Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct

Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct

Buy Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are nature’s bounty fish oil features?

  • Support for your heart: containing important omega-3 fatty acids including epa and dha omega-3 fatty acids that help to support and maintain the health of your cardiovascular system (1)
  • 360 mg of omega-3 epa & dha: nature’s bounty fish oil softgels support heart cellular and metabolic health; (1) considered ‘good’ fats omega-3 fatty acids may help to maintain triglyceride levels already within a normal range (1)
  • Easy to take: not everyone enjoys seafood which is why nature’s bounty fish oil softgels are a perfect way to obtain important omega-3 fatty acids in a convenient softgel form
  • Purified to eliminate mercury: nature’s bounty is committed to safety and purity in all our supplements; our fish oil softgels are purified to eliminate mercury and contain no shellfish gluten lactose sugar or artificial colors and sweeteners
  • From the trusted wellness experts: nature’s bounty fish oil softgels are heart health supplements backed by 50 years of dedication to quality, consistency and scientific research to make vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence
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Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct AMAZON

Buy Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

Looking for specific info?

What is the quantity of dha and epa omega 3 sepatarely? This is important.

We only guarantee the total amount of omega 3 in the product, which is 360mg per softgel. The epa and dha are naturally occurring omega 3’s in fish oil, however, they may vary from lot to lot. A typical naturally occurring range is as follows:

15-20% epa (180-240mg epa) (96-144mg dha)

Attention manufacturer: could you please specifically name the process used for oil extraction, such as molecular distillation, or extrusion?

Please be assured that the health and safety of our customers is of great importance to us. All of our fish oils go through a refining process and are purified to eliminate mercury, pcbs, dioxins and other heavy metal contaminants. In order to ensure that all shipments of our fish oil products meet or exceed our stringent guidelines we have adopted numerous quality assurance and quality control measures. We use molecular distillation, a process used to remove impurities from fish oil. The fish oil is passed through a wiped film evaporator at specified temperatures, enabling the removal of pcb’s, dioxins, furans, free fatty acids and some sterols. The distillate from the reaction is considered waste, while the residue is further processed. Some heat is used but it does not affect the potency or quality of the fish oil. Specific temperatures used and further information is proprietary.

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Is their a fishy aftertaste? Does this capsule make you burb?

The fish oil 1200mg rapid release softgels are not enteric coated (coated to minimize fish burps). However, we do offer it in enteric coated. Please click the following link to view our fish oil 1200mg coated softgels:

Supplement facts panel displayed here shows product contains 1200mg of ‘fish oil’ but only 360mg of that is omega 3’s? What is in the other 840mg oil?

We only guarantee the total amount of omega-3 in the fish oil 1200mg (b35857) for 360mg. The rest is naturally occurring fatty acids within the fish oil.

How come i can’t find one cholesterol free?

The supplements are made from fish and the oil in fish contains cholesterol.

Does anybody know of a fish oil with gelatin derived from vegetable glycerin, i.e. Vegetarian friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a vegetarian gelatin in our fish oil products at this time. However, we have forwarded your suggestion to the appropriate department.

Have you got anything cheaper?


How do i return? I just purchased 2 bottles of fish oil180 capsules in each bottle = almost a year’s supply. However the expiration date is 10/22.

Hey , i have been in f&b business since i was 8 years old. Grew up, took the position of being manager of a high end restaurant in europe, so they have to put some type of, best before etc. So keep them in fridge. Fda regulations are pretty tight, so the producer needs to put some type of date on everything. Keep them simply in fridge, the same is with mushrooms. The cold smoked fish & mushrooms are nothing you want to mess with. Or take a picture of the jars & attachment of your order date, and ask for them to send you new ones. They should, because of their miscalculation. Simple

Its yammy?)

I take it every day and get no aftertaste of any kind. For me, it’s tasteless. Someone else might get some aftertastebut i don’t.

What size are these capsules

The fish oil 1200mg is a size 24 oblong softgel (1.0′ x 0.4′).

Is this product certified kosher?

Our product are not certified kosher.

Why does it say that it can’t be delivered, but it still charged me?

