Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White

Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White : Pet Supplies

What are netvue indoor camera features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【real-time human detection alert】 netvue dog camera with phone app will detect the moving object and send you alert. Motion alerts will be sent to your phone to keep you informed of every potential danger at your home. This indoor camera combined with the application of artificial intelligence technology, invalid alert filtering and a targeted optimization algorithm makes the alerts very accurate.
  • 【1080p fhd for multiple-view】1080p hd puppy camera provides you with a 360° panoramic view of every corner of your home/house. This pet camera two way audio and video has a 100° field of view – rotates 360° horizontally and 105° vertically. 24/7 live stream video can be shared with your loved ones via netvue app. You can enjoy happy memories with your family by using netvue camera.
  • 【cloud storage & privacy protection】aws cloud to provide up to 30 days of cloud storage. This dog camera with phone app also supports local storage of recording and detecting sound and motion with microsd card (not included,up to 128gb). Both can replay 14 days videos. Netvue indoor camera provides the highest protection of deta and privacy via ank-level aes 256-bit encryption and tls encryption protocol.
  • 【night vision & wifi connection】netvue doggie camera is equipped with 10*850nm infrared leds, auto-switching to night vision mode when the environment is dimmed. This security camera will let you enjoy industry-leading video clarity and super night vision up to 32ft, taking the advanced night vision experience to you. Quick 2.4ghz wifi connection, fast wifi setup via mobile app on iphone/android/tablets (not laptop/mac).
  • 【2-way audio & work with alexa】pet camera equipped with noise filter technology creates a perfect two-way conversation. You can stay connected with your beloved ones from anywhere at any time. This dog camera with audio and app works well with alexa, you can ask alexa to show you the front door, baby room, or anywhere you would like to in from this pet monitoring camera with phone app, netvue indoor camera is ce, fcc and rohs certified.
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Netvue indoor camera details:

Package dimensions

6.5 x 3.31 x 3.31 inches

Item weight

12 ounces

Item model number



Netvue, inc

Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White AMAZON Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White : Pet Supplies

Looking for specific info?

What kind of wifi does this device support?

It supports 2.4ghz wifi only!!!not the 5g wifi.

Can i mount this camera upside down from the ceiling?

Dear customer,

thanks for getting in touch. Yes. You can. It comes with mounting bracket and you can flip the image via netvue app by enter general then click reverse image 180 degrees.

For more customer support, please contact us via phone: +1 (866) 749-0567(mon-sun: 8:00am-5:00pm pst); Netvue provide you with 2-year warranty, please do get in touch if you have any issues at any time.

Best regards,
custome service

How long is the warranty on this unit?

Dear customer,

thanks for your inquiry. We provide 2-year warranty. Please do get in touch if you have any issues.

For more customer support, please contact us via phone: +1 (866) 749-0567(mon-sun: 8:00am-5:00pm pst); Netvue provide you with 2-year warranty, please do get in touch if you have any issues at any time.

Best regards,
custome service

How can i share the live stream video with my family?

Dear customer,

thanks for getting in touch. You can share the video via netvue app. Please click share device then enter their netvue account.

For more customer support, please contact us via phone: +1 (866) 749-0567(mon-sun: 8:00am-5:00pm pst); Netvue provide you with 2-year warranty, please do get in touch if you have any issues at any time.

Best regards,
custome service

For the live video feed to get from the camera to my phone, does it go through the company’s servers/cloud? Do you have to have an account online?

You have an account in the app. But do not have to purchase anything if you choose. You can put a micro sd card in the camera to record.

I don’t have windows 10. I have widows 7. Will it work for me? My cell phone is ios 7 plus.

Dear customer,

thanks for asking about netvue pet camera. The cell phone you have could perfectly work with our products. However, our cameras do not work with pcs, you can only access netvue cameras by mobile devices with the netvue app.
If you have any question with using this indoor camera, please feel free to contact us at 【】, we will reply to you within 24 hours.
Thanks and have a nice day!

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What is the cost of aws cloud storage?

$3-4 a month

Can this camera connect to wifi without a password?

You need your wifi login and password to set up. But camera doesn’t have a password to access once it’s connected.

Can i allow my brother from another state to have access to the camera?

Yes, if he has internet access with decent bandwidth

Do you need an sd card in order for you to use it?

