Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey)

Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey)

Buy Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey) and other Travel Duffels at Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

What are narwey for spirit airlines foldable travel duffel bag tote carry on luggage sport duffle weekender overnight for women and girls 1112 grey features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • waterproof – solid straps bear the weight more than 45 pounds, no need to worry any ripping or break during trips. Made of waterproof fabric to protect your gears well from rain or wet. No extra shoulder strap is included for model 1112. If you prefer to have a strap, pls refer to model 3112 or 1109.
  • save your carry on charges -【model:t1112】bag size 18 x 13 x 6.3 inch fits personal item size 18 x 14 x 8 inch of spirit airlines & frontier airlines perfectly, which can be placed under seat and no need to pay carry-on.
  • packable & lightweight – folding up when not use. Capacity 25l yet only 7.2 ounce offer the same packing space as a small suitcase – minus the weight and bulkiness.
  • easy carrying – its external storage pocket offers quick access to small items. The pouch as a strap enables the duffel to fit over the handle of common suitcase 18 20 24 26 28 32 inch for easy carrying.
  • versatile – easily held all your gym or travel items.
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Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey) AMAZON

Buy Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey) and other Travel Duffels at Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

Looking for specific info?

For those who have used it, do you recommend ordering the upgrade with the shoulder strap? Can’t tell if the attached straps are long enough?

My 17 year old 5’9” 150lbs son slipped the straps on his shoulders and carried it like a backpack while we were in the airport. If that helps at all.

Will it easily slide on and off suitcase handles?

No, the narwey travel duffle bag will not easily fit over a suitcase handle. Although there is 7.5 inches between the seams of the ‘slot’ on the bag, it will not fit over a standard 7 inch suitcase handle. The manufacturer did not take into account the extra material needed to fit not only the length of the handle, but the width also. That was the reason i wanted this bag. Now i have to send it back.

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Will this bag hold 7 days worth of clothes?

If you are only packing tees and shorts and you utilize compression cubes, you might be able to fit 7 days of outfits.

An you use it as a sport bag?

It’s not as thick/heavy as a sports bag but i don’t see why you couldn’t.

Could this be used a a diaper bag for spirit flight as well as personal bags

Yes it would work as a diaper bag. Keep in mind that inside there are no dividers or pockets, similar to a duffle bag. I love mine.

Would this be a good bag as a toddler travel bag?

It’s a huge bag. I don’t know how much stuff you need, but it’s probably bigger than your child.

Can someone specify what size is compatible with a ‘person item’?

I carried it on southwest

How much does the narwey travel duffle weigh?

This duffle alone does not weigh at all.
Now the weigh will depend on what you put in the bag

How do i order one with a shoulder strap, the 3112?

Mine came with a shoulder strap.

Would this item work for sun country airlines personal item?

No. Sun country’s maximum size for underseat items is 17x13x9. You might get away with it but my suggestion is to buy a bag that is that size or less.

Is this bag easy to fold up once opened?

Yes. This bag was big enough for my daughter (age10) to pack for a week in nyc. To include a different pair of shoes. When she got home and i unpacked it – it folded right back up into the little pouch with no issues at all.

Is this bag expandable?

It does expand, and it’s deep. But you don’t want to overstuff it because it won’t be able to fit in the size bins to be counted as a personal bag for free.

Will this work for personal bag for allegiant airlines

Yes it will but i will say don’t overpack the bag because the zipper broke on mines (after one use) and it’s not the best of bag but if you travel light it should work for you

What is the difference between t1109 and t3112 models

I’m not sure of model numbers, however i did purchase 2 different looking yet similar bags, the only difference was one had a shoulder strap, the other one didn’t. I don’t know if this helps. Like i said i’m not sure of model numbers. Best wishes!

Will this duffle bag work as personal item (under seat) for united airlines?

Yes i had mine full but with mostly soft stuff so i could mash it all around as needed… Just not good for the handle of your carry on bag!

Dimensions are bigger than allowed by allegiant?

Because these bags are soft and not rigid, they can go under the seat in front of you if you don’t pack them too full. We had two like this on our last trip flying united and even though the actual size was larger than their limit, they didn’t say anything as long as they can easily go under the seat.

Can you carry it like a back pack?

I suppose you could?? But i don’t think it’s meant to be used as a backpack. My bag is more rectangle in shape and wouldn’t be comfortable to carry like that, especially depending on its contents.

Is this bag lined?

The outside is cloth, the inside is water proof type fabric. The lining is basically sewn in to the bag where it doesn’t move or pull up when you grab something out. I love this bag and it holds a ton of things. I paid more for the one with a strap but never needed it.

Will this work as a delta personal item?

