. I’m fairly certain i had a set of these sheets in the past and i’m glad i found them again because my last sheet set (not this brand) wasn’t even close to being this good. These sheets are great. We had an issue with one sheet, contacted the seller, and resolved the issue very quickly. They are amazingly helpful. Buy these sheets. You won’t regret it.

5Expert Score
Shockingly good quality

I rarely write reviews but i have spent hundreds on sheets over the years trying to find the best ones. I actually bought these for our camper because they were inexpensive but i loved them so much i got another set for our house. I’m shocked at how soft they are and they wash and dry very nicely. I’m definitely a sheet/bedding snob and these check all the boxes. Wanted to write a review because they’re that good, everyone needs to know.

5Expert Score
Unbelievably soft

Actually i purchased these sheets after sleeping on them in an airbnb and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I decided to purchase and am not disappointed at all. At first i was a little concerned because the sheets felt very thin, but was pleasantly surprised sleeping on them. I think these are the most comfortable sheets i have ever slept on. I highly recommend them. They are soft and cozy.

5Expert Score
Soft and beautiful!

The sheets are far more beautiful than the picture online! They are not too busy though and i was worried my husband would think they were too feminine, but he said he likes the pattern. They are very soft and fit our mattress very well. I bought 2 twin xl sets to use on a split king adjustable bed and it works perfect, plus i like that you can get extra pillowcases to match.

5Expert Score
1/2 the price of similarly described sheet sets at brick & mortar stores – no problems encountered

Mellanni queen sheet set – hotel luxury 1800 bedding sheets & pillowcases: inexplicably 1/2 the price of similarly described sheet sets in brick & mortar stores. I especially appreciated the deep pocket lower sheet. It easily fit my new foot thick mattress. The fabric feels at least as soft as the middle thread count sheets that i’m accustomed to. The pillowcases also fit well and are problem free. If the set lasts 30+ washings, i’ll consider the price paid, well worthwhile.

5Expert Score
Long, but might make you laugh

These sheets are one heck of a bargain! I’m not going to lie- i was skeptical when i saw the price when i ordered them, but my great dane managed to tear one of my other sets, and well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I found myself on amazon- just like you are now, reading reviews, trying to save a few bucks, but not ending up with the crappiest sheets ever made- the internet can be terrifying like that (i’ve been scorned, can you tell? ).
Then i stumbled across these… The mellanni bed sheet set, and i was sure i had read the price wrong or that there was some ‘catch’. Less than $20 for an entire sheet set for my queen size bed… With mostly positive reviews?? I’ve paid more than that for 2 pillow cases! There were a large selection of colors to choose from (i went with the dark brown to go with the hand made quilt on my bed)…. Still less than $20 for the sheet set- no catch yet. Checked out, paid for, now we wait…
2 days later my precious cargo arrived. After i ripped that package open like a kid on christmas, i looked and inspected my new sheets for something, anything, to be wrong with them. I got nothing! Now, you should know, these are a thin sheet- you can practically see through them if you hold them up to the light- but don’t let that discourage you.
The ‘sleep test’: i put these suckers on my bed for the true test of any sheet, and oh my… They are fantastic! They are soft. It’s like coming home after a long, yucky day at work, and all you want is to crawl your sorry self into bed for the night, and your sheets give you a hug all through the night. But they are breathable, so you aren’t sweating like crazy. Ah-may-zing!
They also wash nicely, they come out soft- but not ‘flannel soft’, and they fold up neatly (except for the fitted sheet- only because i don’t know how to do that- seriously, who even knows how to fold a fitted sheet?!??)
would i buy these again? If you even have to guess, then i need to work my my writing skills, because it’s absolutely a ‘yes’ from me! These sheets are honestly one of the best bargains i’ve ever found online. Less than $20 for a queen size sheet set that isn’t total crap…. I’m in!

5Expert Score
As expected

I needed to replace my bedroom decor and needed sheets to compliment what i had bought. I am very happy with my choice, it was everything i had hoped. May by a second set with a different pattern for a change of pace.

