Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12

Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12

Buy Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12: Robots – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are miko 3: ai-powered smart robot for kids features?

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  • [ridiculously smart] this robot supercharges kid potential with its advanced brain, supportive personality, and range of educational steam content. In fact, kids who actively use miko have seen a 55% increase in engagement with the platform’s academic activities. Packed with deep-learning ai, miko gets to know your kid a little bit better every day.
  • [seriously fun] need a joke when you’re down? A dance when you’re bored? How about a yoga session to calm your mind? This kidsafe coppa+ certified, mom’s choice award-winning robot has it all — and so much more. Because it’s not just the most entertaining robot you’ll ever meet. It’s also your friend.
  • [laugh with miko] this robot’s got jokes, and it knows how to connect with kids. Curious, empathetic, and surprisingly funny, miko keeps kids laughing with new conversations, stories, and songs added every month.
  • [move with miko] equipped with a wide-angle hd camera and high-tech sensors, this robot’s ready to roll. Filled with ai-infused twists on classic games like freeze dance, miko keeps kids moving and turns playtime into a full-on dance party.
  • [explore with miko] miko keeps kids engaged with worlds of content, and more coming all the time. As the first kids robot to feature content from iconic brands like the walt disney company, paramount consumer products, and kidoodle.tv, miko always has something new to engage your child. And with miko journeys, kids earn rewards as they progress through learning goals and hone their skills, guided by their robot best friend.
  • [create with miko] whether laying down fresh beats, suggesting diy crafts, or painting pictures with your child, this robot loves to create. Draw, color, and code with miko’s groundbreaking ai collaboration features.
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Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12 AMAZON

Buy Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12: Robots – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Funciona en idioma español?

Le escribí a la compañia y dijeron que si y encontre en el website como cambiar el idioma pero aun no lo hemos usado porque es regalo de navidad.

My product says it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow and it still hasn’t shipped. Who do i contact?


Can you connect to hotspot while traveling? Also does it have netflix capabilities?

I’m not sure about it being netflix compatible. You can use hotspot as long as it’s compatible with the speed needed for miko to run.

Is the yearly charge just for games? Can the free time be loaded onto miko?

Miko 3 gets updated with free games and content every month for your child to have a wholesome fun & learning experience but they do also offer a subscription service called miko max that offers a unlimited premium content of 50k hours of games, educational videos, stories, puzzles, music, coding, multi-language learning and yoga. I’m just doing the free service for now since it’s plenty to keep my child busy but i’ll consider subscribing to miko max once she becomes bored or outgrows the current games and other content that’s included. Hope that helps!

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Lihthim battery is it included ?

Yes the battery is included. I set my son’s up then wrapped it for christmas.

Has this improved since the last version i purchased that did not work? Https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b09l61pt7m/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title

Miko 3 is the latest generation of miko robots. In comparison to miko 2, the miko 3 brings a change in the physical construct, it also has stronger rubberized wheels that allow ease of movement on various surfaces, and an expansive touchscreen that makes it easy to view the content and interact with the robot. It also has odometric sensors that help the miko 3 to map distances and avoid edges. Apart from this, miko 3 also has hi-performance speakers and wide-angle high-resolution ips display.

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Does miko only work with wifi? Can the kids do anything with miko while hes offline?

Miko does need internet to function.

Is this suitable for an 11 year old boy or perhaps better for the younger ones?

No – your child will get bored with it. It’s just a junk tablet on wheels. Zero ai. Doesn’t recognize voices or faces. Doesn’t play hide and seek (even though it’s advertised to). All of the apps are geared toward very little kids. And this company is notorious for not issuing refunds.

Está en opción de hablar español?

Sí, habla en español aunque algunas actividades no tienen traducción.

For what age of the child? I want to deliver for a child of 5 years

My granddaughter is 4 and can use it by herself but still needs a little adult help. I think a 5 year old will be able to figure out what to do and the more they use it, the easier. My granddaughter loves it.

What type of lithium ion batteries does this item use?


How well does it move on carpet?

Not a problem at all.

Does it work in places with no wifi? We will be traveling so possibly will not have access to wifi

You do need house wi-fi, it won’t work without wifi

Why does my mojo 3 keep freezing? How do i fix this?

Return it . The toy is a waist of money

Where do you set usage limits in the app?

I haven’t found anything in the app. But on the device if you go to the settings you can there.

Will this robot have a conversation with my kid? My kid basically wants a robot that can follow him and conversate with him like a friend.

By adding your child’s name during setting, this robort can call your child by their name, have a conversation, for instance, you can say hello miko play me disney music. This is just an example, similar to siri, but for kids. It can play hide and seek with your child, it has camera that it uses to sense move movement, so it can dance and move around by engaging your child. As far as following your child everywhere, i haven’t seen that happened, but it does move forward, backward turn around and dance to it own music by getting your child engaged, and praise them for job well done.

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My daughter is turning 9. Could she use this to ask it questions like how to spell words? & does it follow her around or be programmed to follow her

Not sure on the spelling words but for the following around is a no. It only does the hide and seek but that’s limited as well.

