Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black

Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black

Yakibest.com: Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are misxi 2 pack hard pc case with tempered glass screen protector compatible with apple watch series 6 se series 5 series 4 44mm features?

  • Compatible model: compatible with apple watch series 6/5/4/se 44mm (also compatible with 2022 new apple watch se 44mm).
  • Overall protection: this case with glass screen protector is designed to offer external surface protection to your watch without compromising usability.
  • Easy to install: super easy to install for its snap-on design to avoid taking the straps off first.
  • Kindly tip: these covers don’t support while swimming because the water will get trapped underneath the cases. If you forget to take it off, you can wipe it out with a cloth or wipes.
  • What you get: 2 x high performance pc hard case + dry and wet wipes.
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Misxi 2 pack hard pc case with tempered glass screen protector compatible with apple watch series 6 se series 5 series 4 44mm details:

Product dimensions

3.94 x 3.94 x 0.47 inches

Item weight

0.634 ounces

Item model number


Special features

Heavy duty protection, lightweight, scratch resistant, screen protetcor,wireless charging compatible, sensitive touch, shockproof

Other display features


Form factor




Included components

Case, dry wet wipes



Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

Looking for specific info?

Does the paint chip off easily?

I work in a factory and i’ve banged it up here and there over the past couple weeks with no visible damage whatsoever; i’d say no, the paint doesn’t chip off easily.

Does moisture get under the screen?

Yes, moisture gets under the protector and it is sometime difficult to see the watch face. The moisture often keeps the touch screen from responding.

How do get it off?

It is actually very simple. I use the same technique an apple store worker showed me to remove tight iphone cases. I lay the watch upside down on a soft surface like a hand towel or a mousepad. Then i slide my fingers under the lip opposite to the crown. I gently hold that in place and/or pull it away from the watch while rotating the watch away from the lip. (i grip the watch right where the band meets the metal to get a good grip.

It pops right off. I can do it probably 4 times a minute.

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Does water get between the watch’s screen and the screen of the case near water ex: washing your hands?

Unfortunately, yes. I accidentally wore my watch in the shower. Water did show up under the screen protector. I was able to press it off to the side, but this was just a couple of seconds where the watch was exposed to water. I’m more concerned now about sweat, etc., over extended periods of time.

Hi this roger so you can still touch for change settings?

Hi roger! You can still touch to use the watch!

I work in construction, will it be durable enough ? Will anything sneak inside the case and end up scratching the watch?

I work in a factory with lots of dust and fine debris and i haven’t had anything sneak under the case except water when i showered with it on.

My screed cracked after only 2 months. How do i get a warranty replacement?

Mine shattered on day 2. Seller took care of me very quickly

Should you use a film screen protector first before you put this on or do you just snap this on right over the watch glass itself? Thanks

You can just snap it on the watch glass itself, no screen protector required as it is a protector itself

Will this fit in apple watch 644mm? Cause the case says 5-4 not 6

Mine works on my apple watch 5, 44mm. Specs for series 6, 1.73′ x 1.5′ x 0.41 in (44mm)
specs for series 5, 1.73′ x 1.5′ x 0.42 in (44mm)

What is the hardness rating of the tempered glass?

Mine cracked less than 24 hours of having on. I now have the tauri case and its glass has not cracked. And its been almost 2 weeks. Go with tauri not mixsi

What color is it?? I have the space gray watch and want it to match. Don’t want black.

It’s black, but it covers the whole watch face. It actually looks really good !

Would this be good when doing martial arts/sparring to protect the apple watch?

It sure is since it is tempered glass, but your own and others safety remove the watch when sparring.

Will this work with a series 3 42mm

No, series 5 and series 4 only. But they do have this case for what your looking for, just scroll around, type in apple series 3 watch protective cases you will see immediately, scroll around.

Para el serie 3 38 mm


This looks great. Do you offer one for an apple watch 2 38mm in black or rose gold?

