MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN)

MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN)

Yakibest.com : MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN) : Dog Crate Beds : Pet Supplies
MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets 40218-CN: Quiettime bolstered pet beds create the perfect area for your pet to call his or her own. They’re perfect for use in crates, carriers, vehicles, and more. They feature a cushioned poly/cotton base with comfortable polyester-filled bolsters, providing a pillowy place for pets to rest their head. Durable and machine washable, quiettime bolstered pet beds provide comfort for pets in all seasons.

What are midwest homes for pets 277192 pet crate bed cinnamon fur for pets 40218-cn features?

  • Pet bed fits 18-inch crates & works great as a stand-alone pet bed. This pet bed is not ideal for excessive chewers.
  • Ideal pet bed for dogs & cats up to 6 pounds, pet bed measures approx. 18l x 12w x 2h inches
  • Pet bed features ultra soft synthetic fur & comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion
  • Ideal pet bed for folding metal dog crates, dog carriers, cat carriers & dog houses
  • Age range description: adolescent
  • Included components: phl277192
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MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN) : Dog Crate Beds : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

Does it wash well in the washing machine

No! The description does not state that you should only use a washing machine without an agitator. However the washing instructions say no agitator.

I have a 75 pound lab, which size should i get? 54 x 37? Thank you in advance.

No definitely too big. I realize this is old question but for anyone else looking – most labs and other dogs who like to curl up or ‘nest’ are more comfortable if it isn’t too big. My gsd is 85 lbs and loves her 23×36 crate, even though it seems a tad small to me she’s very happy. The 42′ is big enough for any other than the giant breeds, unless they tend to stretch out.

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I am buying the 42′ crate & will need to use the divider for our puppy. Does the divider fit on top or do i need a smaller bed size?

Because of your question, i pulled out the divider and tried it with the bed in it. Yes, the divider works with the bed in place. The divider connects to the sides of the crate.

Is the bottom padded to give more cush for pet comfort or is it just fabric? If it is padded, about how thick is it?

It’s padded, not thick, but it’s probably 3/4”-1” thick, there’s a thin pad on the bottom that has a quilted pattern. Then there’s the fleece on top which is thicker than just a fleece blanket – it’s more like synthetic lambs wool. My rabbit lives on this thing, and he’s really picky – doesn’t like pillows, or blankets, he likes carpet and this pad and that’s it lol…

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How high are the ‘walls’ of the bed?

The wall is a gentle roll about 1 1/2 inches thick. I have washed one of the beds, it washed and dried very well. All soil came out. The surface is just as soft and fluffy as news.

What size should i get for my kitten? He’s about 2 months old.

My yorkie is 5 lbs. And i bought 2 of the 24 x 18. And she has plenty of room to stretch out. So, i would purchase a size that would work if your planning on using the bed not only for now but also when your kitty is full grown. These a are really nice beds. I hope this helps answer your question.

How do i know which one i will get, synthetic sheepskin or fur?

Hi, i believe it depends on what color you order. For example, the ivory (fleece) color is made of ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin. It looks like some of the darker colors may be fur.

Is this measured from the inside or outside?

I have had three of these, one for each dog, for several months and they do sort of flatten out/expand. But from the measurements i just tried to take, i will say it is outside to outside measurements. The measurement is larger than the flat panel inside seams.

Do you have a foam cushion for pets to add to this bed?

Don’t understand the question. I purchased a pet carrier and added this cushion to insert in carrier. It was perfect fit. Hope this helps

Is it easy to clean?

Yes! My dog uses his as a security blanket and drags it everywhere. Needless to say it gets dirty quickly and it’s white. I simply throw it in the washing machine and it’s practically dry when it comes out. I have even given it to him straight out of the machine, it is that dry!

What size is best for a full grown cat?

My cat is two years old and i bought the 30×21 size but he didnt like it. I would go for the 30×21 and higher . I would recommend the 36×23′.

