Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required

Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required

Buy Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –
Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription: One convenient subscription for 1 person. Microsoft 365 personal comes with premium office apps, including word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, and more. Receive 1 tb of onedrive cloud storage for 1 person which allows you to access, edit, and share your files and photos across all your devices—all while knowing your information is always backed up and protected.

What are microsoft 365 personal | 12-month subscription features?

  • With a microsoft 365 12‐month subscription, you can create, organize, and get things done.
  • Bring out your best with premium office apps, including word, excel, and powerpoint.
  • Easily access, edit, and share files and photos across all devices with 1 tb of onedrive cloud storage.
  • Keep it all together with outlook, an ad‐free app for your email, calendars, to‐do lists and contacts plus security tools that keep your information protected.
  • Protect your files with advanced security features like built‐in ransomware detection and recovery, and you can use two‐step identity verification to access your most important files in onedrive personal vault.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to use multiple pcs, macs, ipads, iphones and android phones.
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Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required AMAZON

Buy Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –

Looking for specific info?

With a ‘personal account’ can it used on multiple computers by the one user of the microsoft account? What about on multiple phones?

Office 365 personal can be used on up to five devices. This includes mobile phones.

Can this be used to renew an existing subscription?

Yes. Turn off auto-renew for your existing subscription. Sign up for the new one with the same microsoft id (a hotmail or email, for example). I did it, and it worked just fine. Your onedrive and your office software will continue to work, seamlessly.

If i do not renew the subscription, is the currently installed software removed or disabled?

If you don’t renew your subscription, office will still be installed on your device(s) and you’ll still own and have all your data and files. However, office and your office files will be in read-only mode. To learn more about managing your office subscription, follow this link:

I have a desktop, a laptop, and a notebook. Am i limited to just one of these, or can i download it onto all three?

It’s all about being logged into your microsoft account.

Because that way, microsoft can track and store as much data about you as possible, since you consent to that by default when you create and log into a ms account.

Is there a lifetime purchase for this item?

No, but if you are looking for office products, we recommend office 2019.

Does it include publisher on a mac

Publisher is for pc only.

Is the recurring billing done automatically or need my approval when it’s due ???.

It will happen automatically until you cancel it here on amazon.

I purchased microsoft 365 personal. It’s not clear how i download this to my computer?

When you purchased the software, the vendor sent you an email that delineates the way you load it into your desktop/laptop. You will see the directions when you request to load the software. It will request you download, and answer the questions regarding who you are. If your having problems, then call the amazon problem number and they can direct you how to easily load the software. Take your time.

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I want to renew my microsoft 365 personal | 12-month subscription

Contact amazon and they will direct you how to do that.

In order to activate the order i purchased, what am i required to do next?

The email sent to you by the vendor give you the tasks to be done. Find it, and follow the direction.

After downloading can i cancel automatic renewal?


How do i activate my microsoft 365 personal | 12-month subscription?

If i understand your question, when you buy it from amazon, you should receive an email. It will direct you to create a microsoft account. Then through the subscriptions tab in your amazon account you will link it to your microsoft account. Everything i needed was in the email from amazon.

How do i download my key and software? I get a runaround in the sight. Going to your site does not help.

If memory serves me, i got an email from amazon after the purchase with a link to create a microsoft account. Then a return link to download and activate. Pretty much a piece of cake. Might search junk mail folder in case your mail app is a little too smart for its own good. Also, memberships & subscriptions on theamazon site can give more info.
Not sure if that answers your question, but i tried.

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I have windows 7 will this work? Is it hard to download?

You’ll need one of the following operating systems on your device in order for office 365 to work:

windows: windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7 service pack 1, windows server 2016, windows server 2012 r2, windows server 2012, or windows server 2008 r2.

Macos: office for mac is supported on the three most recent versions of macos. As new major versions of macos are made generally available, microsoft will drop support for the oldest version and support the newest and previous two versions of macos.

Additionally, if you have any download issues, you can contact our customer support team for assistance:

Can i switch from amazon subscription to directly with microsoft? When attempting to manage my subscription with microsoft it keeps directing me back


Where is my product key?

Your product key is printed on a card enclosed in the box.

If i have a subscription directly with microsoft, can i switch it to amazon for the same office 365 home version?

You can purchase office 365 on amazon and then add the time to your existing subscription. You can learn about that process here:

Does this version come with access?

No, that’s included with business or enterprise editions

How do i make sure the new microsoft 365 installation is associated with my existing microsoft account?

