NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries

NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries

Buy NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries: Battery Chargers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are noco genius2d features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Meet the genius2d – a direct-mount onboard battery charger for an under-the-hood battery charging. It’s the all-in-one universal charging solution – battery charger, battery maintainer, trickle charger, float charger, plus battery desulfator.
  • Do more with genius – designed for 12-volt sealed lead-acid automotive, marine, rv, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, agm, sla, vrla and maintenance-free batteries.
  • Direct mount – securely mounts nearby the battery with its rugged snap-fit mounting bracket and effortlessly installs into most materials with truss-head self-tapping screws.
  • Enjoy precision charging – an integrated digital thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates.
  • Charge dead batteries – charge batteries as low as 1-volt, including flooded, gel, and agm, as well as automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries.
  • Beyond maintenance – it’s not just a battery trickle charger, it’s an advanced battery charger maintainer. A fully-automatic, worry-free smart battery charger for everyday use – 24/7 – with zero overcharge.
  • Restore your battery – an advanced battery repair mode uses slow pulse reconditioner technology to detect battery sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost battery performance for stronger engine starts and extended battery life.
  • Compatible with all types of gas and diesel vehicles – add a permanent onboard battery charger to any vehicle to make battery maintenance simple and easy. Plus, combine with any of the gcp series ac port plugs for remote charging access.
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NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries AMAZON

Buy NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries: Battery Chargers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Looking for specific info?

Is this water proof?

The genius2d is water resistant with a rating of ip65.

Will this work for motorcycle batteries?

Yes; it works for my motorcycle, and the device is tiny enough to hide in a saddlebag.

Does charger retain setting if power is lost then restored

First i’m not sure. But i’m 99% sure the loss of power has no effect at all. I base this on the fact that there’s no on or off button on the unit.(no settings) it only works or doesn’t work if it’s plugged in or unplugged. So my answer is their are no settings. So if you have power it works if you don’t it doesn’t. There is a cool feature it monitors it’s invioronent if it’s to hot it will not turn on.

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Can i use my remote start?


My battery is in the trunk,,can i connect it to the jump points under the hood instead of directly to the battery in the trunk?

Battery is in the trunk. That must be an european vehicle. Anyway, as long as you can securely tie the red and black eye hook of the charger to the jump points under the hood. I have two cars with battery in the trunk. What i did was one of vehicle i connect the noco charger 5-amp, noco genius gen5x1 directly to the battery and on the other vehicle i use a portable noco 10-amp, noco genius10 charger to the jump points under the hood. Good luck

Will this product work on a 2002 chevrolet corvette to keep battery charged when car is in storage


Can i route the plug so that i don’t have to open the hood every time i plug in?

What i did is install the same male plug ford would have installed had my car come with engine block heater. It’s protected from the weather when it’s not plugged in. So go to the manufacturers sight and look up your model and year. That has worked perfectly for my installed trickle charger

Will this work in a ford f250 powerstroke diesel (dual batteries)?

Yes but on a per battery basis. If battery are not isolated from each other then do not try as this is not up to that. My friends 2 battery system is isolated from each other when vehicle off and he has a charger on each. The system changes to un-isolated upon turning vehicle on. Hope this helps you.

Does everything you need come with this item ?


Does this charge just one bank at a time or more

The genius2d is designed to connect to a single 12v battery bank.

Will this charge a 9500w generator ?

The genius2d can charge a lead-acid battery in a generator that is 80ah in capacity or less.

What gage of wire is it so i can add a quick connect disconnect it for mine rider don’t won’t to mount the hole thing to mine rider thanks

I need an answer to this question as well. I’ll need to extend the red & black wires and i need to know the gauge so i can purchase the correct wire.

Can i plug this into my inverter on my rv to charge my starter battery? Also can i drive with it plugged in?

Noco genius chargers have not been tested to be powered by inverters or generators. In theory, it will work as long as the power requirements of the charger are met. I have listed the power requirements below for the charger, including the max amperage draw of the charger.

Working vac: 120-240 vac, 50-60 hz
max draw: 28w 0.23a @ 120v ac

Will this work to keep a 12v battery for a trailer charged ?

