Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required

Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required

Buy Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –
Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription: One solution for your family across all your devices. With microsoft 365 family, you and your family get word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, and more. Work anywhere with apps that are always updated with the latest features. 12-month subscription for up to 6 people, including 1tb onedrive cloud storage for each person. ( ios and android require separate app download).

What are microsoft 365 family | 12-month subscription features?

  • With 12 months of microsoft 365 for up to six people, you and your family can have the tools to create, organize, and get things done.
  • Bring out your best with premium office apps, including word, excel, and powerpoint.
  • Your subscription includes 1 tb of onedrive cloud storage for each person you share with, so they can easily access, edit, and share files and photos across all devices.
  • Keep it all together with outlook, an ad‐free app for your email, calendars, to do lists and contacts with security tools that keep your information protected.
  • Empower your family with advanced features in the family safety mobile app.
  • Protect your files with advanced security features like built‐in ransomware detection and recovery and you can use two‐step identity verification to access your most important files in onedrive personal vault.
  • Gives you the flexibility to use multiple pcs, macs, ipads, iphones and android phones.
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Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required AMAZON

Buy Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –

Looking for specific info?

I already have a personal subscription. If i upgrade to home now, will the new subscription start immediately or after my current one expires?

It will start after your current subscription expires. Any new office 365 subscription will automatically add on to the currently active one.

I have 3 people with computers in my house. Is the subscription amount multiplied by the number of users or is it a single subscription amount?

One person will activate this subscription on their personal microsoft account. That user will then invite the people they wish to share in their subscription. To learn more about this, follow this link:

Does this work on a macbook?

It does! It just depends on the operating system that you are using. You can find all the system requirements for office 365 here:

I bought this but for my wifes new computer she does not had a amazon account how can i down load it to her computer?

Just be sure to login to your amazon account on her device and from her device you can download, install, and activate office.

Is there any email storage or is this included in the 1tb per user?

You’ll receive 15 gb of storage with outlook and 1tb of onedrive cloud storage with office 365.

If i were to buy this, would i have admin rights especially on onedrive or does ms have the admin and i can’t do anything?

You would have admin rights.

Will the outlook in office 365 allow the user to have and use multiple email accounts?

I think so. I cancelled my subscription for office 365 because i could not get outlook to open in order to set it up.
Password issue. Beware! Try the trial version before buying.

How many installations does each person have? Can each person, of the six shares, install the program on, for example, 5 machines?

No. It can only be shared 6 times but each person can access it on their mobile/tablet and a laptop. The first person manages the sharing and can add or remove persons as they see fit

If i have to change the main laptop mid year and replace it with a new one will i be able to add the subscription to the new laptop?


Will this allow me to install on 6 different computers ?

It’s 5 devices per account. If you have 6 devices, it’ll take 2 accounts to cover the systems

I have 2 mac laptops and also have pc ,ipad can i use in all of my devices?

Of. Course, you can use on any five devices, pc, mac, ipad, etc. Doesn’t matter but once you add five, you have to delete one before adding another.

Does this product include encrypted email?

Yes, it does. To learn how you can enable message encryption within office 365, follow this link:

Can i share this with others that do not live in my region?

Yes, you can. Only the original account needs to be in the region.

What’s the difference between onenote and sharepoint?

Onenote, a note-taking application, is designed to allow users to create, sync and store ideas and notes through different devices. Sharepoint is available as a standalone service, but can also be purchased as part of the office365 package. When i worked for a large automotive company we used sharepoint as a collaboration tool. My take on onenote is it is more for personal use. I’ve used it on small projects to record my thoughts on different topics and to gain access to these files from my different devices, eg phone, laptop, desktop pc.

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I currently have a subscription with microsoft 365. Will this extend my current subscription ?

Yes, it switches your account management to amazon. Go into amazon subscription management and manage the subscription.
In this area,, you’ll see a product code. Copy that and log into your existing 365 account. Go to the subscription management and there’s an area to input a prepaid code. Paste the code in here. After about 30 minutes, amazon sub management will update to the new expiration date which should be 1 year after your current service renewal date. Going forward, you’ll renew through amazon unless you change it. I verified this to be true an hour ago when i extended my active subscription that renewed dec 2021. My new renewal date is dec 2022 which is displayed in amazon sub management

If i buy this and share with five other people, and each person has five devices, can each person load it on their five devices?

Microsoft does not make it easy to understand. Here’s what i think happens:

primary user == account owner can install on up to 5 computers.
Primary user can invite up to 5 secondary users.
Each secondary user can install on up to 5 computers. I think that each of the six users has a separate 1tb onedrive account, but not sure.