Can view live without card. I don’t record. I think there is some memory in the camera, but if you want to record you probably need a card.

Does anyone’s camera have a red light or ticks out of nowhere?

The red light is the night vision option cutting on which is also the tick you hear it makes this noise as it clicks over to the night vision mode and the infra red sensors come on. If you want to turn it off change it in settings to make it only daytime operations. It has this option. Daytime…nighttime…or an auto setting . The auto setting is a default setting and has to be switched over to daytime only.

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Is the a longer usb cord avaible i can use for the netvue?

Longer ones available at wm. The one in the box is appx 6ft.

Funciona para conectar a 220 volts?

La tengo conectada a 110 volts

I just want a monitor to watch my puppy, i don’t need a video or to keep anything in storage or cloud also do not have alexa, is this product for me?

Dear customer,
yes, this is the right product for you, you can view the live video without any storage method. However, you can use the micro sd card (max 128g) or cloud service to record videos if you need, they are not required to make the camera work. Thanks for your question.

Does this camera require any subscriptions?

Dear customer,

the netvue cloud service needs subscription, it provides you live and motion videos storage. However, you can use a micro sd card (max 128g) to store your videos as well. Thank you for your question.

Hi so i tried to connect to my wifi but it won’t work yes it is 2.4ghz?

Did you scan the qr code on the back of the camera that was the only way i could make it work

Does it work with iphone 8 plus

It should, i have a iphone 8 and it works great.

Makes clicking noise occasionally…it’s plugged in and on, but nothing is moving in front of it so i don’t understand why it would be clicking?

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused.would u mid to restart it at first? If there are still problems after restart, please provide your order number and delivery address, we will send you a new one for replacement.
For any customer support, please contact us via phone: +1 (866) 749-0567(mon-sun: 8:00am-5:00pm pst); Netvue provides you with one-year warranty, please do get in touch if you have any issues at any time.

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If you loose your electric power can this camera be reset from a remote location?

There is no battery backup.

How long is the cord this comes with?

The cord is a little bit over 6 foot. It works out perfectly. The picture is very clear and i can tell which dog comes in to the kitchen. Love it

Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White AMAZON Netvue Indoor Camera, 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home Camera for Pet/Baby, Dog Camera 2-Way Audio, Indoor Security Camera Night Vision, AI Human Detection, Cloud Storage/TF Card, White : Pet Supplies

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Update: i change my 1 review to a 5 review

