MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves

MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves : MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves : Sports & Outdoors

What are modvel knee braces for knee pain women & men – 2 pack knee brace for knee pain set features?

  • No pill & injection relief: avert pain, inflammation, and sports injury with our knee braces for knee pain. It offers optimum support for people with meniscus tear, acl, arthritis, and post-surgery swelling
  • Premium material: made from a blend of nylon and latex, our knee braces for knee pain for men and women are lightweight and durable. It can be washed well without shrinking or losing compression
  • Breathable & moisture-wicking: made suitable even for your active lifestyle, our knee braces for knee pain women & men won’t trap sweat underneath! It will keep odors away and stay cool for all-day use
  • 7 sizes available: from petite knee brace sleeve up to plus size compression sleeve, we got you covered. We made a wide variation of sizes from xs to 3xl to give knee relief and protection for all sizes
  • Great gift idea: our knee braces for knee pain meniscus tear is the one you’re looking for when it comes to knee pain relief or a handy workout support. Get yours by clicking ‘add to cart’ now!

Modvel knee braces for knee pain women & men – 2 pack knee brace for knee pain set details:

Item package dimensions l x w x h

‎9.69 x 6.06 x 1.89 inches

Package weight

‎0.14 kilograms

Item dimensions lxwxh

‎1.3 x 5 x 12.5 inches

Brand name


Warranty description

‎100% money back guarantee!

Model name



‎a black


‎spandex, nylon, rubber

Suggested users


Number of items




Part number


Included components

‎pair knee sleeve



Sport type

‎tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, soccer, running, basketball

Product guides and documents

MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves AMAZON : MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves : Sports & Outdoors

Looking for specific info?

What is the fabric content?

It os not neoprene. It is a fabric with rubberized materials woven in.
Its very breathable and comfortable. I forget i’m wearing it.

5’3 height, weight 185lbs. What size should i get?

If you take the time to read it, it clearly states to not base it off your height and weight, you need to measure your thighs to see which size is the right fit

My knees are 17 inches and 19 inches when measured above 5 inches above knee … I’m a large right?

Dear william,

i enclose the chart of measurements.

Please measure 4 inches adove the kneecap:

small: 12.9 ‘- 16.1’
medium: 16.1 ‘- 18.1’
large: 18.1 ‘- 20.4’
x-large: 20.4 ‘- 22.8’

if you are between sizes, choose the lower size for extra compression and upper size for reduced compression

i hope you’ll enjoy knee sleeve.

Unsatisfied? Let us know, and you’ll get a full refund or replacement.

Modvel family

Es 1 o las 2 por ese precio

Las 2

I need help i getting up and down to take photos. Two ‘old’ knees makes that hard. Can cargo pants be worn over these so i could do this more easily?

You can wear any type of pants

Is this product good to use?

I found this to be a good product. Great fit doesn’t roll down your thighs stays in place. Good comfort and flexibility with support that i needed

Are these for out doors in the sun with shorts?

You can use them with shorts . You will see the bottom of them. That’s all. They work great. So i used them with shorts and pants.

That’s good value!

Good product. Helps with pain.

How much is the tax?

Tax is based on where you live

Why is the medium more expensive than large?

I have no idea , but for me if it helps it doesn’t matter how much

My knee is 15’’ around – what size do i need!

Wow, dave. After your own size chart a 15′ knee fits small. But you say it fits large. Why don’t you change that size chart instead of misleading us? I ordered a large for my 17′ knees consulting your size chart and paid for european shipping fees. Will you refund the shipping as well? Obviously a pair cannot fit 15′ and 17′ at the same time!

See less

Are these knee braces suitable for surfing? Thanks!

While i haven’t tried surfing, swimming, or getting them wet at all, they’re made of a knitted material so i don’t think they’d feel as good wet. That said i’m not sure getting them wet would hinder the support they offer. However the manufacturer would have to give the final say on it.

How long is medium .

They are 10′ long , but their sizing is based on your thigh measurement at 4′ above the knee .

My measurement is 16′ which size should i get? It is at the border between s and m. Thanks.

If the border is closer to small get a medium, if closer to medium get a large. I hope that this helps.

Does anyone use it for weightlifting ? (i.e. Powerlifting, bodybuilding) or workout periodically (4-6 week)? Does this product work well ?

