Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet | Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food | Protein Options Include Salmon, Duck, Bison, Beef, Lamb, Venison, or Chicken

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet | Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food | Protein Options Include Salmon, Duck, Bison, Beef, Lamb, Venison, or Chicken Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Reserve Grain Free Duck & Potato Recipe | Adult Dry Dog Food | 22-lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

What are natural balance limited ingredient diet | adult grain-free dry dog food | protein options include salmon features?

  • Duck is the single animal protein source providing essential protein and amino acids to help maintain strong muscles; potato is included as a grain-free source of fiber to help support digestive health; contains (1) 22-pound bag
  • Limited ingredient diet philosophy formulated with a simplified list of premium ingredients; a single animal protein source, and no grain, soy, gluten, artificial colors or flavors; we use fewer ingredients so pets, and pet parents, can live healthy lives
  • Nutrients from our duck & potato recipe crafted with nutritious ingredients such as potatoes and flaxseed; complete and balanced with essential nutrients to help maintain your dog’s healthy immune system
  • Nutrition for every type of dog any dog can enjoy our delicious recipes, not just dogs with sensitive stomachs, irritable skin or allergies; our purposefully crafted formulas reduce the number of ingredients without sacrificing taste or nutrition
  • Safety & transparency natural balance’s ‘feed with confidence’ program tests every batch of food from start to finish, ensuring safety with every bite; validate bag on our site or call our customer care team of registered veterinary technicians
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Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet | Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food | Protein Options Include Salmon, Duck, Bison, Beef, Lamb, Venison, or Chicken AMAZON Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Reserve Grain Free Duck & Potato Recipe | Adult Dry Dog Food | 22-lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

What is the % of fat in this kibble

Crude protein 20% minimum
crude fat. 10% minimum
crude fiber. 4%. Minimum

Where is it manufactured?

Manufactured in the us, however, some ingredients are now sourced in china, per their own customer service if you call them and insist on an answer.

My dogs poop is much darker in color after eating this food for the past month. The poops are perfect but dark. Anyone else experience this?

When i changed my dog to this food the pet store advised since it is much more nutritious he would poop less and i could tell it was generally a darker color as well. I would not be bothered by it at all. It was so much more satisfying to him and his appetite it really was a non-issue for us.

How many calories are in this food per cup?

360 kcal/cup: one kilocalorie is equal to 1 large/food calorie:
1 kcal = 1 cal

How big is the kibble

Smaller than a dime. About 60% of a dime.

What so bad about potatoes and chicken that natural balance goes out of their way to say that it doesn’t include those ingredients?

I supposed because the potatoes are of little nutritional value. Some dogs do not tolerate a heavy starch. Nothing wrong with chicken, per say, but some dogs don’t like it or can’t eat it. Natural balance is one of the top rated dog foods, well above iams. I am not a vet but i do have greyhounds with sensitive tummies!

Can you please post all ingredients?

Sweet potatoes, venison, potato protein, pea protein, canola oil, dicalcium phosphate, potato fiber, flaxseed, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, choline chloride, taurine, natural mixed tocopherols, vitamin e supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin b-1), manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin a supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b-6), vitamin b-12 supplement, riboflavin (vitamin b-2), vitamin d-3 supplement, folic acid

What is expiration date as of 2/20/22 for the sweet potato and venison 22lb bag?

I don’t see any expiration date.

When was this shipped to me?


Why does this flavor only come in a 22lb bags ? I need bigger bags of this food but there are never any in stock why??

That is a good question, i would reach out to the company perhaps.

What is the sodium level in this dry dog food?

I would look under the ingredient page or the nutritional facts page. It should be listed and if not, my next move would be to call the company.

My dog (age 11) is missing 4 molars. I’ve noticed his gingerly chewing and decreased speed. How to change texture of this? Add water? Thx mb

My 11 year old boston is missing many teeth. I add about a tablespoon of hot water or broth to his dry food. It seems to make it easier for him to chew.

Just curious, has natural balance ever been recalled?

Yes, but not sure it was this type. My dog got very sick after eating natural balance limited ingredients, grain free, potato & duck formula.

Does it make dog’s breath smell fishy?

No problem,
but both of my dogs are labs and have eaten a rabbit or two !

Approximately how many cups in 24-pound bag?

About 31 cups

Is this dry dog food certified organic and non-gmo?

The bag does not mention organic or non-gmo so i assume it is neither organic nor non-gmo.