During the download and installation process, you’ll be prompted to enter your existing microsoft account information. For a full outline of detailed installation instructions, we recommend visiting the following link:

Will this work on my fire 10?

Check ms web site

Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required AMAZON

Buy Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription, 1 person| Premium Office Apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage | PC/Mac Download | Activation Required: Read Software Reviews –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
A deal at purchase and renewal!

Use with my fire tablet. Can use and coordinate with my pc. 1 terabyte of cloud storage is certainly useful. And the amazon price for renewal is shocking more affordable.

5Expert Score
Great product

I am pleased with this product its good for grads school and for my project

5Expert Score
Fácil de instalar

Súper rápido de activar, el código se muestra digitalmente, para poder continuar usando los servicios de office!

5Expert Score
Microsoft 365

Easily installed. Cured the problems i was having and no ads so far on my outlook e-mail.

5Expert Score
Activation went very smoothly

I’ve read the many recent reviews indicating difficulties getting the product as purchased through amazon activated. I had an existing office subscription that expired a few days ago. I purchased the new subscription through amazon, and just clicked on the link i found in my manage subscriptions section of my amazon account. It took me to directly to a microsoft account log-in page, where i logged into my microsoft account, and then without any additional input from me, amazon electronically transferred the information on the just purchased subscription into my microsoft account; a 1 year subscription to microsoft 365 is now activated and functional. Now, i have no idea what my subscription number is or what the actual activation code is, but i didn’t have to input anything. I just clicked on the link provided by amazon that is found in amazon > your account > memberships and subscriptions > other subscriptions > current subscriptions. I hope this is helpful to anyone concerned about purchasing this through amazon.

5Expert Score
Super easy to download

Not sure why any reviewer calls this fraudulent. It works and was super easy to change my subscription from family to personal 365. Just requires you to log into your microsoft account. I did it a few weeks early and the time remaining on my family 365 is added to this subscription so not an issue!

5Expert Score
Good product. We liked it

Good product. We liked it

5Expert Score
Microsoft es microsoft

Excelente herramienta en el desarrollo de mis hijos

5Expert Score
Item works great

The product works great with microsoft assistance

5Expert Score
New fire hd 10 bundle deal 12-month subscription . . . .

This came with the ‘all-new fire hd 10 tablet, 32 gb, black + bluetooth keyboard + 12-month microsoft 365 personal subscription (auto-renews)’ bundle deal that amazon released this week. One of the reasons that i got the bundle deal was because of this 12-month subscription. I had been subscribing to microsoft 365 personal monthly through microsoft, and getting it for one year from amazon will save me money. Plus, i applied a $30 gift card to this purchase, received from trading in an older hd 10, so i saved even more money.

Since my monthly subscription was about to renew, i cancelled auto-renew, and waited until microsoft sent me an e-mail stating my office had expired. I then went to ‘memberships & subscriptions’ in my amazon account and downloaded office. Well, actually, it was all on my desktop anyway, and i just had to sign in at microsoft for everything to be activated again. Just took a few minutes.

On the fire, you sign in using your microsoft account e-mail and password, not your amazon email and password. Everything in office is on the fire hd 10, but i have no idea how everything will work on the fire; if it will work just as it does on a desktop or laptop. I only use word to write documents and reviews, and that is working exactly the same. I do nothing elaborate, though.

You manage the office 365 account from your ‘memberships & subscriptions’ amazon page, not at microsoft. Thus, you go there to turn on or off auto-renew or to cancel your subscription. I prefer subscribing to things when possible through amazon. It makes life easier and everything is in one place.

4Expert Score
Unable to download

Could not get product to download without significant assistance. Was pressured to purchase a protection plan

4Expert Score
The download/activate issue is with amazon

I’m happy with microsoft 365 but i was very unhappy when i was trying to download it. When you purchase a digital item from amazon, they should give you explicit instructions in the process of downloading it. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to download your microsoft 365:
1. Go to accounts
2. Click on customer service
3. Go to messages (at the time, i had to scroll to the bottom and click on ‘get help with something else’, which led me to memberships & subscriptions and then communications – see the problem?)
4. Find the message that begins with ‘activate’ and follow the simple directions
good luck!

4Expert Score

Support people make me feel like an idiot. Look for vpn, or inprivate explained didn’t know what they were talking about, their reply was they can’t get me to respond. I like 365, not sure why this is so difficult to get it to work under preferred email.

