Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT)

Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT) Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT)
Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft DVD FORMAT: Oem windows 10 home 64-bit english 1 pack dsp oei dvd

What are microsoft oem system builder dvd | windоws 10 home | 64-bit | intended use for new systems | upgradable to windows 11 | branded by microsoft dvd format features?

  • Upgradeable to windows 11, dvd format please see specific device requirements to ensure compatibility.
  • Oem is to be installed on a new pc with no prior version of windows installed and cannot be transferred to another machine.
  • Oem does not provide support | to acquire product with microsoft support, obtain the full packaged ‘retail’ version.
  • Product ships in plain envelope | activation key is located under scratch-off area on label.
  • Genuine windows software is branded by mircosoft only.
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Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT) AMAZON Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT)

Looking for specific info?

Hello, what does the statement ‘the oem operating system is not supported by microsoft.’ exactly means? Will i be able to get microsoft’s updates?

Microsoft oems are no longer meant for people making their own pcs, or installing it on a pc for their own use. That could be done till the xp operating system. This is from my own experience. Microsoft has sold oems for win 7, pocketed the money, and now stops individuals from installing it on their own builds…it was allowed only if they used the opk kit, and only if they were going to sell it to someone else. In fact, now you can’t even do that, as the opk ‘license’ is no longer available for win 7 oems (even though everyone, incl amazon is unloading them as fast as they can on the innocent buyers), so the buyers of win 7 oems are stuck with a very expensive sixty-dollar coaster. It took me six months of blue screens and system screwups to realize microsoft is not going to let me use the oem on my own build, which they used to with pre-win 7 systems. Now they have moved the goal post, and that applies to win 10 as well…so don’t be surprised if in a few weeks, you start seeing blue screens and general malfunctions. I would never have guessed microsoft was behind it all had i not had an identical win 7 retail box sitting on an adjacent pc, and while the retail was working perfectly, the oem would not stay up and kept crashing right after the microsoft activation, which would provide me with a bonafide ‘genuine windows’ certification, and then start screwing up my programs. As this new meaning of the word oem applies to win 7 systems onward, you can expect it to apply to win 10 as well. I have made over 50 pcs so know exactly what an oem is…so can take my word for what it is worth. Good luck. I am staying away from win 10.

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Will i be able to use the cd key if i desided to change the motherboard later?

I replaced my motherboard twice and tried activating the same oem version of windows 10. Microsoft locked the key and would not allow it to be reactivated. I purchased the oem version of windows 10 from amazon. Microsoft told me to get a new key or i had to buy a new copy of windows 10. I ended up buying a full non-oem version of windows 10. Save yourself a headache and spend the extra money, but the standard version of windows 10.

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Where can i find the product key on the envelope?

I know it’s been a while since i bought it but didn’t need it registered till now!
My product key number is not letting me type it in,
but it says that ‘n’ is not a code. So how do i register
it ???

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How many gb of ram can it take

It can handle as much ram your computer can take, i have to say windows 10 surprised me… Easy to operate and does just about everything for you .. When i installed it it had drivers for all my apps., i basically had to do nothing on installation … It is much better than w – 8 !!! 🙂

Can the disc be used more than once on the same pc?

Windows 10 oem is intended for pre-installation on a new pc and cannot be transferred to another computer once installed.

Can i download windows on a flash drive then use this key

You sure can. Just download the microsoft windows package to your flash drive and hook it up to any computer. If alternately you wish to just use the flash drive without transferring the program to your computer use the key on the flash drive.

Can it be installed on a mac via bootcamp?

Don’t know but you’ll need a drive for the media type. I’ve installed it as a vm using parallels which i think is a better experience.

Does this come with the code as well or only the installation cd?

Only the installation cd. Unless, by code, you mean the product key. It does include that, printed in very small font on the front of the cd.

Will this work on a computer that has no opetating system ex: a newly built one

Yes this windows 10 will work. I just replaced a new hard drive and it took a hold day to load the new operating system. But its ok. Just follow the instruction on the screen.

If my lap top has a new hard drive with no os installed. Can i install this without an operational os

Yes. This is an os, meant to be installed on a machine without an existing os. Your laptop needs to have a functional bios to install it. A good connection to the internet is highly recommended as well, plug it into an ethernet cable, don’t rely on wifi.

Is this legit?