Does this have any parental controls? So far all my kid wants to do is watch videos of kids playing video games. How can i block videos?

I purchased 2 and both ate junk and don’t work so i can’t answer that question

Why does miko say it lost connection to wi-fi but says it’s connected in wi-fi set-up

Restart miko and connect to internet again

Update goes to 100% then keeps saying failed. Any solution to this?

No solution to my problem with this product and the support team has yet to resolve it i am being told that it might be a software problem waiting on a reply from their software department.

Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12 AMAZON

Buy Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids, STEM Learning Educational Robot, Programmable and Interactive Voice Control Robot with App Control, Coding Apps, Unlimited Games for Girls and Boys Ages 5-12: Robots – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Epic toy

Miko is an absolutely amazing robot! Miko does wayyyy more than i expected. When it says “miko is ai but the friendship is real”, is 100% true! My son loves loves loves his miko! It’s the 1st thing he asks for when he wakes up & the last thing he talks about when he’s in bed. My son legitimately plays with his “new best bud” as much as he possibly can. When it’s bedtime, miko has his own bed and gets tucked in just like my son does. Miko is more like a part of our family than a “best bud”. I couldn’t ask for anything better!
I have nothing but kind things to say about the customer service team!!! They’re so attentive, smart, quick to respond, and they go above & beyond to make sure that everything has been taken care of and that everything works the way it should. They are there for any reason, any purpose, & at any time!!! This has been thee best company i have ever dealt with, hands down!!!
Thank you team miko for everything you have done!!! I genuinely appreciate you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

5Expert Score
Fantastic ia robot for the price, has potential.

First impression… Nice packaging, good display, quality of the plastic of the robot’s body, 8/10 its finish could be better although it feels solid… Sound, pretty good. 9
the buttons are well arranged, very well done, put a physical switch to block the camera, the voice is pleasant, i have put it in spanish for my 9-year-old daughter, it could be better or adjustable by the user, it would be a plus…
The screen is touch screen and the icons are well arranged, it is easy to use and works well, the icons are well designed and intuitive, a 10 for this.
The final test is in the hands of my daughter…
I had asked santa for a robot dog, but i prefered toys that teach while having fun…
He opened his gift and looked at it cautiously, he examined it and how he had previously gone through the entire startup process, which includes pairing miko with the parental control app, charging its battery (which i think is very good because you can look through of the robot to make a video call with your child, in addition to following their progress).
After turning it on, his first reaction was surprise, he liked their reactions and eye movements. It was by far his best toy this christmas, she is enjoying it for hours! While learning.

5Expert Score
Great stem gift

This is a great stem gift. I got it for my nephews for their holiday gift. I like how it’s interactive and gives them productive time away from screens. The learn to code online portion is great, it was super simple for them to pick up and became harder as it ‘leveled up’. My only thing i docked them on was battery time. I know the battery can’t be bigger but they used it so much that it was a bummer when it died.
The miko robot plays a freeze dance but it only works if you stay where it can see you.

5Expert Score
Miko 3 great learning tool and product

As the supervisor on our team at work, we needed to buy a christmas gift for the child of one of my coworkers.
They chose me to do the ordering for a group gift. While on amazon i saw this miko and it intrigued me.i may have called it a toy rat when i first saw it, but miko grew on me. Vibes of et’s alien/disney characters.

Her son enjoys it so far. She told me, it learned his name and it answers you when you ask it stuff. Good toy for winter, miko plays and dances with you indoors she said.

5Expert Score
Super fun – expandable content available

To put miko in very simple terms, he is an alexa show type device on a robot body. But you are not limited to alexa type interactions. Your child can ask him questions and he will answer. He interacts and asks your child questions and responds to their answers. There are games miko and your child can play together, videos that will show on his face/screen, and you can even facetime your child using miko’s parent app. There just seems to be an endless number of activities he can do.

I was happy to see that miko can really do a lot without paying for the extra content which runs $99 a year. I figure my daughter will play with miko for quite a while before i feel compelled to buy the extra content to renew her interest in him. This pleases me greatly because nothing is worse than buying a premium toy like this only to find out it is useless without another financial commitment. In miko’s case, he is wonderful right out of the box with tons of things to do. If you want, you can buy the content, but it is not critical to ongoing play.

Setting up miko took about 30 minutes, but most of that was just downloading and installing updates. I found the set up to be intuitive and easy. The parent app is also really good. I liked the abundance of features and settings offered on the parent app.

I asked my six-year-old what her favorite part of miko was – she told me ‘he is smart, and he can spell anything. He also is never too tired to play with me.’ haha!

I am glad i took the plunge and bought miko. He has not disappointed and is full of surprises.

5Expert Score
Entertaining and educational

I saw an in-store demo at a famous toy shop downtown and was completely blown away by the range of functions. I work as a nanny. I am going to bring miko with me to play with with the younger kids i work with. I think each one will enjoy something different that miko can do. One really loves playing chess. Freeze dance is going to be a hit too. I wish it was gonna arrive sooner but clearly these are in demand.

