Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food
Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine: Double espresso scuro is a highly roasted blend made from central american robusta and arabicas. Its very dark smoky character is enriched by notes reminiscent of cocoa and vanilla.

What are nespresso capsules vertuoline features?

  • Dark & bold: this nespresso coffee is created from, a blend of central american coffee with a dark smoky character enriched by notes of cocoa and vanilla for a strong espresso coffee beverage
  • Intensity 8: this nespresso coffee blend is made with a highly roasted blend of robusta and arabica coffee for the most consistent roasting for a strong, intense, and balanced texture in this espresso all in easy to use nespresso capsules
  • Double espresso scuro espresso brews 2.7 oz: these nespresso vertuoline pods are part of the double espresso range that will provide you with a 2.7 oz serving of espresso which will help you double up on you single espresso coffee
  • We recycle: nespresso aluminum capsules are fully recyclable and guarantee coffee freshness – we provide different options for recycling your used aluminum coffee pods to fulfill our collective commitment to protecting the environment
  • Vertuoline only: nespresso vertuo delivers you a full range of cup sizes and coffee styles from espresso to alto xl with easy to use nespresso pods. Enjoy hot or pour over ice. (vertuoline capsules are not compatible with originalline machines)
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Nespresso capsules vertuoline details:

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4.72 x 2.36 x 0.5 inches; 1.21 pounds

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Nespresso pods

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Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce AMAZON Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Looking for specific info?

Do this exist on intensity 10 to11 ? .nespresso capsules vertuoline, double espresso,

The cafecito de puerto rico vertuoline 2.70 fluid ounce pods are an intensity of 10, and delicious. They are more expensive than the double scuro and dbl chiaro pods that brew the 2.70 size. I was charged $20 for a sleeve of 10. Comparatively the others that brew 2.70 oz are under $10. So if you’re looking for a stronger brew, for occasional use, try these cafecita de puerto rico nespresso vertuoline pods. Too expensive for daily use, but way less than a starbucks espresso double shot.

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Are these pods compatible for a vertuoline nespresso machine?

Yes, the vertuoline, double espresso scuro, dark roast espresso coffee capsules are compatible with all vertuoline machine models.

Le sirve a la nespresso next

Yes, the vertuo next can brew five different sizes: espresso (1.35oz/ 40ml), double espresso (2.7oz/ 80ml), gran lungo (5.07oz/ 150ml), coffee (7.77oz/ 230ml), and pour-over style (18oz/ 532ml).

I just received this and it is an 11. Same name same order same everything but this time the boxes claim they are 11 strength now. Is this true?

The nespresso double espresso blends have recently updated. Previously double espresso scuro had an intensity of 8, which has now been elevated to 11, for a darker, bolder blend. The capsules remain the same, with the same great flavor and taste. Previously double espresso chiaro had an intensity of 6, which has now been elevated to 8, for a darker, bolder blend. The capsules remain the same, with the same great flavor and taste.

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Es como café cubano ?

El nespresso vertuoline double espresso chiaro que se incluye en este paquete no es como un café espresso cubano. Le recomendamos el double espresso scuro de vertuoline.

Is there a calorie count? Do these have sugar or milk in them?

Nespresso coffees are very low in calories, with less than 2 calories per cup. All nespresso coffee capsules are nut, gluten, and allergen free. They contain only ground, dried, coffee beans. There are no added sugars, milk, or preservatives.

We can confirm that any references to “nutty,” “milk,”, “sugar”, or “cocoa” notes are components of the aromatic profile which are naturally occurring within the bean. These notes do not suggest their physical presence in the coffee.

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Cual se parece mas al café cubano el double chiaro o el double scuro??


How is the product quality?

Quality of product is good but i found one pod bent and damaged. Amazon replaced it.

Why are there two colors offered

One color (golden brown) is scuro, which is stronger in flavor at a 8/11 scale in the nespresso coffee strength and the other color (darker, reddish flat brown) is chiaro which is milder in flavor a 6/11 in nespresso coffee strength. Both are two different levels of coffee strength/double espresso. 2.7 oz each. Hope this helps you!

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Is there a way to request subscribe and save feature/option for this?

There is no subscribe and save offer.

What’s the expiration date on the chiaro?

Nespresso sleeves are stamped with a production and best before date. The best before date is approximately 12 months from the date of production. Please note that nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed, safe from light, moisture and oxygen, and do not actually expire. While the capsule remains sealed, the coffee retains its freshness and flavor after the best before date. The date simply acts as an indicator of optimal freshness, flavor and aroma.

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How many carbs is in it?

There are no carbs in coffee. The only carbs would be if you used milk or cream to make a cappuccino, latte, etc.

Do all nespresso pods have dairy in them

The nespresso coffees (including the limited editions and variations) are all free of major food allergens: milk, gluten, shellfish, fish, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, celery, mustard, sesame, and lupin.