Yes it is. Dvd has authentic hologram from microsoft at the edge and center. We are microsoft authorized reseller.

I have to replace my hard drive. If i buy this, is this all i need to install? Product key and everything?

The version i got was complete, including the product key.

Is it legit

Yes, 100%. It is a factory edition that came with my dell computer, and microsoft give me a updates periodically, which they only do with legit versions.

Where is the product key i looked everywhere on the cd envelope i saw no sticker or mention of the product key

I received my cd in a mailer, with another dvd protector on the inside. There was a small multicolored sticker on the inside protector. The product key was there on that sticker, identified by a key symbol. The product key is a set of five groups of five letters and numbers. If your cd/dvd was mailed to you, look for that label.

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Is product key label included?

Yes, the product key is included.

My pc currently does not have activated windows, so can i buy this oem version to upgrade my pc to windows 10?

Yes you can use this as a clean install as well as an upgrade.

Do this comes with a valid product key?

Yes it does. There is a valid product key on the back of each package. No expiration or phone activation required.
-wise drives team

Should this be the last thing i install/buy when building a new pc?

Typically the os is the _first_ thing you install on a new pc after it’s built – can’t really do much else without it (except play with the motherboard bios).

I want to upgrade from windows 7is this what i buy

The you could also upgrade to windows 8, but i would definitely recommend windows 10 instead of 8. However, if you are currently using windows 7, there is an option to upgrade for free. Supposedly this option will go away at some point in the future, but i’m not sure when.

Is this the product to use for upgrading from windows 7? Or is there an upgrade only product.

I had windows 7 and upgraded to windows 10. No upgrade only product.

Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT) AMAZON Microsoft OEM System Builder DVD | Windоws 10 Home | 64-bit | Intended use for new systems | Upgradable to Windows 11 | Branded by Microsoft (DVD FORMAT)

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Exactly what it says

I was a little skeptical when i first ordered this because i wasn’t too trusting of the company selling this (no offense, just kind of sketchy), but it arrived on time and worked perfectly!

5Expert Score
Warning when upgrading from o.s.7 hardware destroyer

The free windows update that i paid over 116.00 dollars for destroyed my pc. I had a super machine that was totally upgrade-able. I had a quad 4- i7 processor and 12 gb of ram on mobo which can be upgraded to 32 gb of ram and 2 drives and a recovery. I tried twice to install a ‘clean install’ but it stopped twice during the process. I must admit i got microsoft on the phone pretty quick , so we tried for another hour or two but to no prevail . I was told to take my desk top pc to my local store located in mid-town manhattan and they told me i had a hardware failure ? I said the machine was fine until i put your rotten win 10 disk in my pc. I was told by their tech specialist that my mobo blew up ! I said what ! How can that be !? The machine ran like a fine swiss watch on win 7 pro.. I was told that the machine must now go out for further diagnosis on hardware and how much it is going to cost me !!!! So far 116 and change for win 10 o.s. From amazon plus 50 dollars to ship my pc from microsoft out for more complex testing facility, which can take up to 4 weeks and cost me over 600 dollars!!!?? I told the microsoft rep that your os 10 is destroying perfectly good machines. This desktop cost me 1500 plus!! All you have to do is google ‘ win 10 destroyed my motherboard and the case is closed. There are countless lawsuits pending class action just do a search.. I will follow up with this store and my comment about my microsoft experience when they call me with the results. I told them i have 2 more win 7 pro machines that must be upgraded but how can i trust microsoft!!?? After over 20 yrs of windows and at least 6 different o.s’s and at least 15 different machines …countless crashes windows vista and millennium …. I am ready to jump the fence and run to apple. Heed my warning!


I received a call from my local microsoft store which sent out my custom -hp pavilion hpe for further testing. After 3 weeks i receive a call from the tech dept and they said ‘bios’ as soon as i heard that word, i knew this is a problem was between microsoft and the pc manufacture. This is not a customer issuer. The staff was great in mid-town manhattan and were polite after a debate that i won after working on windows for almost 20 yrs and 6 os’s . I told them thank you and they told me bring my other 2 win7 pro machines in and we will upgrade them for free. I will try to included the work order..