I would not recommend getting it because mine broke in 48 hours

Does this come in green? If so, can you send me the link?

Mine is a 44mm you would have to ask amazon seller.

How do i get rid of the bubbles?

You shouldn’t be wearing it under water. It’s a hard case there shouldn’t be any bubbles. I’d return it, sounds defective.

I want to place an order for a 44mm and 40mm. I see that it’s a 2 pack. Can i swap one of the 44mm in my pack for a 40mm?

No, you get 2 of the kind you order.

Hola buenas tardes! Compre una carcasa de 44mm y me llego una de 40mm cómo podríamos hacer para un cambio? Gracias

Perfecto me encanto muy fincional

Will this work for the apple watch se 40 mm?

Yes, purchased this case for my wife’s 40mm 6se and it fits and works perfectly. Much better than a flimsy film strip.

Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black AMAZON

Yakibest.com: Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6 SE Series 5 Series 4 44mm, Black : Cell Phones & Accessories

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Easy to install & great protection

I bought the misxi 2 pack hard pc case with tempered glass screen protector for my apple watch se 1st generation about 6 months ago. I have only used 1 so far and it’s held up well. There are several very minor surface scratches probably from cleaning it too roughly. I don’t baby this protector – after all, it’s supposed to protect, right?! I wear my watch every day only taking it off for an hour or so each morning to charge. I wear it while working in the yard, going for hikes, everywhere, and it gets bumped, smacked, hit, struck, and dropped. Not a mark on my watch! The frame of the protector still looks great. Moisture from washing my hands, rain, sweaty workouts do get between the watch and protector but it is easy to remove, wipe dry, and replace. It works for what i bought it for and i recommend it highly.

5Expert Score
Best watch protector i have found

I tried every kind of protector for my apple watch 6 and this is the best by far. The bumper style protector did not protect the watch face and i got a few scratches as result. I added a film scratch protector and it peeled off within days. I initially resisted buying this model thinking it would be too bulky, but it was a choice i now regret. It turns out that it adds a minimal 1mm to the profile of the watch and had i gotten this one first there would be no scratches on my watch’s face.

The protector is not waterproof in the sense that water will seep in between it and the watch if submerged. That’s no big deal. The protector is easy to remove, dry and reattach. It can be done in a matter of seconds.

I bought this protector in october 2021 and only this week did i finally have to replace it with the 2nd of the two that come in the box. I banged my watch really hard causing the edge of the protector to crack, but it did its job and the watch was fine. I intend to keep my watch for as long as possible. So, today i bought another set of these to have on hand a year from now if the one i just put on needs to be replaced. Until apple figures out how to use traditional sapphire (or something else as hard) for their watch faces, save yourself some grief and get this protector, it’s the best one i’ve found.

5Expert Score
Great protection for the price

I have ordered these on several occasions. I use them for my kid’s apple watches and for my husband’s apple watch because he works in constructions and his screen was always getting scratched. The protect the glass and if my child or husband drops their watch or accidently hits it, the cover will take the impact, sometimes breaking. And that’s what it’s supposed to do! So for the price (and that you can buy two at a time) makes it an easy purchase to replace. The only down side would be that water can get trapped under the cover if you swim or shower with your apple watch on. So you would need to remove it before doing any water activity

5Expert Score
This is it, the best watch guard out there for the price

Stop looking, this is the watch protector you need!! The touch screen works well, easy to remove if you need to clean it or your screen. It looks like it’s part of the watch and is not bulky or conspicuous like some others i’ve tried. Worked and looked great for over a year before it did its job and protected my watch from a fall into hard tile. The protector shattered but my watch was saved! Immediately bought more!

5Expert Score
Love buying again

This screen protector works very well have only had to replace one and that was due to the fact that i had pushed my wrist into a firewall in a pickup to hard ad the bolt that i hit caused a crack in the screen but not the fault of the screen cover it was my fault and have bought another to replace the one that i broke they are awesome covers!

