Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download: Read Software Reviews –
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download: For families and small businesses who want classic office apps and email installed on one pc or mac for use at home or work.

What are microsoft office home & business 2021 | one-time purchase for 1 pc or mac | download features?

  • One-time purchase for 1 pc or mac
  • Classic 2021 versions of word, excel, powerpoint, and outlook
  • Microsoft support included for 60 days at no extra cost
  • Licensed for home use
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Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download AMAZON

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download: Read Software Reviews –

Looking for specific info?

Does this include future updates?

Yes and no.
Microsoft will continue to support this product for about 3-4 years. It includes updates. Check with microsoft for exact ‘end of life’ for this sku. If you are concerned about support, updates, patches, fixes, etc. Then go subscription with microsoft 365 business essentials.

So many users indicate software wouldn’t install and that neither amazon nor microsoft would rectify the situation. Is this safe to purchase?

I have purchased three copies of office 2021. I have had no problems installing the software although it will not install on windows 7. I have installed it on three windows 10 pcs. I upgraded the windows 7 pc to windows 10 after i couldn’t install it. After upgrading that pc to windows 10, i had no problems install office 2021.

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Can i buy this while i’m travelling in the usa and then reinstall in another computer when i’m back to my country?

It works on one computer only. It is like any other pc license. You also must have internet access to get it. As long as you use it it works. So you need to plan on using the pc you install it on. I typically use a pc for 4 years. It may not crap out. Thats good though.

How long does it take to receive the activation code?

You should receive your unique product key code shortly after making your purchase. For further information on product keys and activation, visit here:

Can this be used on chromebook?

Short answer: no.

Microsoft office comes in version for windows and ios, but not for chromebook.

Does office 2021 fix the non-displayable images issue many people had in office 2019?

I bought a version 2021 office and everything installed great. I have a 2016 version and the nee 2021 version both on my computer.

I haven’t received any information about this product or how i can download it. Have i not received an e-mail with the key code?

Mine was in my software locker. I think you can locate it from your profile. I just ran the install and it registered, didn’t need to put a software key in. I believe it to be encoded when you purchase the software.

How do i get a 60 day microsoft support?

You can access your included microsoft support through your microsoft account page, or by visiting the following link:

Does this require an annual subscription to function like microsoft 365?

There is no annual fee associated with the purchase of your new office home & business 2021 suite. It is a one-time download, and you will retain perpetual access to your software.

Does this software come with a certificate of authenticity (coa)?

The software comes with a product key that gets activated when you login to a microsoft live account

Is there a 2022 stand-alone version of office home & business?

Office home & business 2021 is the latest offering from microsoft, featuring all of the most up-to-date tools and applications currently available on the platform.

I have 1 windows pc with 2 user accounts. Will each user have access to office 2021 apps including support for each having different email accounts?


Is this compatible with mac os monterey 12.4?

I use it on a pc

Tried downloading the software, but it won’t activate the the code supplied. Do i need a new code, or how do i go about getting this installed?

Great question! We’ve put together a helpful, instructional resource for just this occasion. Find a full outline of download and installation instructions, as well as answers to faqs and more, here:

What versions of word and excel are included? Are they different from office for mac 2019?

Office home & business 2021 includes the classic 2021 versions of word, excel, powerpoint, and outlook.

Do you have to be a student to buy the home and student version?


Does microsoft honor the 60 day support if purchased on amazon?

Yes, 60-day support is included with the purchase of your new microsoft office home & student 2021 software, and will be honored by microsoft during that duration.

If i purchase a new computer to replace my current computer can i download the software on the new computer and transfer the license

Our users are free to update their host device at any time. We recommend visiting the following link, where we’ve put together a helpful resource for users reinstalling their software to a new host. Find answers to faqs, and all the guidance you need, here:

In the download process, it asks for ‘region’ and defaults to canada, drop down box only has canada, says this can’t be changed later. Now what?

Did not have this issue but many others. I did finally get it up and running though with help from microsoft. It maybe only setting up your language and time zone?

Has it been resolved that this program now works with windows 11?

Yes, works perfectly well.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download AMAZON

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac | Download: Read Software Reviews –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Hate spending the cash, but the download worked flawlessly

Hate spending the cash, but the download worked flawlessly, and the wife is happy being able to work from home!

5Expert Score
I received my code. Thank you

I wasn’t sure where it was. A message would be appreciated.

5Expert Score
Works well

Loaded fine. Works well.

5Expert Score
It’s genuine and downloads from microsoft’s site.

I had concerns about whether this was a legitimate license, whether amazon is authorized to sell microsoft products, and whether one-time-install software can be transferred to a new pc.

