Microsoft Windows 11 (USB)

Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) : Everything Else
Microsoft Windows 11 USB: Windows 11 is the one place for it all. With a fresh new feel and tools that make it easier to be efficient, it has what you need for whatever’s next.

What are microsoft windows 11 usb features?

  • Less chaos, more calm. The refreshed design of windows 11 enables you to do what you want effortlessly.
  • Biometric logins. Encrypted authentication. And, of course, advanced antivirus defenses. Everything you need, plus more, to protect you against the latest cyberthreats.
  • Make the most of your screen space with snap layouts, desktops, and seamless redocking.
  • Widgets makes staying up-to-date with the content you love and the news you care about, simple.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family with microsoft teams, which can be seamlessly integrated into your taskbar. (1)
  • Fpp is boxed product that ships with usb for installation
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Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) AMAZON Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

Is this the full retail version? Meaning can be deactivate and transfer later to another computer?


Does windows 11 have anti-virus protection included with it ?

Windows 11 comes stock with windows security and windows defender firewall. They’re basic anti-virus protections and should be enough for the average person, so long as they avoid shady websites and junk emails.

Is a retail or oem version?

We are selling retail version only.

I have a dell tower i bought in 2004. Will it run in it?

No. Need an 8th generation or higher motherboard. Some security feature needs to be enabled, before win 11 will install.

Is this a computer or just something to download?

Its for a windows pc
it is the operating system software for your computer
you can download your paid version or by it boxed from a thumb drive to install on your windows pc

My computer originally had windows 10 and upgraded to 11. I need to install an osto my new drive. Will this still work if my computer is 8 years old?

Windows is married to the motherboard once it’s installed. You can change all the other components (cpu, ram, drives, etc) no problems. You can even clone your old drive to a new drive with the right software. All that matters is as long as you’re using the same motherboard it’s all good.

I started with win 10 on my 7 year old computer and all i had to do was turn on the tpm (was built in to my cpu so all i had to do is turn it on in bios). Then i activated ‘secure boot’ also in bios. After this microsoft let me download win 11 upgrade for free. Worked just fine.

You’ll have to ask online if your cpu has this option for turning on tpm. (my motherboard also has a special slot to install a physical tpm if needed). There’s plenty of youtube videos to tell you how to do all this in the bios.

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Does windows 11 have the office programs already on it. Word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, etc.

No. Microsoft office is a separate product.

Is it a usb or dvd install

Installation is with usb

My desktop has windows 7. Can i use this update my computer?

I doubt it. Only computers in the last year or two. The problem is tpm – trusted platform module. It requires a newer cpu / chipset.

Does it come with the activation code? Otherwise it’s worthless.

Yes, it comes with a code.

The description says cd-rom. So, is a cd included and is this a dvd installation?

It says that but it’s actually a usb with windows 11 and a key code

Can you use this to reformat and do a clean install on an old work laptop? Assuming it meets minimum system requirements of course.

From my limited understanding, win11 requires a specific bios setting that may not be found on older pcs (not quite as straightforward as the other minimum system requirements). You might have more success trying to use a win10 boot usb. Hope this helped.

I’m not on the internet, so do i have to go to the internet to register this?

Yes for windows 11 must be on wi-fi or ethernet for it to go threw with no issue.

Is it 32 or 64 bits…?

64-bit only. Windows 11 has no 32-bit version, though 32-bit apps will continue to work.

Does the usb and product key work with built pc?

Yup worked perfect for my pc both usb and product key .

Will this work for a custom built pc?

Check to see if your cpu / chipset supports the trusted platform module.

Will this activate outside usa? I wish to buy it for my new laptop but activation will take place in india.

Yes just make sure you choose india when you are going through installation .hope this helps

Does this include the activation code?

It does in fact include activation code

Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) AMAZON Microsoft Windows 11 (USB) : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
It's windows 11, on a usb flash drive

I got exactly what i expected. One usb drive, which booted and installed windows on my new computer build without any problems. I’ll leave your opinion on the actual windows operating system between you and bill gates.

5Expert Score
Easy way to install windows

This is a simple product. A windows license, with the os on a predone usb. It could not be easier to set up a computer. No hassle with downloads or anything, just plug and go!

5Expert Score
Easy to use!

Quick and easy. Nice for pcs with no disk drive. Windows 11 in general has worked well for me for everything and hasn’t been any issue for gaming.

5Expert Score
Was a great buy

Just wasn’t compatible with laptop i bought which turned out to be a tablet with a keyboard

5Expert Score
It is windows what else do you want

Windsor 11 is ok

5Expert Score
Is it worth the money?

Yes, it is a very nice upgrade from windows 10. Your probably wondering if it’s worth the money though. In my opinion, i’ve been happy with the upgrade, and i’ve noticed far better os features and much smoother gameplay. I also find navigation a little easier. Although, windows 11 has recycled quite a bit of feautures from windows 10 it has a nice bit of upgrades. If you were on a budget i would reccomend going for windows 10, and waiting for the prices to drop on this product. Overall though, i would say it’s worth the money and it is much better than windows 10.

5Expert Score
Solid package

Windows 11 on a usb, no nonsense.

5Expert Score
Great product, rapid shipping. Thanks, would buy again.

Great product, rapid shipping. Thanks, would buy again.

5Expert Score
The usb worked perfect

Great product. The usb stick worked perfectly and booted/loaded up on a brand new pc build m.2 ssd

4Expert Score
The real thing, not a knockoff.

Works well enough, have yet to run into any major snags that really turn me off.

4Expert Score
The next os

One thing is for sure, microsoft does know how to surprise everyone in regards to software. It has been one of the leading brands of software for generations. But when you look at the jumps they have made with their operating systems, some of them have worked great like windows xp, where others have not had as much of a run like windows vista, me, and windows 8. When you look at the latest incarnation, windows 111, it feels more like a downgrade to windows 10, which made it easier for you to scroll and find what things you need for upgrading or fixing your computer if the hard drive crashed. Personally, it does make it easier for wait times while i load my computer, but it could’ve had a little more in the end. Still, if i had to choose a os between chrome for google, ios for apple or windows from microsoft, windows would be a clear winner, only because it still is the most universal way to go for all your office needs.

Price: b-

convenience & setup: b

overall: b 1/2-

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