5Expert Score
2 in the package

I have purchased these screen protectors in the past and was satisfied. That brand was not available and misxi was suggested to replace that item. I am more than satisfied. Two came in the package and i stored away the clear case, because i loved the shiny stainless steel case the most. It made my watch look like it was brand new again. I think of these covers like reasonably priced insurance to protect my watch face. I am not careful going through daily life and i manage to hit my wrist on things more times than i’d like to admit. If my watch wasn’t protected with this cover, i’d have cracked the face or scratched the face by now, which is a big hassle and expense to have it replaced. When i use up these covers in a couple of years, i will buy again.

5Expert Score
This product is great

I have super small wrists, like toddler size wrists, and i have yet to find a watch protector that isn’t gigantic on my wrist, until now.
It is flush with the apple watch so there’s no bubbling or lifting when using the touch screen. It’s a snug fit so it doesn’t scoot around or move at all. Because it’s so sleek there’s no issues accessing the home button or the crown on the watch.
I bartend so i’m constantly getting my hands sticky and what’s nice about this cover is that it clips on snugly and if i need to take it off because something spilled, it snaps on and off easily. It honestly doesn’t even feel like there’s a case on it.

I discovered the hard way that even if it’s a superficial scratch, it renders the apple watch damages and susceptible to water damage. This prevents any kind of scratch or ding damage to the entire surface of the watch.

5Expert Score
The best screen guard for apple watch. Go for it!!!

I bought this screen case for my apple watch 6 44mm. I was assuming that the thickness will increase after adding this. To my surprise, this case fitted perfectly and the thickness also is not too much. Also, the transparent case is invisible. The case has a black rubber sealant around the screen area for water resistance and it aligns perfectly with the edge of the black screen and gives a beautiful bezel around the screen.

While fastening it to the watch, it takes additional effort in the form of the force that you apply. I went very slowly not to scratch the watch screen or break the case. So, be careful while fitting it.

The beauty and aesthetics of the watch is maintained even after adding it.

Go for it!!!

5Expert Score
Durable, looks good

Works great with watch. Have zero touch screen issues, watch functions like it isn’t there. Isn’t bulky, doesn’t make watch uncomfortable. Protected my watch so far and hasn’t taken damage itself. Water can get under case though so i take my watch off or the case off around water since it needs to be taken off to dry watch face anyways. Would recommend

5Expert Score
Super easy to install and remove

I like the look of the screen. I have used the press-on screen savers i the past, but this beats them hands down. I will say that i did notice that i got a bit of water under the screen saver, but i just popped it off and dried both the screen of my watch and the inside screen of the protector. Easy peasy!!!

4Expert Score
Great screen protector

I recently finally got an apple watch and figured the only way the screen is gonna survive is if i get some protection. I work at a job that i’m constantly lifting, moving, bumping into things so i was a bit hesitant when i made the decision to buy a watch. So far it has done the job perfectly, bumped and scraped it a few times against things and it just simply does it’s job. Glad it comes as a pair just in case.

My only issue is, and pretty minor one, the way the plastic is made or the way it appears – it’s not totally clear there is some transparent dots i’m assuming from the way it was made but you really only notice maybe in direct sunlight. Another thing i may recommend is that when you need to wash your hands just take off your watch. When you wash your hands with them on they’re prone to getting some water underneath between the screen and the watch itself resulting in some condensation later on. Easily fixed if you pop it off and wipe the inside clean, again up to you if you rather do that or just simply take off while washing hands.

4Expert Score
Great protection but watch is unusable if water gets behind it.

