Microwave Pasta Cooker- The Original Fasta Pasta (Red)- Quickly Cooks up to 4 Servings- No Mess, Sticking or Waiting For Boil- Perfect Al Dente Pasta Every Time- For Dorms, Small Kitchens, or Offices

What are microwave pasta cooker- the original fasta pasta red- quickly cooks up to 4 servings- no mess features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Cook perfect pasta faster than ever with the fasta pasta microwave cooker! Same as the original fasta pasta, now in a stylish red color! A must-have for people living in high altitude- cook perfect al dente pasta before your water starts boiling on the stove
  • The perfect way to enjoy home cooked pasta without the waiting and hassle. No more waiting for water to boil, and no more messy clean up!
  • With its patented reservoir design, the fasta pasta allows water to circulate throughout, ensuring perfect al dente pasta every time – and no boil over! One serving of spaghetti will generally take about 12-13 minutes
  • It’s easy! Just measure, cook, and drain your pasta with one simple container in minutes. Plus the fasta pasta is easy to wash, so even clean up is a breeze!
  • Dishwasher safe. Food safe microwaveable material. Made in the usa. Color: red
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My wife has trouble lifting heavy pots. Abnout how much water do you use at a time? How much pasta does it cook at a time?

This is the answer for someone who cannot lift heavy pots. At most, you would add about 2-3 cups of water to make 1-4 servings of pasta. I’ve enjoyed this tremendously and highly recommend it for an individual or small family. I won’t cook pasta in a pot again!

What are the cooking times? Is it that much faster than stove top?

It is shorter than stove top because you do not have to spend the time boiling the water. I was a little skeptical, but it has proved to be a good addition to my kitchen. That said, you cannot cook more than 4 servings at a time. There is just the two of us so that is not a problem. Follow directions exactly

Can you easily read any measurement lines on the red plastic version?

No. It is very difficult. I just went over the line(s) o the outside with a black sharpie pen. The lines are very visible now and they have not come off through dishwashing many times. Btw i love this and have purchased several of them for gifts.

What are the dimensions of this container? I’m concerned it won’t fit in my microwave and rotate.

The cooker’s length is about 10′ on the bottom and 11′ at the top. The width is of no consequence in rotation. I have used one of these for some time and i love it. It doesn’t rotate in my microwave either, but i am not cooking anything requiring even heat distribution. I am only boiling the water for cooking the pasta and most importantly you do not use the top when microwaving. It is only for draining! You need to stir your pasta several times during the process but you don’t need to remove it to do that. I would not suggest this if you are looking for something to cook a pound of pasta at one time.

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Can you use 2 containers at the same time

My microwave is at least 10 years old. I have not tried this particular item cooking 2 at a time but other things i have tried by cooking 2 have not worked….in essence, i cannot truly answer.

Can i heat sauce in this?

Yes it should have any problems cause it’s meant to heat hot pasta sauce so it’s hot sauce shouldn’t be a issue

How long would you cook angel hair pasta? Seems like 12 min would be too long. Only cook for 4 min in pot.

1 serving 7-8 minutes
2 servings 8-9 minutes
3 servings 9-10 minutes
4 servings 10-11 minutes i followed the directions and it was perfect

How long from start to finish for cooking 1 or two cups of pasta in a 700-watt micro?

Yes, wes, they do still make 700 watt microwaves.
I have one ine my (30 amp) travel trailer.
Only problem i encounter with my microwave is, it’s small and some things can’t rotate in it.

Will this fit and rotate in a .9 cubic foot microwave? The opening of mine is about 12.5 inches across. Thanks!

My pasta maker measures 11 1/2 inches so i think it will fit. Good luck, and remember to leave the lid off when cooking or it will overflow

In pounds, how much spaghetti can be cooked in one batch?

You can cook 4 servings with regular size fasta pasta. So it’s probably a half pound. There is a larger family size which would cook more.

Can you put salt in the water before you microwave?

I don’t add salt but i’m sure you could. I don’t know if salt could cause it to boil over or not. I might try adding a little bit the next time i use it.

Doesn’t the pasta stick or clump together???

I have cooked everything in it. First you can only cook about 1/2 pound at a time. Anymore then that it either dont get done or makes a mess. The only pasta that stuck was (pot size). I found if you stir it at have cooking time.

