Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz : Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz : Baby
Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup: Product description with munchkin’s weighted straw trainer cup, your toddler can hold it like a bottle but drink from a straw. The weighted straw cup dispenses liquid from any angle. And with the flip top lid and click lock functionality, this cup is also perfect for use on-the-go. Munchkin even backs this no-leak promise with a 100. Secured, and rest assured – this might just be the sippy cup of your dreams. Brand story by

What are munchkin any angle click lock weighted straw trainer cup features?

  • Weighted straw and easy-to-hold handles allow your toddler to hold the cup at any angle
  • 8 ounce capacity for water, milk or juice. Includes straw brush for easy cleaning
  • Flip-top lid covers straw while on the go
  • Improved straw to reduce leaks
  • Bpa free, top rack dishwasher safe and 6 plus months
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Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz AMAZON : Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz : Baby

Looking for specific info?

I bought 2, and i don’t know what i am doing wrong…liquid keeps coming up out of the straw after my little has drank some out of it, any ideas?

If the liquid is significantly colder than the room, the liquid will attempt to escape the cup through the straw. So cold milk or water in a 70 degree room will leak/push out of the straw. Or slightly cool water when outside in 90 degree temps probably too.

Where do i get replacement straws for these?

Replacement weighted straws for the munchkin click lock weighted flexi straw trainer cup are available on

Are the handles removable?


I have a hard time getting it to click and lock? I can’t seem to twist it hard enough.

We have 3 and 2 of them click and lock easily, while 1 will never fully click and lock, no matter how much force is used. I think it’s a defect in some of them. It doesn’t leak despite this, so we haven’t worried about it.

Is this product recyclable?


My straw is stained from food while my child is eating. How can i get rid of the stain or are there replacement straws for purchase?

Good morning, for assistance with your munchkin any angle click lock weighted straw trainer cup 7oz, please kindly reach out to our customer satisfaction team directly. Phone: 800.344.2229 text: 805.344.2229 email:

Can i buy a replacement straw cleaner?

Not the seller here, but i’d bet looking for a small pipe cleaner would do the job.

What is it made out of?

Good morning. The click lock weighted flexi-straw cup is made of polypropylene and silicone.

Is it made in china?

Unfortunately i do not know. Perhaps the seller does. You may be able to google for the package insert or more product information.

Where can i find replacement parts for this cup? I purchased it last week and already need to replace the straw.

On the munchkin website..but you shouldn’t have to replace anything after 1 week. I’ve had the cups for 2 years and havent had to replace anything

Does the straw have a valve that has to be bitten down on in order for liquidto come out?

No, they just suck on the straw and the liquid comes out. There is a valve type thing in the center of the straw that keeps the liquid from just spilling out.

What is the weight made from?

I do not know unfortunately. Perhaps the seller does or i would suggest googling the package insert. I threw away the cup so i do not have it off hand. Hope this was helpful.

Replacement lid

I’m sure they make them…… I don’t like this cup though, it’s very hard to clean!

What am i doing wrong??? This thing is the hardest straw to suck out of and i don’t get anything. How is a 9 month old supposed to get any water out

I don’t know. My 1 year old loves this cup and drinks out of it with ease. We do have the other munchkin straw cup but it’s the one without the weighted straw an it was like this, extremely difficult to suck out of and i just took some scissors and stabbed the inside of the straw where he valve is and she was able to drink out of it after that!

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The one i purchased it too hard to suck water, is yours like that?

I bought two the orange cup was not hard to suck but green cup is

Is this tsa approved?

Good morning, the munchkin any angle click lock weighted straw trainer cup is not tsa approved.

Are these bpa free?

The munchkin click lock weighted flexi straw trainer cup is bpa-free.

I’m not a clean freak, but i know where water sits bacteria grows. Has anyone come up with a way to truly dry the straws out after washing them?

I clean and rinse the straws, then hang them from the curtain above my sink, using a clothespin. I put the clothespin across the straw, where the valve is, and check to be sure the valve is being squeezed open by the clothespin.

Can the straw be modified so it’s not necessary to bite in order to drink? Even when biting it’s very difficult. Am i missing something?