Updated review: to those of you that couldn’t connect to wifi or stay connected, as was previously the case with myself using the orb mini camera. I believe the problem is the directions, as they don’t go in the order that the different events occur with the camera or don’t relate to this specific camera period is what i’ve found. For example, when troubleshooting to connect during the initial setup process it advises to use the provided pin to insert it into the small wifi reset button located on top of the camera right next to where you insert a micro sd card and it instructs to continue holding the pin in until you hear continuous music. That never happened for me after trying multiple times. However, i noticed when i was interrupted by someone speaking to me as i pushed the pin in and almost immediately released rather than continuing to hold the pin in, then i did actually hear continuous music. So in other words, don’t do a long press when inserting the pin to reset the wifi or troubleshoot it. Simply insert until you feel the reset button definitely pushed the entire way in for like 1-2 seconds and then release. So that was 1 thing the directions were wrong about (unless my orb mini camera is defective and i’ll know soon because i’m getting ready to install the 2nd one that i purchased that i was also getting ready to return). Another thing i noticed was the clicking sound that’s a normal part of the process didn’t actually happen as or when it indicated it should have but at a different time in the setup process. To be honest, only a few things matched in the order that the directions instructed, such as entering your wifi name and password and showing the countdown as the camera tried connecting to it! I was that frustrated with it trying repeatedly to get it connected in an area of my home that i had excellent wifi signal and no trouble on any of my other wifi connected devices, and i even renamed the device, refreshed it several times, & deleted the device from the netvue app a few times, and nothing seemed to work so i eventually just gave up, letting it sit where i was original going to install it (1 room away from the room my fios router sits in that i have located on the outside of a very tall desk, sitting on top of it so wifi signal can travel freely throughout my home). However, several hours later, i glance at my phone after receiving notifications and low & behold, in addition to the motion detection notifications for my 2 full sized orb cameras it finally showed the orb mini camera online showing me video footage. So then i immediately checked the settings to see what results it was showing in ‘wifi analysis’ menu and it was like 80% or better for good wifi signal. So this next part is very important, it showed in the netvue app there was an available firmware update that needed done for the mini orb camera, but because previously i couldn’t get the mini orb to stay connected to wifi i was unable to complete the update. However, now that it was showing online several hours, allowing me to use the controls in the app to move the position of the camera, pan & tilt, and hear thru it (which by the way, the sound on the mini orb is amazing, much better than the full sized orb cameras that the sound is all distorted and crackles, both on the camera itself and in the app), i decided to immediately complete the firmware update while it was still online and working properly. Since then its worked perfect. Morale of the story people (my shared experience), is don’t give up. If you can even get it to connect to wifi 1x and got thru most of the setup process (other than the firmware update), then just let it sit powered on for a few hours and then come back and see if it’s working or check the app to see if you can view video from that camera. As mentioned earlier, i don’t feel the directions for setting up the mini orbs are completely accurate, you just have to fool with the camera & app a bit and then possibly let it sit for a short while and things then seem to synchronize in a sense, it starts to work. I hope this helps some of you having wifi connection issues because it really is a mighty little camera with excellent clarity for the video resolution & quality, and superb sound! Lastly, don’t know if this will heal anything to any of you, but i am not subscribed to any of the netvue security, motion detection, or human alert subscriptions, because i have found both services/features to work wonderful with the use of a san disk 128 gb ultra micro sd card all on it’s own. It allows me to go back they the video footage by date & time it using this timeline type feature that you can just swipe thru all time periods of video footage, it keys me share it via text, email, etc. I love these cameras and the fact this company doesn’t try forcing you into using their online storage & security services like many other products would require. I have xfinity home security service because it gets me a nice discount on home owners insurance, with 1 of their indoor cameras that goes for $199.99 and i can’t do nearly the stuff i can with these cameras, such as moving the position of the camera, pan & tilt, zoom, and no audio….

Original review: such a shame, guess you get what you pay for. Got this as a lightening deal and i thought the price was too good to be true. Also thought maybe the device itself was defective because i have 2 of the larger indoor orb cameras and they work great, even 1 being at opposite end of my home as the router and on a different floor and it works great… So i bought a 2nd orb mini camera few days ago just to make sure the 1st wasn’t defective, but it was the same exact problems. Even the set up process didn’t go in the order as the instructions advised. I’m returning both orb mini cameras, they’re junk!

5Expert Score
Easy set up and awesome camera!

My husband and i recently moved into an apartment. It has always made me uneasy knowing a maintenance person could walk into our apartment without us being there. After lots of research, i stumbled upon netvue. Extremely easy set up. Our wifi wouldn’t connect at first and i reached out on their customer service chat. We got a reply within minutes. Very helpful and we were able to set up without further issues! The netvue app is easy to navigate and connect to the cameras. I love how i can check in on the apartment throughout the day. The app allows me to tilt and move the camera to see different views. Not only that, the “speak” option is fabulous! I can clearly hear myself speak through the camera, loudly too. Best decision to purchase!! I highly recommend!!

5Expert Score
Great as a pet and security cam!

I originally got another pet cam for the same price when i got a second dog to keep an eye on them, but the usb port to the old one broke and i didn’t bother getting another one for a while until recently, when my neighbor complained that my dogs were barking (which they never do unless they see someone walking past outside or hear someone knock on the door). I was curious as to why they would start barking a lot all of a sudden, so i got this camera, which boasted easy set-up in the reviews, and a motion-detection feature. I’ve been using this camera for a little over a week now and i’m really happy with my purchase.

Unlike the old camera i bought, the motion-detection feature actually does work (you have to turn it on in the settings of your camera first). I get notifications on my phone when motion is detected. You can adjust sensitivity to motion too, so it can either detect the smallest things (in my case, the water stream in my aquarium tank) to only bigger things like something actually moving across the field of vision. I am using this feature to detect when my dogs are barking, as their heads moving around sets off the motion detection feature. Also, if you do open up on a motion detection notification, it’ll replay the 7-12 second timeframe in which motion was detected. You can store this in cloud storage, which you can purchase at an additional price, or you can have an sd/tf card on the camera itself. I don’t personally need this feature, as mine is more a pet cam than a security cam.

