Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download: Read Software Reviews –
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download: For students and families who want classic office apps installed on one pc or mac for use at home or school.

What are microsoft office home & student 2021 | one-time purchase for 1 pc or mac| download features?

  • One-time purchase for 1 pc or mac
  • Classic 2021 versions of word, excel, and powerpoint
  • Microsoft support included for 60 days at no extra cost
  • Licensed for home use
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Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download AMAZON

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download: Read Software Reviews –

Looking for specific info?

How do you prove you are a student?

With this version it doesn’t matter. It’s just a ‘basic’ version as in it only comes with word, excel, and powerpoint, vs 365 that has all of the programs. If you are actually a student at a college of some sort you can usually get it for free via microsoft directly by logging into your student email, if your school provides access. I was logged in to my college email for years until i became ‘inactivated’ since i had graduated 4 years ago and no longer had access and had to buy this instead. But this is a one time purchase key so you own it forever and don’t need a subscription like 365.

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Does the software choice come as a link through amazon or personal e-mail account that can be downloaded to any computer at any time?

The link goes to your software downloads section in your amazon account. So you will need to open amazon on the computer you wish to download the program to, to get to the download.

Does this work if the programs are already installed on pc but expired? (one year subscription)

Uninstall microsoft 365 on your pc first then restart computer and then install office 2021

Do you send a key and i download software

You will be sent a unique key code to enter for redemption, and will be directed on next steps via the received email. If you are looking for further guidance, we recommend the following link to helpful how-to instructions:

Macbook pro m1 chip user. Can i save files to my hard drive? Why does the description say files must be saved to one drive? Is there a work around?

Our users are free to save their documents and files locally, as well as to their included onedrive storage space.

I want to use the autosave feature, but i want to save the files to icloud and not onedrive. Will this software allow me to do this?

That’s the only thing it did for me auto saved it for me.

Does this work on window 11 in africa. I reside in usa

Yes, office home & student 2021 has been designed to work seamlessly with windows 11. If operating in africa, be sure to purchase your suite for the correct region, as they are not universal. Office suites must be redeemed in the country or region where they are purchased.

Does this have dictation in word? I’ve been told the only one that does is microsoft 365.

Dictation support is now in the os of windows 10 and 11 and is unnecessary as an add-on though is included in office 365.

Why does it say i am using the free version after i download?

There may be an issue with the activation of your new office home & student 2021 software. We recommend visiting your microsoft profile page to ensure your suite has been activated for your account. Find this, and other helpful information needed to get your system up and running, here:

Does excel application of ‘home & student 2021’ version support javascript add-in feature?

Yes it does

If you would get another computer can you download the program again?

I believe if you remove the program from the original computer, microsoft will let you transfer the program to the new computer assuming you have the original code provided.

Can i buy it now as a gift for download in may 2022?

Yes, purchasing now and activating later has no impact on the validity or performance of your new microsoft office home & student 2021 software suite.

I purchased home & student. How do i download.? I do not have an email. Can the original be resent? — jal

The activation code for your new software will be sent shortly after making the purchase. Be sure to check your amazon account for any information on your recent order. For a full outline of download and installation instruction and guidance, we recommend visiting the following link:

Is there a way to purchase ms word 2021 without being locked into games and software subscription?

I purchased word 2021 as part of ms office one-time download for mac. I had to create a microsoft account, but i did not have to subscribe to anything. It was important to me not to have to subscribe to the software. Not sure if the one-time download is available for windows.

I have a chromebook that does not have windows on it. Will istill be able to download?

Microsoft office home & student 2021 is not compatible with chromebook.

Will this 2021 version work with apple’s os venture, to be released in fall 2022?

It should with an auto upgrade

Can i transfer microsoft 2021 to a mac if it was already purchased and installed on a windows pc?

You have to uninstall it from the pc to install it on the mac

I ordered office 2021 for download but my apps list shows microsoft 365 for enterprise got installed. Is that what should happen?

That should not have happened but you need to be very careful on attempting this download to avoid getting 365. I suggest you call amazon. I believe 365 is a subscription product so you may be paying for it annually going forward.

Does this software work for window 11?

Your new microsoft office home & student 2021 suite will run seamlessly on windows 11.

Has anyone successfully bought this as a gift for someone else? Or, is it forever tied to the original purchaser’s email address?