How many cups for 80 pound dog? Thanks!

Thanks for being a part of the natural balance family! The recommended feeding guidelines for the limited ingredient diet lamb dry dog formula would be 4 1/4 cups daily. Our feeding guidelines are intended for guidelines only and food intake should be adjusted according to weight, age, breed, temperature, climate and activity level. If you have additional questions, our customer care team would be happy to help and can be reached at 800-829-4493. Thank you!

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What is different about the “new formula” (chicken & sweet potato)?

Dont know. My dog is allergic to chicken, so always buy the bison.

Did the new formula get rid of peas? Since when do potatoes have protein?

No peas, potatoes do not have protein. The main protein is the fish.

Why is this sold out everywhere?

Probably supply chain issues like many things since the pandemic began. This is one of the few things i have found for less locally, but the place i get it from is often out of the larger bags of the flavor we get for our dog, out of that flavor altogether and at times completely out of this brand.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet | Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food | Protein Options Include Salmon, Duck, Bison, Beef, Lamb, Venison, or Chicken AMAZON Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Reserve Grain Free Duck & Potato Recipe | Adult Dry Dog Food | 22-lb. Bag : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My special breed lab loves it!

Special breed labs are known to have tummy issues and allergies. This brand works very well for us. I have 2 special breeds and it keeps them healthy and has no noticeable allergies.

5Expert Score
Dog food bag condition

Dogs like to food but condition of bag from delivery was trashed as you can see from attached photo.

5Expert Score
Natural balance limited ingredient

This is the only dog food for our 12 year old german shepard. He has several health issues including being allergic to chicken and corn. We tested several foods before landing on this brand. He loves the salmon and sweet potatoes! We never buy anything else now for him.

5Expert Score
Great dog food which we have used for years!

Started using this brand 20 years ago for one of our pomeranian that required a limited diet. Used the small bites. Bit expensive, but worth it.

5Expert Score
Great dog food

My dogs love it and their instesinal issues have calmed down.

5Expert Score
This food saved our 11 year old beagle! No joke!

Our beagle belongs to our beautiful son which carries an extra chromosome. Our son was 7 when we got our beagle and from day one the two have a very sweet and unique bond. Our son named the dog ‘blue’. Fast forward 11 years. We’ve fed blue science diet since he was 9 weeks old and then last december blue’s health took a nose dive. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Our vet treated him for an allergic reaction, but what is he allergic to? We have kids in school and college, to have an allergy test for our dog just sounded like a luxury we couldn’t afford. He was gagging, he smelled badly, he was itchy, his fur was irritated and ruff to the point his ears were raw. He was also rubbing his butt on the floor… That is when my dog groomer friend told me she thought he might have a yeast infection and we went back to the vet. In december i had switched his food to a ‘better’ science diet for older dogs. There was something in that food that nearly killed him! It all made sense! He was allergic to the grain! It was an acquired allergy. We literally thought we had days left with our beloved pet until i had this epiphany.

I spent a least an hour with my iphone in hand at my local pet store and i was going back and forth between amazon reviews, an article i found i found online and simply reading the ingredients on the dog food bags- i was that weirdo in the store! I was looking for a dog food that was 100% grain free and wouldn’t break our budget. I was willing to try anything. I chose this food for a couple reason. One, i’ve been doing keto and i believe in grain free diet, makes sense that goes for our animals also- more so for them! Secondly, there was another amazon review from a man with a beagle who had experienced several allergic reactions also and this food was a winner. That was enough for me to try one bag. At that point it wouldn’t hurt.

Amazingly, within a couple days we started to see our old blue come back. Slowly but surely he started spending more time on all 4s instead of laying down all day. I also have to say he loves this food more than any other food before, especially with the last bag from december, that was torture to get him to eat. We had to bribe him to get him to eat. Not any more! He tells me when it’s time to eat and he licks his bowl inside and out! Where his eyes were sunken in, they’ve filled in again, his fur was come back and it has a lot sheen to it! The white is also very white, like when he was much younger. His fur is so soft, it feels puppy soft and it’s hard to believe a couple of months ago he felt like cardboard! The nasty smell is gone too! He is running around and playing with our other dog who is only 1.5 years olds. He has only been on this food for just under a month and we’ve seen so many positive changes!!! We have also switched our younger dog to the same food since she was giving us those eyes that said she wants to eat what he is eating! I hope they never change the recipe.