Call amazon customer service.

I opened the bottle and it smells. Is this normal? Expiration date is 03/24.

Yes, there is a fishy smell, especially when you first open it. I don’t think it’s a strong smell. Of course oils can turn rancid if not stored properly.

Does it contain omega 6 or omega 9?

Thank you for your interest in nature’s bounty products! We only standardize for 360mg of omega 3 in our fish oil 1200mg softgels. Since the amount of omega 6 and 9 are naturally occurring, we do not standardize for a specific amount within the product.

Expiry date

The expiration date depends on when you buy it and what batch it is. They are not allowed to sell expired products.

Are these burp free?

Thank you for your interest in nature’s bounty products! The fish oil 1200mg rapid release softgels are not ‘burpless’. However, we do offer this product is an burpless option. Please click the following link to view the fish oil 1200mg coated softgels that are burpless:

Is this the same thing as omega 3-6-9 ?

Thank you for your interest in nature’s bounty! The fish oil 1200 mg softgels (b35857) are only standardized for omega 3, but will also contain naturally occurring omega 6 & 9.

What is it made out of?

Thank you for your interest in nature’s bounty! You can view the full ingredients list on our website:

What is the expiry date?

Thank you for contacting nature’s bounty! Expiration dates and lot numbers are the stamped numbers on the bottle. The format is the lot number followed by the expiration date. We recommend contacting the amazon seller directly to see if they can provide the lot numbers or expiration dates on their inventory.

The pack of 2 includes two bottles (200 x 2 = 400 capsules) or only one bottle of 200?

I got 2 bottles .each one has 180 fish oil capsules

Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct AMAZON

Buy Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil, Supports Heart Health, 1200 Mg, Rapid Release Softgels, 200 Ct on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
These pills are wonderful believe me

Don’t break the pills open it’s open because the fish oil is nasty that was nasty inside but my endocrinologist told me told me at 1 time i needed to take another medication is to lower my cholesterol. I was taking one stat already already and she wanted me to take another 1 that cost $100. I told her that was too expensive for me i have enough expensive medication as it is she told me to go get some fish oil and take that icon like that i kind of thought she was blowing me off and just telling me since i wouldn’t take her $100 pills take this c*** and maybe you’ll be ok. So i ran into this and i was looking to make sure i could find a hypotency fish oil omega 3 and 2 months latwo months later she did blood work on me again hes got me again and told me your cholesterol is wonderful. Funny because i didn’t change anything outside outside of taking this fish oil and and rosuva staten. The same thing i was already taking just just a fish oil really really and the same amount of red meati still eat it. But i was impressed within within 1 to 2 months my cholesterolhead gone from being badto perfect just taking this one thing religiously everyday. And a $100 medication asian i don’t need that this stuff works perfectly so so if you’re on that $100 medication maybe you might want to try this or if your cholesterol is high it works miracles. At least i believe it does because i eat quite a bit of red meat and red meat is cholesterol and my 2nd favorite thing is seafood and aha we don’t know about thatmaybe i do things a little differently but not not nothing really i do the cooking in my house for myself myself and i eat out a lot. But if you have high cholesterol start taking this tell your doctor that you’re gonna do this and take at least one pill per day that’s all i take and i need to get another bottle very quickly and make sure that i don’t forget where and what this stuff is nature’s bounty fish oil this stuff is great

5Expert Score
Good for my dogs

I give this to my dogs to help w their coat and allergies. They will eat them wout any peanut butter to hide them. They seem to like them.

Note/tip: i get the 200 capsule bottle and by time i use them all (we use 2-3 per day) the ones at the bottom are hard and the dogs don’t like them anymore so i have to put bp on them to trick them. They like them when the gel is soft not hard like a pill. So when i get a new bottle i empty 2/3 into two small baggies and tuck them inside the old/empty bottle and keep 1/3 in the new bottle. This way when we’re done with those the rest remain soft and fresh in the baggies and don’t fry out and get hard. You might not need this trick if you’re just taking them yourself and don’t care if they’re harder.