Since i just received the sheet set i cannot comment on how or if they are actually stain resistant. They are very soft and wrinkle-free.

4Expert Score
Things i discovered in 6 months of using these mellanni sheets (two sets, two beds).

Here are things that you would not perhaps know unless you owned these exact sheets for six months like we have:

they are staying together well, no seams have split, no hanging threads.

They are thin, so they take up very little room in the laundry hamper and in the washer and dryer when balled up.

They are easily air dried on a rack or clothesline due to their thinness.

If one likes the feel of freshly washed, crisp sheets, these are not going to be your favorites; even washed and dried, they are never crisp, stiff, tight, or any of those kinds of words.

If one likes the feeling of soft sheets, silky, smooth, flowing, then these may be your favorites.

They seem colorfast; we bought the gray color and i cannot say they are any dingier or less vibrant than the day we bought them.

These microfiber-style, polyester sheets absolutely show oil stains more than cotton sheets, and it does not wash out. This may be particularly true of the darker colored sheet sets and pillowcases. If one uses body oils (e.g neutrogena body oil), vaselines, skin creams, hair gels, or eats potato chips in bed, you may not like how these sheets look after a few months. This bedding will have you believing that your spouse has ordered a bucket of kfc and ate it at a pajama party while you were at work; don’t worry, your wife isn’t having an affair with col. Sanders…it’s just the sheets.

These sheets have not shrunk and still can be easily placed on the bed. Even the fitted mellanni sheet with elastic corners, unlike my usual cotton shrinky-dink sheets, doesn’t snap up into my kisser while i’m making the bed. Thanks, mellanni!

I hope that was of help to someone considering these sheets. Have a lovely slumber, friends.

4Expert Score

I wanted to buy these for our airbnb because of all of the positive reviews. I like them, but i don’t love them.

Here is what i don’t like about them. They are quite thin. I like a heavy and substantial cotton sheet. The top hem is small and not beautiful like the pillow details. I like to make a beautiful bed for my guests, i feel it is less than ordinary when folded over the quilt.

Here is what i like about them. Fast drying for quick turnover. Wrinkle resistant. Very soft.

Here is an airbnb tip if you aren’t ironing your sheets. After you put the fitted sheet on, lightly spritz it with water and you will be able to pull out most of the wrinkles. Do the same after applying your top sheet and pillow cases. These sheets did that nicely after i took the pics.

*the quilt and shams in my pics are cuddl duds as well as the beige blanket.

4Expert Score
Surprisingly soft!

I ordered a 4-piece queen sheet set in brown. At the same time, i ordered an extra set of pillowcases (sold separately from the same company). I must say, i am not a fan of the color brown at all, but wanted something to go with grandma’s quilt for autumn. The sheets arrived quickly and were nicely packaged. Inspected before washing and everything looked great, no problems with stitching or staining. Was concerned that the elastic was too flimsy but the fitted sheet stays put on my 9′ mattress with no problem! Unexpectedly super smooth and soft without being ‘slippery’. They are a deep shade of brown, quite pretty actually. The extra pillowcases however, are a much lighter shade! (for reference, the pillowcases that came with the sheet set are on top in the photos, add’l cases are on the bottom.) five stars if the dye lots matched!

4Expert Score
Good 1st pair of sheets.

I liked the softness of the sheets right out of the packaging. I did not pre-wash them; however, after having them for a week, i will wash them very soon. I think that it’s crazy how some people give terrible reviews when they pay this amount for sheets wherein there are many other ultra expensive ones out there that they can then be such a sheet critic. Look, you kind of get what you pay for and these will do the job and not be your forever sheets, okay. Again, these are a solid set of sheets and you will sleep just fine. If sheets are the end-all be-all then you must seriously consider buying other ones. I’d buy them again!

4Expert Score
I love these sheets, soft and cool!