It should. Make sure you start with the battery fully charged and in good shape, as this charger is not as powerful as ones meant for dead batteries. It may give you an error message if the battery level is too low.

Any diesel pickup truck owners with 2 parallel 12 volt batteries regret buying the 2d 2amp instead of the 5×1 marine fully waterproof onboard charger?

I have a diesel. I used a battery tender 1.25 amp prior to this thing. This is junk. I’m going back to my old one.

I have 2019 ram 2500 diesel , can i just leave it on to maintain battery

Yes it is designed to be mounted under the hood and you can route the plug to the front bumper area and zip tie it to a support or something to have easy access. On most diesel trucks you will have two batteries wired in parallel to double the capacity and as long as both batteries are connected they can be charged by the same charger. Just remember that a 2 amp battery charger will take a fairly long time to put both batteries back up if they get discharged a fair amount. And if you have one battery to go weak you need to replace both of them at the same time. The charger can’t isolate the weak battery and treat it separately. I have a 10 amp charger on my f250 diesel. I hope this helps you out!

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Will this work in -40 north dakota weather?

I got an answer from their support. It should still work but they put a lower temp limit in case the battery is frozen in which case there’s a chance of an accident: if you’re mindful of that it can be used, it would seem. I’d say if it’s that cold and your battery is completely dead, check for frozen electrolyte before using:

‘the recommended ambient operating temperature of the device starts at 0 ̊c because it can be potentially very dangerous to attempt to charge a frozen battery. If the battery is not frozen the charger can be used in colder temperatures to charge and maintain the battery. When charging in colder temperatures, if the charger has already begun charging, the internal components will produce heat and help the operation of the charger. The chargers have been tested to operate in temperatures down to -20 ̊c or -4f. Operations in temperatures below this, we can not guarantee the performance of the charger.’

Do i charge the noco genius2d before using using it?

No, the genius2d needs to be plugged into an ac outlet to operate.

How you st the mode on this

The genius2d does not have multiple charging modes. It will begin charging automatically when both the battery and power are connected.

Does this one have a built in timer so that it can be connected with the battery indefinitely without damaging the battery?

The unit can be left connected to the battery indefinitely for maintenance charging and has overcharge protection built in.

NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries AMAZON

Buy NOCO GENIUS2D, 2A Direct-Mount Smart Onboard Car Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger and Desulfator for AGM, Marine, ATV, Truck and Deep Cycle Batteries: Battery Chargers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Seems to work very well. Good charger/maintainer and restorer as well.

I got this partially because i need a sla charger and maintainer but a little bit also because of it restoration function. Some newer charger/maintainers like this also have the ability to apply a pulse that can help break up crystalization inside the battery. While this will not bring an old or damaged battery back to a new state, it does help with things like when a battery is allowed to discharge too far at least once but not significantly damaged otherwise.

I didn’t know for sure if it would help with my own car’s battery, but decided to try it anyway. It actually did indeed seem to help. Before using this it would only last a few minutes with the radio powered on after the car was shut off before it would shut it down due to low voltage. Now it lasts about 30 minutes. This also translates to holding up much better when sitting over time. This is not magic, so it is very limited in what it is able to do (more serious damage may not even be repairable short of basically rebuilding the battery,) but in cases of one of the more common minor causes of sla battery capacity loss it does indeed help.

As for the actual charging and maintenance functions, these seem to work quite well. It’s only a 2a maximum charge rate (it lowers twice in later stages of the charge process) so not well suited to large batteries such as those of a car except as a maintainer (which needs very little actual current,) but will do in a pinch if you have the time (i believe it listed 60 hours as the time required to 100% fully charge a car battery — although it will likely crank in much less time than that.) you will probably want one of the larger ones for those. However, it does have the advantage of being able to safely work on practically any sla battery you can reasonably throw at it — provided you can spare the time for a larger battery. I am also using this to maintain (and hopefully restore) a much smaller battery and so far it seems to be working just fine.

I’m not clear on the difference between this one and the 2d model. This one also comes with a mount if you would like to more permanently mount it (such as inside your car.) interestingly they seem to have made the alligator clips that come with it have screw-mounted rings that can be removed for permanent installation at the terminal screws. This way you don’t need a separate set of connectors for each as the 2d model did. So this is an option for those who need to do this.

