Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz.

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz.

Buy Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz.: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are miracle-gro water soluble orchid food features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • For orchids and all acid loving plants
  • Feed every 2 weeks for colorful, beautiful orchids
  • Provides deep rich leaf color, beautiful blooms and strong root development
  • Apply every 2 weeks during active growth periods, every 4 weeks during rest periods
  • A great way to nurture orchids and other acid loving plants
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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz. AMAZON

Buy Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz.: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

What are the ingredients?

It is 30-nitrogen 10-phosphate 10-soluble potash. It has everything in the mix that you need for root feeding with the measuring spoon in the box. All you need is a gallon jug to mix it in so that you don’t mix it to strong and you can use extra feedings from the same jug. All mixing and feeding directions are on the box. Buy the spray for misting the leaves but don’t spray the flower buds. I have city water so i buy bottled distilled water to mix it in so i don’t add unwanted chemicals that can harm the orchids. One gallon goes a long way. I also bought special orchid pots from orchid.com and sit it in an old plastic whip cream bowl then add about 1/4 inch of the watering in the bowl for humidity and continual wick feeding into the wood chip mix for more of a natural balanced feeding because the roots grow up into the air and these pots have mesh bottoms to hold the mix and large side vents that the roots grow out of. My orchids bloom almost 9 months out of the year with this method and they grow like crazy. I wish i had bought the pots with open slits for easy repotting but i didn’t expect them to grow so huge. Orchids also want a snugger fit than most house plants. They also love east or north windows as long as there is indirect lighting no west or south windows without frosted sheers and no drafts from vents. My orchids are thriving in 68-72 degree temps all year round. Orchid.com also has some very good free informational videos on how to propagate and repot orchids and other information on blooming cycles. They also carry more natural potting mixtures made from different tree barks and such in different textures. Enjoy your orchids and i hope this helped.

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I just bought the last bottle at the garden center and can’t get it to spray! We’ve moved every part we can think of. What’s blocking the spray?

Most likely, you have a bum bottle. These plastic bottles (not just miracle-gro, but other bottles as well), do not always work well. I usually keep the old one until i am sure the new one works. If it doesn’t, i switch out the old sprayer top for the new bottle.

What are the proportions of npk in this orchid fertilizer?


How many ounces is the bottle, and how long does one last for one plant? Thank you!

The bottle is an 8 ounce bottle & is a ‘miniature’ spray bottle (compared to most familiar spray bottles 16-oz or larger). It delivers a very fine mist (good imo for misting plants), and the contents should probably last 3-6 months or longer for just one plant. I have not finished my first bottle yet… The fertilizer formula in this spray is a very low concentration of nutrients. I use twice a week on the foliage of two plants that i also feed once every 7-10 days with an immersion of their plastic aeration pots into an msu feed-me formula (plus added probiotics) bath for 3 minutes, then allow to drain until no longer dripping frequently. Then i return them to outer aerated open ceramic pots that have a shallow integral saucer base, not the solid non-drained pots they came in… Orchid roots need to breathe and have air flow around them.

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Whats the npk ration in this?

The npk is 10-10-10.

Anybody know the ratio for diy misting spray?

The instructions are on the bottle. I use one teaspoon to a quart of water. It has made all my older orchids that used to throw away, bloom! Really nice

Can you use miracle gro potting soil for orchids and this spray or is it too much?.

Orchids can not grow in regular potting soil. Do some online research first.

Out of curiosity would this spray work well with little bonsai plants?

I would not recommend

How big are the pieces?

I would guess around .5” to 1”. The vary in size and shape.

Is this fertilizer good for phalaenopsis orchids? It has a high urea nitrogen content, so was just wondering whether it’s still optimal for phals.

There is actually a picture of orchids on the front of the package. I think it’s great to use on orchids – perhaps not as the primary fertilizer – but it is excellent for foliar and root spraying. It helps increase the humidity while giving them a light feeding. As a primary fertilizer i would probably go with a higher middle number fertilizer.