Short answers: yes, it is. Yes, they are. Yes, it can.

I had a chat session with microsoft first and pointed them to this page. I told the agent there was general confusion about whether the software could be transferred to a new pc. The agent responded “office 2021 home and business is a digital perpetual license which means it’s a one time purchase. You can use this license on single device at a time.”

that wasn’t quite the answer i was looking for, so i asked “if my pc dies and i buy a new one, can i transfer this digital perpetual license to a new pc?” the agent responded “yes, you can.”

i then had a chat session with amazon and asked the agent if amazon is a licensed reseller of microsoft products. The agent responded “yes, we are the licensed reseller of the microsoft”

i then asked if this particular product was being sold by amazon or a third party seller. The agent responded “it is sold by services llc”

with that i went ahead with the purchase and was happy to see that the download button took me to a microsoft page and automatically carried the product key with it. Once i signed in to microsoft, i was able to download it, it installed, and everything works.

5Expert Score
Great product

Have used office for a long time. I prefer this desktop version as opposed to the ongoing cost of microsoft 365. My favorite thing was buying this through amazon which makes the process really easy!

5Expert Score
Genuine. No issues

Downloaded and installed with no issues. Don’t fall for the cheaper prices. Get the real deal here.

5Expert Score

If you need outlook this is the version to get! How can you go wrong with amazon & microsoft combination! Downloaded fast and without any issues. I would stay away from non brand products!

5Expert Score
Easy and efficient

Set up in less than 5 minutes, super easy!

5Expert Score
Fast and easy.

After i purchage, may be 1 minute,-.-. I got a email about a link to go to microsoft app.
Just make a account microsoft same the email i get the link (email use in for amazon buying, i just have 1 for everything so it easy).

And the software is already in my account. Just log in, the software with the “intall” buton in middle the screen. So easy.

I need 1 minute for get the email and 10-20 mins for intall.


5Expert Score
It works.

Followed a link from the email, added product to microsoft proile. Activation is a breeze.

4Expert Score
Received key same day and downloaded it that day.

Amazon sent the key within an hour and was able to download with no problems that day. Only issue was with outlook. When setting up it asked for password, but it would not take my yahoo password. Googled issues and found out i needed to sign into yahoo to get a password specifically for outlook then it finally allowed access and loaded on my laptop. Feel like microsoft could give better directions for this part. I have a brand new hp with windows 11 had no issues getting it loaded but have not had a chance to work within the documents yet. With all the bad reviews i was nervous buying it from amazon and also for my windows 11 but no issues so far.

4Expert Score
So far it seems to work properly

This is a necessary update since google will block the older versions for inadequate security.

4Expert Score
Install worked correctly

Some people have written they had trouble with the install of office. I had no issues and it is working properly. This version included skype but i was able to download its future replacement, teams for free. I was very confused by all the ms office 365 options so the one time purchase was best for me.

4Expert Score
Office 2021 will not install on windows 7 and probably not windows 8 either

Just released from microsoft. There was nothing in the system requirements when i placed the order that said office 2021 required windows 10 or 11. I found out after the fact. It will not load on windows 7.

4Expert Score
Genuine microsoft

This is the genuine microsoft office home and business. Download and installation was a breeze. Everything working well so far, have not used powerpoint or publisher yet.

4Expert Score
Still learning

Still learning the program, but so far it seems good

4Expert Score
Outlook 365

I ordered this directly from microsoft. It cost more, but i was concerned about portability if i change computers. This does not work with windows 7, so i installed it on my windows 11 machine. Caution! The outlook included is outlook 365 which uses microsoft exchange. I really did not want that so i only use the other products. Save your money and get the personal edition without outlook 365.

4Expert Score
Worked fine… Where is microsoft?!

I downloaded and installed the software without problems to a new pc that had an unactivated office 365 pre-installed.

It’s unfortunate that microsoft hadn’t assisted those who have reported problems because it creates doubt where none seems (to me) necessary.

Also, why doesn’t microsoft take action against those selling ms office 2021 pro at incredibly reduced prices? It took me significant effort and time to figure out these are enterprise licenses and users could find that it suddenly stops working. That’s unfair to the public given microsoft’s apparent inaction.

For these reasons, i knocked off one star.

4Expert Score
It's office… You know what to expect

I’ve been using office for about 20 years. It is what it is.

I don’t like that outlook just doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. Sometimes search function works, sometimes you can’t put a space between words in the search bar.

Excel, word, and ppt are just fine.

Would recommend… Not that there is much of an alternative.

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