5Expert Score
Great little charger at a good price.

I purchased this little charger to keep my mighty mule gate battery charged which runs on a 12 volt deep cycle battery. Noco makes a great variety of chargers, some with multiple outputs, some with alligator clips, some with ring terminals. I have a similar one with two outputs on my boat batteries. I chose this specific one because it has ring terminals to attach it to the nuts on my battery. It comes with a mounting bracket/velcro strip and screws for mounting. I mounted it inside the battery box for my gate where there is an outlet. I really liked the bracket, but decided the screws were small and did not attach it firmly enough to the thin wall box, so i just through bolted it. The charger snaps into the bracket and the velcro straps hold it securely. It’s pretty much plug it in and forget it, although it has several other options such as recovering a totally dead battery. (zero volts) i have checked it several times and it has always displayed a bright green light indicating a full charge. Very pleased with the purchase.

5Expert Score
Great to have in a vehicle not used often

I got this genius to mount in the engine compartment permanently and it is now working great. Depending on your vehicle you may not find a good place to mount it in the engine compartment, especially with it’s short wires that go from the genius to the battery. If you would like to you could extend the wires by splicing more wire and mounting it pretty much anywhere you like. When i plugged it in my battery was well below 1/2 charge. It took a day or so to get it to full charge, it does not rapidly charge your battery. So, if you need to charge your battery quickly you need a larger, more powerful charger. This does what it’s supposed to though. Basically a smart trickle charger. I got it at a reduced christmas cost so it was a very good deal. For full price i’m not sure i’d have purchased it but that’s just me.

5Expert Score
No problems, neat concept

I think reviews need to be written by people that know how to use a charger, and what applications different chargers are for. This is basically a battery tender style charger, not intended to fully revive a dead or nearly dead battery. Yes, the leads included may or may not fit on your specific battery terminals. I found i needed to use longer terminal bolts for my side mounted terminals. You may need to cut the ends off and wire different eyelets. The charger works quite well for keeping the battery up on my rarely-driven van.

5Expert Score
Perfect trickle charger for my driveway gate

I installed the noco genius2d inside of the instrument box for my driveway gate. I have a 12-volt marine battery that is attached to a solar panel, but the charge it delivers is somewhat limited. I attached the noco genius2d as a safeguard and it has worked perfectly. Well worth the piece of mind this device delivers.

5Expert Score
It’s amateur hour in the amazon reviews.

1st. Why did i buy this? I like noco, i have other devices that have never failed me. Even had a neighbor borrow my boost and hook it up backwards and saved him from damaging his battery and pdc/fuses. – that was my bad assuming someone knew how 12v systems and polarity worked. Don’t roll your eyes, i have seen more tow companies fry a vehicle by hooking up a jump box or jumper cables wrong than you can ever imagine.
2nd. I have a 2017 vw passat r-line that sits because i wah and the wife does most of the shopping and driving in her 23 atlas r-line. *i do not have a iod out of spec, the vehicle just sits in the driveway or garage for weeks*. The vehicle will naturally have a draw. You have a radio, security system, tpms, rfh, and other modules waking up and pinging the can-bus. You also have newer vehicles that can connect to wifi and perform otas for software and firmware.
– simple to install and operate, 0 complaints on design and functionality. *i did not screw or drill for the bracket, i opted for a zip-tie install to not lessen the value and appearance of the engine bay*. I did a clean install, routing wiring and connections properly and out of sight as best as possible. Keeping in mind that water and atmospheric ingress will happen in an engine bay.
3rd. I read the reviews and read the picture captions. What a joke. You put a 90 degree bend in a cord and jammed the device in your engine bay, wedged between the battery and fender and you complain of a cable cracking?! Cables don’t like 90 degree bends! Next you shut the hood on the power cable and it got severed? Really? Didn’t see that happening! Next, oh you hooked the device up in opposition of polarity, forced the device to power on and override safety warning. Didn’t see that letting the smoke out of the unit? In my sole opinion i would read the other reviews carefully and look at the pictures before believing the hype of negativity. Most of it is self inflicted by bad diy. If you need help, ask a automotive professional or someone with lv, 12v experience. Don’t half do the install, don’t expose the unit to elements ingress that could be avoided if you took 2 more mins to think things through and do them right. Last enjoy the purchase!