The lag is also pretty minimal. My old pet cam, there was up to 5 seconds of delay from when i pressed the pan/tilt button to when it would actually happen, but with this one, it’s maybe half a second to a second.

The sound is pretty decent, and i can hear everything from the water trickling in my aquarium tank to motorcycles outside my apartment. You can also hear the camera itself when it pans, and a subtle click when the camera automatically adjusts from night vision to day/normal mode. When i speak into the intercom, it’s obviously not crystal clear as if i’m in the room with them, but it’s pretty high quality and my words are very distinct. So, me saying ‘no barking!’ works just fine over the intercom to get my dogs to be quiet. There isn’t much feedback at all (unless, of course, you are speaking into your phone while in direct vicinity of the camera – then the camera picks up on the sound that itself is making, and it goes in a loop). Sound is constantly playing from the camera’s end, but for you to speak out of the camera from wherever you are, you have to hold the “speak” button.

The night/day mode adjusts automatically, but you can also change the settings to have it be ‘always day’ or ‘always night.’

there’s a 30-day free trial for the ‘ring video cloud service’ wherein a user can check doorbell ring call videos over a rolling 14-day period, for $20/year or $2/month. Not sure how to set this up, though. There’s also 24-hour rolling 14-day cloud service (so not just limited to doorbell ringing recordings, but 24 hours a day, 14 days at a time), for $70/year or $7/month. And then there’s motion video cloud service, wherein it only records instances where motion is detected, and it keeps motion-detected videos over a rolling 14-day period, for $2/month or $20/year. The cloud service plan is based on each device, not account; so if you got multiple cameras, you’d need to get multiple cloud service plans. You can have multiple cameras per account, so you could have one camera per room. I personally just have a 1-bedroom apartment, so the one camera suffices for me. It comes with mounting bits, so you can mount the camera high up on a wall or ceiling if you’d like.

The app, netvue, is fairly intuitive. It guides you through set-up. I’d like to note that when i first set up my camera, i was supposed to hear a ‘chime’ as a part of the first step when i plugged the camera in, and i heard some distinct blasts of noise, and i didn’t know if those were supposed to be the ‘chimes’ or not (they weren’t). It took about 3 times plugging my camera in that i finally heard the sound i was supposed to (a more melodic ‘chime,’ as they say, rather than the high-pitched blasts of sound i heard the first few times i plugged it in), not sure why. It is indeed only compatible with 2.4 ghz wifi, not 5 g. But my old pet cam was 5 ghz capable, and it was worse quality than this one is on the 2.4 ghz. Make sure when you set up your camera (i.e. Starting with plugging it in) that you have the app up and running first.

5Expert Score
Works perfectly and everything needed for under $30!

This is the mini version but still packs a huge punch! We got it to be able to check on our 2 pups and it’s been perfect. Color and night mode, great quality picture (depending on wifi connection)! Even has a 2-way speaker! Whoever is watching can speak and the camera picks up sounds as well. Can be set and mounted just about anywhere and can all be connected together under one roof in the netvue app! You must download the app for it to work and connect. Takes 3 mins to setup and super easy! 10/10 would recommend!

5Expert Score
Great camera

I bought this camera for my puppy whom i leave at home while i’m at work & it did take me a minute to understand how to set it up but once i spoke an agent, it happened to be that my “local network” in settings wasn’t turned on. Afterwards, it was super quick and easy. The video quality is great, does not look pixelated as previous cameras have looked. There is not a delay in voice if i want to speak thru the camera and my voice sounds nice and clear. I totally recommend!

5Expert Score
Picture quality is amazing!!

I have tried 2 different cameras and haven’t had any luck! When i read the reviews on this camera i thought ok the 3rd time has to be the charm! And sure enough it was! The picture quality sound and motion detector is spot on! The quality for this price is unheard of! I highly recommend this camera. I’m using it for watching my dog and cats while i’m away! You won’t be sorry if you get this camera. Even if it’s only to watch her sleep on the couch!!

5Expert Score
Best camera on the market

I love this as a security camera. I can put it in one spot and literally turn it all the way around or up and down to see all and any points in the room on the app. It’s super clear and easy to set up. I have tried 4 brands already and this has to be my favorite. Definitely recommend!