scope of work: resolution & work completed:
customer attempted to install windows 10 and it
Perform hardware diagnostics
no data back up**
clean install of windows 10.
Windows 10 disc still inside**
reset cmos and got unit to boot, installed win10,
updated bios and all drivers, device passed diagnostics
and functions testing, sending to final qc
it is so nice that microsoft took full responsibility and i changed my mind 180 degrees about the company, still cautious but optimistic until my other 2 machines are running right on the new os which will be installed right before os 7 becomes not supported..thank you again mid-town manhattan

5Expert Score
Others say their keys were counterfeit — mine works just fine

A lot can change quickly over the internet — and vendors can change sources quickly. But i can say i bought this less than two weeks ago ago and mine installed and activated just fine. Maybe i just got lucky, but i will say that microsloth has no idea how to treat customers or do business efficiently — wanting $200 for an activation through microsloth’s store (which i want no part of, nor do i want a microsloth account), when sources like these are available far cheaper. Microsloth actually tried to con me into paying for a codec that’s free to download anywhere.

5Expert Score
It’s windows..

It’s windows so it’s what you make it! Overall would prefer over other platforms

5Expert Score
Great on sale

Its windows just make sure you have a dvd reader installed on your pc or a portable dvd reader

5Expert Score
Despite negative reviews, the key is legit

The reviews for this disc and key are mixed, either the key worked or it did not. My experience went well, despite being nervous that i bought something that might not work.

I downloaded windows 10 directly from microsoft and installed it on my newly-built content creation rig while waiting for the disc to arrive. While i was waiting, i looked at the reviews, many were saying their copy of windows wouldn’t accept the (possibly invalid/fake) key, or that it was for oem pcs (dell, hp, etc.) and not user-built devices.

When the disc came, i immediately put in the key, and for a split second it did say this key may not be genuine, but it successfully activated windows.

5Expert Score
Does the job

If you need windows in a new system this works great

5Expert Score
Legitimate, works

Installed windows 10 with installation media made on another pc when i built a gaming pc last month. This code activated it with zero issues whatsoever!

5Expert Score
Great os overall. Easy and fast to install. Doesn't require much space at all.

For under $100 you get an official copy of windows 10 home with a genuine license key from microsoft. Once it has installed on to your computer, you can then active it online so you can experience everything that windows 10 home has to offer. I was somewhat skeptical at first, because i didn’t know what i was going to be receiving upon spending $93 on something i wasn’t entirely sure that was going to work. Anyhow for those who are curious to know, you do get an official copy of windows 10 home on a cd/dvd rom disc. The paperboard encased envelope that it comes in, please be careful to not throw either of the two away…here’s why!? On the front of the paperboard, where the physical copy of the windows 10 home disc comes in. Well on the front of that one, there’s a scratch off section where you recover your windows 10 home license key after scratching off and removing the silver coating much like a lottery scratch ticket.

Also please make sure to be careful, and scratch very…very lightly while scratching off the scratch ticket like silver coating to reveal your windows 10 home license key. So you’re all ​aware, if you scratch too hard like some others have mentioned in previous reviews on here. Then you might end up, scratching too deep where you’ll end up removing the actual paperboard underneath which will damage the license key that’s printed on removing it completely. I personally myself didn’t have any issues whatsoever while scratching away to reveal my windows 10 home license key…but just be careful ok!? Once everything was installed, i entered my license key while having access to the internet and my windows 10 home was fully activated on my computer. I kinda have to say, that windows 10 home in my opinion is a big improvement and a step-up compared to windows 8.1 pro. Personally i never liked or really cared for windows 8.1 pro at all. Now with windows 10 home bringing back the start menu like windows 7 had, it definitely makes things feel a lot easier to navigate and find things within your own computer. Windows 7 ultimate is by far one of my favorite version from microsoft of all time…hands down!

Also because of my computer running the latest technology. Such as intel’s 7th gen kaby lake processor with a b250m motherboard chipset. My system in general only supports windows 8 and windows 10 versions of microsoft’s os. So another thing to keep in consideration is. Make sure your motherboard’s bios can support windows 10 because like my computer, it can’t support anything lower than windows 8.

Kind regards,

5Expert Score
Installed correctly and code worked!

I bought this at the suggestion of my brother when creating my first pc build i don’t think he realized it was a disc because he forgot to suggest a dvd drive when i showed him my final choices (for my first ever self build). I realized it with enough time to purchase a cheap external cd/dvd drive that others had said would work to install on a new build (about 20$), which was fine because i would have bought one eventually anyway.

