Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces : Everything Else
Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats: Add more wholesome goodness to your dog’s day with milk-bone soft & chewy beef & filet mignon recipe with chuck roast dog treats. These delicious, tender dog snacks are made with real beef and fortified with vitamins and minerals—12 to be exact! On top of their irresistibly savory taste, the soft texture of these treats makes them easy for dogs of all sizes to enjoy, whether you feed them whole or break into smaller pieces. And with a 100+ year history of baking our treats with love and high-quality ingredients, you can feel good about filling doglife with a little extra joy. Pick up a bag to get tails wagging.

What are milk-bone soft & chewy dog treats features?

  • Contains (1) 25-ounce containers of milk-bone soft and chewy beef and filet mignon recipe with chuck roast dog treats
  • Soft and chewy dog treats made with real chuck roast
  • Fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Loved since 1908
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Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces AMAZON Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

How many treats come in the 25oz?

The math by weight equals about 45 treats in this 25ounce container.

Are these treats soft enough to break into pieces for training a small dog?

Easily breaks into pieces. Doxies like them too much to give them a whole soft cookie.

Dogs shouldn’t have candy because sugar is bad for them, so why is sugar is the third ingredient?

Every one needs sugar. Even 50% of protein is converted into glycogen/sugar/ which is stored in the liver for later on energy. Dogs calorie supposed to contain 60% of carbohydrates.

Do they come in mini for toy dogs?

I am only familiar with the regular size, but you can break them up very easily as they are soft.

Will this work for dogs with no teeth?

This dog biscuit is soft and easily chewed, with or without teeth. My dachshund loves them and his blind and toothless friend, a pug also loves them.

Are these really 20.56?? I just bought the 36 oz at bj’s for 7.98.

That’s not what i paid for these dog treats. Is there a quantity of more than one on the ad you’re looking at?

The package says it is baked in the u.s. Is that sketchy code for a bunch of chinese ingredients? Or is this 100% american?

100% american ingredients

Could someone explain to me why is the box with the item i chose says it costs $8.98 but the price on the bottom is $11.98??

Ask amazon!

Is this processed in the usa?

Great question, we appreciate you asking! Our milk-bone soft and chewy treats are made and processed in buffalo, new york. Hope this helps and your dog enjoys!

Can my baby use this product a lot?

I’ve been cautious with this product, my 80 lb dog gets 1 to 1 and 1/2 per day, he loves them. Just let your baby get used to them slowly. But so far, so good after 3 months

How big is it send pic

Without something beside it, it would not be obvious. The canister holds 5 1/2 cups (well over a quart).

How long can this product be warranted?

We appreciate your interest in our soft & chewy dog treats, phillip! While there is no specific timeline in terms of warranty to specify, please know that you’re always welcome to call our team at 888-645-5266, monday-friday, 8am-5pm, est. With any questions or concerns you may have with our products, so we may learn more and best help.

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Are subsequent shipments of treats the same price?

Yes unless you have the subscribe and save. With 5 items you get a 15% discount. 🙂

When is the expiration date?

Expiration date is printed on the front of the container.

Is this product really as good as advertised?

All the dogs in the neighborhood just love this treat!

Are these small, medium or large?

They are small. I buy them for my yorkie. They seem to keep her teeth clean and she is ten years old.

Are these treats grain free?

Corn starch and rice flour are in the ingredients

The title indicates beef but the picture shows chicken. Which is it?

Great question! We do offer both a beef & filet mignon recipe, as well as a chicken recipe. You may chose which variety you would like to order under “flavor name.’ we hope this helps!

How many calories per chew?

Hi there, good question. There are 24 calories, per treat. Thanks for reaching out!

Where did my order go?

Call amazon

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces AMAZON Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe, 25 Ounces : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My 4 legged visitors love them!

I work at a major appliance/hardware store and we welcome dogs. I just love dogs and all the hugs and kisses i get. I decided to buy treats for them when they come to my department. I usually acknowledge them before acknowledging their humans. I always ask 1st if i may give them a treat. They are soft enough to break little bits off to feed especially the smaller dogs. The dogs just love them. I’ve even had people say…’ she/he is picky and probably won’t eat it.’ to their surprise, they gobble each bite up! I just love doing this. I even have people say, ‘ i wanted to go that way in the store, but they wanted to go this way, to you because they know you have treats’. I have never had a dog refuse my treats. Thank you milk bone…from all my 4 legged shoppers!