Yes, you can easily purchase microsoft office home & student 2021 as a gift. Be sure to use the recipient’s email address during the purchase process. This will ensure the suite is tied to their microsoft account. Simply log in, provide the included activation code, and you’ll have no issue activating the new suite.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download AMAZON

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 | One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac| Download: Read Software Reviews –

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Concerns about one-time purchase

This review is more of a concern about a one-time purchase for microsoft products than amazon. The whole process of ordering from amazon and downloading the software was simple with no issues. The real concern is related to microsoft and these 1x purchases. I purchased this ms office 2021 product because ms provided me with inaccurate technical support related to another office home and business 2016 software i previously owned. The very condensed and frustrated version of my saga is when i wanted to transfer my original office h&b 2016 from a desktop to a new laptop. Prior to the re-installation, ms tech support informed me that this one-time purchase could be reinstalled onto the new laptop once i uninstalled it from the older desktop. Once the re-installation took place with the help of ms tech support; i was getting a product key activation request every time i would open word, excel or pp. I had to enter the product key every time. Ms tech could not figure out why. Eventually they told me that i used up my 10 activation attempts with this office h&b 2016 software. Apparently, ms and their techs do not tell clients that you cannot activate the software more than 10 times. After the 10th attempt the one-time purchase is void and useless. Thus, i had to break down and purchase this new version of office to work with all my word, excel and pp documents on my computer. My beef is with ms and not amazon. Because ms tech could not figure out why (and never told me about the 10 attempts) i had to constantly re-enter the product key and voided out the software. So be care if you decide to transfer a one-time ms software purchase from one computer to another.

5Expert Score
The best basic version you’ll get !

I didn’t want to pay for monthly subscription for ms product although i knew i’d probably get the constant new updates if i were to do so. But i wasn’t a business owner or some high-level instructor that would need all the fancy dandy ms programs. I literally needed ms word, excel, and perhaps powerpoint.

With this product, i purchased it for my imac. You need to register for this product on the internet web browser first on ms website. Then, the program will automatically launch and download the the apps for your imac.

I made the mistake of downloading the apps first and then it turns out the apps on the apple apps store weren’t even compatible with the 2021 program. Don’t waste your time like i did. Just go on that website and follow direction. After that, you will launch the download program, and everything will automatically load for you on your mac computer.

This program comes with ms word, excel, power point, one note, and one drive. These are your very basic programs when it’s only you using for simple stuff or your child needs to use to finish up his or her school work. No, you don’t need to prove that you’re a student or anything in order to purchase this program.

I simply enjoy it because it’s one-time purchase, and i’m done. I am not into monthly or yearly subscription when i am not running an office at my house!

5Expert Score
Simple to install and you can re-download/reinstall it!

I finally buckled down and bought this for three reasons:
1.) i don’t want to deal with never-ending subscriptions, of course. I want to own something if i pay for it.
2.) the spell/grammar check in microsoft word is, imo, the best out there. I’ve tried so many alternative word processors, all the free ones you can think of. None of the spell-check features lived up to what microsoft word’s is capable of (again, imo). I highly value word for its spell-check, because i’m usually writing stories, scripts/dialogue for small games and projects in the software. And
3.) before now, i would occasionally use the free microsoft word that you can access through web, but i wanted something i could use even if i didn’t have internet access or something.

I saw another review that was worried about being unable to redownload, so before i bought this for myself, i checked online resources from microsoft’s page to verify that it’s possible to redownload/reinstall. I don’t know if i can post links, but you can access purchase again by looking into your account settings/services after signing into your microsoft account online. This will allow you to reinstall at any time.
You can do this because the purchase is tied to your personal microsoft account, not to a single device (i haven’t done this for myself yet, but this should mean that i should be able to also install this on my both my laptop and main pc- just so long as i’m accessing it with the microsoft account it’s tied to. I’ll edit this review if that doesn’t work out for any reason because i don’t want to mislead anyone).

You can search this for yourself if you don’t understand and want to see specific steps on how to reinstall.

No issues from me!

5Expert Score
Quick and easy installation . . . With a little preparation.

I was using an old version of office on an old dell laptop. Now have a new dell laptop with windows 11 and needed stand-alone versions of excel and word, don’t care about saving files to the cloud. Installation was quick and easy. I recommend preparing for purchase and installation by 1) setting up a microsoft account in advance, 2) using the same email address for amazon and the microsoft account, and 3) uninstalling any previous versions of office that are present on the receiving computer. After buying the product i received an email within 5 minutes of so with a link to the microsoft website. I signed into my microsoft account, my purchase was verified automatically, then downloaded and installed the program. About 20 minutes from purchase to installation with no issues.