Probably. It’s the size of a regular duffle bag, but very flexible.

Is the base of the polka dot print navy or black?

Navy. Same material as the bag

Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey) AMAZON

Buy Narwey For Spirit Airlines Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Tote Carry on Luggage Sport Duffle Weekender Overnight for Women and Girls (1112 Grey) and other Travel Duffels at Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Emercency overnight bag!

I recently had a crazy medical emergency in the middle of the night, had to call 911 & was ultimately taken to the hospital. There was zero time to prepare – they just wheeled me out on a stretcher.
When it was finally time to go home, i had to take an uber in a hospital johnnie. Lol!
Anyway, i decided that i’d like to pack an emergency overnight bag, on a just-in-case basis; something simple & washable, but big enough to hold necessary items like toiletries, house keys, a change of clothes, underwear, phone charger, etc.
This fit the bill. Hopefully i’ll never have to use it, but if i do, it’s ready to go!

5Expert Score
Personal item!

I used this bag for my flight with united airlines and it fit perfectly under the seat in front of me! 10/10 recommend. It also has a little opening pocket to slide this bag on top of your carryon so you don’t have to carry it. Would be great if it had a strap to wrap around my shoulder, but other than that. Great bag!

5Expert Score
Last minute purchase la to kenya

I travel a lot and did not have high expectations for this bag. As much as i pack, i thought for sure the zipper would break or the bag would rip. We carried it through multiple airports as carry on and filled it with mostly (90%) with emergency kits and first aid kits. I also put a pair of shoes, extra clothes and a fleece in it. Toward the end of the trip, i also put in some souvenirs. The medicines were heavy but the bag survived la, amsterdam and nairobi airports as well as multiple safari jeeps. We could toss it around without worrying about the next person handling it. Impressed, especially for the price. If nothing else, it’s packable so you can use it for an emergency bag. Definitely purchase this!

5Expert Score
Frontier & spirit approved!

I recently flew frontier and spirit and used this bag as my personal item. Though no one was checking bags i checked it in the sizer and it fit perfectly! My bag was filled (including a knee pillow) and i had no issues. The bag is so light and easy to clean. Love love love!!!

5Expert Score
If you can only bring a personal item then this is the best bag

This bag fits so many things! It saved me $140 of carry on fees at spirit. I was able to pack a suit, a blazer, two pants, a dress, 5 shirts, a hair styling brush, two handbags, two pairs of shoes, make up and toiletries and my laptop! Best $10 dollars ever spent!

5Expert Score
Works like a charm

This bag gave me 0 trouble as my free personal item, and i was able to pack 5-6 outfits and makeup/loose items with ease. Never gave me the idea it’d rip/break, but you can definitely tell it’s a cheaper material. It’s very worth it despite that, and i plan on using it for other flights in the future

5Expert Score
If you are flying spirit of frontier this is the bag

I surprisingly fit so much into this bag. Everything you see here plus another romper, my laptop, a coloring book, a suit dress a pair of heels, and saddles. I would highly suggest buying the version with the shoulder strap. Love this bag and knowing it can hold so much allows me to feel comfortable buying a cheap ticket to florida.

5Expert Score
Perfect size! Very great quality!

Beautiful bag, great quality, perfect size for a weekend trip! Perfect carryon bag. Not too big or too small. Can fold down to fit into another bag as well if you were to be shopping on a trip and need to bring a bag back with you! Absolutely perfect!

5Expert Score
The perfect 'personal' bag to avoid spirit/frontier airline baggage fees!!!

There’s nothing worse than finding a great price on a flight only to realize that the carry-on baggage fees are the same amount or sometimes more than the price of the ticket! This bag not only holds 5-7 days worth of clothes, it fits perfectly in the frontier and spirit airline baggage measurer. I was able to pack all my clothes for a six day trip in packing cubes which provided enough room for 2 pairs of shoes and makeup bag. The fabric is durable and the straps are sewn on well; the shoulder strap would be a little more comfortable if it was wider, but that’s an easy fix. I’ve already recommended the bag to a couple of friends and bought one for my daughter!

5Expert Score
Perfect and light for spirit airlines

I fit in a weeks plus worth of clothes in this bag for vacation! It can fit so much and it’s super light weight. The bag quality is okay, it’s pretty thin but still durable! I recommend!