After some initial, unrelated troubleshooting i finally got the pc to boot to where i could check the bios and such. I restarted the computer with the external drive and this disc inside and it began the installation process.

The code is a small silver piece on the sticker and just very gently use a penny or other coin to scratch off. When it asked for the code i plugged it in with the help of a family member who came over when i was doing the troubleshooting (a cord wasn’t plugged into the psu correctly) reading it off to me and it worked.

I’m not sure why others had trouble with it accepting the code, but i guess i was lucky in that it worked for me and windows installed correctly and i am now writing this review on my newly built pc with all newly aquired (those some gently used) parts!

Accomplishment unlocked!

4Expert Score
It's windows 10

It’s windows 10. Intrusive and runs win10 programs. A better os is needed. But, it works.

4Expert Score
Bring a book and some coffee

As in inveterate win-7 user i finally had to break down and move to win-10. ‘this will take some time’ is the mantra, and yes it takes a long time to load. On the plus side the computer operating under win-10 does operate faster. However the download has a host of ‘apps’ and presumes that you have or are loading this to a smart-phone. Yes, you can keep your main screen and the links to open programs still work but,…. When you press the windows symbol (where the start button used to be) you get an alphabetical list of your programs (oops, i guess they are all ‘apps’ now). There are a whole bunch that you probably never had before. Some can be ‘uninstalled’ while others (part of the microsoft revenue stream?) cannot be removed at all. My guess is that the majority of the installation process is loading all the ‘apps’. Since i do not have, nor do i ever want, a smart phone most of this stuff is junk as far as i’m concerned. Finally, win-10 in pushy: it wants you to do all your stuff in their cloud so those functions are easy to access. Getting to some of your old programs (sorry, ‘apps’) have to be searched out using the windows button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Finding your data files for backups (you do regular backups – right?) is a bit daunting.

Outlook, excel, word, et cetera do work in the win-10 environment.

That being said, i can only rate this a four because it is really not intended for desktop use and there are multiple opportunities to ‘accidentally’ screw things up by telling the system that you are on a phone or tablet. So far, i haven’t goofed. I would have preferred that microsoft issue a version for desktops and without all the ‘apps’ that most desktop users will never access let along use.

4Expert Score
Windows is windows is windows.

It’s windows 10.

4Expert Score
Simple package – dvd and coa – easy and fast install – little hard disk space needed

This review is focused on the product itself – not on the windows 10 operating system. Just do a web search on windows 10 reviews for that purpose.

For oem or new system builds, all you really need is the coa since microsoft makes the installation files available online. However, it’s nice to have a licensed, complete dvd on hand for system repairs and recovery (yes, you can burn your own later using iso files, but if you are doing a pc build and need to buy the coa anyway, why not get an official dvd?). Also, you get the official microsoft coa sticker that you can afix to your new pc for easy reference later.

If you already have windows 7/8/8.1 and a coa/authorized copy of windows, you don’t need to buy this product. You should go through the upgrade option already available via your desktop tray (you know, the one that keeps asking you to upgrade free to windows 10). Note: see comment below on custom installation and opting out of data collection.

It is simply packaged – paperboard encased dvd and certificate of authenticity (coa) – needed for verification step. It was easily installed, faster than previous os installs, requires very little disk space and it’s quick to boot up.

One big recommendation and reason for deducting one star: the embedded data collection in this os. During initial installation, make sure you choose the custom installation route (not the express or default install option). It will walk you through all the options for privacy and data collection features and allow you to opt out of each one. Trust me, it’s an eye-opener how much data microsoft will export if you don’t opt out.

4Expert Score
Windows 10 is great, but you may have shut down issues if you have an led keyboard and mouse that stay on. Simple fix!

