Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up

Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up

Buy Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Monster Jam: Get ready for face off your favorite monster jam mini trucks with the mini megalodon race and chomp playset! Race through a wicked wave and into a giant shark head! Are you fast enough to make it through the wave without getting chomped? The playset includes 2 exclusive monster jam mini trucks – megalodon and grave digger! Monster jam mini trucks put the monster jam action in the palm of your hand! Each monster jam mini truck is packed with awesome details and graphics, just like its large-scale version! Place the monster jam mini trucks into the launcher. Choose between 3 speeds and launch your monster jam mini truck into action! Watch them torpedo through the epic wave and into the chomping shark head! Compatible with all your favorite official monster jam mini trucks. Compact and small in size, these 1:87 scale mini monster trucks are ready for epic monster jam action! Smash, bash and crash your way through your own monster jam course! With so many monster jam mini trucks to collect, add max-d, el toro loco and more (each sold separately) to your collection and race them all! Bring home the monster jam action with the megalodon race and chomp playset!

What are monster jam features?

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  • Epic races: face off your monster jam mini trucks into a thrilling race! Spiral through a wicked wave and into the shark head! Win or get chomped with the mini megalodon race and chomp playset!
  • 3 speeds: choose between 3 speeds and launch your monster jam mini trucks into 360 action! Pull back on the launcher and release to see who will come out victorious!
  • Includes 2 exclusive mini trucks: this playset comes with 2 exclusive monster jam mini trucks – megalodon and grave digger! Put the monster jam action in the palm of your hands!
  • Official monster jam toys: compatible with all monster jam mini trucks. Collect them all – including max-d, el toro loco and more (each sold separately)! Each is packed with awesome details and graphics!
  • Great gift for kids: monster trucks for boys are popular toys for holiday, christmas, birthday gifts. Car toys are on the wanted list for toys for boys girls adults alike!
  • Includes: 1 launcher, 2 small wave pieces, 1 corkscrew wave, 1 feature base, 1 shark head, 1 exclusive mini megalodon, 1 exclusive mini grave digger, 1 sticker sheet, 1 instruction sheet
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Monster jam details:

Product dimensions

3.38 x 12.13 x 10.13 inches

Item weight

1.53 pounds

Country of origin


Item model number


Manufacturer recommended age

36 months – 5 years


Spin master

Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up AMAZON

Buy Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Are the mini monster trucks 1:70, or the regular 1:64?

The mini monster jam trucks are 1:64 in scale.

Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up AMAZON

Buy Monster Jam, Mini Megalodon Race and Chomp Playset with 2 Mini Trucks in 1:87 Scale, Monster Truck Toys for Kids Aged 3 and Up: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Toddler is obsessed with race and chomp

To be honest, the quality exceeded my expectations. The mini trucks are so detailed. The race track is just as durable as a hot wheels track. The only setback i can think of is that you need to be strong enough to pull the orange piece back so the cars launch. I can imagine some less robust hands and wrists would struggle to reset the launchpad.

5Expert Score

I had this sent directly to my grandson so i didn’t get to see it in person. He is having a lot of fun with it.

5Expert Score
My son loves it!

My son loves his mini monster truck toy!

5Expert Score
Son loves it

This is the first track i have been able to find for his collection of mini monster trucks and he was so excited and loves it. Durable and shoots the monster trucks all the way to the end of the track

5Expert Score
Actually works great!

My nephews, 3 & 5, lived it! Easy for them to operate and it really works as advertised. Sturdy construction!

5Expert Score
Great gift

I bought this for a 4 year old. It keep him busy a long while . I am happy with the purchase

5Expert Score
Really good, need more cars

The product is great, works as advertised, and comes with two really cool mini monster trucks. What we didn’t realize is that i guess we missed the “mini monster truck fad” and it is really really hard to find additional mini monster trucks for the track at a reasonable price. Our son loves it and it’s really cool. Just wish there were more accessories and options in the mini monster jam line of toys.

5Expert Score
Very cool!

Neat track, for mini cars and even some matchbox sized cars work on it.

5Expert Score
Great for my two little boys to play with.

Easy to put together. Exactly like the pictures. Arrived as expected. Great for the price. It’s small and easy for the kids to move from room to room.

5Expert Score
Better than expected

I like that it’s small and compact. My son loved it and it doesn’t take up a bunch of space.

4Expert Score
Potential is great

I thought this was an awesome find for the price. It shoots the cars off so fast and with good force however within the first couple hours it was really hard to pull the orange tabs back to shoot the cars off. None of the kids could do it and it was even hard for me as an adult. So we only got a few hours good to use out of it

4Expert Score
Falls apart

It works well when it stays together, but my destructive 2 year old has managed to make it come apart multiple times. The shark is kind of difficult to set off, but my son loves it.

4Expert Score
Fun but….

This is a cool track but the booster gets stuck the same day the gift was given. It can be pulled back but with great force. Disappointing.