Is the bottom waterproof?

No the bottom is not exactly waterproof to me. When i wash the pad water comes through bottom. However it might be okay if it’s just a small amount of water it may not damage flooring or carpet. I keep a plastic pan that came with my crate underneath so i avoid any accident.

What country is this made in?

I just checked the label on the bed – midwest pets located in california but the product label reads – made in china

Does it have enough padding in a crate?

I would say there is an inch to 1/2 an inch of padding on the bottom. More than anything, i am concerned if it would fit length/width wise. It would fit well in a plastic carrier and maybe a small crate. It is very soft!

Where are these mats made?

Sorry to say i don’t know. Our lab grew out of her first crate some time ago and i put a different mat in her new crate. I can tell you they wash and wear well (no shrinkage), if that helps. I washed it a lot when she was a puppy, and it always came out of the dryer soft and fluffy. I hope this helps.

What size would i get for a cat?

Depends on your cat… Does he do ‘i fit, i ship’ or let it all hang out? Lol i wouldn’t choose the 18′. We bought that size for our guinea pigs. 🙂

I would like to know if on the back of the pet bed, is it heavy nylon black? Thank you!

No… You are needing the frisco brand that can be purchased on chewy.com.
This material is cheap, lower quality and the workmanship is poor. My dog ruined it within a 3 hour period while i was washing her tried and true frisco pet bed.

Is it ‘water’ proof? To keep ‘water’ from getting on the internal padding? Do you stick the whole thing in the wash? Any sticky pads on the bottom?

No, i don’t believe it’s waterproof. And the whole thing goes in the wash, there is no ‘cover’ over the padding. I didn’t have any problem washing it though.

Are sheepskin and plush fur the same? Are beds made from different material according to their color? Thanks!

No. Plush fur is more like a soft fleece. Sheepskin is much more sturdy and comfortable for the animal and will not mat as quickly as plush fur. I found the bed to be exactly the same color as on line.

What are the inner dimensions fo the 42×26 (inside the bumpers)?

I have a 30×48 (overall, including bumpers), but the bumpers themselves are about 3′ thick when fluffed. They are very soft, so they have a lot of flexibility. Also, they tend to get squished over time and with washing. Also note, they are susceptible to being chewed if your dog tends that way. (my doesn’t, since he was over 9 months old.)

MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN) AMAZON

Yakibest.com : MidWest Homes for Pets 277192 Pet Crate Bed Cinnamon Fur for Pets (40218-CN) : Dog Crate Beds : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great for our small dog

We have a beagle puppy and we crate trained her. We thought this would be a good gamble for a crate liner and we were right. Fit the crate perfectly. It’s soft with a plush lining. Understand that this isn’t very thick which we like but some people may not. Like i said i see it more as a crate liner, makes the crate more comfortable but not what i would go for as a stand alone bed. To put the thickness of it into perspective we can fit this in the crate with the divider still up. Again it’s exactly what we were looking for but i want to help you understand what you are purchasing. Easy to wash and transport and the price was right too! Great buy.
Also definitely wouldn’t be for aggressive chewers.

5Expert Score
Puppy loves it!

Before i got this product, i was lining my 8 week-old puppy’s crate with towels. I was worried if she had an accident, a dog bed would be too difficult to clean. But, my puppy really did not enjoy sleeping on towels; she preferred to fall asleep on the floor outside her crate. I found this product, and decided to give it a chance. Her crate is 18×24 inches, but i have a puppy divider in there, so i decided to get the size that was 18 inches on the long end. I placed it in her crate horizontally, and it fit perfectly. As soon as i put this dog bed in her crate, she immediately showed a lot of interest and got in the crate to sniff it. For the first time ever, she self-elected to fall asleep in her crate! Now my puppy loves napping peacefully on this soft bed inside her crate. When she has accidents, i throw it in the wash along with her reusable peepee pads with a tide pod and a little bit of bleach, and it comes out like new. Plus, the lining at the bottom keeps her crate clean, so i only have one mess to clean. I love this product! I am already buying the larger size for the full crate, as she is growing quickly!

