MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633

MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 : Electronics

What are msi gv15 15.6′ 144hz gaming laptop: intel core i5-11400h gtx 1650 8gb 256gb nvme ssd features?

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  • Powered by intel’s 11th gen 6-core cpu: with pcie gen4 performance and ddr4 memory with speeds of 3200mhz, the intel i5-11400h 6-core processor is able to ensure a smooth and productive experience.
  • It all starts now: enjoy the latest generation windows 11 home for your everyday needs. Msi recommends windows 11 pro for business use.
  • Equipped with nvidia geforce gtx 1650 series graphics: powered by turing nvidia’s award-winning architecture, it’s a supercharger for today’s most popular games, and even faster with modern titles.
  • Stay cool & quiet: fine-tuned to be noticeably quieter and cooler under load, easily blending into any environment.
  • Fast fhd display: the 15.6′ 144hz fhd, ips-level for quick response time gaming.
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MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 AMAZON MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Is the graphics card memory 1gb or 4gb?

The msi gf63 runs a geforce gtx 1650 4gb gddr5. So to answer your question, 4gb

Is this laptop good for podcasting

This laptop is amazing for podcasting. If you’re gonna live stream it or if you’re gonna pre record and edit it, it’s perfect for that..idk what the other person talkin about. You could record a podcast with 0 issue on an ipad air so this would be more than adequate

Wasnt this just $1299? Why did it jump up to $1668

It was in promotion don’t give more than 1300 doesnt worth it

Can i play gta 5 on this laptop ?

Yes, it plays it at very high graphic settings with no frame skipping. I cannot speak for any graphical mods you might install but vanilla gta v will run perfectly

Se le puede expandir al memoria de almacenamiento con un disco sata? Hdd?

Si, lo puedes hacer sin ningun problema

Is this msi gv15 made with aluminum body? And what is the color gamut of this screen? Can the ram and ssd be upgradable?

The gv15 has a mix of aluminum and plastic chassis components. The memory and ssd can be upgraded if you wish to do so. The panel is listed as a 15.6′ fhd, ips-level 144hz 45%ntsc panel.

Se puede conectar a 5g wifi ?

Si, se conecta a wifi 5g sin problemas.

El ssd que trae se puede cambiar posteriormente o este viene soldado a la placa madre?

Yes, the gv15 supports ssd swaps if you wish to do so.

Cuantos slot para ram tiene?

2 slot

¿tiene espacio para agregar ssd sata ?

Trae un 2do puerto m2

Lo puede enviar por dhl?

We ship all of our packages via ups whenever possible.

Will this laptop play wow?

Yes, it can handle downloading it fine. For the disk version, you’ll need a external optical drive to install it

Does it have a mux switch? Like advanced optimus or just optimus

The gf65 is not equipped with a mux switch.

The headline says 16 gb ram but the tech specs say 8 gb ram. Which is it?

The katana gf66 12ud-436 is equipped with 16gbs 2x8gb of memory.

Hello, please confirm the graphic card, is it a rtx3050 ti or a gtx 1650 ? Also it sometimes says win 10 and then win 11, i7-12 or i5 ?

The katana gf66 12ud-436 is equipped with an rtx 3050ti, core i7-12700h and windows 11.

Maximum amount of ram to upgrade?

The gv15 supports up to 64gbs of total memory.

Simple question does the keyboard have just red rgb?

Yes just red, its simple and nice.

What’s the max. Memory speed

It will take up to 64gb (32gbx2) of pc3200 ddr4 ram

Is there a version with hard disk?

The gf65 thin 9sd does not have an option with a standard 2.5′ hard drive as it does not physically have the ability to accommodate one.

Can this run with an elgato hd60s?


MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 AMAZON MSI GV15 15.6′ 144Hz Gaming Laptop: Intel Core i5-11400H GTX 1650 8GB 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, USB Type-C, Nahimic 3 Audio Immersion, Win 11: Black 11SC-633 : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This computer is amazing for gaming

I got this computer on a whim on black friday and it has blown me away with what it can handle. All games i have thrown at it, it has handled easily. I have played days gone, 7 days to die, xbox cloud gaming, and everything runs flawlessly. We got one for our 11 year old she has loved it! You cannot get any better for that price. The hard drive size was a bit small but a cheap enough part i ordered a crucial 2tb ssd that i’ll be installing shortly. I could not be happier with this purchase.