4Expert Score
Fun toy

This was easy to assemble. The mini cars are made well and roll on the hard floor with ease. Two year old was able to fire the cars into the sharks mouth.
The only reason i would give it a four was the sharks mouth gets stuck in upright position

4Expert Score
Small vehicles and loops are fun for little ones

My 4.75 year old son loves pushing around monster trucks, and the little grave digger and megalodon vehicles that ship with this race chomp playlet are the cutest. The premise to this set is that two monster trucks get catapulted down a ramp through a spiral loop and then one is in danger of being “eaten” by a shark which will clamp its mouth shut while the other one “escapes”

what we love about this set:
– the vehicles are such a hit with my son, and what’s fun is that you can buy other ones separately to use with this set too. The cars surprisingly have a lot of detail for how small they are (they fit in the palm of your hand). My son loves playing with the vehicles independently of the set, and likes to line up these small ones with normal sized monster truck.
– the track doesn’t have a lot of pieces to get lost all over our house and it snaps/slides together easily. The pieces themselves are made of thick durable plastic and are pretty kid-proof. Once assembled, it’s not super huge so we don’t have to take it apart (and lose pieces).
– the cars move easily on the track and on our hardwood / tile.
– i like that my son can launch and reset this by himself, so it isn’t frustrating for him to play with.
– nice that this doesn’t have batteries to replace.

What we don’t like as much:
– the shark doesn’t consistently chomp down on the right-side monster truck – it doesn’t always work as expected. Sometimes the cars don’t make it down the track to the shark (especially if it isn’t on the setting for it to go the fastest) and other times the mouth just doesn’t close on them. It’s only supposed to close on the right-sided truck and the left is supposed to jump over, but sometimes they will both get trapped by the shark.

Overall, this is a fun today as much for the vehicles as the loop and shark. The launcher can be a little finicky – i keep reminding my son that it needs to be on the strongest setting or the cars probably won’t get the whole way around the loops. But having two other launcher settings that don’t really work doesn’t really matter to my son nor does the fact that the shark is inconsistent. He likes the element of surprise.

This is an inexpensive little set and if you have a little one who loves monster trucks, this would be a good gift.

4Expert Score

This is easy to put together and has provided lots of fun. It includes two mini monster cars. The boys like to race each other. The shark doesn’t always function as expected but this has been a very engaging toy for the boys, regardless. Simple to operate–slide back, push the button.

4Expert Score
Small, simple entertaining toy

This megalodon toy is a fun, easy to assemble, durable racetrack that is simple to operate. The six pieces easily snap together and include two nicely colored mini race cars. There are no batteries necessary as you place the cars in their car slot, and with the simple push of a button, they begin to race. There are three different slider options, so your child can have fun seeing which “speed” they prefer their car to go. Unfortunately, the trucks don’t do the tricks they are supposed to do very consistently.

The concept of the toy is that the two trucks are racing and go through the spiral loop. One truck is then in trouble of possibly getting eaten by the shark at the end of the track, which is supposed to clamp its mouth down on it, while the other truck does not get eaten and escapes. Unfortunately, the shark’s mouth does not always clamp down on the truck it is supposed to get (right side), and after a lot of tries, sometimes the cars do not even finish the track even when they are launched at max speed. Overall, it has some good things about it, as it feels well-made and durable, it does not always work as expected. I think most kids would still have a lot of fun with it, and i love how easy it is to operate. 4 stars.

4Expert Score
Cute toy but works better in theory

Starting with the quality this is a nice quality toy and fits up to the usual hot wheel standards. The little mini monster trucks have just as much detail as the bigger scale toys, just a lot easier to lose. The track comes in 6 easy to snap together pieces and once it’s put up it doesn’t take up a whole lot of room so you might not need to take it apart when not using it if you have storage. The toy itself is easy to use, you set the cars on each side behind the orange launchers and push the button. There is different levels of “launch” depending on how fast you want the cars to go. They go upside down over the loop and then one is supposed to escape the megalodon and one is supposed to get eaten. The issue with this toy is that the shark doesn’t always engage because half the time the cars don’t make it to the trigger. When it does engage the shark usually chomps both cars because they are so close together after launch. I don’t mind that part but the issue is that the shark doesn’t always launch.

I guess keep in mind most kids are not going to care and are just going to be excited to watch the cars launch from the platform. As long as they’re happy i’m happy, i just know that it doesn’t always work as advertised.

4Expert Score
He likes it

My nephew loves trucks and sharks, so he was super excited about this set. The little trucks are really cute and he’s been carrying them around with him everywhere since he got them. The set is pretty cool when it works. It doesn’t do the tricks it’s supposed to consistently. The trucks go on the launcher and when you push the button, they zoom around the loop and are supposed to trigger the shark to drop and eat them. Sometimes it drops and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes both trucks get eaten and sometimes only one does. I don’t know if that’s a design flaw or not, but my nephew thinks it’s exciting to see what will happen each launch. When the shark head drops, he says ‘oh, he got ’em!’ and when it doesn’t, he says ‘they escaped!’, so he’s happy either way. The launcher has different speeds depending on how far back it’s pushed, but the trucks will only make it to the shark if it’s pushed back all the way. I’m not sure why they would want to only launch it half speed if the trucks barely make it through the track. He’s really happy with it, though, and that’s what’s important.

4Expert Score
Fun for a few minutes

My 10 year old son is obsessed with sharks, and more specifically – megalodon. He was so excited when he saw it! It was very easy to assemble and sturdy once put together. He played it with his 5 year old sister for probably 10 minutes the first time. Since then, he’s played with it with each of his friends and has taken some slow motion videos of the cars racing through it. Overall, it’s a fun toy but only does one thing over and over. I think it’s overpriced for what it is, but any kid obsessed with sharks might still enjoy it.

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