5Expert Score
Affordable and well made

We rescue stray kittens and cats, and then work with a local rescue group that finds families to adopt these strays into their forever homes.

I have purchased quite a few of these beds over the years to use with the strays. I sincerely appreciate that the 18-inch beds are so affordable! This allows me to buy a bunch of them at one time, and then send a bed home with each stray that goes on to their new families. By sending a bed home with each kitten, it comforts the kittens because it’s something that has their smell on it, and makes them feel more comfortable (and familiar) in their new homes.

The 18-inch size is perfect for kittens to snuggle up together in. I like that the beds have a pad on the bottom, which helps to keep kittens more comfortable and warm.

I also like that the beds are easy to wash. I just put them in our washing machine on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry them on a gentle low heat cycle. The beds are also easy to spot-clean when needed.

The cinnamon fur and charcoal grey variety of this bed holds up very well to kittens. I have not seen any shedding of the fabric/fur.

Overall, i am very pleased with this bed, and will continue to buy more of them as needed.

5Expert Score
Washes easily, fits on one side of a big crate, so your fosters can have a sleeping area.

I keep buying these. Just started fostering and really needed something besides a towel on top of a blanket. These work great. The fosters i’ve used them with usually drag any towels or blankets out of the way and just sleep on these. I’ve had everything from cat litter to actual pet waste and they wash up quickly. My only wish is that there wasn’t an order ban on them, i’d love to order more than 3 of a given color at a time.

5Expert Score
The elastic straps

I don’t like the fact that the plush comes off very easily when my puppy chews it. They should fix this cause that’s what puppy’s do. They like to chew. I do love the elastic straps attached to the corners because it helps in holding the puppy bed in place by wrapping the elastic straps to two corners. That way my pup doesn’t drag the bed around in the kennel. It stays in place.

5Expert Score
Dog show crate pad

We got this today for one of our crates. It fits perfectly, has nice sides and looks like it would wash up nice. Currently, the puppy is using the crate for sleeping and time outs and he seems to like it. But eventually, he will be in it at dog shows.

I appreciate the construction. It has elastic bands to hook around the bottom of the metal crate’s slide-out area. Love that as my puppy likes to be under the bed.

Nicely constructed. It looks comfy for the little guy and we are happy with it!

5Expert Score
Well made, sized well and cats love it.

I like the fact that this is the size of a crate or carrier and then it also can be used in a cubicle or under the bed or anywhere your little kitty or a dog wants to stay. It washes well and does the job for my pets.3 cats, one blind, one with leg injury and one that’s a pillow snatcher.

5Expert Score
6 months in, crazy chewing puppy and digging dog haven't destroyed it yet

In terms of dog beds i have been through probably a dozen or more in the last few years and this bed is one that keeps holding up. I have a small senior 12yo 40lbs pitbull that loves to dig and a demon 6-7 month old 45-55lbs belgian malinois/shepherd mix who thinks everything is a chew toy and destroys $100-200 ‘chew proof’ beds in minutes.

This bed is soft, fairly chew proof, kind of smaller than expected but still good sized, and durable. Probably not super comfortable on its own but with 2 of these beds it’s very soft and cozy for both my dogs. Good alternative to a regular foam filled dog bed, this one is just soft thick material no foam. Recommended! I don’t like how this bed comes in a huge box though – it seems very wasteful for a bed that can just roll up. 4/5

5Expert Score
Perfect for my cat

The only spot of afternoon sun in my apartment is on the kitchen table and my babies love basking in it. I needed a small bed that could help contain the resulting cat hair so this worked well. It’s not very soft but they don’t seem to mind! Got it yesterday and there’s been at least one cat in it since.

