NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters  

NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters  

Buy NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters  : Jump Starters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are noco gbc013 boost sport and plus eva protection case for gb20 and gb40 ultrasafe lithium jump starters features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Protect your gb20 and gb40 jump starter with a lightweight, crush-resistant, anti-shock, and weather-resistant case..material:eva
  • Made from a rugged and durable eva material with a soft melange velvet lining for a secure, scratch-free fit.
  • Secure enclosure with a durable, precision steel-rimmed zipper, a built-in reinforced handle, and custom over-molded pull tabs.
  • Portable carrying case design that’s compact and lightweight and fits in most glove boxes or compartments.
  • Customized to fit the gb20 and gb40 ultrasafe lithium jump starter, plus included accessories.
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NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters   AMAZON

Buy NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters  : Jump Starters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Can this g40 fit to gb 45 ?

A previous review had this to kind of answer if it’d fit

“ does fit the noco boost x gbx45..
Reviewed in the united states on november 1, 2021
works well for the noco boost x gbx45. There’s more than enough room for the charger, cables, a wall wart (not included with the gbx45) and the usb c cable. The case is well designed with good materials and zipper.

I’ve read other reviews that say the gbx45 doesn’t fit. Maybe the case i bought is a revised version of the case. The cut out for the charger fits the gbx45 perfectly. It lays flat and the cut out is symmetrical so the charger can be packed without respect to the orientation of the charger.

Tip: the noco boost x gbx45 ships with the cables side by side clamped to a piece of foam. To fit in this case, you’ll need to detach and lay the clamps end to end in the accessory pocket. When you do that, everything fits and the case closes with a confidence inspiring and snug fit. No bulges. Good product, good value, happy customer..”

Will this fit the noco genius g3500 charger?


Hi does this case works for noco gb150?

No, the gbc015 is the case for the gb150.

Does this case work with the new version of the gb40

I had to put my gb40 in the new case face down, and it fits perfectly. And the clamps go in the top pouch under the cover. It would not fit face up, but down it fits.

Can this keep my gb40 from hot weather in the car?

Yes if you keep it somewhere cooler like your car seat.

How long will it hold a full charge when not in use?

It will hold a charge for several months or up to a year. Please keep in mind this listing is for the case, not the gb20 or gb40

I received the wrong protective case for my noco boost hd gb70, need to return the noco gbco13

Noco gbco13 is for gb20/gb40 only

Can this case hold the avapow 6000amp jumper


I just bought the gb40 and the gbc013 case. Why wont the charger and the clamps and other included accessories fit into the case ?

All of the accessories included with the gb40 will fit in the pockets of the gbc013.

Will gb45 fit in gbc013 case

I just purchased the gbx45 jump starter and this gbc013 case together. The gbx45 jump starter and connecting cables fit perfectly in this gbc013 case.

Is this case compatible with the hulkman alpha85


Does this case fit for gb 30?

Yes, the gbc013 will fit the gb30, as well as the gb20 and gb40 models.

Is noco going to start making protection cases for the new genius models: 1, 2, 5, and 10? If yes when?

We plan to make protective cases for the genius1, genius2, genius5, and genius10 in the near future.

Will this case also work for genius 5 charger?

This noco gbc013 boost sport/plus eva protection case is for gb20/gb40 noco boost ultrasafe lithium jumper only.

Will this fit a halo bolt jump starter? And if so, which case? Thanks!


Will the gb 50 fit in case

I don’t thinks so as the gb 50 is 1.2 inches longer than the gb 40 that i have . And that fits snug in the case

Will the gb 45 fit in the gb 50 case

I’m not sure if it fits this case is for gb20/gb40 noco boost ultrasafe lithium jumpers only

Are the case and the jumper cab les separate items?

The case is a separate item. The cables come attached to the jumper unit. I would recommend buying the optional charger also. It takes a long time to charge the unit using a usb cable.

Does thus case work with novo genius 2?

The gbc013 was designed for the gb20, gb30, and gb40 jump starter models.

Will the gbc013 work with the old style clamps that came with the gb40? They are fatter than the slim ones it shows in the picture.

Yes, the gbc013 will accomodate storing the both the needle nose clamps that come with the gb20, as well as the larger size clamps that come with the gb40.

NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters   AMAZON

Buy NOCO GBC013 Boost Sport and Plus EVA Protection Case for GB20 and GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters  : Jump Starters – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
This was a good find. Perfect for my use.