Installation is very simple. Fits snugly over my apple watch series 6 and has never fallen off. Removal is simple as well but not so easy that it falls off. I’ve had it for a couple of months and it is very scratch resistant. My biggest complaint is, and i’m sure its similar with all watch protectors, while washing my hands or working with water, some will get behind the protector. Once water gets behind it, the apple watch becomes unusable until you remove the protector and dry it off along with the face of the watch.

scratch resistant
easy removal
easy installation
fits securely

water under protector renders watch unusable

4Expert Score
Excellent case but beware

I have used this case since i got my watch and it protects the screen extremely well! I’ve broken the case a few times and the watch is perfectly protected. It absolutely does the job. Just be careful when removing the case. I once removed my case and it was so tight that it pulled the screen off. The watch still worked so i kept the case on the watch to hold the screen in place. Then one day my watch got caught on something and pulled the case off and took the screen completely off with it. My watch is now irreparable after a year and a half.
This is an excellent case, i highly recommend it in fact, but if you’re not careful you can easily damage your watch.

4Expert Score
Best apple watch case ive used thus far

I haven’t tried removing it so i can’t speak on that one, but installing was seem less and you don’t have to press hard on the screen like majority of watch cases i’ve used. I’ll be ordering this brand for all my different apple watches!

4Expert Score
Protects the watch but isn't waterproof

I am impressed with this case and i’m so happy i put it on my watch when i did. I’ve already cracked both cases just being careless and dropping my watch, and the case has perfectly protected the screen each time.

What i like most about this case is how easy it is to remove! I was worried the case might use some kind of adhesive like other screen protectors, but the case just snaps on top of the watch body. It’s true, the main drawback of the case is it isn’t waterproof, but when it gets wet all you have to do is pop the case off, dry it off with a towel, and put it back on. Admittedly, it’s a little inconvenient, but for the amount of times its saved my watch, i think it’s worth it. Would 100% recommend this over the stick-on screen protectors.

4Expert Score
Takes the punishment so your watch doesn't

These protectors snap on tightly and do the job you purchased them for. For awhile. Depending on how active you are and what chores and labors you’re doing these protectors will take the hits you don’t want your watch to take. But i think at any average activity level, you should expect to buy at least a couple 2-packs over the course of a year. They’re not necessarily fragile, per se, but over the course of several good hits will start to loosen and then eventually crack.
If your chore or activity involves water (doing the dishes, gardening, swimming, etc.) water will get between the protector and the watch and interfere with touch functions. (in fact, i learned this is one of the reasons apple officially doesn’t want you to use protectors like these because especially with activities like swimming, they trap water and moisture longer than the watch is designed for.) i don’t swim with mine but when i do trap water or moisture i’ve learned that removing and replacing the protector several times to wipe everything down weakens it and makes it susceptible to cracking.
Otherwise, the good news is these fit snuggly without interfering with the aesthetics of the watch, don’t yellow and have, at least in my case, protected my watch face 100% from cracks and scratches.

4Expert Score
Works great for me

I’m going to chalk up the sheer lack of songs or scratches to my watch to the screen protector (including a rather spectacular bike accident that shielded my watch from the greatest impact)

the only negatives would be: 1) i sometimes have trouble swiping in one direction or another and 2) the protector will eventually break if you’re taking it off/no regularly.

For me, it’s more than met my expectations

4Expert Score
Solid for everyday use, but not for working out

I think this case will hold up well over time and protect the watch well. It was pretty easy to snap on, though it’s a little difficult to snap it off. Usually this wouldn’t be a concern, but it could be if you use your watch during workouts and sweat. The sweat has a tendency to get trapped between the plastic case and watch face. If you don’t remove the case and dry it off every time, i would be concerned what the accumulation of sweat might do to the watch when it’s trapped. For that reason alone, i am giving this 4 stars. Essentially, i am not going to be able to use this and will rely on simple screen protectors instead.

4Expert Score
Good protection but hard to type

I bought the blue/clear ones first and they were fine (one was broken when i got it on the buttons side but idc) but i ordered the all black ones more recently and find that it’s hard to use the touch screen. It doesn’t register when i click half the time and there’s no water stuck between the watch and the screen protector (i checked). This was not an issue with the blue and clear ones however.

4Expert Score
Moisture buildup

I keep having moisture build up btwn the cover and screen. I wish it was sealed closer to prevent this

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