What are the measurements of the box?

Roughly… 12 inches long, 5.5 inches front-to-back and 3.5 inches high.
Measurements taken at widest/longest parts

How many cups of water per cup of pasta? I feel much more comfortable measuring then adding to cooker rather than trying to use guides.

This cooker is a little different. I follow the guidelines and it works just fine. Different pastas require different measurements. I just cook mine a minute or two longer because i don’t like mine ‘al dente.’ i love mine and use it a lot.

Does it come with a pasta measure?

There are holes for thin pasta otherwise you have to figure it out. There are very good instructions for many types of pastas. I really love it and use it all the time. If i am using something that is not in the list i just test it by going with the shortest time then test it and put back in if needed. I then add the information to the instructions for the next time.
I highly recommend it

How exactly do i use it?

It comes with a recipe book. You can make pasta, vegetables, a lot of things. I highly recommend it. It’s faster than using stove top message to cook pasta and it’s quick to cook veggies like asparagus etc.

Where is this product manufactured?

The box said ‘made in usa’. (i just looked)

Has anyone ever tried to cook gluten free pastas in this?

I have cooked red lentil penne in it and it came out very well i do cook it a little then stir it seems to help least i think so

I lost the cooking times chart, can i get it from someone or somewhere?

Sure thing! Here is a link to the chart.


Has anyone ever tried to cook gluten free pastas in this?

I don’t know the answer. It is great for cooking regular pasta so i don’t know why it wouldn’t work. You can’t beat the price

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Useful for other foods as well. Love it! Versatile!

Wonderful for cooking pasta. Just my husband and myself so this saves time and dirty cooking pots.
Cooks angel hair perfectly, drain using lid instead of finding a colander. While pasta is hot, i pour in the spaghetti sauce and it’s enough heat to cook it all without another pan to heat the sauce.
Used for egg salad. My flat grater laid on top of the container and i could easily grate my hard boiled eggs, then added other ingredients, mixed well. Stored leftover salad in it. Covered container with foil to cover the measuring holes then put lid on. I just love it and it’s such a simple product!

5Expert Score
Perfect for tweens

My daughter loves pasta but is scared to use the stove top specially if i am not around. I found this product and it makes her feel more independent when i am not around. Its easy for her to use in the microwave if she wants to make some spaghetti.

5Expert Score
Great for college dorms

Small for storage but cooks enough for 3 or 4. This is my second one, but only because i lost the lid for the first.

5Expert Score
Nice pasta maker

I really like this pasta maker for the microwave. It comes with measuring holes on the lid to determine how much pasta to use as well as instructions for different types of pasta, so easy to use, sphagetti noodles ready in under 15 minutes. The lid includes a drawing side, so no need to dirty a colander to drain shaghetti. A very useful tool!

5Expert Score
My new favorite gadget!!!!

Not having to wait for water to boil has been the biggest plus. And they pasta comes out perfect every single time!!! Highly recommended

5Expert Score
Best thing since sliced bread

Couldn’t be easier to use. One pot to make a meal i cook the pasta in this, then pour sauce over in the same container. I love it! Wish i had one years ago!

5Expert Score
It works!

This really works! I have cooked spaghetti and ramen noodles in the fasta pasta and the results have been perfect. I just broke the ramen noodle square and laid the two pieces need to end in the pasta container. Spaghetti took about 10-12 minutes. In that time i prepped the ingredients for the sauce and the spaghetti was ready to be assembled in half the time i usually take, minus the nuisance of waiting for water to boil, pot to be cleaned etc. The ramen noodles took 3 minutes! This adds to all the things i cook using the microwave oven instead of sweating over a hot stove!

5Expert Score
Works great!

I got this as a joke for my 14 year old son because pasta is one of the only things he’ll eat i then used it to make him some spaghetti and was very impressed! It was so easy and the pasta came out perfect!

5Expert Score
Hit it out of the psrk

I love this pasta cooker and use it often

5Expert Score
Holy sketti!

I love this thing! Made single serving of sketti last night and it came out perfectly. I have an 1100 watt mwv and followed directions .. The container was easy to use with oven mitts without getting burned. The important note is not to use the lid while cooking.

