No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count

No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count : No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count : Health & Household

What are no cow high protein bar features?

  • Dairy free protein bars – no cow. No bull. No whey. Our non dairy bars are made with a blend of brown rice and pea protein to create a complete amino acid profile. We do not use whey protein, meaning our bars are lactose free. Goodbye rock in your stomach that you get from eating whey protein bars.
  • Low sugar, low carb: check out our macros and see that our bars are a healthy and nutritious snack. No cow bars are low net carb protein bars because they are low sugar and high fiber, perfect for your keto diet. No cow offers lean protein bars for pure protein performance.
  • Clean plant based protein: clean fuel without any whey. One protein bar always has at least 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar. These vegan protein bars are great for active lifestyles of men and women. Our bars are certified gluten free, gmo-free (non-gmo project verified), soy free, refined sugar free, and kosher.
  • Natural sweeteners: delicious flavor in a low calorie naturally sweetened snack. That means no added sugar! Enjoy as dessert or as a meal replacement. No artificial flavors or sweeteners, ever. Using a proprietary blend of stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol, these delicious protein bars taste great enough to eat as a dessert and satisfy your sweet tooth with a nutritious snack.
  • Individually wrapped protein bars: each box contains 12 – 2.12 oz (60g) plant based vegan protein bars. Not sure which flavor is your favorite? Try a variety pack of sample bars to find your favorite. Keep refrigerated for the freshest taste. No cow bars are great for bodybuilding, weight management, or as an on-the-go quick snack when you are hiking, or for a good post workout recovery.
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No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count AMAZON : No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

What is the ingredient list and what does it show for nutrition (carbs, protein & fat)?

Ok, i have this bar literally in my hand. No cow peanut butter chocolate chip bar. Nutrition facts:

calories – 190. Fat cal. 50
total fat – 5g (6% dv)
sat fat – 2g (10%)
cholesterol – 0
sodium – 230 mg (10% dv)
total carb – 26g (9% dv)
dietary fiber – 19g (76% dv)
sugars- 1g
sugar alcohol 4g
protein – 20g
(dv is based on 2000 calorie diet, if i didn’t list it, it’s not on the bar)
vitamin d 0%
calcium 0%
iron 6%
potassium 2%
the ingredients are listed under this flap thing so i can’t see them well w/one hand, need 2 to stretch it out & only one is working. There’s a website though, that might help,
non dairy
gluten free
non gmo
soy free (wow, my dad did great, every protein bar i love gets discontinued or amazon won’t ship it in summer because it could melt. This checks all the boxes, even no soy. Go team dad!)
i hope that helps, the protein bar thing should get easier, but it’s just been a pain in the butt for a long time. If it tastes like cardboard, i don’t care, i’m the only vegan in my family & one less meal for one to cook? Yay! :0)

Why did the calorie and fat count go up so much? I have a few and they are completely different counts.

Hey jennifer – we recently decided to change the formula of our bars to improve taste and texture. In order to make these changes it required us to increase our calories and fat count. If you have our new packaging (no cow) it will have the new formula in it. If you have our old packaging (d’s naturals) it will have the old formula. We are still in a transition process so you might find both products on the market for the next month or so. Hope that helps!

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I have a low glucose diet low glycemic, is this bar for me?

Isomaltooligosaccharides (imos) are supposedly low glycemic (you can google it), although some dispute this – i’m not certain either way, but according to the label there are very few net carbs, and the high fiber slows blood glucose spike further. I think they’re great, but if i were on a strict low-glycemic diet, i would test my blood glucose 1-2h after consumption of one of these bars to make sure i’m not actually breaking down that fiber (imos) into glucose. Essentially, it comes down to doing your own research and your own experiments, as everybody responds to food differently. Hope this helps at least a little!

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What are the net carbs of the peanut butter ?

Total carbs – 26g


fiber – 18g


net carbs – 6g

i follow a ketogenic diet and i love these bars. So much fiber!!!

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Can you tell me the net carbs per bar?

Net carbs = (total carbs) – (fiber) – (sugar alcohols e.g.: erythritol). For this bar it’s 2 net carbs.

Is there heavy metals in this? An article posted talked about heavy metals in vegan powder and bars

How would anyone know this answer, unless they know a food inspector or investigate the plant themselves?? How about you go inspect for us

Anyone else noted a huge change in these?? They used to be soft, moist and chewy. Now they have a drier, more crumbly texture and a flavor change…

I’ve only gotten the blueberry ones and the lemon ones. I noticed a few other flavors were a bit more dry. :s

Is their a new formulation? The bars in my recent order are like taffy. Not a fan of the texture so wanted to find out what’s going on.

“hey there,

thanks for reaching out. Yes, after gathering months of data from consumer research and taste testing, we decided to substitute a non-gmo soluble corn fiber as our fiber source. The results showed that the majority of consumers preferred the softer texture and improved flavor with that fiber source over our current formula. We made the change in the peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate fudge brownie, chunky peanut butter, as well as the new flavors. However, all other flavors don’t contain soluble corn fiber as of yet. We will slowly roll out that change for our other flavors over the next several months.