4Expert Score
A little confusing with download but works pefrectly

We just downloaded this subscription and at first it was a little confusing when we initially tried to active and went to our 365 account an error message came up. We tried to activate via our email and received the same message. Once we got into our 365 account there was a blue tab saying ‘install software.’ once we hit the tab button the software loaded with no errors and we are good to go now.

We didn’t do anything with tech support so we gave that a 4 and overall 4.

4Expert Score
Not that difficult to download.

I was hesitant to purchase after reading the reviews but it wasn’t that bad. Just go to your amazon memberships and you go to other subscriptions and your office purchase is there ready to activate. I did it from my desktop. Other than that it’s an office program which i need and does what is supposed to.

4Expert Score
Easy to purchase, not immediately clear how to set up

First, i want to point out that microsoft office itself works great on my macbook air and i love it. Would have been a five star review if the download instructions were more clear. I purchased this download via amazon versus microsoft because it was slightly less expensive for the annual sub. I did not know that this would be the primary cause of my headache. Amazon does not have clear instructions listed for this product, if they do i could not find it anywhere. Once purchased you have to assign the license over to yourself. Under manage licenses it gives you two options, one to enter an email to assign the license to or it says assign to me. I entered the email address associated with my microsoft 365 account, which sends an invitation from amazon with ‘download instructions’. The email says to simply click on the link to redeem the code and sign into your amazon account. Suffice to say, this did not work for me. I made several attempts before i had to contact customer support. I spoke with 4 people who could not identify
a resolution before i was transferred to a young man who helped me out pretty quickly. All i had to do was select assign to me and i was sent the same invitation email to the email address that i have associated with my amazon account. This time when i clicked on the link it took me to the amazon sign on page and once signed in it took me to the same manage licenses screen. At the top of the screen there was now a button that i could press that allowed me to access license and it prompted an installer so i could download the microsoft 365 apps to my macbook successfully. Simple solution thankfully. Also, i am not sure how the assign to me feature works if the email address that you have on file with amazon is not the same as the email address that you have with microsoft 365, luckily for me both email addresses were the same. Amazon should have download information clearly listed under the product description to avoid customer frustration and microsoft should also make sure that sellers of their product have all of the correct information. The purchase was definitely worth it though.

4Expert Score
Do your research before you upgrade

I am actually happy with the product but had a full office version 2013 that was working fine until i upgraded to windows 11. That is when my outlook 2013 stopped working. I tried to find out several time what i needed to do to get it to work – no solutions. I decided to purchase office 365 and my outlook still wouldn’t work but now i had support for a short time. Everything is fine now.

4Expert Score
Ya’ got me finally microsoft

Got a fire 10 keyboard bundle on a payment plan. Thought the $50 office would also be split up which i could justify paying for it that way. Once every 3-4 months i may have a need to use it. I’m not anti microsoft or anything, just cheap

4Expert Score
Why did i do this?

Weaker moment; not thinking. I wanted to read that e-mail, the one with the funny tail… It came as an ? X-doc? Or something and needed the 365 personal outlooks (seems like a lot of folk to get into one room, nonetheless, one frame of mind)… So, ‘bing’ or ‘bang’ more like ‘click’ purchase was made.
Then it began. More emails, 365 personal microsoft emails… About outlive, outbox, (didn’t see one for outhouse, but it’s probably out there).
I like exploring all the neat things you can do: one box, or whatever it’s called, can jumble all your random thoughts up together, drug free. X-cal can make really long numbers short or make ‘pi’ go on to infinity… Kind of cool. Powered up point can do some cool stuff, too, but you gotta have something to say. A lot of these powered up presentations don’t say much; not sure if that’s on the software, you know, the microsofts, or the dumbbells (no offense) sitting/watching. I like the words program. Words are nice. You can do all sorts of things, you know, with words. Maybe write a book; a ransom note (not suggesting you do this, ok), love letter, poetry, hate mail. There’s a time for all this, you know that, huh? (i’m still trying to figure how to write code with the darn personal 356 office. ) things smarter than i am; tap a few keys with my eyes shut, it tells me what it means. Crazy, huh? Hope you have fun with it; i’m trying to figure out to use it to cancel the auto renew… Meanwhile, it’s back to x-cal to plot pi… (that’s a big number…)

4Expert Score
Great upgrade of ms office

Was available very quickly. Digital download worked fine.

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