Works great for day to day things… Don’t know about exercise though. I would look for something stronger depending on what is wrong with your knee.

Can they be washed in the washer? Or need to be handwashed?

I’m sure you can wash on ‘delicate’ washer cycle…

My knee is 16” what size do i order??

Go for the medium size

The band at the top is too tight. How can i return these?

Little too tight above the knees.

I have a 2xl and it’s not tight but not loose either, i’m wondering should i get a xl? Also how tight should they fit??

I like mine to be a little on the tighter side. It seems to give more support and feels better. Also, over time, it has a tendency to become looser and that is when i replace mine.

My leg is 16.5 inches should i get small or med

My leg was 16.1 inches and i chose medium. The small size , to my way of thinking, would have been too tight. I am very happy with the compression of the medium size.

MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves AMAZON : MODVEL Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men – 2 Pack Knee Brace for Knee Pain Set, Knee Brace Compression Sleeve, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Meniscus Tear, ACL & Arthritis Pain Relief – Knee Sleeves : Sports & Outdoors

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Great product at a great price.

I did a fair bit of online research for ‘most recommended’ knee brace / compression sleeve. Really tough to sort through the variety of products, and making comparisons is challenging. I settled on the modvel knee brace (comes as a pair) as a starting point not really knowing what to expect…but the cost was very reasonable so i figured i had little to lose if it fell short. But i have to say this is a great product. It’s not a flimsy, lightweight compression sleeve, but provides firm support while allowing full range of motion. No straps to buckle or velcro patches to deal with. And the company’s founder includes a little card in the package that guarantees refund or replacement if not fully satisfied. Under $20 with tax and shipping. Can’t beat it!

5Expert Score
100% way better than the ones advertised on tv!!

Bought those copper fit ones advertised on tv approx. 2 years ago and they were nothing but junk and a gimmick!! Ordered these after viewing several others on amazon and decided to give them a try. Best investment i ever made healthwise. Knee pain was gone by end of first day wearing them and i could go up & down stairs a lot more easier and a lot more comfortably than before. I’m 62 and my knee’s have started to give me trouble the past 6 months or so. These definitely provided the stability and pain relief i had been hoping for and a lot quicker, too!! My one recommendation to the manufacturer’s would be to somehow wrap the rubber rings going around the top of the sleeves to prevent itching and chafing. I got a slight rash from it due to daily use. I managed to get it under control with some triple antibiotic cream but they do dig into skin a little too hard. What i did to alleviate some of the discomfort was to fold the rubber rings over the outside of the sleeve so it wasn’t in constant contact with the skin on the back of my thighs. Otherwise these are great for anyone having knee pain and trouble going up and down stairs. Highly recommended for the price and the comfort provided!!

5Expert Score
Great product and even better customer service. Latex warning

The knee sleeve affords great support and compression for an arthritic knee, yet is very breathable. My thigh measured at the upper end of a medium on the size chart. However, the medium created a slight bulge at the top of the sleeve which is rather unsightly when wearing leggings or skinny pants. I contacted the company for advice and they immediately sent a large. No bulge with the large, but still adequate compression.

Warning, this product does contain latex. May not be suitable for those with latex sensitivity , like me. Didn’t find out material until i had worn sleeve several times, and developed a rash. I have suggested to company to include material on product description.

5Expert Score
What a relief!

Received the product in size small and notified the company that they felt a bit too tight..the very next day i received a package, size medium..fantastic customer service!! Ultimately, i went back to wearing the size small due to better pain relief ( hopefully they will ‘break in’) i feel terrible that the company had to unnecessarily send out an additional package. I highly recommend this product for immediate pain relief as well as preventing the possibility of future potential injuries. Again, i thank this company for their positive/immediate response to their customers.

5Expert Score
Comfort, pain reduction and stability are found with the modvel knee brace for me.

I have weak knees that ache after exercise and bike riding. I have tried numerous knee braces that failed to be of help.
I came upon the modvel knee brace in my search h on amazon. I bought them, and are wearing them now. After a 45 minute ride on my recumbent bike, i pulled on the knee brace. I am sitting here experiencing no pain or pulsating in the knee.
I definitely would buy again.