4Expert Score
White and blue lines pattern

I ordered 2 of these. The white and blue lines pattern and the one that is color wine/red. The red one is significantly smaller than the white/blue. Also the red one feels like cheaper material. I absolutely like better the white/blue and i am hoping this really fit as personal item for frontier because looks kind of big but considering other reviews i’m hoping so. The handles are not confortable. I ordered a separate handle from different brand that cost me more than he nah however if this bag truly fit as personal item and is sturdy enough i will be really happy. Probably i wind need to brown even carry on never again because i’m able to fit everything i need for a 4 days travel. Finger crossed

4Expert Score
Does not fit on luggage handle

This bag is roomy, holds a goodly amount, is lightweight, and squishes nicely under an airline seat. But it’s not true that ‘the pouch as a strap enables the duffel to fit over the handle of common suitcase’ for easy carrying. I didn’t discover that this was untrue until i was headed out the door to the airport. The strap opening is just an inch or two too small to fit over the handle, and trying to balance the full duffel on top of a rolling suitcase doesn’t work–it kept falling off, and i ended up carrying it, and it ended up being too heavy for comfort. Buyer beware–it you need a duffel that fits over a suitcase handle, look elsewhere.

4Expert Score
Perfect for traveling; would buy again

After being harassed by a gate agent for the size of my ‘personal item’, i launched a mission to find one that clearly met the regulations. I searched for days, at all price points, and finally found this bag. It has all of the features i was looking for: a trolley strap, a shoulder strap, and a big empty space inside so i can stuff everything in there and be done with it. I would definitely buy again. I looked everywhere for something better and couldn’t find it – all of the higher-end brands have bags that are technically too large.
I always use a carryon plus my personal item (spirit, frontier, etc. Are too much trouble in my opinion – i’d rather just fly someone who doesn’t nickel and dime me) my objective with the personal item is to put my ‘real’ purse inside, so i don’t really care that the bag itself is not immensely sturdy or stylish or whatever. But it’s a bag. At this price point i’m going to buy several extra and also give them as christmas gifts to family members who travel infrequently and don’t understand the rules. I got the one with the shoulder strap, which is fine, but i’m going to replace that strap with a strap i have from an old piece of luggage that is wider and has a pad for your shoulder.
I do think it would be funny if this brand would offer a bag that has the measurements printed on the outside in large numbers! So the gate agents will know that you know……

4Expert Score
Great personal bag

This bag was recommended by someone in a travel group i’m in. I took a flight with spirit in the beginning of august 2022. I really didn’t want to pay extra for bags (i know this is all part of the cheap flights experience). This bag was a lifesaver. It’s pretty big for a personal bag, but i placed it in the sizing box at the airport and it fit in the personal size with no issues. I fit enough clothes, skin/beauty care and gifts for 4 days.

The only reason i am giving it 4 stars is because the material is a little thin. I saw some reviews about the material and i would advise to not overstuff. Other than that, it made it to my destination and back without any issues.

4Expert Score
Cheaper then paying for airline carry-on

Don’t over stuff the bag and you will have no problems using as a free personal bag on flights. I own my own business and fly several times a month. To save myself some money i use the cheapest airlines. And always use these bags to skip having to pay baggage fees. I’ve used them on multiple spitit and frontier flights with no problems. As long as you are smart about packing. You can get a full weeks worth of clothes and personal items in this bag. However the shoulder and hand straps break off easily and the zippers tear away. I have found i get about 2-3 round trips out of them. Before i have to replace them.

4Expert Score
Money saver for spirit flight

The bag made it through the first trip with 17 pounds of items including mysmsll purse, laptop and tablet. My only complaint are the straps. The shoulder strap is especially too thin and extremely uncomfortable. They cut into your shoulder or hands like a blade when the bag is full. I would recommend borrowing the strap from another bag at home before you leave.

4Expert Score
Decent for the price

Great price for a cute, little overnight bag, especially with all the color options. I bought one for myself and my boyfriend, but unfortunately they were not the same size or material at all. Also, i used my bag once and the strap started to rip but i guess you get what you pay for

4Expert Score
I would have liked the fabric to be a little more sturdy but for the money is a good buy.

I searched for a bag to carry airos 6 lymphatic pump and this bag came up as compatible. I think it needs to be more sturdy for the weight of the machine.

4Expert Score
Not bad. Don't overfill.

These are quite nice as far as a personal/carry on bag goes. It isnt made from heavy fabric, but the seams are of good quality. Beware overstuffing this bag as the fabric could pull away from the stitches and your seam will rip open. Also be careful of the weight, as the shoulder strap digs into shoulders quickly. Standing in line with two teenagers having these- we heard how terrible the straps are. Possibly buy a seatbelt cushion wrap or softer strap for next time. At least i will for myself. Also be careful not to overstuff with soft items as it will not fit under the plane seat.

4Expert Score
Foldable travel bag

This bag is great for travel meets standard size for pn board airplane. Folds flat for storage. This bag has the back sleeve to conecte to handle of your suitcase. Very handy tote bag.

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