My experience with using windows 10 has for the most part been positive. The only glitch ive had was when i did a full install on an older gutted hp pc with an led lit keyboard and mouse. After several windows updates everything seemed to install smoothly until the led keyboard and mouse would not turn off after shut down. It was frustrating to trouble shooting the reason to why the lights would not turn off! As this gutted hp pc parts were transferred to a nicer case, i checked the connections to the motherboard, cleared cmos, and i played with bios, searched the net for answers and finally gave up tired as it was 2am and i couldn’t think straight anymore. Sleep was what i needed but had in mind a find from the net that hopefully would solve this dilemma. Sure enough it was something very simple that windows 10 i guess sets up by default if a pc system runs slow due to older hardware. This was my guess bc i have a custom gaming rig with high end parts worth over $2,000 and comparing the power options i noticed a difference in the power options, ‘choose what the power buttons do’. If you have this problem uncheck the ‘turn off fast startup’ option. This will turn off the power to the lights on your usb keyboard and mouse during shut down. Other than this stupid glitch windows 10 works fine. I like it.

4Expert Score
It is windows, what choice do you have

I was happier with windows 7, but this is a good step up for windows 8.x. Windows 10 seems to be poorly organized in that to find ordinary things requires using searches. Some of this i believe is due to its wanting you to use the cloud to store your information. In additon microsoft keeps installing new applications along with the os updates without asking if it is ok to install each one. There seems to be two desktops, downloads and documents. One under your user diectory and one somewhere else. Often i have to manually go into drive c: and users to find my actual files. Though there are some advantages in storing information in the cloud when you go from machine to machine, most of the time it is of little benefit and suffer from internet bandwidth bottle necks. So there is a general ‘out of control’ feeling to the system.

4Expert Score
So far, so good.

Been using for approximately a month now and no issues for me yet. I have one older aio printer that i feared would not work; the manufacturer does not have a win 10 driver (yet?). Regardless, the win 8.1 driver works just fine.

I am a gamer and was concerned i would have problems in that arena, but so far, i have had no issues. Note: obviously i have not tried all games, but have had no issues with three of my biggest games; skyrim, dragon age inquisition, and witcher 3.

Overall, the system is kind of a nice blend of win 7 and win 8.1 (the best of each with changes). With win 8.1, i had to use a third party interface that emulated win 7 to even function (and i’m a retired i.t. Guy). There is a ‘small’ learning curve in finding certain functions, but plenty of online help to get you through the questions or just (like me) blunder around until you find the answer. Not a big deal. After a month, i am now quite confident in moving around and making changes in my system. I’m sure there will be a service pack down the road that will tweak the system to improve it’s functionality even more (hopefully microsoft will listen to customer’s suggestions and complaints when creating the service pack).

4Expert Score
Wouldn’t risk it

So i purchased it before reading any reviews and i received an unused code and everything was fine, but it seems like a lot of people are getting used codes it’s kind of a gamble buy at your own risk

4Expert Score
A learning experience

I went from windows xp on my old pc to windows 10 on the computer i just finished assembling. It’s an adjustment, but overall, i’m satisfied with the new interface. It is a learning curve, so prepare for that. I only took off a star due to some hiccups i had with the installation/setup:

– windows defaulted the system date/time to may 2068, so no web pages were displaying correctly. While i couldn’t figure out the problem at first, i did eventually realize the problem and manually corrected it (for some reason, windows would not automatically adjust the date/time, even when connected to the internet.)

– some difficulties figuring out how to set up my hard drives to work with the os, and microsoft’s own help forums were not exceptionally helpful (or rather, they just didn’t point me to exactly where i needed to go. I figured it out through trial-and-error.)

– had trouble activating my copy of windows; i kept receiving a message the product key was already in use. I was able to activate via microsoft’s automated phone system, however.

Overall, i’m very pleased with the product, though, and look forward to figuring out more of its bells and whistles.

4Expert Score
Win 10 is much better than os 8.1, and can be modified to look fairly close to win 7

I found the change from win 7 to win 10 was not as bad as i had feared. You will want to disable all of the microsoft telemetry ‘features’ as much as you can, and there are several good articles you can find on internet searches and on youtube to help you do this. I spent a couple of hours customizing settings and am quite pleased with win 10 so far. I truly wonder (in the future) whether advanced pc games that use directx 12 will be better. I moved my 93 year old father from win 7 to win 10 and he has adapted to it well after i changed a lot of settings to make it look and feel like win 7. Pair it with an ssd and this thing loads up very quickly. Make sure you have the nov. ’15 update installed! That update made a lot of beneficial improvements to win 10, imo. This version of win 10 home 64-bit is tied to your mobo’s id. I have not yet tried to install it on a replacement boot disk, so i can’t advise on whether this sw edition will let me ‘re-install it’.

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