5Expert Score
Wow – one day improvement

I’ve had knee soreness, swelling and pain for a year. Eating right and stretching dramatically helped soreness and swelling in my other body parts – necks, shoulders, back, hands, wrists, etc. – but my knees just stayed sore. Ice, advil and tylenol also did not help. So i bought these knee sleeves and there is a 75% improvement in just one day! Probably all compression sleeves perform the same function, but i’m pretty darn happy with these. The price was very reasonable, they look good enough to wear with shorts… I’m usually a cynic, but these are great. Will update review in a few weeks or a month if situation changes.

5Expert Score
Of 4 or 5 different braces, bands, reinforcement devices tried – these worked!

I need to preface this with my age (61) and having had (4) four knee procedures. My last was for a torn meniscus. I have worn full leg braces, mid-length with metal side braces and fought the feeling my knee would bend backward and re-injure it, wearing these braces/sleeves there is only very minor discomfort when bending to the max range of motion, but the tightness/security while walking on rough terrain is easy or secure.

5Expert Score
Best ever knee braces

I needed some relief from a burst baker cyst in my left knee in which effected my right knee, both with much pain and discomfort. I finally broke down and purchased the two pack of modvel knee sleeve, this is the best purchase i have made in a long time. I get much support and best of all the pain i have been in, is no longer with the modvel knee sleeves. I highly recommend if anyone has knee pain and/or needs support for their knees. Thank you modvel….

5Expert Score
Awesome support

I had terrible knee pain which inhibited me from working out as often as i was. I read the reviews and purchased these knee braces. I wore it to work. I am a nurse and on my feet all day. I had no discomfort on my knee. The brace did not slip down and it caused no skin irritation. After work i decided to go running to test it out. Knee brace stayed in place and no pain in my knee. This was definitely worth the purchase!

5Expert Score
Amazing product & customer service

I purchased a pair based on the reviews. I ordered one size up as people suggested, the bottom of the sleeve was a little lose and once actually in motion it slipped off constantly. I contacted the seller and they went out of their way to make it right by sending me one size down. Sure, it’s a little snug but my knee feels more secure. I am happy with the service and will continue to give them my business. Thank you modvel!

4Expert Score
Minor details toward comfort needs work but…

Knee brace does what it’s supposed to. Only complaints (reason for the missing one star) are centered around the comfort. The company tag is sewn on and the “melted” edging (anti fraying) rubs on my baby soft super sensitive skin while running. I just flip the top edge (where the tag is sewn) over so the tag edge isn’t making skin contact. Problem solved.

Second, the cool part is that the knee non-slip is on the front and back so it’s hard to put it on incorrectly. The not so cool part is the “non-slip” on the back of the knee rubs a little bit. (remember that baby soft sensitive skin? Ya. It’s on the back of the knee). Luckily the pain coursing through the rest of my body due to running in the first place distracts me from that minor discomfort caused by the non-slip.

Pros (for the four stars) are that it fits really well and does not squeeze my leg like a stuffed sausage. Stays in place really well. Does not slip or bunch up anywhere during my runs. I would recommend.

4Expert Score
It makes my knee feel beter.

I have arthritis in my knees and this brace supports it and really makes it feel better when it acts up. There is one spot that is scratchy on bare skin so i wear it over pants. I guess i could add a piece of fabric over the scratchy part but i haven’t gotten there yet! Other than that it stretches with the knee and seems durable but i only just got it so i will see. It does look well made.
It makes my knee feel better after 20 minutes of wearing it, more than good enough to keep me moving.

4Expert Score
Great knee brace

I bought this knee brace to give my knee with a meniscus tear some additional support. It has made all the difference not only with unintentional twists to the knee but also with the confidence it provides when doing lots of walking.

Pain and discomfort have greatly diminished with this brace.

After ordering another brand brace, i did go up a size and am happy with the fit and support.

4Expert Score
Fantastic product! Worth the money

I love this knee brace. I am 6’2 and i ordered the xxl brace at about 280 pounds. I am now down to 230 and it honestly still fits very well.

I have had knee problems for quite some time due to my weight. I also tore my acl in my right knee when i was a kid, so i have always had issues with it.

Well in march of 2020, i started working as a nurses aide at a hospital and was walking around and lifting patients all shift long. My knee’s really started bothering me, so i went online and looked for some average priced knee braces that would help support my knees while at work and came upon these. So i bought some to try them out.

