NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor

NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor : NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor : Electronics

What are nexht indoor security camera features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【1080p day & night vision】 nexht camera allows you to watch live feeds anytime with clear 1080p video quality. With advanced ir technology, the camera produces clear black and white vision even in dark, which gives you more details of what’s happening in front of the camera and protects your home 24/7.
  • 【easily install and set up】 plug the nexht camera into an outlet inside of the house, place it near the router. Then download nexht home app, connect the camera to a stable 2.4ghz wi-fi network. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Note: please don’t use 5ghz wi-fi during the camera setup process.
  • 【motion tracking, instant alert, two-way talk】 with nexht home app, you can set different camera features anytime to fit your personal need. Such as receiving real-time motion alerts, listening and talking through the app, zooming in the images to see more details, and scheduling the alarm. All at your fingertips.
  • 【encrypted video storage】 by inserting an sd card into the camera (sd card is not included in the package, up to 128gb), or subscribing to a cloud plan, you will be able to rewind important video history from your mobile phone remotely. Cloud service allows you to add multiple cameras with one subscription, get rich notifications, and have a one-month free trial.
  • 【add multiple users】 with nexht home account, you can invite up to 5 family members or friends to watch the live videos together. All they need to do is to download nexht home app and create a user account. You can add their accounts at the app device settings page. Share the joy and enjoy the big moments.
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Nexht indoor security camera details:

Product dimensions

1.92 x 1.86 x 3.36 inches

Item weight

4 ounces

Item model number


Is discontinued by manufacturer




Country of origin


NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor AMAZON : NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor : Electronics

Looking for specific info?

Does this work with alexa?

Sorry, this camera does not work with alexa.

Can i access via desktop computer?

Take a look at ai-homeguard software (running on pc/windows 10, linux nvidia jetson nano) – search keyword “ai-homeguard” at amazon. The ai based software eliminates any false alarm without missing positive events, sends email alerts, and records detected objects (person, car, dog …) on your pc; remote access alert images, recordings and live view of all your home cameras from remote devices. No cloud service needed.

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This is probably a dumb question but you must have home internet to view this camera over uour phone dont you ?

Yes you must have internet in your home, to watch the camera from your phone thru the app, and also to upload the video recording to the cloud wich charges $1.99 a month and you will have access 7 days of recording. You will need internet wifi in your home at all times, it does not work with hotspot(mobile internet)

Can other cameras work with nexht app (my current one uses icsee)?

No, only nexht cam.

Will this work outside the us?

Of course, it can work outside the us. Just keep your app region the same as the current location, that’s ok.

I have 2 cameras. Only one has options for turning off the night vision. How do i turn off both?

No worry about that, just go to nexht home app> tap setting> contact us> send a case to us, we will help you upgrade the camera firmware and you see the option to turn off the ‘ir light’.

How can i get a longer power cord for this camera?

We regret to say that the power cord is made-special from factory and no way to get longer yet.

Do locally recorded vidios have a maximum length?

If you are using an sd card, you can set recording to continuous. After this is set, the maximum recording time is limited to the card size, but beyond a day’s hours is harder to deal with for playback as it uses a timeline scroll for the sd card playback.

Does the mount come with it?

Yes, the package comes with the mounting set (bracket, screws)

No view of it being used as a peep hole camera in your video. Can i view when someone knocks and do i need any back up sync modules or anything else?

Hi, this is an indoor camera which means you can only install it inside of your house. Since you expect it to monitor who will be knocking the door, i recommend to find a good position next to your door and check if you can see the right view.

Im having problems turning off the ir camera and i cannot email you because the email is invalid what do i do?

Hi, please contact our support mail– or go to nexht home app> setting> contact us> submit a case to us, thank you.

How am i able to turn the camera mic off? It seems very loud when setting up.

Just go to home v app> tap device settings page> volume control> adjust the volume to what you comfortable, thank you.

How do i delete my files from sd card? I clicked on the cloud icon ,but it says nothing to delete.

Sorry you can’t delete the recording history, well, some recordings will be replaced with the new recordings once your sd card is full.

I need a camera that works without an internet connection and saves motion detection to the memory card. Does this fit the bill?

Hi, the camera’s setup process requires a stable 2.4ghz wifi. It works either with any stable wifi or cellular after the setup. Just make sure your mobile has cellular running during the memory card recording.

Where do you install the tf card?

Hi, tf slot is underside of cam. Simply turn cam upside down and you will see it., best luck!

Is it free to run or is there monthly fee for app

No extra fee for the camera or app to run. In case when checking video history from cloud end you have to subscribe cloud plan. There are multiple plans for you to select.

How many can operate at the same time on same wifi?

Max 50 devices can be added on same wi-fi as long as it does not beyond router capacity. However, to control camera from app it is only one device at one time.

Do you have to have memory card if you don’t want to keep recording?

No, the camera doesn’t require any micro sd card to run if you don’t need the video recording feature.

Es compatible con coneccion 5g

Unfortunately, please connect 2.4g wi-fi to set up the camera, then you can watch live or playback videos in 5g wi-fi stream. Hope this helpful, in case of any further concern, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!

I have v6.1.0.6 of home app and it does not have the option to turnoff the infrared light. Help please?

Turn off ir feature is estimated to be available at the end of nov.. We will push new device firmware version through app, after upgrading user can turn off ir light. Please allow us some time to finish internal test. Your patience and understanding during the interim is highly appreciated!

NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor AMAZON : NexHT Indoor Security Camera, 1080P 360 Degree Pan WiFi Camera 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio and Motion Detection, Local & Cloud Storage, Phone App, Night Vision Pet Baby Monitor : Electronics

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Follows the sound

I placed my camera inside a walking closet, so the images are night vision and they are very clear. It has volume control for the camera itself. The first time i hear ‘the device is ready to connect’ i almost jump through the roof. The camera moves to the sound which is very nice and it can also be moved manually (left and right), but if you are looking for something very discreet, that might be an issue although you can turn the ‘motion’ off. In all, i think its a great camera. I do not have sd card to record and i do not use the cloud service. I recommend the camera. I have other cameras but the motion feature is the difference.

5Expert Score
I love it wide view of my home is covered clearer view then expect

Video is pretty clear even in dark, motion detector works very well until out of view and it doesn’t turn back to original placement but that’s no big deal you can fix that from your phone. I really like this it will allow me to keep a check on my fur babies and my home while i am away

5Expert Score
But it..great quality indoor camera

I brought this video camera from reading the great reviews. I needed something inexpensive to watch my puppy for a few hours while i’m away. This camera is perfect and easy to use. Sound and voice is clear. 10/10 recommend. Only extra is if you don’t have a sd card you will be able to used the cloud option for $1.99 a month. Sold

5Expert Score
Better then i could have asked for

I bought this camra because my father is in hospice care. At my home. And i take care of him so i need to be able to check in on him if im gone. And at nite. Also this one is awsome my sister lives in another country australia and shes able to sign in the account and look at him too it has voice where she can hear us and talk back to us. This is the coolest camra very happy with it the nite vision is very good too

5Expert Score

This is a not you get for what you pay product. It’s very inexpensive, but very fantastic. I recommend this little camera to anyone. I’m even thinking about getting a couple more i’ve been really impressed with it. And the app that comes with it is also great. Everything is very user-friendly and no monthly payment unless you want cloud storage for it. Even then it’s only $1.99 a month. Get the camera it’s so worth it.

5Expert Score
Great for the price

The picture quality is decent especially for the price. Love the motion detection and night vision. Definitely recommend unless you want a camera with great picture quality. It works for what i needed though. Easy to install and set up.

5Expert Score
Outstanding product and service l

1080p hd works great as advertised. Day and night shows clearly. Connecting was easily up and running in minutes. Bought 2 and 1 was down. I got a fast working replacement. Would definitely buy from this store again. Thanks for the quick response.

5Expert Score

It works great for kids and seniors. I can easily watch what’s going on at home with my boys. It has a mic feature where you cam communicate as well. Thinkin about getting another one.

5Expert Score
Awesome camera

Got this to keep an eye on my shepherd/wolf mix as she is an escape artist from her kennel. Love the clear video & talking option. Totally recommend & will be ordering more.

5Expert Score
I love this camera !!

I purchased this to watch my dog while i’m at work. The quality picture and the ability to talk to him is excellent! The set up was easy and only took a few minutes. I would definitely recommend!

4Expert Score
Great picture quality,easy to use

Works as intended love the app and 2 way audio, the pictures quality is good when at nights to me. It picked up a cockroach crawling on my desk. 1 issues the motion, when i put it on motion tracking, when the scene is idle, it doesn’t stay centered, but turns all the way left or right, looking behind where i want it look. Then it just stays there. I have to manually move it with the app back to the center, then after about a minute or 2, it does the same thing again. To remedy the situation i just turn of tracking and leave it centered. Works well enough that way. Thinking about returning it but can’t bother with the hassle. Other than that it’s flawless,

4Expert Score
It's grown on me

At first i was disappointed. The app is cumbersome and it hides the virtues of this camera. Field of vision is fine but picture quality is excellent. I’ve used many many cameras and one needs to study this one to comfortably use. Once you do ,though, it’s a great little camera with superior picture quality, especially night vision.

4Expert Score
Good, but a little noisey

I got this camera, to one – have access to view my home when i am not there and more importantly to be able to see that my older kids made it safely should their phones be acting up. The image quality is great! Setup was extremely easy! Some other reviews said that night vision wasn’t the best, but i was happy with it. The one thing that annoys me most is the noisiness of the camera when moving for motion detection. The camera itself isn’t noisy, but on the video image its extremely loud, and if you are trying to hear something being said, it would really hinder that. I would recommend if you are getting it to watch your animals, but i’m not i will be keeping it.

4Expert Score
The app is a little difficult to navigate.

The camera worked great and it was relatively easy to install. The app is a little difficult to navigate and there were very few instructions provided. However if you’re using the motion traking setting it’s important to note that once a target has gone out of the field of vision of the camera that is the direction that the camera stays facing it does not return to its original position which is mildly inconvenient.

4Expert Score
Cute camera!!

Excellent camera for the price…picture quality could be better though.

4Expert Score
This camera doesn’t have a way to disarm or turn off

The manufacturer had a response to a previous review & stated they expect to have one shortly. If possible can you give me an idea of when that may be. Right now i like the camera but in order to turn it off i pull the power plug & i have to go through the install sequence again. Also, i can’t pull the plug remotely. I really don’t want to return it.

4Expert Score
It's picks up movement

While i was away from home it works

4Expert Score
Good camera

Nice for the home or whatever , very easy to app is nice

4Expert Score

Beat thing i ever did for when we need to leave the puppers. Able to keep an eye on them and it great quality, easy to use!!

4Expert Score

Lo eficiente y discreción qué es

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