So altogether one subscription can support installation on up to 30 computers.
Also includes mobile o365 apps for android and iphone, ipad, etc. (e.g. Mobile office 365). Not clear if there is a limit on mobile365 installations. Not clear what the added benefit of the mobile o365 phone apps is over the regular free office phone apps, if any.

To share the subscription, the primary user can ‘invite’ others by email.

Each user must have a microsoft account, under which the license for all (up to 5) computers under the ms account are licensed and authorized.

Hope i got this right. Good luck.

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Do both 365 office and personal work with the new os catalina?

Yes, it does.

If i subscribe, then cancel before my renewal. Can i subscribe again later?

I’m sure you can.

Can you open pdf files with this software?

Sadly, although you can save in pdf format, you can’t open a pdf, even if you made it using office 365 software. Fortunately, there are plenty of free pdf apps out there

4 computers & two laptops, but only 2 users. So: six individual machines need ms office. Which should we buy?

Office 365 home will be your best bet. Office 365 personal allows for one user on five devices. Office 365 home will give you the ability to have up to six users with each user being able to have office 365 on a personal computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required AMAZON

Buy Microsoft 365 Family | 12-Month Subscription, up to 6 people | Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Don't mind paying the yearly fee – since each family member has a license plus 1tb of storage

Office 365 is quite an upgrade from what office (2013).

When office 365 was introduced, i thought it was only accessible via a browser.
That misconception kept me from upgrading to it, but now i know the apps are installed on your device or can be used via browser too.
Amazon has come up with this family license and each family member now has their own account with 1tb of cloud based storage, which was the clincher for me to upgrade.

After the upgrade i discovered the personal vault feature – great for storing your most sensitive documents. Only issue is frequent locking after inactivity (which setting can be changed to max 4 hours). I recall setting it, but while writing this review, i couldn’t find how to get to it again.

5Expert Score
Needed to update programs

Our programs such as outlook, word, and excel needed to be updated. This is the way it is done today. Instead of buying new programs, this subscription allowed us to keep all the group of programs up to date for what amounts to a reasonable monthly cost. We were so glad we did not have to change all our documents.

5Expert Score
Great value at $59.99, but timing a factor if already a subscriber

Update (one day after original purchase for $59.99):
first, i see two reviews that said that it did not extend their current subscription with microsoft but instead created a new separate subscription (which would be terrible). For me, it did extend my current subscription. I logged into microsoft, went to the ‘’ address, made sure my login still showed on that page, and then entered the code. The bad thing about this situation is that not knowng what will happen would make anyone reluctant to buy this subscription on amazon regardless of price. At the $99.99 price, i would definitely not buy this on amazon.

Second, i see that the price has returned to $99.99. The interesting thing to me (and it’s why i thought that the $59.99 price might have been ‘permanent’) is that the renewal disclaimer just below the purchase price said yesterday that the renewal next year would be at the $59.99 price and that’s what it says still on my subscription page.

original ‘review’
note that this is not a review of ms office 365 but an fyi on this amazon item and how it seems to work. I was already a subscriber to microsoft 365 family and was being charged $99.99 per year by microsoft. So, when i saw this today for $59.99 on amazon, it was an easy decision to buy.

It appears from everything i can see, that you are actually dealing with two different subscriptions; one with amazon and one with microsoft. I am not saying that you will have two separate subscriptions for microsoft office and there is an easy way to fix this when you want to.

In my case, my renewal date for ms office is november 18 with microsoft. Buying this item on amazon on june 25, i entered the code from amazon on the microsoft ‘’ site and it extended the subscription for one year to november 18 of next year. However, on june 25 of next year i will be charged by amazon at the same $59.99 rate. Simply put, if i do nothing, there is now a 5 month offset in these two subscriptions.

For me, i’m going to keep watching this listing and if it looks like this is a ‘permanent’ price, i will likely cancel my amazon subscription and buy it again next november so that the timing matches. Either way, if you use microsoft office 365 or intend to, this is a great price compared to buying directly from microsoft.

There is nothing intentionally decptive in this listing, but it is a little confusing as you are buying an amazon subscription that you redeem with microsoft via code for a subscription for office.

If you are a new subscriber for ms office 365, none of these caveats apply; at $59.99 its a great deal.

5Expert Score
Automatic annual renew

Is great that office 365 can renew automatically. My wife, my 3 kids and i used it.

5Expert Score
Very easy to purchase and upload

Easy to purchase and to upload.

5Expert Score

Es muy fácil la adaptación y tiene muchas novedades que te facilitan el trabajo

5Expert Score
Incredible amazon support, product is great, but microsoft support sucks!