Honestly, i love them so much as they really help support my knee joints and prevent pain throughout the day. I wear mine as much as possible and they seem to have really helped my aches at the end of a long day.

I do however have one complaint about them. Throughout the day, the top seems to roll down on itself (picture included) and becomes really uncomfortable. When i’m at work in scrubs, i am not able to fix this easily. So it because almost worse than just dealing with my knee pain.

Due to the above complaint, i had to give it a 4/5 star rating and a 3/5 star comfort rating. However i want to make it clear that this probably has to do with me being on the bigger side and having larger thighs. I would 100% recommend people buying these braces and trying it for themselves. Who knows, you may not have that issue! I know if i didn’t, it would be 5/5 stars all the way!!

4Expert Score
Great coverage and comfort

Injured my knee while hiking. These helped give structure and support to my knee while recovering. Good for basic light exercise or recovery. Stayed in place, not to tight. You need to make sure you order the correct size. Keep in mind these are meant to be snug, but not overly tight. If you have large calves and thighs like myself consider ordering your true size or one size up based on your size. Lightweight, breathable, easy wash (light or delicate wash), and will stretch out with use so needs recovery time if it has been worn for a long periods of time to regain its shape.

4Expert Score
I have to find the right one for me

The material feels great. The problem i have with this product is, it rolls up at the top of my thigh. I readjusted the sleeves, walked into the gym and they were at my ankles. I am unable to use the sleeves. They may work for some of you, but for me it is a waste.

4Expert Score
Knee sleeve, not brace

I’ll start by qualifying this review as someone who has plenty of experience with knee injuries and therapy resulting from it.

This is absolutely not a brace. A brace is bulkier and intended to prevent movement in an undesirable direction. A sleeve is something that just provides compression to relieve pain. This is a sleeve.

Here’s how i test this product: i’m in the security industry and at a very physically demanding post. I walk 6+ miles per day in boots and 15+ pounds of stuff.

The positives:

great above and below the knee joint. If you need relief in this manner, you’ve got it.

Bends well.
This is definitely a product i think bends well with usage. There’s no break in really needed with it.

Comfortable right out of the box.
This sleeve is comfortable right out of the box unlike a lot of other products i have used before where it takes washing them at least a couple times to get them to do something right.

Overall a great fit.
The sleeve itself fits really well. I tend to prefer a tight fit on my sleeves and braces so even though i’m right at the boundary between m and l, i got the m and it’s a tight enough fit to satisfy me. If you’re a little larger in the thigh i very highly recommend you size up. This is definitely not a sleeve made for people that aren’t at least tone so beware and be honest with yourself.

Doesn’t stink.
Again, i’ve got a very physical job that makes me sweat, a lot, and it amazes me that the sleeves don’t stink up like my boots or my vest does.

The negatives:

I’ve noticed that with the work that i put my body through between handling violence, walking, and posting that this thing will bunch up. It’s a very slow process that takes quite some time however i have noticed that i have had to fix it at least once through a 12 hour shift. The most i’ve had to fix it is twice. It’s this right here that makes me only give 4 stars. I need something that i don’t have to either awkwardly fix or pull at through my pants or disappear into a bathroom stall to drop my pants and fix. This is not that product.

Silicone strip.
The top of the sleeve has a silicone strip but not the bottom. I’d like it to be both rather than just one. I also would prefer these strips to be wider/taller.

Knee compression.
I’m very picky and these sleeves are not exactly what i’m looking for however they are a decent shot at it. The compression to me is really good right above and below the knee joint itself, it’s not that great right in the middle of the joint. My preference is to have compression right in the center of the joint as well as above and below. This is also why it’s not a 5 star product.

Overall i rate this product a 4/5. I’m really picky when it comes to these things and i’m continuing to use this product although i also use a brace on days where i have more knee pain than usual.

4Expert Score
Love the product

I actually love this product except one of them continues to roll no matter which way in turn it or leg it’s on … Otherwise it would be perfect

4Expert Score

They do the job just fine, but it’s a little bit of false advertisement. The picture makes them look a lot longer than they really are.

4Expert Score
Work well until soaked in sweat

I like when they are freshly washed and dried they do help support your knees and have a great range of motion. It is a very snug feeling. I don’t like that when your sweat builds up on them, they just feel like a wet sock because they are flimsy and no longer support. Probably not the best for athletic use.

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