We’re bummed to hear you don’t like the change, but always appreciate hearing your feedback.

All the best,
the no cow team”

Where are they made? Usa?

Yes, no cow bars are all manufactured in the usa.

Where does amazon get this product from? Is it shipped in it’s original box and shrink wrapped in plastic for safety?

I ordered one bar (lemon meringue)
and it was wrapped in bubble wrap. It was disgusting by the way.

Why aren’t blueberries listed on the ingredient list?

There are no blueberries in the bars. Don’t buy these. They are like eating play dough. I’m very disappointed in them.

Is this product egg free?

Yes! Our bars do not contain any egg, and are completely vegan!

What’s the expiration date on these?

The expiration date on my bars is october 20, 2017. The date is on each bar.

Is the palm oil in the ingredients ethically sourced?

Sustainably sourced.

I heard the recipe was being changed back at the end of 2018. Has that happened? I loved the original, cannot stand the new & ‘improved’ recipe.

They are horrible! I love the raspberry ones and the peanut butter ones are good too. I haven’t tried any of the other flavors because i’m afraid, after trying the lemon ones

How much leucine do these bars have?

I do not see ‘leucine’ on the label. These plant protein bars are the best tasting plant protein bars on the market.

Where do you source your soluble corn fiber? Most corn these days is gmo. Lots of people are complaining about it. Is it non-gmo verified?

I am a consumer not the manufacturer. I do not know but it does state it is a non gmo product.

Are there any flavors left that still have the more dry, crumbly consistency instead of that new awful, sticky taffy feel?

It’s the formula so you would have to determine if box you’re buying is old or new.

Do these bars contain lectins?

?? Lectins aren’t listed as an ingredient but maybe idk what lectins are. These are a very filling bar which is probably their best attribute.

Do these have natural flavors in the ingredients list?

Yes by all the ingredients listed.

No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count AMAZON : No Cow High Protein Bar, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 21g Plant Based Protein, Keto Friendly, Low Sugar, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, High Fiber, Non-GMO, 12 Count : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Can’t tell it’s free of the good stuff

These bars are yummy. I can’t have dairy or eggs, so finding protein bars that don’t have a weird aftertaste or gross texture isn’t always easy. The s’mores bars are an exception. They are chewy like a lot of “regular” protein bars, have lots of flavor, and are pretty satisfying. They are a tad on the dry side, but barely, and have little graham bits (or fake ones) that add a little crunch to the soft texture of the bar. They taste so good, even my husband (who can eat everything) loves them. I wish they were not so expensive, but i am used to paying more for food because of the things i can’t have in it. But, please note, this is the only flavor i would say is actually good. I have tried a few others from this brand and they are way more dry and have much more of an aftertaste, so stick with this kind.

5Expert Score
Tasty dairy free protein bar

We have been eating no cow bars for a number of years. They are a breakfast staple for us because they are soft, taste good, and have a lot of protein and fiber relative to our needs. Although it does not matter to us these are vegan, it does matter that there are no ingredients that upset our stomachs like some sugar alcohols are prone to do. We like chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie in particular. It would be nice if they cost less 🙂 but they are on point with other similar bars. I expect we will always buy these by the box.

5Expert Score
Great vegan bars

It’s so hard to find a good vegan and gluten free bar out there, not to mention one that has 20g of protein. These bars are very thick so they do require some water next to you, lol, but its worth it because you get your moneys worth in the macros. It acts as a great bar to hold you over for a few ours until your next meal, or when you’re out and on the go. So many different flavors. I love! I love!

5Expert Score
Gets the job done – more protein, less fat, less carbs than other protein bars

These bars are great if you’re looking for a high protein, low sugar+fat+carb bar that will fill you up. Absolutely perfect for a pre or post-workout 20g-protein-snack …but if you’re expecting these to taste like a candy bar or like most other protein bars (which are generally lower in protein and much higher in sugar+fat+carbs) then you’ll be disappointed. The ingredients of these bars are far superior/healthier and as a result the flavor/texture isn’t as good as other bars. This is a sacrifice that i’m personally very happy with! And to be clear, the flavor/texture of these bars is perfectly fine in my opinion!

5Expert Score
Big no cow fan!

No cow bars are the best vegan bars i’ve found in terms of macros, ingredients, and flavor. I personally love the dense texture, and most of the flavors i’ve tried really taste like their namesake. The cookie dough ones have both the texture and flavor down, and i like eating these plain, warmed up, or crumbled in smoothie bowls.

5Expert Score
Favorite protein bars

These are my favorite protein bars. I am lactose intolerant, so i have always struggled to find a delicious protein-filled bar that didn’t upset my stomach. I eat these on the go, as a midday snack, or for dessert. I can see why some people wouldn’t like the taste, but personally i love it!