5Expert Score
Excellent customer service

Bought this to see if both of my girls are using our litter robot. One uses it… I am trying to transition our newer kitty. We have a regular litter box for her… Our litter robot usage has doubled over the last month so i stopped cleaning the regular box… In effort to steer her towards the robot more. Problem is, no one has actually caught her using it! So i bought this little camera and have it positioned on the robot to see if we can catch her in the act. Set up super easy. Bummer that it requires a subscription for what we want… But the prices are very reasonable. Subscriptions aren’t as straightforward as i would like (i subscribed to the indoor pet detection but later realized this only triggers an alert, does not record). Had to subscribe for an ‘event recording’ subscription in addition ($3.99 for the indoor pet detection plus $1.99 for the recording). Overall, ver reasonable. Customer service was very helpful, easy to reach via chat and helped me figure out why i was not getting the recordings. All good. Now, lets see what these kitties are up to!

5Expert Score
Spying on my dog

I like being able to see what my dog is doing when i am not at my apartment. It let me just me know if he is barking and should not be. When i told him to be quiet through the speaker he was confused and tried to find me it was rather funny. I do wish that it tracked my dog in the room but it does not i have to pan but that is ok for the price i think this is a great little product and works quite well

5Expert Score
I love it

So, i spend a lot of time overnight at other houses because i babysit, pet sit, and house sit. When i’m away, my dogs sleep on my bed at night and i miss them terribly because that’s our cuddle time. This little handy dandy camera allows me to look in on them and make sure they’re okay, and i can talk to them which they haven’t quite figured out yet. They think some specter is speaking to them from the great beyond, but we’re working on that. The night vision is great, and the camera will alert me to any movement if i choose. I haven’t used the paid features yet, but the basic features are great and suit my present needs. I can see myself buying another camera for the living room for security purposes rather than just dog spying. It was also really easy to set up.
If you’re looking for a basic home security camera or a way to take a peek at your kids or pets, this is a great little gadget to have.

4Expert Score
Great camera for the price

This is a great value and perfectly adequate camera for casual use. At $30, it packs a lot of useful features.

Setup: really easy. Camera can be set upright on any surface, or mounted to a wall. There is a tiny template for drilling/attaching/installing the small mounting piece. The camera is entirely controlled via the netvue app. You need to create a netvue account — you can login w/google or fb, or create a netvue login. Following the included instructions, connection to wifi was a snap. The app finds the camera, prompts the wifi/setup info, and you’re instantly monitoring. You must be connected to the same wifi network.

Controls: very easy. The app includes a virtual ‘pad’ to rotate the camera side to side, and horizon to horizon. You can view in portrait or landscape mode. You can only rotate on one axis at a time, but you can get an entire 360 view around the camera. The middle button of the virtual pad will take a snapshot of the scene and save to the app. There may be some lag depending on your connection. In a good spot around my home, the camera is very responsive — there is always going to be a *slight* delay since you are controlling and monitoring via your wifi network, but it’s negligible if you’re just focusing on one general area. By contrast, in a weaker part of my home, there is a significant delay, and some choppiness to the feed — this is not an issue with the camera nor the app, as my phone loses and reconnects frequently in this area. Please keep that in mind if you’re experiencing significant lag/choppiness. There is also a built-in speaker in the camera which you can speak through via the app.

Quality: i want to stress that for $30, you should not expect super high resolution and smooth motion like you’re watching a professional live television feed. You get a good, clear picture, real-time motion monitoring, and good screen captures. You can change between standard definition (sd) and high definition (hd) modes, though the hd may be limited by your wifi speed/connection. Same goes for audio clarity through the speaker. With a good connection, you can hear what was said clearly.

App: the app includes a *lot* of features and functionality. You can add an sd card to the camera to save recordings and replay via the app. There is also an option to use netvue’s cloud storage, which requires purchasing one of their cloud storage plans. There are links to a helpful forum, an faq, and contact information for support. There is alexa integration. You can share device feed/controls with another netvue user, set up a sleep mode schedule, and toggle night vision on/off.

Night vision & motion detection: night vision works very well. I tried in a dark room with some ambient lighting coming from another room, and the camera still broadcast a very clear b/w picture. It will switch automatically when it detects very low light. Motion detection works great. The app will take a short video/screenshot of any motion it detects and then send a notice to your phone. Make sure you allow ‘notifications’ in the app itself (iphone) in order to receive motion alerts. You can limit to people, pets, vehicles, and many other choices, or simply detect ‘all’ motions.