4Expert Score
Not any faster than cooking on stove

Takes same amount of time to cook. Lid is only for measuring servings of spaghetti, fettuccine, etc. And to drain the water.

4Expert Score
It works

It does work and cuts down on time vs cooking on the stove. The lid does not snap on tight. You need to be a bit careful when pouring out water or the pasta will fall out. Some pasta stuck to the inner corners making it a little frustrating to clean. But, i will keep using it. It was easy.

4Expert Score
Makes pasta fast and easy

Product works great makes cooking pasta fast and easy.

4Expert Score
Not what expected but pleased

In this day of spiffy gadgets, it wasn’t what i expected. However, it turned out to be useful. I reside in a moving and mobile rv and space is precious. I haven’t use a microwave for pasta prior to this. I initially thought it was not much more than a microwave safe dish.. But, it was very handy for measuring, straining, mixing a pasta salad, and storing the leftovers in the frig in one container. If you have a house, i am not sure i would bother, but it was perfect for a rv.

4Expert Score
I like this contraption lol

Very simple easy to use, well-made durable. Does the job simple. Started using it right away. Cooks the pasta perfectly. It’s worth the price it will last a long time

4Expert Score
So easy

So much quicker and easier no mess

4Expert Score
Great but not big enough for my family.

I really like the convenience of this product. I just didn’t realize that it only makes half a packet of spaghetti at a time. So it is better for smaller families. If i had paid better attention, i might have purchased the larger one that cooks a full packet of spaghetti.

4Expert Score
Little large , it's ease of use and cutdown on waiting for pasta is fantastic

Top rack dishwasher if must , but quick by hand . My daughter will be taking it to college for pasta if it fits in a smaller microwave

4Expert Score
Gluten free pasta cooker with reservations

I bought this after seeing the tv test kitchen recommendation. I didn’t read reviews before making the decision.
Since getting it, i have read reviews so am addressing my experience and the review comments that may have swayed my purchasing decision.
1. Yes, it’s plastic.
A. It is #5, which is considered one of the safer ones. Using plastic with high heat is discouraged for health reasons. Researching this issue is important, and computer searches give a wealth of information.
B. It is light weight even filled with water and pasta. Because of the handles on the sides, moving the entire container from the microwave to the sink seemed safe with the lid in place.
C. This is red & there is a white one.
2. Instructions [on the package & online]
a. Wheat based pasta has detailed instructions. Several types are listed with serving size, water amount & time listed.
B. Gluten free pasta has a ‘one size fits all’ type of instruction. There are specific instructions for rice noodles.
C. Various items such as veggies, rice, gnocchi & such are available.
I’m gluten free [gf]. Although there are multiple types of gf pasta, the instructions are limited. So far i have used this twice with a gf spaghetti that would cook 7-9 minutes using traditional methods.
The 1st try resulted in a messy boil over, and good pasta. The second time i watched the microwave and stopped the cooking just before it would have made a mess. This also resulted in good pasta. Therefore, i assume that with experimentation it would be possible to create a useable cooking chart.
What i appreciate about having 2 colors is that one could be for gf pasta & the other for gluten pasta. This would be useful if hosting guests who eat gluten without contamination issues.
At this point i have not decided if i’ll use this to cook pasta in the microwave. There are health issues & time issues for creating a cooking chart. I bought the item realizing that cooking in plastic is unwise but occasionally ok.
Here is why i gave this 4 stars. 1] it does what is advertised, 2] it comes in 2 colors, 3] it has few directions for gf pasta, & 4] in the product description i found no indication of they type of plastic used..

4Expert Score
It works!!!

First time using it was with fettucchini(which is hardest pasta to get right). Was sceptical for the amount of time 13min required to ‘boil in microwave’. Followed instructions and did not cover container. When finished, opened microwave and was surprised how wet was oven….(actually works out as now i can use paper towell to wipe down interior from previous sessions). It works….al dente…. Can’t wait to try making other pastas. Happy that i can cook pasta without having to use a big pot to boil water and use less than 2-3 cups of water, not have to stir the noodles (because noodles are completely submerged in pasta container) so they cook completely. Length of container means that i don’t have to make sure pasta is partially cooked. I make pasta. Chinese, spagetti and rice noodles. For two meals a week. The learning curve begins towards a more efficient way to cook pasta

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