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I bought a miniature orchid from trader joe’s. Pot size is very small, maybe 2 inches in diameter. How large of a piece should i use?

Thats a very small pot. I would us just 1/2 stick.

Is this 20-20-20?

Of course .02-.02-.02 in a liquid form is just 20-20-20 in dry form diluted down to 200ppm nitrogen.

Would the mist do well with airplants (they use same food)

It should be o.k. The mist is not as strong as the mix because it is for leaf feeding and you only mist once a week.

There are so many little insects that spawned once i put my mix in theplant pot. How do i get rid of theem??? These insects resembles fruit flies.

These are fungus knats and they usually appear when the roots of your orchid or the medium is too moist. They are drawn to damp decaying matter. Make sure to let the orchid roots and medium dry out good between watering. If you google it there are a few ways to get rid of them. I sprayed the roots and potting mix with a peroxide mix to kill them.

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Should i use this with the spray? Or just one or the other?

We just put them in the bark. When we water once a month they will dissolve and feed the plants.

I bought a miniature orchid from trader joe’s. Pot size is very small, maybe 2 inches in diameter. How large of a piece should i use?

Break the stick in 1/2

I attached my orchids to my oak tree. How often should i spray this formula on them?

Once every 7 days.

I was hoping for a more information regarding the kinds of “acid loving plants” this can be used for. Any suggestions please?

Our miracle-gro orchid plant food is actually both safe and beneficial for all flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, houseplants, herbs, and cacti, however a few known acid-loving plants are: vegetables: sweet corn, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, turnips, squash, and onions.
Fruits: cranberries, blueberries, and huckleberries.
Trees: evergreens, beech, willow, oak, and dogwood.
Flowering plants: azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, camellias, and daffodils. For any other questions regarding this product or our many others, please contact us at 888-295-6902.

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What other plants can i use this with?

It is a .02-.02-.02 fertilizer. I have only used it for orchids but assume it should work on other plants that this ratio is good for. For comparison, a blooming houseplant fertilizer i have has a ratio of 0.5-1-0.5.

How to trat orchids leaves turning yellow

If i get a leaf that turns yellow i just check to make sure it has been watered every week, spray the entire plant with the miracle grow and wait for the lead to fall off. Also check it is getting the right light..mine are in a south facing window. I have found that sometimes it is just time for the leaf to drop off. If i can help with your orchids just email me at whitefoxx0821@yahoo.com…i am here to help!

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Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz. AMAZON

Buy Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Orchid Food, Plant Fertilizer, 8 oz.: Everything Else – Yakibest.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Makes my orchids bloom

I had a couple of orchids that just wouldn’t bloom. This was recommended to me by the resident office plant whisperer. And he was right. Orchids i had that hadn’t bloomed in three years were blooming within months. It’s how i’ve been feeding mine for about 3 years and i can get my orchids to bloom about twice a year now.

5Expert Score
Miracle gro is a great potting mix

Miracle gro is a great potting mix and i have used their brand for years.
They are a good go to for any planting project that you have.

5Expert Score
It is orchid potting soil

It didn’t exactly match the soil that my orchid was originally planted in, but it has yet to affect my orchid negatively. I planted the orchid in the multi holed pot with this soil and it appears to hold the moisture without much water oozing out of the holes, which means the soil is holding what water the plant needs. Would recommend for orchids.

5Expert Score
Perked up my orchid

I have been nursing a small orchid that was mostly dead back to health. After changing out the medium it was in, it started to perk up, grow leaves and look much healthier. I hope to have some blooms soon!

I would buy again.

5Expert Score
Excellent for my rootbound orchid

I didn’t realize that when you get an orchid as a gift, you should probably check the roots to see if it needs a larger container and new medium. I didn’t, and two years later, my orchid seemed like it was dying. I researched to find out what to do and bought this, some fertilizer, and a larger pot with slits in it. I followed directions to soak this first and let it drain. I cut off all the dead roots and planted it. It’s been a month now, and is greatly improving. I’ll never use anything else for my orchid.