5Expert Score
Excellent deal

Works great. To the reviewer who said it has no hdmi, the plug is on the back of the laptop. Easy to pop open and install more ram and install 2.5′ drive. Not a fan of them making the battery internal so it always has power to listen to us 24/7. Probably going to solder in a switch to kill power when i am not using it or make the battery external and use the freed up space for more cooling capability. I don’t like big brother products and hack their perceived capability away from them.

5Expert Score
Great laptop for everyday gaming

I love this laptop i play all my games some older some newer but it runs them just great especially after upgrading the memory and adding a second hard drive. I was gonna buy a ps5 but this was a much better deal considering i can do alot more with it than just games

5Expert Score

Great gaming pc, got it for friend and he loves it so far

5Expert Score
Amazing laptop

You honestly can’t go wrong with this laptop, especially for the price! I got one for myself then immediately had to get another for my partner and we both love them!!
I do wish there was more storage space but that’s not too big of an issue!
The battery life lasts a long time, it can run games like minecraft very nicely (won’t run gta 5 though), and the light up keyboard is very cool! Def recommend for gamers on a budget!

5Expert Score
It's not just a good gaming laptop, it's a damn good laptop, period.

First off, i pulled the trigger as soon as i saw it had made it’s way to amazon. I’m glad i didn’t wait, because the next day the price had jumped by $300. The following day, the price went back down, only to go up again the following day. As of this writing, the price is nearly $400 more than it was at it’s debut. I’m not sure why the price is fluctuating so much, so do your homework before jumping on it.
I am not a heavy gamer, but i needed a laptop that could handle most games without grinding to a halt. I also wanted something that could be used as an all-purpose machine. I also wanted a screen that these aging eyes could read without squinting or connecting a larger monitor. The number pad has been vanishing from a lot of machines, so i was glad they kept it. Also the visually adjustable backlit keyboard was a must as well. This machine checked all those boxes and more.
To be honest, from prior builds i knew msi to be a top name in motherboards and other hardware, but i was not aware they were in the laptop business. I have always been satisfied with their components, so it was a reasonable assumption that their systems would also be of a higher quality. So far, i am not disappointed.
I have been pushing the laptop to see how it handles graphically intense games, and the 3060 has run everything smoothly. I can’t go deep into specific stats, since the only criteria i have is that the machine can run my games and apps without noticeable lag.
The laptop itself is thick and heavy for a ‘thin’ model, but considering what is under the hood, that is expected. It feels solid and there is nothing cheap looking about it. The matte finish keeps the fingerprints away. The keys have a good feel to them, although the windows key is oddly located on the right side of the space bar, not on the left side where i am used to finding it. The display is a thing of beauty. It looks bigger than it is due to the thin bezel. The viewing area is very wide and the experience of viewing movies and videos is a pleasure to the eyes.
The few cons i have found are really nit-picking. The font on the keys is…odd. The built-in speaker output is not good since they decided to put them underneath the laptop?! Also, the lack of a manual is common now, but i still prefer to read the instructions and detailed specs, such as ram and hd locations, on paper.
The biggest complaint so far is the fan noise. Most of the time it is quiet, but when you start gaming it sounds like a boeing is taking off under the keyboard. Headsets are a must while playing. And the vents do get quite warm.
I will update the review upon further use, but my initial impression is a very positive one. For a gaming laptop, it is very good. Maybe not a goliath killer, but it will play what you want at a decent level. And as an everyday machine, it is stylish and performs exceptionally.

5Expert Score
Great choice!

It’s a great option both schoolwork and gaming. It’s not as heavy as other gaming laptops on the market, which makes it easy to carry around. Great graphics, too!

