MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps

MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps

Yakibest.com: MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps : Industrial & Scientific

What are mika3d 32 colors 3d pen pla filament refills features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Unique 32 colors: this assortment with 4 metallic colors, 10 transparent colors and 18 popular solid colors; these various colors is best choice for all 3d drawing and 3d art, it’s great gift for 3d printing
  • High quality: our pla filament diameter is 1.75mm, premium quality controlled,vacuum package, no bubble, eco-friendly, safe for kids
  • Strong compatibility: universal compatible with various 3d pens/3d printers on market, while not fit for 3.0mm 3ddooler pen
  • Extra gift: 4 silicone finger caps, it support you to make 3d printing much more smoothly and easily, it’s a great start kit
  • Warranty: we are confident about our pla filament quality, within 24 hours response, fit with mika3d metal 3d pen and mika3d silicone mat perfectly

MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps AMAZON

Yakibest.com: MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps : Industrial & Scientific

Looking for specific info?

Will this work with a smartgear 3d pen?


Can i use this with the 3doodler starter pen?

Dear customers,
i don’t think so, as our pla filament diameter is 1.75mm, while as we know, the 3doodler 3d pen only support the filament diameter 3.0mm;
have a nice day

Does this work with medoozy 3d pen?

No. These pla filaments do not work with medoozy 3d pen. Medoozy 3d pen works with pcl filaments 1.75mm diameter only.

Can pla filament 1.75mm be used in the 3doodler start pen

Dear customer,

if the 3dooler start pen support pla filament, the printing temperature is around 180-190 centi degree;
also, the 3dooler start pen support the filament which diameter size is 1.75mm;
then it can use our 24colors filament very well.

If the 3doodler start pen can’t support 1.75mm pla filament, then our filament can’t used in 3doodler start pen


Can this be used for 3d printers? Or is just for 3d pens?

Dear customer,
yes, our 3d pla filament also can used for most of 3d printers on market.

Is this compatible with the allcaca 3d pen?

This is 1.75mm in diameter. Your device must be made to accept this diameter. Check the specs, it should tell you the diameter it uses. Too small and it won’t feed itself, too big and obviously it won’t fit.

Does this work with the 3doodler start?

As long as it is compatible with 1.75 mm pla. It should say on the box it cam in

Are these filaments compatible with ender 3?

Yes however if you going to print something sizeable like 3′ to 4′ you might not want these. This is for 3d pens only.

Will this work with the mynted 3d pen?

There doesnt appear to ve a problem

I want to buy pla filament 25 pack will this work for mynt 3d pens?


Are these made from the same material as the mika3d spools? I’m looking for a less expensive way to test out this brand before buying full spool packs

Dear customer,

this 32 colors pla pack refill; it’s include normal pla filament and metal pla filament;
yes, you can test them as sample pack


I had something that said delivered today in eatonton, ga but it shows delivered in macon ga?

This is an order specific question. You should contact the supplier.

Does this product work with the toybox 3d printer?

Depends on how high ur heat setting allows ur pen to heat

What is the ideal print temperature for this filament?

Dear customer,
for 3d pen, the normal printing temperature is around 180-190 centi degree;
for fdm 3d printers, the normal printing temperature is around 195-225 centi degree;


Will this work with any 3d pen that needs 1.75mm pla no matter what the manufacturer of the pen?

Dear customer, yes, you are right !
Our pla filament can be used at all 3d pens in market, which support 1.75mm pla filament;
our pla raw material is use nature works llc, all of them are produced at no-dusty workshop, the quality is very good.

Do these get stuck/blocked up in the 3d pen?

Dear customer;

our pla filament support normal 3d pen very well;
while it not support 3doodler 3d pen or low printing temperature type 3d pen;

our pla filament printing temperature need 195-220 centi degrees, which can support normal 3d pen and 3d printer


Does this work with the toybox 3d printer for kids?

Dear customer,
if your 3d printer support 1.75mm pla filament, then our product can work with your 3d printer very well.


Does this film work with the 3d doodler

Dear customer,
no, i don’t think our filament can work with 3doodler, as our filament diameter is only 1.75mm, while for 3doolder pen, they only support filament diameter 3.0mm.
While our filament can work with our mika3d meta silver 3d pen very well, do you interested?

Would there be enough to print a bench boat in each color?

I think that is a hard thing to answer, personally i have no experience in how much you can actually produce with this.