As an old dude, i have always used jumper cables when a ‘jump off’ was needed. A new truck lacks the tool storage space of my old truck and i began looking for alternatives. Also, i needed to boast a vehicle that was out of reach of my long truck cables. I bought this jumper for the specific purpose of jumping off that car that was out of reach. A second motive was to store this in the new truck as there is no space to securely store the old large size truck cables. This jumper was outstanding. Easy to charge from my home computer. It jumped the dead battery and allowed me to start the car without issue. It has been used twice since then and gave great service and recharged without a snap. I do recommend this charger. Easy to use, easy to store, recharges without a problem. A good buy for me.

5Expert Score
Works as designed and sure enough had a need for it this week!

I purchased this item several weeks ago, charged it up and left it in my wife’s call. Sure enough my daughter came over with the grandkids and when she went to leave her gmc truck would not start. Kids were loaded up and ready to go, i grabbed the boost and in less than two minutes had her going again. Next day your husband replaced the five year old battery.
The jumper was easy to use and took no time for the jump to start the truck. Only thing i do not like about it is the short length of the cables you plug into the jumper… Too short in my opinion. I know they do this so that the jumper has more current to the battery, but it would be nice to have like a least two feet.. Note you can not but longer cables for the gb40. I still like the jumper and purchased another one for my son in law for christmas.

5Expert Score
Much better way to protect your noco booster.

This case provides well designed, tight-fitting protective storage that minimizes the chance for damage or unintentional activation. It has room for all parts and takes up less room than the parts themselves. This is well worth its price.

5Expert Score
Works well with the noco gb40.

This protective case is a nice addition to the jump starter. These items are must for every vehicle. No need to depend on other motorist for jumper cables and you can get rid of your own cumbersome cables.

5Expert Score
Works fine for the gb40

Just got it so can’t report too much on durability, but i was concerned about fit after reading reviews. My gb40 1000 fits fine with room to spare! Careful when opening the shipping box with a blade as the tote is very susceptible to being cut. My own fault… :0(

5Expert Score
Great product

Do not listen to the bad reviews, this case is great for the charger. It stores the cables and usb connections with no issue. It does not touch the device itself.

5Expert Score
Good qualitiy , fits very well to noco

This case keep noco boost include cable set ,clean and orgenized in my car very recommend product

5Expert Score
Very nice case

Very nice case which provides solid protection. Would be nice if it was slightly larger.

5Expert Score
Nice case

Sturdy construction, charger fit nicely.

5Expert Score
Power boost case

I’m so glad i paid the 5 or 6 extra dollars and bought the noco boost case. Very well made and with seems to be very nice quality material. I received it fairly quick also. I recommend the product and the seller!!!

4Expert Score

Its good, just wish there was more room for the cords in the side.

4Expert Score
Box is not solid

Disapointed on how i can squueze this box

4Expert Score
Good product

Solid case

4Expert Score
Useful, but over priced.

I got my noco, and noticed that in the flimsy cloth bag, it would inadvertently ‘power on’ and so i got the case to protect it from powering on inadvertently. The case is good for that, but given the design and materials, it is over priced. I presume they get away with this because i don’t see many comparable (custom) alternatives.

4Expert Score
Keep it together

Nice little zippered case. This keeps the charging cord, clamps, and other accessories easily together with your device.

4Expert Score
Nice case for gb40

The case seems well-built. Has room for everything included with the gb40 except the manual. It’s large (thick) because it includes many languages. It will not fit inside the case with everything else. Will have to go online and print out the english (in my case) instructions and fold & put in this case.

4Expert Score

A little pricey but good product.

4Expert Score
Does the job.

Nice little case for the job. Needs some improvement to the internal design but it works well.

4Expert Score

I didn’t give it 5 stars because i wish it was a little bigger. My battery charger and cables barely fit in it.

4Expert Score
Too tight – returned. Alternatives listed.

There are several reviews of the charger gb40 not fitting in this case gbco13. I found if i crossed and interdigitated the battery clamps in the lid, it would fit. It is a tight fit.
We ordered a second charger, gb40, but we ordered a larger model case: noco gbc014. It hasn’t arrived yet but by the measurements (comparing the 2 cases) and comments it should easily fit and be more satisfactory.
Addendum. We returned the gbco13 after getting a caseling hard case – compatible with gb40 / gb30 / gb20 jump starter battery pack which is very well proportioned and plenty large enough. There was an error in shipping the gbc014 to us and it didn’t arrive and was cancelled. It should fit the gb40 charger based on the measurements. I join the group recommending not using the gbco13 for the gb40 charger.

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