It may not be assembled correctly. My daughter has been using this cup since she was around 10 months and has not had to bite to drink from it

I bought this and water pours out when it is tipped upside down. Is this normal or is mine defective or not put together right?

I bought 4 of these, and mine does that sometimes. This cup is pretty temperature sensitive… When it’s too warm/cool, it would like just spill on its own even when it’s not tipped over.

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz AMAZON : Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup, Green, 7 Oz : Baby

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Best so far but not without issues

Like others have mentioned my lo took to this after trying dozens of other kinds of cups. The handles, the weight attached to straw, and good volume all are great. The click close is nice but only when it works. I got one that was never aligned properly and so i forced it and it leaked and then it was stuck and i couldn’t get it unscrewed. Amazon offered me replacement right away so that was good, but it took a while for me to figure it was same one giving me problems. Also i think one of the main issues is that the cleaning wire that it comes with is not long enough and not sturdy enough. If it was a true stiff wire that was just a little longer it would be so much easier to clean the straw. The one it comes with is too bendy and becomes unyielding when pushing through the straw. Also the top of the cleaning wire where the bristles are, comes off if you pull it out of the straw. If it was just a little longer i could just push it all the way through the straw and come out the other end. This would ensure the entire length of the straw is clean but also wouldn’t then break the bristles off mid straw. For me i tried all the cheaper alternatives first and have ended up with 7 of these now beacuse i can’t clean these every day and they are all my kid uses!

5Expert Score
Love this for my baby son

When my son was 5 months old, he started grabbing my drinks out of my hand and using the straw, so i got him his own to be like mommy. He loved it right away. Now at 8 months he still loves it and has definitely gotten better at sucking the straw, and more efficient at getting liquid out. I started putting a few of his bottles in there a few times a week so he can get used to that instead of a bottle and it’s working out great. He gets so excited when he sees me fill his cup up, and that makes me happy that he enjoys water so much. The cup itself is leak proof, the only time we’ve had drips is when i put liquid iv in there (he has adrenal issues and a need for salt and to be hydrated), it almost built up pressure and pushed up from the straw. So now i just release the pressure every so often if i’m giving him that. It’s very sturdy and seems easy to drink through for him, i tried it as well but obviously it’s easy for me lol. So really happy with this sippy cup. It helped my son learn to hold his own drinks and drink from a straw more efficiently. Great buy!

5Expert Score
Infant to toddler built and drop proof

As our 5 month old son wasn’t taking to your standard baby bottles we wanted something that could hold more oz and be ready for him to transfer to more of a sippy cup … But these work great for him we use them for all his drinking need … Breast milk, formula, water , and pedialyte. The only downside to these there’s no oz. Reading or some way to tell how much is in or how much they drank from it.

5Expert Score
Love this cup!

This is the only cup i have been able to get my breastfed 1 year old to consistently drink out of! The only real “down side” is that the straw is difficult to clean and dry. Make sure you push the rubber piece attached to the straw on the vent good or it will leak.

5Expert Score
Great cup!

I originally bought this cup for my daughter who is 7 months old. I wanted her to start drinking from a straw and practicing. To say the least, it was very difficult for her to do so. (understandable, she’s learning) it was however difficult for me too. I gave it to my toddler to break it in, and it has gotten easier to use. I will say that it’s leak proofability is wonderful as that was an issue for my toddler specifically!

5Expert Score
Awesome cup, takes some trouble shooting, but worth it

I bought this cup for my daughter when she began her transition away from a bottle around 11 months. There are some things to note about this cup so that it functions properly.

First, the straw was really hard to suck through when i first tested it. However, you have to make sure the disposable plastic cover is remove from the weight at the end of the straw before first use. Also, it helps if you roll the top of the straw where the valve is through your fingers a couple times to initially open the valve before first use. This is also suggested in the instructions that come with the cup and i think some people who left bad reviews about the slow flow of the straw may have not done one or both of these things. I myself did not do either before trying the cup the first time and i also thought it was impossible to pull through.