Also, sometimes the cap is a flip cap and sometimes a screw cap. I prefer the flip cap so if i get the screw cap i just keep the old cap and put it on the new bottle.

As for taste; my dogs like them so that may or may not mean anything good for people, haha. But when i puncture one, it doesn’t smell gross to me so the taste probably isn’t bad.

When they are soft they are easy to puncture w an exacto blade and squeeze out onto their food if they won’t take the capsule. I don’t think it gets it all totally out unless you get your hands messy squeezing them though. But it is doable.

5Expert Score
Works well!

So far so good. Currently using for my 9 year old shih tzus terrible allergies and itchy skin. Can report that with 2 weeks of continued use (3-5 capsules per 1.5-2 c food) i’ve noticed a significant decrease in her scratching. I decided to get these instead of the ‘pet’ ones at pet smart which were $42 but had the exact same ingredient— fish oil.

5Expert Score
I think it really works

My doc told me i needed to start taking fish oil for my triglycerides and i’ve been taking it twice a day for months. I did labs and it came back normal. Granted that i have lost a lot of weight, but this must be helping some.

5Expert Score
They *are* burpless!

So i purchased a 2-pack and when it ever arrived, and i did not see ‘burpless’ on the label, i was a little distraught as i do not buy unless it explicitly says burpless, on the label. I thought about sending them back, but when i reviewed nature’s bounty fish oil, online, it seemed that ‘burpless’ is implied with the quality of their brand. Indeed, this was my finding!! I just wanted to let others know, who may not enjoy the idea of burping up a fish taste–in the am when most of us take our vitamins and supplements-. That you need not worry-these are the good good! I don’t review much, but when i have important information to communicate, i will post. I hope this helps someone!!

5Expert Score
Great product!

These soft gel tabs are a bit hard to swallow, because they’re big, at least in my opinion. Otherwise they’re great!

5Expert Score
Mood lifting?

It might be my imagination, but i am taking these because of reading a scientific study that said fish oil will work as good as a prescription antidepressant and protects neurons from toxins. I am in a better mood since i have been taking them for a cpl weeks. Ymmv.

5Expert Score
Heart health

I take these twice a day. They help with my heart health

5Expert Score
Great fish oil supplements

These fish oil supplements work great! I take them and my bloodwork shows that i have perfect levels of omega-3s, which is why i take them. They don’t help with “pain relief” however, i don’t take supplements for pain relief, i’d take tylenol or ibuprofen for that purpose. Obviously fish oils never taste great but the gel capsule masks the taste flawlessly.

5Expert Score
Great value

Great price for the benefits you get from fish oil! There isn’t any crazy fish smell- it’s pleasant. I will say – lol- that the pill is a little large … But, it’s gelatin cover makes it more comfortable to swallow.

4Expert Score
Okay product

These pills are huge. They leave a bad after taste and made my urine smell strange. I would probably try another brand.l next to round, but the price is good.

4Expert Score
Best value, great product

Compared pricing and effectiveness. Hands down a good value and product for me.

4Expert Score
Great product, however i wish the capsules were at least half the size. They are big!

Capsules too big for my liking!

4Expert Score
Buena utilidad

De buena calidad

4Expert Score
Good product

Why do they have to be s-o-o-o big!!!!! I would rather take an extra one than the huge size they are!!
Yes, they do slide down but i still have issues of ‘gag reflex’! Some of us don’t have a large throat passage!

4Expert Score
Good quality

The only thing i don’t like it’s made from oils.

4Expert Score
Good for the price

If only this was also vegan or halal it would be the best!!

4Expert Score
Fish oil is supposed to be good for you and this is a good price.

I’ve been taking these for years, the price is right, and i’m still alive. I am also still amused about every pill having a flavor category in the rating system. (if it’s not a chewable, how are we supposed to complement the taste?) if they’re going to ask about flavor, then why don’t they make it taste like beef or chicken?

4Expert Score
Easy to swallow but large.

No fish taste! Love that. Rather large, i could see some people having issues swallowing.

4Expert Score
I only got one bottle, not two.

I paid for the twin pack, but i only got one bottle, not two.

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