5Expert Score
Pricey but worth it

If you can afford to go this route, please do. This is a good brand, my picky pup was willing to eat it and that says a lot. The salmon flavor is strroooonnnggg fishy odor but it packed with essentials and my dog liked it.

5Expert Score
My small dog lives these flat bites easier to chew

I couldn’t really afford the food but seeing my small dog enjoy these flat bites is so rewarding! Don’t change this formula

5Expert Score
A lot of this bag was dog food dust

I’ve been feeding my dogs this food for quite some time, and they’ve done well on it. This was the first time i ordered the larger bag. It arrived in a box that looked like it had been run over by a truck and then taped back together. The dog food bag was still intact, so i didn’t think much of it. When i opened it, i discovered that much of the food had been pulverized into dust. Unfortunately, it was too late for a return, so i’m out nearly $50 for something my dogs won’t eat. Apparently, the bag was damaged because the food is stale.

5Expert Score
My picky dog likes it.

I feel good about the quality of the product, and the last couple installments of my subscription have been well packed.

4Expert Score
***contains salmon oil, not menhaden oil as listed***

I am still willing to try it, but i was hoping to avoid any salmon ingredients, as my dog has had trouble with a salmon-based food in the past.

***contains salmon oil,*** not menhaden oil. Ingredients on side of actual bag: sweet potatoes, venison, potatoes, pea protein, potato protein, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), brewers dried yeast, dicalcium phosphate, natural flavor, ***salmon oil,*** [vitamins, minerals], citric acid (preservative), mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract.

4Expert Score
Terrible packaging!

This was a dog food my golden can actually eat and not get so scratchy. However. The bag it is put in is terrible!!! I have ordered this large bag of dog food twice now and picked it up at petsmart.. There are 2 bags. One inside the other. Both are paper thin and tear very, very easily!!! Please rick van patten, natural balance fix this!!! Your sales may be better with better packaging. While you’re at it, what would it cost to put a velcro closure of some sort on the packaging? I have had multiple spills because of these problems. Now it’s coming torn from amazon. You need to do something to correct this. I opened the box it was in today and inside is dog food in and out of the torn bag. Sincerely, susan l. Burns

4Expert Score
High quality

I do believe this is very good high quality dog food unfortunately my boxer did not like this food which really shocked me because he’s not really that picky but he has major food allergies and there’s only specific types of food he can eat and i thought we would try the venison to see how his tummy would react to this food and he would not eat it but i still highly recommend people try it!

4Expert Score
Dog keeps eating it

I guess this is good as even after i tried to switch things up by having two bowls out, one with this chicken and one with the venison flavor, my dog still ate the chicken first. I’m taking a star off due to packaging. The bottom easily rips and food goes everywhere, so make sure you life the bag from the bottom. I now add packing tape to the bottom before removing it from the shipping box.

4Expert Score
Missing an ingredient important …

It’s missing a critical nutrient for heart health… Unfortunately its the ingredient we were trying to avoid in a food allergy exclusion process… Grain. I’ll have to do research to see if this missing active ingredient can be obtained and added to his food.

4Expert Score
Great product but out of stock much of the time

My dog has to be on a very specific diet due to health concerns and this food meets those requirements. The problem is it is frequently out of stock and then the price gouging begins for what is already an expensive brand of dog food. Honestly, it can be purchased less expensively through stores that cater to pets if they carry that particular brand but even they have trouble keeping it in stock. If your dog does not need this specific type of food then i would say don’t spend the money but for a dog like mine it is priceless.

4Expert Score
Maybe not from amazon

Food itself seems fine, we buy it for our dog to soothe allergies. Cannot say buying from amazon was the best experience. I tried the recurring shipments. Shipping becomes problematic as the bag is large and heavy. Amazon packing is hit or miss. I recommend the food but not amazon recurring shipments of it.

4Expert Score
Dog loves flavor

My dog had gotten tired of his same flavor dog food. I mixed this together and it made all the difference. He loves it and eating a regular amount now instead of snubbing his food.

4Expert Score
Been using for years

Overall works for my dogs!

4Expert Score

I have fed natural balance to my miniature dachshund and miniature australian shepard for 7 years. One bag would last the entire month (25 pounds), recently the bags were coming half full so i am switching to another brand because i was having to buy a ten pound bad to finish out the month. I liked natural balance and am disappointed that the amount in the bag has decreased significantly. I would inform an individual to purchase another brand.

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