5Expert Score
My small, old dogs love them

They are soft enough for old teeth, and the pups love them. I often break them in two pieces and give half to each dog. 1/2 is plenty for a treat and they last even longer.

5Expert Score
Doggie delicious

My naughty little chihuahua/yorkie mix looooves these treats to the point that he wont eat any others. I have two large jars of treats he liked in the past but now he turns his nose up to them.

5Expert Score
Easy to chew

I have an older dog that has a hard time with chews. He loves these and easy on his stomach. Both my fur babies love these treats

5Expert Score
They love them!

Puppy dogs approve! They love them. I have an older one with teeth issues and he is able to eat them also. The bonus is the container they come in. Perfect size for a number of other uses once the treats are gone!!

5Expert Score
Great treat!!

I have a couple of very picky dogs, and one is older and struggles to eat milk bones (which he has always loved). It was nice to find these, they love them and my older dog is able to eat them with little issue.

5Expert Score
Perfect for older dogs with older teeth

I took a chance hoping my 15 yr old dog would eat them i new right away when i unscrewed the lid and the beef smell hit me

5Expert Score

I have used milk bone soft and chewy treats ever since they became available on the market. My dogs and their friends love them. Great product.

5Expert Score
Ideal for senior and young pups due to chewy consistency !!!!

Just the best for all age pups ! Easily size adjustable for training treats or just perfect reward for large to tiny pups!

5Expert Score
They love them.

I have older dogs and they cannot chew the standard milk bones anymore.

4Expert Score
They smell great

They look and smell great. Soft and chewy but my dog won’t eat them for some unknown reason.

4Expert Score
My dogs love these

I have 2 picky shih-tzu mixes and they love these treats. They are soft enough for senior dogs and can easily be broken into smaller pieces

4Expert Score
My dogs love these, but limit to 1pd

Be careful. This is a treat. Your dog will love them and want more. But i have small dogs 9lbs and 10lbs and more than one gives them both the runs. They smell horrible (probably one of the reasons the dogs love them so much). Obviously you only smell them for the 2 seconds it takes to get them out of the container. And we always wind up with 1/4the the container drying out making them harder like a regular dog cookie. But they do love them and of all the choices you can make to give your dog a treat, i think this one isn’t so bad.

4Expert Score
Fresh and soft

These are really good for the dogs they love them they’re absolutely fresh and they’re good for small dogs

4Expert Score
Stinking stuff i’ve ever purchased!

These stink to high-heaven! It is hard to open the jar to give treat to my puppy! Thing is…i lost my sense of smell and taste back in 2019! These are just horrible smelling!

4Expert Score
I liked

I liked the product to know it had vitamin every time i gave to her as well as it was a treat

4Expert Score
Beware of onion and garlic

This treat has garlic. I assume some dogs can tolerate garlic, but mine cannot. Both onion and garlic make some dogs quite sick, and i am embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure out that my poor dog is one of them. She liked these treats at first, but when she realized they gave her a noisy and painful tummy, she lost her enthusiasm for them.

4Expert Score
If polka & dott (our jack-chi furbabies) like 'em…

If polka & dott like ’em then they must taste pretty darn good! I think we’ve tried every soft (expensive) treat made w/ nat. Ingreds. Out there only for our 10.5 yr old jack-chi’s to sniff ’em and walk away or gobble ’em up only to be miserably sick the next couple of days.
Fingers crossed that our fur-babies finally have a treat that’s easier on their aging teeth as well as their sensitive bellies that they really enjoy. Stay tuned -i’ll keep you posted!

4Expert Score
Tastes good

I took a little nibble to show my dog it was edible. It was very tasty. He loves them.

4Expert Score
Milk-bone soft & chewy dog treats, chicken, 25 ounce

I had to control myself. My dogs loved them.

Important information


Beef, Chicken, Soy Grits, Sugar, Corn Starch, Filet Mignon, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Rice Flour, Propylene Glycol, Natural Smoke Flavor, Guar Gum, Lactic Acid, Garlic Powder, Potassium Sorbate (Used as a Preservative), Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Niacin Supplement, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement), Minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Manganous Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Red 40, Sodium Nitrite (for Color Retention), Yellow 5, BHA (Used as a Preservative), Blue 2.


Feed as a snack or treat, as part of a healthy diet. Break into small pieces for small dogs. Always monitor your dog while treating.

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