Second, this cup does leak a small amount. The valve that keeps the milk from coming up from the straw is about an inch and half below the top. This means that any milk that is in the straw above this valve will leak when the cup is tipped over, thrown, or if the straw is flicked such as when you open the cup after closing it with milk in the straw. There is an easy fix for this. After your child is done drinking and before the cup is thrown or closed roll the top of the straw through your fingers, so that the milk above the valve can go back down. Other than this i have not had any leaks when the cup is properly closed.

Third, i ended up ordering 4 of these cups for my daughter to use daily for the milk we send with her meals to daycare. Somehow, i received cups from two different batches or from two different manufacturers and the tops of two do not fit the other two and vice versa. This led to the cups significantly leaking from around the rim and i thought at first, they had warped in the dishwasher. If your cups are leaking around the rim, please check the product number on the lid and cup to see if they match each other. Apparently, munchkin uses more than one manufacturer, and the products are not exactly identical. This is a little annoying, but i can live with it because overall the cups work really great for my daughter. The weights straw works great, and she has even leaned all the way upside down and still been able to drink. The straw is awesome verses a sippy cup because it is actually helping to strengthen the muscles, she will use later for talking. And the handles on the side allowed her to immediately be able to drink independently without any trouble at age 11 months.

Overall, this product is great. I haven’t found anything better so far!!!!

5Expert Score
No more finding the lost straw !

I bought this cup because every other sippy with a removeable straw is like hell trying to find it! This has an orange piece that is very unique and easy to find when shifting quickly to put a sippy together. Its also super easy to use and we have had no leaks. Hands down my sons favorite sippy and i’ll be purchasing more !

5Expert Score
Its great but make sure you close the lid well

I like this cup a lot and my lo seems to enjoy it. The only thing i have to say is beware of the lid closure. If it doesnt click it will leak. Its fairly easy to clean. Im going to buy a couple more. Also try not to leave water in it overnight, i did that and in the morning the water had a bad smell.

5Expert Score

Ordered for my grandson who couldn’t quite use a sippy cup and doesn’t want to drink from a bottle any longer. He loves this cup!!! Doesn’t spill and he can move the cup, any which way, and he can still drink from the straw. Straw has a weighted bottom….wonderful invention!!!

5Expert Score
Baby approved

Every parent should get this cup! My daughter crawls around with it and leaves it on the floor and no issues. She can easily pick it up grab a drink then go on with her busy day.

4Expert Score
Strong enough for a toddler but gentle enough to get broken inside while being washed