5Expert Score
Great little battery maintainer

This is a great battery maintainer. I install a new one on each vehicle when i buy it. If i only drive that vehicle once in a month, i am able to count on thr maintainer to keep it in like new condition. Plus the batteries last about twice as long as normal because they are always fully charged.

5Expert Score
Pure genius

The best bag for the buck, i have one on every vehicle now when i need to quickly switch i know for a fact it will start with ease!

5Expert Score
Seems to work good

Bought three ,a 1 amp a two amp and a five amp, like the way it charges repair far so good even bought a sae adaptor to hook to my atv battery ,already had wired up for a battery minder sae ends.

5Expert Score
Happy with this!

Perfect solution for the sunday driver. Install into the vehicle, plug in and let it sit until it’s time to go have fun. Takes longer to charge than larger noco chargers as expected. This is cheaper than a new battery, tucks away out of sight, and does the job well

4Expert Score
Great charger

Bought 2 of these chargers. Mainly for 2019 f250 diesel truck, also for my wife’s car since we’re getting her a new one and keeping the old. I installed a noco gcp1ex 15a ac port plug on both vehicles cause i didn’t want to leave the hood cracked or a plug sticking out. This charger for floating your batteries while vehicle isn’t in use. I drive my truck once every 2 weeks so this charger will make the batteries last longer then 3 years from not driving everyday. This charger charges the 2 batteries in my diesel no problem.

4Expert Score
This does a great job but difficult to install

Compact small size, but the presence of completely enclosed loops on the charger’s charging cable attachment points make it necessary to completely remove the nuts on your battery cables to attach the completely enclosed circular loops. I am not sure if that additional contact surface is necessary for the efficiency of the trickle charging process or not. If the loops were somewhat open ended with gaps in the prongs instead of a completely enclosed circle, you would not have to completely remove the car’s battery cable clamp nuts to put the trickle charger’s charging cables in place. You could just loosen the nuts a bit and push the loops into place and tighten them back up quickly. If your battery has those separate negative and positive attachment screws with just a wingnut on them, this device will be easier to install. I used this on a car with 10mm hex nuts and it was a greasy affair (even though the car battery is only a year old). Trying to initially loosen the nuts was not easy with a box wrench, then using a rachet to completely remove the nuts was difficult due to the tight spaces (no slack in the short battery cables in the car). Trying not to lose the nuts by having them pop off the car’s cable bracket clamps and drop down into the engine compartment to be lost forever was another issue. I am considering getting tin snips to cut an opening into the charging cable loops to reduce the time involved in installation and removal. The problem is that i have three cars and the diameter of the bolts in the battery clamps are all slightly different, so i don’t want to cut a third or half of the loop off and possibly reduce charging times due a to a loss of contact area between the trickle charger charging cable discs and the car battery clamp assembly. The trickle charger has an inline fuse in the red cable. There is also a small plate with two holes in it, a velcro strip and two self tapping screws to mount the charger to the engine compartment, but the small size and weight of the charger made it possible to just balance/lay it on the top edge of the radiator while still closing the hood completely.

4Expert Score
Basic, charges, but not intuitive.

I liked that the installation was easy for my motorhome. Two included self-tapping screws make it easy to anchor with just hand tools. Once it was installed, it immediately got to work. What i didn’t like was that, when i went to disconnect it, the thing was flashing a red light. I’m thinking ‘now what the heck does that mean?’ i had no idea and i didn’t remember just where i put the instructions two months prior at this point to find out. Nevertheless, i went to start the coach and it fired right up, just like it had a new or fully charged battery. Relief. I guess my only complaint is that there’s no explanation for the light codes on the face of the unit. By the way, i have four others of this brand (different models) for the various vehicles that i own and all have performed well.

4Expert Score
Car trickle charger

Bought this a month ago……good price….face delivery……easy install……and so far works like a champ……very happy…..