5Expert Score
I am a real person and i genuinely enjoy these bars, very good 101%

I like the lemon flavor, the nutrients, and the non-dairy. Good bars, 6 out of 5, would buy again and again and again and again.
An d

again! 🙂

5Expert Score
Perfect fall flavor

Big fan of no cow bars! Great taste and macros that fit my needs! These pumpkin bars are perfect for fall and to satisfy the cravings for pumpkin pie!

5Expert Score
Amazing vegan low carb snack

As someone who’s on a vegan low carb diet, these are one of my favorite snacks and sources of protein. I stash a couple in my purse when i eat out with friends in case the restaurant we go to doesn’t have anything for me to eat.

5Expert Score

I love the texture, flavors and minimal use of sugar. But. I found them to be addictive and found i ate two at a sitting in order to feel full. For me: a bit too addictive (but delicious)

4Expert Score
High protein in a pinch when i need a snack on the go.

Pros: i like is that this high protein product is plant based, stays intact in adverse weather conditions (heat) and has a decent not overly sweet taste (low sugar). I find it a good fall back ration on hikes or long trips when i may be far from getting whole foods.

Cons: i’m not a huge fan of sugar alcohol sweeteners as they can sometime cause g.i. Disturbance. Hasn’t happened to me while eating these bars tho. I do find that the bars are best accompanied by a beverage while eating them.

I do appreciate the fact that these bars keep well, have a short and understandable ingredient list, are highly portable, and make for a good ration back up.

4Expert Score
Usually good, bad batch

I get these biweekly for a work snack. I normally love them, but this week my shipment had hard, strange tasting bars, and amazon doesn’t allow replacement or returns on food orders. Not sure what to do, but normally i would highly recommend this product.

4Expert Score
Finally, a vegan protein bar i like

I found this product after i fractured my ankle and the doctor wanted me to eat 60 grams of protein. .
Taste good, less chalk- like taste compared to most bars including other no cow bars. Great to carry with me because sometimes i miss meals or i am so busy i dont make time to eat and i dont want to eat junk food. I did have to switch up flavors after a while because i like variety. But i’d buy them again. The dipped bars are delicious too!

4Expert Score
Best choice for vegan protein bar

– the protein content is excellent (most other vegan bars have only 8-12g)
– the texture and consistency are good (similar to other protein bars)
– the variety of flavor options is excellent (the chocolate chips in this one are delicious!)
– relatively affordable (works out to about $2.10/bar if you subscribe)

– the flavor is good, but not incredible. I’d say it’s comparable to any other protein bar (cliff, for example). It tastes a bit too sweet for me, but it’s defintely still enjoyable.

4Expert Score
Best protein bar i've tried

I bought a no cow bar when i was starving in a grocery line. Glad i picked it up. I’ve been consistently buying for 9 weeks now. I eat a bar when i’m too focused to move from my desk to grab lunch and when i don’t eat a big dinner. One of the only protein bars i can stomach.

4Expert Score
Best non whey protein bar i've found

Title says it all, the bars aren’t the best tasting nor do they have the best texture but they don’t have whey and they are hands down the best non whey protein bar

4Expert Score
My go to gf protein bars.

I like the variety of flavors. Not the tastiest but better than most with low sugar. Lemon flavor could be stronger. Soft consistency to the bar. Nice non-whey alternative!

4Expert Score
Like these bars — they don’t like me

Actually, i was eating these bars as a supplement to my eating plan. I wanted to get the protein grams in without skyrocketing my calories. I was sometimes eating two a day, and on occasion, three per day. After a few weeks of this, i was experiencing some really, really noxious gas. This was especially troublesome as i was getting ready for a cruise vacation and didn’t want to get on a plane with this issue. I was actually looking up charcoal smell inhibitors for my underwear. I couldn’t figure out the cause for a couple of weeks, but after i stopped eating the bars, the smelly gas stopped. I now have many boxes of these that i eat judiciously.

So, my rating is not based on that, but rather the texture of the bars. The peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite, but it does have a mushy texture. No cow also likes to be on the fictitious side with their product pictures. For example, the caramel bar had a dripping piece of caramel on the box, so i think maybe milky way type of bar. Nope. Their almond coconut bars have a picture of loose coconut, almonds, and chocolate. Nope. The chocolate sea salt bars have a picture of chocolate bark sprinkled with salt. Nope, nope. They are all the same as their other bars. Kind of a dry, chalky, mushy bar, some covered with a chocolate coating.

There are not a lot of dairy free bars out there. Orgain has some better bars, but not the protein bang per bar. No cow bars are okay, not great. Just don’t eat them everyday, and for goodness sake, and for the sake of your family and friends, don’t eat more than one per day!!

4Expert Score
Not their best flavor, but still good

I have bought no cow bars for years, almost exclusively. This is one of their drier flavors, but i do still enjoy it. It’s the right amount of sweet and lemony, and the only vegan protein bar on the market that actually has high protein ratio/macros that i’ve found.

4Expert Score
Great in a pinch

A little different of a taste but needed something to not melt in my car.

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