I love these sheets! They’re so soft and cool to sleep on, but try not to get anything oily on them at all. It will not come out of my fitted sheet at all! We finally found out how to get oil out of the top sheet when we washed them in warm water with special stuff i use when i’ve tried everything else. That worked, but it was too late for the bottom sheet. I’ve never had this problem with other sheets before now.

4Expert Score
Maybe i’m doing it wrong

I spend approx 2 wks a month in hotels for work and miss the comfort of one hotel bed in particular so i wanted to replicate my home bed- from pillows to duvets! These are supposedly “the ones” but i don’t think so? They’re comfy compared to run-of-the mill sheets. Although i don’t care if my bed wrinkles, they don’t. They’ve washed fine. But they do stain! I’m not a sweater, but they do make sweat marks easily. I rub or wash out quickly so i don’t know if these would stain to the point of no return

4Expert Score
Too soon to say if they will last, but after the initial wash they are amazingly soft

I have a little pup that likes to chew on my bedclothes. He has literally destroyed almost a $1000 in bedclothes and i had an event here at the house and could not use my chewed up bedclothes. I opted to buy something cheap. I have to say, i really like this set for now. Hopefully they do not pill up and feel like you are sleeping on gravel the way cheap sheets normally do. It is too soon to tell that though as i have only washed them once and had them on the bed for less than a week. But for now, they are amazingly soft and very, very, comfortable. If they outlast my pups chewing i will repost and let you know how well they last.

4Expert Score
Real world review 2 years later

Been waiting to write this review because i cannot stand the reviews that are posted where the person simply received the item and took it out of the packaging with no real world use to apply.

I’ve been using these extensively for 1.5 years. My sheet rotation is between two sets. Both of them are mellani sheet sets.

I have washed these sheets probably more than 50 times. Here are my real world pros and cons:

affordability: at the time i bought them they were $5 cheaper than what they are going for today. Still even at today’s price they are incredibly affordable for a set of sheets.

Softness: i need soft sheets. These are some of the lightest and softest sheets i’ve ever slept on.

Cool: i feel like these sheets sleep very cool. They do not get hot at all.

color differences: the set only comes with two pillow cases. I have six pillows on my bed. So i ordered two more sets of (2) pillow cases. The four additional pillow cases that came were completely different colors than the original set. And it’s not as if mellani sent the wrong color code pillow cases, it just turns out that the ‘light gray’ can vary extremely depending on what factory is shipping them. Mellani was awesome and sent me another set of pillow cases, but they too were different than any of the other ‘light gray’ sheets or pillow cases. They explained to me that the color of the fabric varies from factory to factory so they cannot guarantee a color match.

And this isn’t me being nit picky. The color differences are extreme. There’s too much blue in one set, another set is too dark of a gray and another set has a greenish hue to it. So when i’m using six pillow cases they literally have three/four different colors going on.

Pilling: after about 1 year or so i started to nice the light gray fitted sheet began to pill. It has gotten pretty bad thereafter. Feels like there’s grit/cat litter in the bed.

It’s weird though. My other set (dark gray) doesn’t pill at all. So again it probably comes down to different manufacturers of the sheets.

But for the price of a set of sheets, it’s okay to buy another set 2 years later.

All in all i love these sheets. Highly recommend.

4Expert Score
Pillow cases slip off pillows

These sheets are very soft for the price. Love that about them. We’ve had it for over a year with no complaints except for one: the pillowcases don’t stay on my pillows! I’m not a crazy sleeper either, and i’ve never had this problem with any other sheet set i’ve owned. However, in the morning, the pillowcase is half off the pillow. It’s annoying to have to always stuff my pillow again before going to sleep. Other than, i would give it 5 stars.

4Expert Score

I bought 2 sets of these sheets and they really are soft and comfortable !!!!! But i had a problem with one of the pillowcases of one of the sets , after they were washed they fell apart, the seller contacted me and made it right and and replaced them for me!!!! I so appreciate it when sellers will stand by their product !!! Great customer service i will use them again in the future!

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