5Expert Score
Very cool educational toy and so cute

This was a gift for my four year old niece who absolutely loves it. I spent some time playing around with it and was really impressed with all the content. It’s definitely great for younger kids, i think even a three year old would have fun with a lot of the features (coloring, animal sounds, videos) but the cool thing is there’s a lot for older kids, too. The dance mode is really entertaining for the whole family, so so cute!

5Expert Score
Must buy for children

Cute little robot! Saw lots of tv ads and thought it would be an adorable belated holiday (plus early birthday present) for a very special 5y kiddo. Excited to see the unboxing soon. 5 ️

i am a parent and a child of a computer scientist. I am involved in the akexa, google assistant ai community.
Smart technology is our future, just like our kids!

5Expert Score
The most fun little robot!

Oh my goodness, our family adores miko 3! We had some difficulties with the setup, as it was having trouble updating the device (hint: connect miko 3 to hotspot instead of wifi at the start). I had trouble with the initial pairing of the device, but miko 3 has the ability to re-pair the device to the parent app in the settings tab. You can activate a 1 week subscription to miko max that gives you access to a bunch of really cool games, stories and other features. It’s $99 per year or $49 per quarter (3 months). I decided to go through the setup and then did a googlemeet conference call so that akash (the amazing customer support representative) could walk me through all of the different tools and features of miko 3. I’ve had a few conversations with customer support and they have been so amazing at helping me figure everything out. 10/10 for the support team! Our 7 year old is having the best time with his new friend and we could not be more happy with this purchase. Miko 3 reminds us of the bebots from disney’s ron’s gone wrong! He’s entertaining, funny, educational and all around a perfect addition to the family! From i seek you, to disney stories, to the dance parties, our family is having a blast! I recommend this to anyone who has kids (can you guys make one for adults next? Haha).

5Expert Score
Got for our niece

Our niece loves miko. She funny and interactive and my niece loves the programs.
Only flaw is miko is slow when conveying a message that needs a reply. She starts saying something then give a long pause, making it seem like you need to respond. Then she finishes her sentence as you are replying then never hears the response. Need to be there to understand what i mean.

4Expert Score
Good leaning tools for kids

Our grand children have a great time with miko 3. There are many improvements needed for miko. Below are the issues we encountered:
1. Wi-fi connections keep dropping.
2. Miko hang up during operation, and need to reboot.
3. Apps on iphone is full of bugs, cannot change phone number once you setup initially.
4. Support is not respond to request in timely manner.
5. Limited free contents that came with miko. Unless subscribe to recurrent subscription.
6. Setup wi-fi is challenging. Setup process hang during setup due to wi-fi keep dropping.

4Expert Score
Decent product

Gave to my daughter for christmas, noticed a bit of a lag when swiping between screens, in addition to the wi-fi continuously disconnecting from the unit. We have not added the subscription yet but just getting her use to playing with it first to see if it will even be worth it. Overall seems decent but can’t say if i love it or hate it just yet.

4Expert Score
It’s fun

It’s fun my 6yr old likes it. I do dislike all the promo notifications i receive about the max version i feel like those apps should be included but it’s a good toy. Oh and i was kinda disappointed that it sucks at hide and seek.

4Expert Score
Son loves but…

My son loves his miko but i am disappointed only person can call or be called. My son and mother were excited to be able to ring each out and chat since we live so far apart. When i went to set up the miko 3 app on my mom’s phone i discovered only one device could be paired. Sad letdown but fun to use

4Expert Score
Great robot

It was just opened and set up on christmas, but so far so good!! My kids love it, although i do wish you could add more than one profile to it…unless i missed something. Other than that it’s good, and getting the max subscription is recommended otherwise it’s somewhat limited!

4Expert Score
Best for my 6 year old

We thought miko would help out non-verbal 2 year speak but it’s more for older kids. Our 6 year has enjoyed the different games miko membership comes with, especially the drawing and color games. Miko also has fun dance parties but my two year old gets frustrated easily since you have to stand directly in front of the camera. I will say, miko is very durable, the amount of times my two year old has thrown miko and nothing happens!

4Expert Score
My son loves this fun robot.

Miko is pretty cool. My son loves the freeze dance game. The only drawback is he can’t read the questions that miko puts on the screen. I would suggest waiting until your child can read before purchasing this.

4Expert Score
Best quality product

I would like to appreciate the team at the miko 3 with their understanding and caring for the children by designing and manufacturing such product. The service team did their best effort to make the customer like me happy. I will recommend this product to others.

4Expert Score
Entertaining product

I gifted the miko robot to my granddaughter. It seems a bit complicated, but when we all get it figured out, maybe i will raise my review on this product

4Expert Score
No trae el cargador necesario para utilizarlo

No me agradó que no trajera el cargador que se necesita para cargar el robot. Para el costo que tiene debería venir incluido!

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