5Expert Score
Legit product

Product as advertised. No issues with the installation process on an apple desktop. You will need to have a microsoft account to install, as the link through amazon goes through microsoft.

5Expert Score
Hope it makes bookwork easier

Was easy to install. Nicer version than our previous one

5Expert Score
Worked great for me

I had just purchased an macbook on the amazon renewal site and needed to get microsoft office but didn’t want to pay a monthly fee. I was hesitant based on some of the reviews. And based on that info i made sure there were no other versions of microsoft on the computer and also made sure that the latest software was installed in the computer. Once i bought it, i was sent an email with the link and it directed me to to microsoft website, i had to set up a profile (save your info!) and they send you an email to verify and a text also to verify that they have the correct info. You choose the drive to download the file to and within about 10-15 minutes it was installed. I had no problems just have to follow the instructions.

5Expert Score
Great buy in place of annual subscription

I don’t use word and xcel that much at home so i didn’t see the need to deal with an annual
subscription. So far so good. It takes about five minutes for it to show up for you to down load and provide you with the key.

5Expert Score
Worked as expected. Install was easy on mac

Purchase and installation were simple.

5Expert Score
Key to my word processing and spreadsheet requirements

I have used this microsoft product for many years and found it the best!

4Expert Score
Purchased, not rented

Pros: -improvements over some of the features of my office 2013. Some features in the 2013 version that had become unsupported like the popup synonyms and dictionary work on the new version. The interface is improved over 2013. Although my first choice was to continue to use 2013, at least 2022 was available for me to buy, and i didn’t have to rent office 365.

Cons:-i would have stayed with office 2013 but microsoft is determined to improve their revenue flow by forcing folks to either rent office 365 or purchase an update to a newer version of office.

I like microsoft office home and student 2022 just fine. It works quite well on my new computer, and the learning curve from office 2013 was not steep. However….

Beginning of a mindless rant:

i’ve been using microsoft products for at least 40 years, and i’ve spent thousands of dollars on their software. I appreciate that windows home 11 is pretty much free now, and i’m pleased that i no longer have to pay $500 for their word processor. That said, i was very disappointed when i reached the end of the road on my old computer at windows 10 because the computer wouldn’t run windows 11. I gave in and upgraded to new machines to go to windows 11. That was my choice. I don’t dislike windows 11, and so far it works well for me, but when i tried to install office 2013, i was not able to ‘activate’ it through my microsoft account. I went farther back to my disk for office 2007. Again, installation was not allowed. Instead, i was encouraged to rent software access for an online connection to office 365 (a limited ‘free’ version of office 365 is available for strictly online use in order to compete with google docs, but i would be out of luck if the internet goes down). I chose to purchase office for home and student 2022 from amazon instead.

I don’t change software or hardware often. For example, we still use quicken 2013 primarily because we don’t like the ‘improvements’ in the later versions that increase the price while removing features that we actually found useful, and of course, intuit really wants you to rent quicken. Office 2013 lasted me for 9 years on my old machine. If i had been paying $90/year rent for the software, then i would have spent more than $800. That’s more than 3 times what i paid to buy it. If i wanted to do online software, i could have used google docs for free or the free version of office 365 online.

The last straw for me in this rent software business model is that hp now requires an activation to set up their printer software. I have a friend who got a new laptop. She asked me to setup her printer on the new machine. Easy, i thought, even though i worried over, imho, hp’s sparse instructions, kludgy software, and an annoying and implacable website. I installed the print drivers despite the bad instructions and user interface. Then i was taken to an activation page. Activation page! I tried to sign into her account from when she bought the printer for her old computer, but of course she didn’t remember the password she used. I tried to set up a new account for her but that was impossible because her email address was already in use. Now i will have to completely uninstall the print drivers, request a password reset and start all over again. And hp wants her to join their ink-of-the-month club by guessing how much ink she might use. A printer is a physical device. No one is going to make a copy of a printer and give it to their friends to use on an unauthorized machine. That is one of many reasons that i no longer buy hp printers after years of using nothing else. For my personal use, i switched to brother, which is not as fast as an hp, but it orders its own ink from amazon when it needs it.

Now activation is being used by software companies to force you to discard your favorite old software and buy or rent their new versions. I understand that software companies reach a point where they no longer want to support older software, but i prefer to upgrade on my schedule, not theirs. And i do upgrade when i’m sure that the features i like will continue, that the new features make the upgrade worth the price, and that i won’t be held hostage to a new file structure or business model.