Bought this to upgrade my single use license from amazon. Asked best buy to cancel my single user license. But best buy made cancellation at end of month. So i learned that i could not install using the same email as you can only have 1 license per an email address. I wanted to keep the same email as it’s how you log onto your one drive, and i bought the new license to share with family and they needed it now. Microsoft said they’d help me set up on a ‘temporary’ email and when best buy released the original email they’d help me to transfer from temp to original email. Except they lied. When i returned to transfer to my original email they said we can’t do that. And sent me to amazon. Amazon said they cannot make that kind of change only microsoft could they offered to contact microsoft and help me. They stayed involved until the bitter end. Microsoft said oops, sorry, very sorry. But sorry did nothing for my new dilemma. I said they could at least help me move my data from the old one drive to the new. They sent me a link! A link which states there is no automated way, this must be done manually. Expect to set aside several hours! The great and powerful microsoft would not help, i don’t believe they cannot help. Well i had to move my data because microsoft kept sending emails about paying for the one drive space or else. That my data would be frozen until i don’t know. I wasn’t taking any chances with what would happen to my data. This was all because microsoft lied about using a ‘temporary’ email. All i have now is to warn others about how unhelpful microsoft can be. No surprise there. But you may not know that you cannot change the email account your license is tied to. However i really wanted to commend amazon as they took the time to actually help me dispute having no blame. Microsoft offered this advice, i could uninstall the software, return the purchase, repurchase the software, have my family also uninstall office, then start all over again. Beware.

5Expert Score
Great price.

The best of office 365 for mac products. The mac version looks one millions times better on the mac than on windows.

5Expert Score

If you can afford it, this is a value purchase, apart from 6 users, you each also get 1tb cloud storage, giving access to documents wherever. Very handy if you are working from home.

5Expert Score
Excelente paquete

Muy útil, sale mcho más económico la cantidad indicada. Lo recomiendo

4Expert Score
Unbelievably handy tool, but get ready to learn how to use it

Great product, overall.

*office suite has more features and functions for power users than “free” software options like openoffice.
*value! This is a great value given that this comes with six user accounts and 1tb of storage for each account. Seriously. It’s an unbelievable value.
*microsoft has done a great job of weaving document sharing into a fairly seamless experience, once you realize how it’s set up (see the cons for that caveat).
*if you work in business, odds are you’re already going to be familiar with the office suite layout and a number of handy functions in tools like excel and word. It’s not hard to see how those tools are just as handy at home.
*use it as training. Along with the above pro, if you’re in college and intend to work in a business, i can’t emphasize enough how worthwhile this expense is. Start using it for your term papers, your notes, etc. I promise this will likely be just as valuable as any of the classes you’re spending thousands of dollars on. When you enter the working world, you will already have a huge leg up on your peers. I struggle with every intern that comes through the door and i have to coach through even the very basics of how to use office suite. It’s painful and i without a question hire candidates who know office suite over similar candidates who do not.
*onenote is laid out very intuitively. I’m never more than a keyword search away from the info i need in life. What was the kids’ math teacher’s name again? What was the neighbor’s address? What was the name of that bourbon i really liked, the movie i wanted to see, or that restaurant i wanted to try? Store it all! Even a photo of the label! Enter the info with a full keyboard on your laptop, then access and update it from your phone. And all stored in a file on your laptop and instantly backed up to the cloud. Beautiful.
*outlook is lovely to look at and to use, whether a program on your laptop, accessed from, or from your mobile.
*use your cloud calendar. Enter events from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Share them with your family members to stay organized.
*the cloud storage is fairly intuitive and unbelievably handy. With the onedrive app, i can throw special photos of the kids immediately into the appropriate folder in my docments folder on my pc. Just a few minutes ago, i took an excel spreadsheet that a family member emailed me with all of our extended family’s contact info and (again through onedrive) put it the folder on my pc with my other contact info spreadsheet. Took 5 seconds to do and now i won’t forget to check my email at home and download it and it will be right on my pc or phone when i need to pull someone’s number that i don’t use often enough to have in my phone contacts. I honestly can’t believe i’ve gone this long with this many devices and not had an intuitive solution to file sharing and access. Again, though, see the cons about lack of training and sharing. How could i have known?