4Expert Score
Almost great, and very easy to use.

I bought this specifically to maintain a brand new optima redtop, group 34, that is in a jeep that is rarely driven. The leads to the battery are 24” and the cord to plug it in is also 24”, which is completely reasonable, in my opinion. An extension cord will be needed for each and every installation, and the length will depend on how far the car is from the 120 volt outlet. There are tons of complaints in the reviews about short cords, which i think is silly.
Like others, i zip tied the charger in a convenient spot under the hood of the jeep. Then i routed the plug-in cord to the front of the radiator where i can easily plug the charger in without raising the hood. Obviously, not all installations will be as easy or convenient.
After hooking the battery leads to the battery i plugged the charger into an extension cord. The charger flashed a few lights, then entered charging mode as indicated by a red light. It only charged for 2 or 3 minutes, then the charge light changed to solid green… Perfectly. Very easy installation, and the operation requires no expertise in batteries.
My only gripe, as indicated by the 4 star rating, is that this charger is rated for 40 amp hour batteries, as shown on the very last line in the photo. The owners manual was the only place i could find this info. Nowhere in the advertising is this info shown. And of course, my brand new optima is a 50 amp hour battery. If i need this charger to recharge that battery from a deeply discharged state, this charger may not be capable. However, i believe it will maintain a fully charged battery just fine. This should really be a 4.8 star review because the charger is super easy to install and use.
One should not expect this charger to rescue a battery that has come to the end of its useful lifespan already. Batteries that are maintained last longer, but this type of charger can’t turn back time, so my suggestion is to start with a good battery, rather than trying to revive an old battery that hasn’t been maintained.

4Expert Score
Just ok

Nice item, but did not come with a mounting strap.

4Expert Score
Reliable 2 amp trickle charger

Small and light weight, with good internal logic programming. This unit knows when to charge your battery and when to go into maintain mode. Good for permanent install on battery posts. Only challenge is finding a place near battery to install it.

4Expert Score
I want to like this product more

Overall, this product is amazing. It serves a unique purpose and does it very well. Here are my issues…

The installation uses screws i found this to be very prohibitive in my install and ended up using zip ties in place of the screws. The wires to the battery are fine, but the power cord is too short. While some can make that work, those who cannot have an issue. I would suggest either providing a longer cord, or having a plug on the device where you can plug in the length cord you want. You can provide what you believe to be standard while giving your customers the flexibility that is needed. The led indicator is weak and not bright enough. I would prefer to see a more predominant indication of the status. Even if that means bringing the led to the housing surface, that would be an improvement.

This is installed on a daily driver car, that sometimes will sit for a few days with no use. There have been numerous issues with a dead battery for unknown / undetermined reasons. My solution was to install this and plug it in at least each weekend, and in this process, the issues have stopped. You need to take caution on where the power cord mates with the power supply line. When the weather brings rain or snow, you want to make sure that connection is covered in some way. I opted to require to pop the hood, connect, and close but not latch. A bit inconvenient, but it seems functionally the best option.

That said, i like this product and i will buy again.. Hopefully an improved version. Although i focused on fault, this is the best i can find so i need to give credit to those who bring in new technology. This product works well and serves its purpose. I am bothered at the fact that it is so close to a 5/5 rating.

4Expert Score
Small and compact – does the job

This is in a 2015 tacoma. Easily mounted to the rear of chassis ground (lots of room for drill). My red connection is to red anode connector of battery and black to the chassis ground connection not on negative anode of battery. Stayed red longer than expected but after a few hours turned green and now just cycles green. Battery voltage 13.5v. The tacoma has a parasitic load so this is keeping up with it. I see others have had issues with this but that is not the case for me. Manual could be a little better. I think the terminals are too big for battery post cables since they only use 10mm bolt. So good for 4 stars.

4Expert Score
Noco installed charger

The unit is compact and comes with almost everything needed to install it. I am using it on a garden tractor. It comes with a mount but wound up going to hd to get some velcro. Once in it will fully charge a weakened battery in about 24 hours. It turns off when no longer needed making it perfect for winter storage. Overall i am quite pleased with it for my specific application.

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