How does the scale work for this 8 being high or low on caffine level?

The intensity scale is unrelated to the amount of caffeine in the capsule. It indicates the darkness of the roast. The amount of caffeine in double espresso capsules will be less than 200 mg per capsule.

Do these work in the keuriq?

These pods do not work with k-cup machines nor do they work with the nespresso bullet machines. They are designed specifically for the new nespesso machine.

Does this double espresso pod work with nespresso essenza mini

The vertuo blend double espresso scuro is intended to brew in our vertuo machine models only. These vertuo capsules will not brew in your essenza mini machine. We recommend the originalline espresso blend scuro, for your essenza mini machine. For a bold double espresso, we recommend cape town envivo lungo.

What items can be shipped to me?

Any item and the delivery is always faster than expected

Fast delivery?

Usually says it will come the next day but usually takes two days

How much caffeine is in this? I am not asking intensity level, those are completely unrelated. Looking for actual mg in caffeine.

The caffeine content per brewed capsule is less than 200 mg. For double espresso chiaro and double espresso scuro. Caffeine content will vary between approximately 60 and 150 mg for the espresso. Our coffee and alto capsules contain 130 to 200 mg of caffeine per cup. The half caffeinato blend contains approximately 90 mg of caffeine. Finally, the decaffeinated blends contain no more than 12 mg of caffeine.

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I purchased the wrong item and noticed it once i filled my cup – i only used on capsule, could i exchange it for the one i normally order?


Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce AMAZON Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Double Espresso Scuro, Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 30 Count Coffee Pods, Brews 2.7 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
My wife love's

Strong with crema and flavorable, total expresso not your weak coffee. We did learn to watch for the size of each, the 1.35oz is a strong shot (we like most) the 7.7oz size was more like americano. But absolutely the nespresso ‘vertuo’ machine is all about crema! Impressive

5Expert Score
Tasty and quick to ship

Great option to stock up and get your coffee quickly if you’re running low! These + oatly make an oat milk latte that is just as good as a coffee shop 🙂 only upside to ordering through nespresso instead of prime is they’ll sometimes give a few sample capsules as promo but that’s often not worth the wait and shipping fees.

5Expert Score
As always great, my returns again and again

My wife found these nespresso capsules vertuoline on amazon a while ago and continues to order here again and again. It’s an easy way to get her nespresso pods and the ones she gets she loves. In the end, all around a great way to get her coffee fix.

5Expert Score
Excellent flavor!

I’m far from a coffee connoisseur but i love a good cup of joe, especially espresso. These scuros are my perfect pick me up in the morning, the flavor is so rich and bold yet smooth enough to drink it straight black!

5Expert Score
Faster than ordering through nespresso app

Exactly what i ordered, i received. Nespresso pods are convenient, easy to use and surprisingly delicious! I make a latte every morning with a double shot of espresso, and have been doing so for almost 2 years now. It might seem pricey, but the value is great. Make sure you know exactly what pods your machine takes before ordering, these ones are for vertuo machine and they are not interchangeable

5Expert Score
Love this espresso.

I make latte’s every afternoon and it is the perfect strength!

5Expert Score

I make myself a latte every morning and think these pods are absolutely worth the money! Delicious rich espresso

5Expert Score
Perfect treat in the morning

A perfect treat in the morning. The smell and taste is so good.

5Expert Score
Smell pretty good.

It’s the best..

5Expert Score
Muy bueno


4Expert Score
Great flavor high price

Still cannot believe the cost of these capsules. Opened a box of 10, tried the first cup and it was great. 3 of the 10 capsules did not brew, oh the machine acted as if it was brewing but only made about 25% of the volume the other 7 made.

4Expert Score

It was just okay for me

4Expert Score
Espresso coffee

These nespresso coffee pods they sell on amazon are absolutely delicious. These are pretty strong and i can only make one cup of it. You make one in the morning or afternoon and sit outside on a nice day. You will forget about life for a few min. That’s how good these are. Just watch you don’t make a cup to late. It will keep you up most of the night. Lol. Hope that helps all

4Expert Score
Good value compared to coffee shops

Decent coffee with good flavor i would like it to be a little hotter. Very easy to use but descaling machine is complicated

4Expert Score
Double espresso in a single espresso amount…

Love the flavor but very little espresso for a double espresso

4Expert Score
Love these but so expensive

Great product, but so expensive for what they are. We’ve started buying the foil caps and making our own using special ground espresso coffee

4Expert Score
Good product

Purchased this previously and hubby liked a lot.

4Expert Score
Great balance of flavor

I was looking for a medium roasted flavor with a balanced taste of concentrated coffee and flavored taste. To me, this is the perfect match.

4Expert Score
Especially good if you like cappuccinos.

This is a great way to start the morning with an easy to make cappuccino. All you need is a foamer — even almond milk works well.

4Expert Score
Tasty strong coffee

Add a bit of frothy milk and delicious.

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