5Expert Score
Saved my orchid from the eternal sleep lol

Great product, no odor, literally saved my orchid from the compost pile. Turns, out it was too big for the ice cube trick and need more water. The roots and leaves get just enough of this mist. Now we’re back on track to getting it to flower again next year.

Great mister***

5Expert Score
Buy it for your hoyas!!!

If you have a bunch of hoyas like i do, you know that sometimes they put out ridiculously long runners with no leaves. I tried putting them on trellises but that didn’t make them fill out. I was given a tip from a friend to try this stuff and omg! The runners are filling out now! It only took about 1-2 weeks to see a difference. Even my stubborn variegated hoya kerri has leaves on its runners now. Super happy with this. My callistophylla even bloomed!

One very important note! Do not spray this on the penducles or blooms. They will fall off. Only spray on the leaves/stems and the runners.

5Expert Score
Best fertilizer for hoyas

I use this for npk and nutrient water in every water. Fantastic results. Hoyas are prone to deficiency.

5Expert Score
Súper recomendada para las orquídeas

Me encanto , my
uy recomendada para las orquídeas

5Expert Score
Perfect size to mix in to y our soil mix

I make my own mix and i love the size of this bark it’s perfect for adding that aeration to my soil when perlite just isn’t enough.

4Expert Score
Some of the best value for your money

Despite other reviews going on about eggs/bugs/etc (any soil could have these in them miracle grow or not, so spending more doesn’t guarantee no bugs or anything at all) i decided to give this a try since the value was too much to pass up. You get a full 8 qts for under 10$, any other orchid bark i’ve seen has been 20$+ and is usually 2 or 4 qts. I use orchid bark in my soil mix for my aroids and hoyas as they like a chunky soil aerated soil with good drainage. This is now a staple of mine, i can’t speak on growing orchids in this, but it works wonderfully as a soil additive. I typically do a mix of ~30 to 40% orchid park ~ 30% african violet/succulent potting mix and fill the rest with perlite. It works amazingly well, and this orchid bark is perfect. 1 bag goes so far, it has nice chunky chips and overall i’m honestly impressed with miracle grow. I only deducted 1 star because there were some long wood shards randomly mixed in – no big deal i just picked them out – but they are hard to use for potting. Overall i will still be purchasing it!

4Expert Score
Still working on it

I already used a couple of times with my orchids, can’t see the results yet, but i will let you know

4Expert Score
More soil-like than anticipated

Interesting mix of chunks and dirt-like consistency. I am used to a chunkier mix, but being in the desert now, this consistency works to keep the plant from drying out too quickly. If i had bought this while in the humid midwest, i probably would not have used it for fear of root rot.

4Expert Score
Came on time

All good.

4Expert Score
Does the job at a low price

Excellent for orchids

4Expert Score
This is bark for an orchid it is small bits of bark

This is fine. It is small bark for planting. It is as advertised. I have already replanted the orchid and i have used it in other planting soil. It is adding drainage to the soil.

4Expert Score
Great value for the money

I’m not normally a miracle gro fan but i needed orchid bark and needed it quick. This was the fastest one i could get to me for my orchids. I had some root rot going on and was desperate. I received my package a day early that anticipated. And i quickly re-potted my orchid. My orchid is thriving in its new environment. Looking for to new blooms soon!

4Expert Score
My orchid loves it.

Used for my orchid . Also bought pot from amazon.

4Expert Score
Lo recomiendo totalmente

Mi orquidea revivio con esta tierra, lo recomiendo ampliamente

4Expert Score
Both orchids died

Repotted 2 thriving orchids. Followed directions but both died in 3 weeks. Gave it 4 stars in case it was something i did.

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