*lack of training!!
*given how powerful this and valuable this package bundle is, microsoft doesn’t do a very good job of laying out how this could be used. Functionality is shared by multiple apps and applications in the system so it’s not always intuitive how they are interconnected by the cloud. Microsoft could and should be doing a much better job of showing us how we could be using this system to organize our life. Use little “did you know?” video clips and have them woven into the experience.
*sharing is still a little mysterious to me. How do i organize files shared with me so i can find them? Is there versioning if someone makes changes to a shared file? Again, poor training.
*i don’t have a warm fuzzy about data privacy with microsoft. I don’t like apple and how they force you to use their system or sacrifice functionality. But i do trust apple with my data. I have a hunch microsoft is better than—say—google as far as collecting your data, but i would like more reassurance that they guard our data for us. This is huge for me and maybe it’s not technically a con, but it’s not a pro, which limits what i’m willing to use this system for.
*manual photo backup is easy, but manual large-scale photo backup fo the cloud is clunky and i haven’t figured it out. Again, see my gripe about lack of training.

all in all, i’m a big fan of the office 365 system and i intend to keep using it to organize my busy, chaotic life. But i had to take a star off because it feels like i either have to stumble along until i figure things out or i have to work too hard to learn how to use all this. I almost took off two stars, but as a whole feature set, it’s just so damn handy i can’t stay mad!

4Expert Score
Beware of instability and spying issues

Used for work and home projects. Be prepared for incidents of instability, which lead to extreme frustration with the product. One would think that after so many years of offering these products, they would be stabilized, but no. Part of the problem is continual intense spying and privacy invasion by microsoft edge, which contributes its own instability to the process.

4Expert Score
Amazon does, and does not, manage for you (great buy though!)

The product is as stated – microsoft office home, 6 person license…but the exact workings were a bit unclear.

A back and forth with customer service representatives at amazon did not help very much. I finally got lucky, and tinkered – other forums were a bit more useful.

Each product has a single license key – it will be delivered to your amazon subscriptions. That’s fine.

But beyond that, it is still managed by microsoft. You are using amazon as a 3rd party authorized manager.

What does this mean?

You buy the product.
A single license key is sent to you.
That license key will be added to your amazon games / software.
You activate that license key, and associate it with a microsoft account. This microsoft should be for whoever you want as the administrator for your family.
The 6 licenses (yours plus 5 more) are assigned using microsoft’s system (you add people, and invite them with their phone number or email address).

Why is this important? Because amazon’s systems are not going to have a 6-person license key. They have one license key, for one account, that up to 5 more people can associate with. Amazon does not manage the six people – microsoft does. And this is the important part – i flipped out not understanding this. Hopefully, you will understand this before getting flustered.

Now, amazon’s hands are washed and cleaned from this point on…until next year, when you come up for renewal again. Then, amazon assesses you the annual fee ($100 for home) for microsoft’s continued access. The answer? Simply turn off auto renew, some time before 11 months are out.

Why buy through amazon, if this is the same thing you can get through microsoft?
The answer: amazon occasionally will have specials of ‘put $300 in your cart for a $50 gift card’ or ‘microsoft office + gift card for the price of microsoft office’. And yes, amazon does run these specials at odd intervals, it is a good idea to use amazon’s plans and offers. And, you get 5% back with the amazon store card, bringing the price down that much more.

4Expert Score
As advertised!

As advertised!

4Expert Score
Next step instructions.

Instructions on how to apply upgrade needed?

4Expert Score
Difficulty locating the installation key

It took me hours to figure out how to find the installation key – in fact i only found it by accident. Why couldn’t they just send it to me in a separate message like they used to?

4Expert Score
Tech support?

It’s a great price and the product is as represented except the advertised tech support. Had an issue with the original download (computer crashed – not the fault of download but it was unsuccessful). Subscription would not allow the successful download as product code had ‘been used’. However, used chat on amazon and it was taken care of. But, even amazon chat didn’t know how to access the advertised ‘tech support’. Great thing….. Amazon did stand behind the product!

4Expert Score
From recipe cards to finances; this program has something for everyone

I have been using 365 for about 4 years now. It is a good program with a lot of features. I wish there were more templates in excel and word. It seems like i cannot always find the template i am looking for. I use it just about every day. From making cross stitch patterns in excel to managing my finances. If i have a problem it is easy to find a video on you tube for assistance.

4Expert Score
Great so far

I read many of the reviews. Was a bit nervous based on some of the feedback. I had no problem. The download was very easy and everything has worked as it should. I haven’t tried to share a license yet so can’t give a 5 since i dont know how that will go. So far, i would definitely recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Same ole same ole.

You got to have microsoft office to utilize you computer and communicate your ideas with other people. I’d rather just buy a copy and not a subscription but the way things are priced now days that’s over for now at least. I gave it four stars because microsoft has done little to improve any of these programs. Most things are different, not better. Sharing this subscription with 6 people works out great for our family.

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