5Expert Score
Perfect budget laptop

I got this laptop and it plays my games smooth, starts fast, everything works perfectly. I definitely recommend this laptop for someone looking to play games, video editing and home use on a budget. It comes with a intel i5-1140h processor and nvidia gtx-1650 max-q which can run almost every game at 40 fps

5Expert Score
Muy buena

Muy buena

5Expert Score
Gaming & schoolwork

Its worth it and i can even play my favorite games


4Expert Score
Battery life was not as advertised

Just got it today, had it on the charger while setting it up. After i fully charged it i unplugged it & played a bit of league of legends. I played for about 2 hours only having discord & league of legends open while also having the settings to prioritize battery life and the battery in that 2 hours went from 100% to 10%.

Other than that it’s a good laptop, good picture quality, good sound quality, plays games as good as expected.

4Expert Score
Comes as described- very happy with this order.

I ordered this last week.. It ended up coming 2 days later even though i clicked free shipping and stated would come in 2 weeks! I’m actually writing this review on it!! I’ve downloaded couple games so far and everything works fairly well, no complaints. I also brushed up on my resume and handled a couple other things on here and i am very pleased. I may have to find a way to get more storage but that might be the only foreseeable issue here. Perfect starter computer, perfect for travel, games, work, etc. Battery life pretty good too.. Dont expect to play allll day if you’re running games nonstop lol .. Very happy with my purchase.. Also very sleek looking. Thumbs up.

4Expert Score
Great laptop, just one downfall

This is one of the best gaming laptops out there, i get good fps, and it’s not slow. Just one thing that can’t get off my head is that i can’t seem to figure out how to make the display 144hz, it only goes to 60hz. I’m planning on returning it if i can’t find out what’s wrong but if i fix it, i will keep it.

P.s. For everyone saying there is no hdmi port just turn your laptop around.

4Expert Score
On sale? Great offer.

It came with an nvme m.2 512gb and has an empty slot for a 2.5 inch hard drive. You really want to buy that 2.5 inch hard drive, 2tb is the biggest i’ve seen for standard hdd drives, you can get a sata 2.5 inch ssd with 4+ tb but those cost way too much, as much as the laptop itself. 1650 gpu with 4gb vram isn’t too bad, specially if you plan to just use this laptop to endcode your twitch streams via an external capture card. 8gb of ddr4 ram isn’t great but its better than nothing. You want to get two 8gb dimms in the future for a total of 16gb. At max you can get two 32gb dimms rated at 3200mhz each for total 64gb max, but why would you need more than 32gb ever.. I mean for a laptop with these specs. Good luck to the buyers!

4Expert Score
Out of the box a deal i couldn't pass up.

Might not have ground breaking components but gets the job done and runs good. Good so far to play world of warcraft. That is what the wife uses it for.

4Expert Score

Owned this laptop for a fat minute now. The highlights are that the laptop is decently lightweight, operates fairly quietly under load for a laptop, and it performs well for light gaming. The only gripes about this device i have is that it is a fingerprint magnet and the battery does not last very long. It’s enough for a few hours of internet browsing and productivity, but if you were to use this device for school, expect to plug in halfway through your day.

Aside from that, solid laptop for the price.

4Expert Score
Good for gaming, overheats easily though.

I love that it’s super fast, but it tends to overheat. Great product in all, i rate it a 4/5. Runs smoothly, the graphics are great, and the batter life is mid if playing a game for 5 hours or so.

4Expert Score
Great for autocad and great for work otherwise just one problem with battery

Battery dies quicker than expected but its a gaming laptop so i expected it

4Expert Score
Great laptop, amazing value!

Great laptop for schoolwork and occasional gaming on the side. The battery isnt the best but as long as it is plugged into an outlet it works great!

4Expert Score
It's 'almost' amazing???

Hello to anyone who is actually reading this. So i bought this budget gaming latop and kept it for like 5 days and i was a little disappointed in it. It can do work/business things very well but for gaming….not so much. When played minecraft, raid shadow legends, forager, borderlands 2, and other fun games, the fan got really loud. Or the top of the keyboard got really hot since it was made of some type of metal. Of course i used the msi app thing to mess with the fan speed; having the fan lowered made the keyboard really hot. But to have the keyboard cooled, the fan has to be loud…but overall, it’s a really good work/business laptop.

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