Therefore, it is my intention to not participate in rented software if i can avoid it. I never liked working on main frame computers using terminals and having to deal with centralized control. ‘personal computers’ were part of the revolution for me because they were personal. They stood alone for better or worse. They were not at the whim of some faceless tech. The current trend to re-centralize computing operations may appeal to many people, but i shall resist it so long as i can get away with it.

As a final aside, imho, the worst perpetrators in this new rental model are the tax preparation software companies that do not clearly document what schedules are included in their entry/base rental price or their entry/base purchase software. Only after you get started, do you discover that you have to pay a lot extra to get the one schedule that was not included. Imagine seeing that schedule c is included but later you discover that it is only for schedule c to enter income, you have to pay more if you want a schedule c to include expenses. Oh, you can enter the expenses by hand, but then the company will not file your tax return that was part of your purchase price: you have to print the return and mail it in. Fortunately, i knew better than to buy anything so woefully described. Unfortunately, i had to buy a version of the software that included many more features than i needed just to be able to get schedule c expenses and free electronic filing. However, that was much cheaper than buying the next version down and then having to pay a large added fee to get the missing expense page. Imho, the irs is squeezing everyone into the online filing mode, and the software companies are coming up with all kinds of schemes to drive up the fees they can extract from their users. Don’t get me wrong, i love online filing, but the misleading ads by the software companies providing these services is open to more abuse than selling timeshares. If you are selling tax software, then the ads should clearly state which schedules your software will provide and note any limitations.

End of mindless rant.

Thank you microsoft for allowing me to buy office for home and office 2022. I would have been looking for a different software brand rather than signup to rent office 365.

4Expert Score
Install issues.

If you are a first time user of this product, it is very easy to install. However, if you have had previous versions of this product, you might run into some issues like i did. I had microsoft office home and student 2019 installed on my desktop running windows 11 pro. First, i uninstalled office 2019 from my desktop. I then installed office 2021. Everything seemed to work ok. I then checked under programs and features and it showed office 2021 installed. I then clicked the shortcut app for word, went to account and to my surprise it still showed office 2019 installed. Huh? I then went online and googled this and found others with this same issue as well, but no real solution. After some time, i finally found out how to correct this: click on account, right above the update selection, you will see ‘change license’. Select that and click next and you will see office 2021 selected. Click accept and that is it. Reboot your computer and now you will see office 2021 when you check your account. I have used office home and student versions going back to 2007 and after installing the new version, it always showed the version that i installed until now.

4Expert Score
Look for individual apps on start menu

I installed the 2021 home & student software with no problems.

I went to the ‘office’ icon and clicked. I was instructed to sign on to the microsoft website and when i tried to access office, i was rejected. Since there are no options to get a refund my blood pressure soared.

Then i went to the start menu on my laptop pc and found that word, excel and powerpoint (also onenote which i despise as it is online with no privacy) are listed in the start menu separate from the office icon. I clicked on the three useful icons and the apps worked.

The reason this product does not get five stars is that, as far as i can tell, there is no way to have auto save working unless you agree to have storage on the web (as well as on the pc?). I don’t need my files sitting on the web to be hacked some day.

4Expert Score
Couldn't use firefox to install

I got stumped at first as to why i couldn’t install. Amazon assistant told me to try a different web browser and that worked.

4Expert Score
Better alternative for me compared to the subscription plan

If you want the microsoft office product you have to either get this one-time package, or you pay the annual subscription which provides with all the new updates. Until now, i have for several decades used office through my employer, and never really noticed that much improvement with each update. If i feel the urge to get a newer version 4 or 5 years from now, i’ll just buy it when that need arises.

4Expert Score
Decent update with one major annoyance

I have been using office professional 2010 for a long time and decided it was time to upgrade. Not because i had to but because there have been patches to vulnerabilities in older office versions that microsoft no longer will patch in office 2010 so, while usable, i’d be running a bit at risk.

I have not had any activation issues like other amazon reviewers and my purchase, download, installation and registration worked properly the first time.

This version is ok and does what i need it to do so there’s not much i can add to any other professional reviews such as those at pc magazine, pc world, etc. The interface is again sufficiently changed so that some tasks/tools are difficult to figure out where they are now but that’s just solved by time using the product.