5Expert Score
I'm a nincompoop

I must have mistakenly read another one or was reading about a different size. I thought this said it was for bigger dogs, so i got it for my mother cat and her 4 2 1/2 month old kittens. Furthermore, i was disappointed when i received it in the mail and saw how small it was. I did look again at the description and realized i read the wrong one. So i gave it 5 stars because the issue was as a result of user error, not the product. I do wish it was a bit thicker and a little more plush, but it does do its job, mainly for just the mom or the 4 kittens, although they all do try to lay on it. Silly me. 🙂

4Expert Score
Very nice for the price! But warning, it sheds

This is actually made really nice and the fabric is soft. It has elastic on the corners so it can be attached to the crate tray, helping to keep it in place which i really like. It appears to be constructed well and washes/dries really nicely too. Docked one star because it sheds horrible leaving little grey clumps of fuzz everywhere. My dog goes in lays down/sleeps, and comes back out, so nothing he is doing is causing this ( ie, not a scratcher or digger etc). Even after washing and drying in the dryer, it still sheds. Hoping after several more wash/dry cycles it will eventually stop shedding.

4Expert Score
Wrong description on care.

First: i use to have one of these and threw it out. It was my dogs favorite bed. He won’t even get in this one and stay, could be it’s too hot right now. Hope that’s the case, i bought four, two larger and two smaller for each pup. Second: the fuzz is all over the floor each day. The other one never did that. Third: i was able to was it with no problem. These have a tag on the bed that say, ‘don’t wash in washer with agitator.’ your description says they can be washed. I think this should have been said upfront. I spent a lot of money for something that i can’t wash in my washer.

4Expert Score
It works okay for a crate

This is quite thin and not a lot of padding. My dog also pulled out quite a bit of the bedding fur at first. After a day or 2 i didn’t notice anymore coming off. The border is also kind of thin, not really big enough to rest his head on. I wouldn’t use it for a daily bed, but for the crate it works.

4Expert Score
Sheds like crazy!

We placed this bed on top of my dog’s karunda bed and he really seems to like it. The padding on the bed part is thin, but with the karunda bed that is not much of an issue. He really seems to like resting his head on the bolster edging. My issue with it is that it sheds horribly! I have to vacuum at least 2x a day. We have the cinnamon color 54 inch. It is nice that it is really 54 inches because my 10 month old pup takes up the whole thing! Not sure what i will do when he is full grown! The price was reasonable for something this big.

4Expert Score
Not 18”

I liked that it was very inexpensive and has corner straps. But you do get what you pay for. It’s soft but not the softest and while i think it will be comfy, its on the thinner side. The biggest con is the description says 18” but it’s only 16” (see pic). If i pull it and squish it i still only get 17”. Deliberating returning and paying a little more for something a little nicer. Great it just need something small and inexpensive for short term use. Not an investment for sure.

4Expert Score
Dog likes it

Dog likes it so much he has dug a hole almost thru it, find fur everywhere from it.

4Expert Score
Like the dog bed

A good size for the price. It’s very soft and they love laying on it. The only thing i would crisis is that when they chew on it it looses sum fuses and they will lay around the cage.
But the bed is easy to clean and nice to have. Definitely would buy a new one if this one breaks.

4Expert Score
Decent bed

I gave this bed 4 stars because it is very thin. My cat didn’t seem to care and enjoyed a nap in it. I am going to use this for her crate when we travel and will put some towels down as well to make it a little more comfy. You get what you pay for. It’s a cheap bed at a cheap price.

4Expert Score
Very slick and will slid around your floors

Fine on rugs, not on smooth surfaces. Put two on a table near a window and the cats can barely step in to them without one sliding to the ground. Bought some sock stop to line the bottom and that really helped.

4Expert Score
Don't over-dry after laundering

The bed fit the crate perfectly. Be careful not to dry the bed for too long; it was not as soft when it came out of the dryer.

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Synthetic Fur, Polyester And Poly/Cotton


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