I bought two of these weighted sippy cups- one for my 3y/o son and one for my 1y/o daughter. My son had been using this thomas the train hard-spout sippy cup like, forever and a day. He was hooked on this one specific cup, like i had nightmares about him loosing it! And then the day came that his speech therapist said he needed to switch to a straw-cup (to help strengthen his mouth/face muscles). I bought a variety of straw-type sippy cups and hurled each one at him, hoping one would stick (figuratively. Gosh… I would never want to throw anything at my sweet little darling) eventually, he settled on one… No, not this one here. Another one. But, that one leaked everywhere. And then- the biggest problem- he would throw a darn tantrum every darn day because he couldn’t get that last little bit of milk (actually the last 1/3 of the cup of milk) up through the straw while laying down because… Gravity. So, i discovered these weighted-straw miracles while shopping in a rite aid for over-priced baby nail clippers. Oh, was i delighted! Until i saw the price- $8.99 +sales tax = no-way-jose! So, being the thrify-nifty mama that i am, i quicky looked these puppies up here on amazon, and they were only about $5 each… Plus, being a shpeshall prime member meant no shipping costs & i could have this new fangled invention all up in my toddlers face tomorrow. So, i bought two because i try to learn from my past missteps. We got it the very next day. My son was thrilled to be able to lay down a drink all of the milk without the torture & struggle of non-weighted-straw cups. I was relieved to not have to deal with trying to explain gravity to an almost-3-year-old.
So the highlight is obviously the weighted straw part. The straw itself is a nice soft & flexible yet durable plastic-y material, and it has the ‘leak-proof’ thing inside the straw (you know, where it needs a bit of pressure to allow the liquid to flow through it). The lid has 2 side handles that make a click to let you know that it is closed good & tight, and uses a sliding mechanism on top to open/close the straw (pop-up type). The lid also comes in some nice bright colors- i got green for my son and pink for my daughter. The cup is clear and rather small… I think this could hold 6oz, but the straw & weight take up room, really it’s just a bit under 6oz. I thought these were going to be a pain to clean, but low and behold, it comes with a teeny tiny straw scrubber brush! Fantastic!
And now, what i didn’t really like: the spill-proof thing inside the straw becomes wide-open after so many washes with the straw scrubber brush and not-so-spill-proof… In fact, my son has given himself & his baby sister a milk shower several times. This week. I also noticed that the other part of the straw that connects inside the lid (which also has some kind of spill-stopping magic powers apparently… I’m sorry i obviously don’t know the proper terminology for sipping cup anatomy) eventually becomes loose too. My son has long-ago discovered that if he shakes his sippy cup hard enough, that spill-proof part inside comes loose and he can make it rain milk (yes, my son drinks milk exclusively). This eventually happens with any and all ‘spill-proof’ sippy cups. But the straw becoming damaged from cleaning just makes it worse. Since my daughter never used her cup, i swapped the straws out after a month. Now it’s been another month and i am just careful when i scrub that section inside the straw now and it’s still holding up. I really liked the clicking of the lid closing, but after opening & closing so many times, the click isn’t really noticable. This brings me to my issue of the size of the cup- it’s too small for my kids! Seriously both of my kids act like they are going to pass out from dehydration if they don’t have their cups filled with milk at all times. This means i’m constantly rinsing/washing/refilling this little cup all day long. It’s cray. But this may be just a problem for my kids and might not be an issue for yours.
Overall, i do really like these cups. They are perfect for little ones who like to lay back and have a drank. My son has thrown these cups at hardwood, concrete/cement, asphalt, brick walls/pathways, gravel, and marble and they have held up thus far… Many many scratches & scuffs but not a single crack! Bravo! If you decide to buy one of these don’t be like me and get carried away with excitement from the tiny straw scrubber brush; gently scrub the top half of the straw where the spill-proof whatever-you-call-it is and it should last you a lifetime… I’m just kidding, it will probably get you 6 months before you’re taking milk showers.

4Expert Score
Great for straw learning

This cups is great for my little. Even when tilted, the interior of the straw moves so it can be in the water.
Cleaning the straw can be challenging- it doesn’t dry very well on the inside.

4Expert Score
All colors not equal quality!

I ordered the green and blue cups and they worked wonderfully! You can drink from any angle, there aren’t many parts to clean/easy to clean, and we’re a good transition from the bottle. I decided to order more and got the pink and orange for variety sake. I know it sounds crazy but the quality is not the same. The pink and orange cups did not lock properly so there was leaking. The cups themselves were a slightly different size so you could not interchange the tops (a pink top doesn’t work with a blue cup bottom, etc). I returned them. If that was the first set of cups i had ordered, i’d have had to buy a completely different product. They leaked and i hated them.

I ordered a second set of green and blue and they worked great, same as the first set! You can also interchange all of the tops and bottoms. So strange!

4Expert Score
Great cup

Easy for my toddler to carry around, can drink from all angles, the straw can be difficult to clean if you put anything but water in it.

4Expert Score
My baby’s favorite

My child loves these better than sippy cups. They are leak proof but when put together properly. The straw must be sealed and the top must click. A little tedious, but necessary

4Expert Score
Hard to close!

Our infant likes drinking from this cup; however, closing the lid can be particularly difficult. Make sure to close these carefully as if you don’t it will leak. Otherwise a good product.

4Expert Score
Straw rips after 2 months.

Doesn’t last long.

4Expert Score
Super easy to drink from

My daughter loves these. Super easy to drink from but they do leak alittle.

4Expert Score
Not too bad

It’s tough finding good cups for toddlers. You need to make sure to tighten the top on just right or it will leak. It is tough to clean out the straw. These do the job for what they are.

4Expert Score
Kids love it!

This cup is great for the kids, my kid loves it! My first two leaked and were replaced but this one doesn’t leak yet.

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