The one major annoyance is how it’s registered and used – you need to use a microsoft account such as a hotmail address to register it to you. While that’s good for if you lose your laptop or hard drive fails you can always install the software later. The annoyance is that you apparently can’t use it unless you sign in to that account even if you don’t use that account to log on to your computer.

Microsoft wants you to use microsoft hello or a hotmail/ account to log on to windows 10 and beyond but you still are not yet required to do so and i have not. I use my own local account. To use word, excel and power point 2021, you have to ‘sign in’ to the office product using your hotmail/live account or, if you ‘sign out’ it removes the activation and you can’t use it. Dead in the water.

Also you are required to send diagnostic data to microsoft while using the product. You can opt out of some of it but there are required elements you can’t opt out of unless you don’t want to use the software. So that’s annoying as well.

While it works, think twice about purchasing this version if you don’t like the sign in and diagnostic data restrictions.

4Expert Score
Be aware

It is a convoluted situation that led to this purchase. I was notified by intuit that i would need to move from mojave to catalina in order to run turbotax 2021. When i upgraded to catalina i was notified ms office home & student 2011 would not run on catalina which led to this purchase. When i installed 2021 i was then prompted to activate it by activating one of the programs in it. When i tried to activate excel i was directed to the app store and directed to 365 which is ms office tied to a subscription. I had been warned about 365 and did not want it. Because i tried and failed to activate excel, it along with word and power point were blocked with a circle with a slash. At this point i cannot use ms office home & student 2021 on my imac so i had to take it to my local computer shop and have it fixed. $85.00 later i have my imac back and ms office home and student 2021 appears to be working fine with just enough changes from 2011 to cause some confusion. One thing that is really annoying is the changes made to the tints of the colors used to highlight. I maintain several databases in excel and now i have different shades of green in cells. None of the new shades of green match the old one. Yikes! I have a choice of either accepting multiple tints in my spreadsheets, with some from 2011 and some from 2021, or going back and changing the tints, cell by cell, from the 2011 version to the 2021 version. Bert lance, formerly of the carter administration had a favorite expression ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. I have only had ms office home & student 2021 for a few days and there may be more surprises coming in the future.
Btw amazon’s customer service rep tried to help in that tempt to activate the software but was unable to do so. She gave me a toll free # for tech support at microsoft. I challenge anyone to reach a human being at that #. Everything was voice response and not helpful. Eventually i was directed to a url that was supposed to be a tech problem solver. When i found the solution to my problem i printed a hard copy and tried the suggested solution. When the solution did not work i was off to the computer repair shop. Enough for now!

4Expert Score
What you'd expect from microsoft…

I do rely on excel, word and powerpoint and they perform as expected, but boy, the purchase, download and install process was very misleading. All along the way i felt like i was buying the dreaded, not-wanted office 365 subscription software and had to keep reassuring myself that i purchased the correct standalone bundle. There were several opportunities to opt into office 365, one drive and other stuff i didn’t want. In fact, you’re forced to create a microsoft account during the process (because it gratuitously includes one drive). Solution is to immediately log out of one drive upon launching the first app. Congratulations microsoft – you win the slimeware award of 2021!

Update 12/7/21

i read all the negative reviews about how this product doesn’t work, or that it keeps asking for activation etc. I do not have these problem so i’ll add details of where/how i installed. I used to use ms office 2008 for mac on an early 2011 macbook pro. I recently bought to a new macbook pro m1 pro and used migration assistant to port all my user data from a time machine backup to the new laptop. Before purchasing and installing ms office 2021 for mac, i used the free appcleaner app to remove all vestiges of the old ms office 2008 for mac. Also, for those frustrated with office apps saving to onedrive instead of your local drive, look in the menus (i think under file, but it may be elsewhere) for the menu item ‘log out of onedrive’. Click on it to sever that connection; now your file saved files will be to your local drive.

4Expert Score
I understand why purchasers are calling this a scam

Spend over four (4) hours getting this installed. This is mostly microsoft fault. Though amazon could help by giving more details on installation.
I am switching from microsoft 365 to office 2021. Once i signed on, only thing i could see was microsoft 365. The install office 2021 was at the bottom of the web page. Past the monitor display. If you don’t scroll down all the way to the bottom, you will not see it.
After much frustration and online searching, uninstalling 365 several times, i finally got to microsoft support. Even then it took close to an hour to get thru language/grammar confusion to get it loaded.
I consider myself computer literate. Not a good experience.
Hope this helps others to get it installed.

4Expert Score
Not free too much $

Too many $

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