Overall: great little device for the price. Would work perfect as an indoor security cam, a baby monitor, a pet monitor, etc. I personally bought it to watch and get alerts on when the squirrels that live outside our place come by for a visit — but, i would not recommend mounting and leaving this outdoors. It is not weather proof, and it is not meant for outdoor wear & tear. But, if you have a safe spot where you can mount and leave it, it will function just fine. The rotational motion is ideal for what we need, give the squirrels tend to walk right up to our door, or wait out on the ledge out front.

4Expert Score
Have to pay subscription??

These cameras work fine. But i can’t find anywhere in the reviews or product description that i have to buy a subscription??? Upon setting up my 2 cameras i discovered i need to pay a $9.99 monthly fee for them to record. I’ve never had
cameras so don’t know if this is the norm but want to make others aware

4Expert Score
Veery good produce for the price!

For the price you should be impressed.
The camera is small and discreet, but has great image quality 1080p, and good sound as well.
In low light the quality of the image is quiet good, and the 2 way audio is clear.
Using the app on my android phone is user friendly and fits right in with the 2 existing outdoor cameras i’ve had for 2+yrs.
And even though there is no app yet for pc, for what ever reason they refuse to port it over to pc, what i do is use a android emulator ‘blue stacks 5’ (free) and it works just like if i we’re using my phone (pixel3).
So to recap, small, light weight (they even include hardware to mount on a wall or ceiling if you wish), good image in full light or low light, good clear audio 2-way, user friendly, and to top it off this camera has pan and tilt function. And the ai software can distinguish between an animal, a person (human) or even a ball or anything that may move sending you an alert if you set it up to do so.
For under $30 it’s a very good value!!!

4Expert Score
Easy setup and operation. Clear picture and sound. I really like it so far.

I have not yet tried the night vision function so i can’t rate it at this time.

4Expert Score

We got this to watch the behavior of one of our cats. Night vision is excellent. Overall picture quality is good. Wouldn’t count on this for home security but what we needed it for it was totally adequate.

4Expert Score
Decent inexpensive point & tilt camera

I got this after being offered one for free from netvue for reviewing the product.

This camera works well with the netvue software. The point/tilt works with up-down-left-right buttons in the smaller view. Full screen view allows you to swipe to rotate/tilt the camera, which is very convenient. Picture quality is decent, with just a hint of ghosting in the image as you move it around in lower light conditions, but it quickly goes away.

My only real complaint would be the way the base of the device is made. It has 4 nubs for feet and a single center monopod/camera mount – but all 5 points are the same height, so it easily rotates on the center mount bump when set on a flat surface. Sometimes using the rotate/tilt function will cause small movements of the camera position. This could easily be solved by including some small rubber feet for the 4 nubs in the packaging or making them just a little longer than the center mount. If you use the camera mount, this won’t be a problem at all, however.

At first i was suspicious with how light it felt out of the box. I have multiple of their vigil line of their outdoor cameras and they feel pretty well made & sturdy compared to this. But after seeing how well it worked and the fact that it’s an indoor camera, i think the build quality is fine, especially for the price.

4Expert Score
Overall 5 star product

This camera is great ! I love the 360 view and the hd viewing. They offer plans starting as low as 5.99 for 24.7 recording and playback. Otherwise your going to want to get a memory card. The set up was very easy with the qr scan code. And the app is easy to navigate as well. One thing i absolutely love is the option to view away from home and in real time that is very accurate. I love this camera and would recommend it to anyone looking for something simple easy to use and affordable

4Expert Score
Decent little camera

Edited review.
Nice customer service when i complained that the product was no longer compatible with my wifi. Note to buyers – only get if you have 2.4ghz. This will not work with 5ghz.

4Expert Score

Great product. Bought one for the living room a year or so ago as a doggy nanny cam. Just purchased a new one for my room. Small and easy to set up!

4Expert Score
Totally worth it

For the price of the camera, it’s great quality and pretty straightforward to set up. I had an issue connecting to wifi and the support team was extremely responsive and helpful in answering my questions. Definitely would recommend this product.

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