How many grams does does each spool weigh

In my opinion it weighs slightly lighter then the same size of a welding wire…odd question

MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps AMAZON

Yakibest.com: MIKA3D 32 Colors 3D Pen PLA Filament Refills, Each Color 10 Feet, Total 320 feet, Pack with 4 Finger Caps : Industrial & Scientific

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Perfectly perfect

Ordering this before my son had opened his 3d pen made me a little nervous because i didn’t know how much he would use at a time. Oh my word, this is plenty!! He was able design multiple things and because there were so many colors his imagination and ideas were not limited. Great choice!!

5Expert Score
They work as they should

These refills are good and work well / they also come in a variety of nice colors. Photo and website description are accurate and they arrived as expected
i’m honestly not a fan of the 3d pen we got these for but these refills work as advertised so it’s a 5 star item

5Expert Score
A mixed review

So this is going to be a mixed review. I originally ordered this bundle a few weeks ago and what i received was completely accurate to the listing. It prints well and all of the colors are beautiful! The transparent colors are perfect! I highly recommend, so long as you are not buying for just one specific color lol
i ordered a second bundle because i needed a small amount more of the transparent pink, but in this second order i received 2 of the white and 2 of the red instead. There are 32 here so i am not sure which other color i am missing. I ordered another quantity prior to this second order of the 32 colors, also with the intent of getting the transparent pink but also did not receive the pink and had a duplicate of another color. I am returning and will either wait a while (maybe they are simply out of the transparent pink right now) or i will look to buy from another seller. *oh and before i forget, this last order did not come in an envelope at all like the others, just its clear vacuum packed packaging which had a hole in it so it wasnt even vacuum packed anymore when it arrived.

5Expert Score
Works great and the kids loved the colors.

I like how many colors there were. I bought this for the 3d pens, i bought my grandchildren for christmas. I am ordering more for sure. I give this 5 stars.

5Expert Score

I purchased a different brand 3d pen for my daughter’s bday this week. As this 3d stuff is completely foreign to me, i had no idea that the 3 sampler filaments would last about an hour of fun. While these are still sampler size, so much fun to have so many wonderful colors, metallics, and clear options. Got 2 packs, i believe we will use them all and decide what we need next. Highly recommend for beginners to offer variety and practice!

5Expert Score
Adds so much fun to their projects

I added this to my grandkids pens and they love all the color choices

5Expert Score
Need this for your 3d pen!

Great color selections.

5Expert Score
Perfect gift for the little artist


5Expert Score
3d awesome

Bought for 10 year old’s 3d pen, it was a big hit!

5Expert Score

The colors are great. This product was just as described and looks wonderful when you use it.

4Expert Score
Offer full spools please

Seems like a nice way to test out different colors. Each color weighs 9.0-9.2 grams. I have a few tiny prints planned that need multiple colors, but i don’t want an entire roll. So this is perfect. But please, if the manufacturer is listening, offer full spools of the colors! What is the point of a sample pack if i can’t buy more of one color? Next time, i’m going to buy polymaker’s sample pack because i know i can buy a single full roll of any color.

4Expert Score
Granddaughter loved it!

My granddaughter was very happy to receive this as a christmas gift along with a book that went with it !

4Expert Score
Goes out quick

If you go into a hobby like this, it can get pricy.

4Expert Score
Great color

Great for practice

4Expert Score
This worked as expected

Excellent product!

4Expert Score
Busted packaging

I ordered two and one came in a busted package. All the filament was there though.

4Expert Score

Good value for your money

4Expert Score
Great quality, i just do not recommend this quantity

I had to knock off a star because the quantity this comes in just makes no sense to me now.

If you are getting a new printer and getting this to have a variety of colors, just don’t, rather just get a full 1kg spool of a single color to start with. If you have a specific idea on what you want to do with tiny amounts of lots of colors then this may be for you.

I got this to be delivered with my first 3d printer. Having all the colors seemed like a great idea, i now know that it was not.

This provides approximately 3m of each of 25 colors. The quality is great and the filament i would get again, but 3 m is only enough to print a tiny object (approx 9g in weight, or 1 inch high. I kept on getting frustrated that i could not complete a print with a single color, and since my printer has a boden tube i was unable to use the last 30cm, so i have only 2.7m per color.

4Expert Score
Bleeds a bit

I wasn’t sure i wanted to get silk filament for my 3d printer. When i found this listing i thought it would be a great way to try out the various colors without making a huge commitment. It printed better than expected in my 3d printer. It doesn’t print a lot per individual color, but it’s great for someone like me who prints small jewelry pieces.

I will warn that none of my other filaments have bled into my other colors quite like these. I’ve pushed everything through, and run a few small prints, but my stuff still has a slightly blue tinge from the silk.

Overall really pretty and easy to use.

4Expert Score

I’m happy with the product however they were to be a christmas gift and is was packaged in a clear plastic bag so me daughter unfortunately saw it when it was delivered. Ruined the surprise

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