Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download]

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] : Everything Else
Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN: Norton 360 deluxe gives you comprehensive malware protection for up to 5 pcs, macs, android or ios devices, including 50gb of secure pc cloud backup and secure vpn for your devices. Enrolling in our auto-renewing subscription and storing a payment method is required for activation and use.* we won’t charge you until your renewal period. You will get an email reminder before we charge your payment method and can cancel your automatic renewal at any time in your norton account. Also included are additional features such as password manager, parental controls, safecam that alerts you and blocks unauthorized access to your pc’s webcam, and dark web monitoring,** where we monitor and notify you if we find your personal information on the dark web.

What are norton 360 deluxe 2022 antivirus software for 5 devices with auto renewal – includes vpn features?

  • Ongoing protection download instantly & install protection for up to 5 pcs, macs, ios or android devices in minutes!
  • Real-time threat protection advanced security protects against existing and emerging malware threats, including ransomware and viruses, and it won’t slow down your device performance
  • Secure vpn browse anonymously and securely with a no-log vpn while using public wi-fi add bank-grade encryption to help keep your information like passwords and bank details secure and private
  • Dark web monitoring will monitor and notify you if we find your personal information on the dark web**
  • 50gb secure pc cloud backup store and help protect important files as a preventative measure to data loss due to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware***
  • Pre-paid subscription a payment method must be stored in your norton account to activate* you won’t be charged until the prepaid term ends for new norton subscriptions only at an introductory price
  • Auto-renewal never have a service disruption since this subscription auto-renews annually if you do not wish to renew, you can cancel in your norton account anytime
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Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] AMAZON Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] : Everything Else

Looking for specific info?

I have alsways used norton but this time the automatically renewed my subscription at $137.79. Can i buy a download package from amazon at $27.99?

Yes. When you first install/update norton, they will automatically turn on auto renewal. Turn it off before your renewal date and then you purchase the software. At time of renewal, you just enter your new key code.

What is the auto renew price??

They will auto re-new 30 days before your subscription runs out, unless you have turned ‘auto-renew’ off on your account. The renewal cost will be huge compared to the original ($30?) price you paid – $139 – $159, etc. If this charge shows up on your credit card, immediately call the support number listed to request a refund. After the usual sales yadda-yadda including lower price offerings (still way high) they will politely cancel the charge and refund it to your card very quickly (+/- 48 hrs).

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I have 5 devices, but 2 here with me in usa and 3 outside usa. Will it work on all devices ?

No it won’t. All computers have to be physically in the usa or its territories for the installation/renewal to work.

When on sale, can you buy 4 of these and stack them for 4 years protection by contacting a norton chat representative to do it? Is 4 years the max?

Email norton for answers

Will this take off easy recipes search virus?

I would guess that it will. It’s a very good product. Please note, that all of the virus software companies have the same negative auto renewal policy. Make sure you turn off
the auto renewal in the account. None of these companies tell you that the auto renewal
adds all the bells and whistles they have, which is $130. Everyone discovers this when they get their credit card statement. It’s not just norton, but they should stop embarrassing themselves.

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What is the difference between norton security premium and norton 360?

Norton security is last year’s version. 360 supposedly offers upgraded features; but, they don’t all work. I upgraded to be able to use the vpn feature, which, come to find out, is problematic on desktop. Does work on my android phone, though. Hope this helps.

How do i activate this?

Hi! Please register your norton product key in your norton account to download. Once it is registered you can download by accessing your norton account from the respective devices or by sending a download link by email.

Our best wishes,
the norton lifelock team

Where is my order

I think you are asking in the wrong place, try asking amazon’s customer service

Is this the same as the 99.00 pkg on their website? They told me on the phone, if they can’t remove your hackers they’ll refund your 99.00 100%.

Hi – what you’re referring to is norton’s virus protection promise.
Restrictions apply. Must purchase, renew, or upgrade your qualifying subscription directly from nortonlifelock, or (in the case of buying from amazon), subscribe to the automatic renewal service.

Puedo usarlo en puerto rico?

Por supuesto

Does it work outside the us, in central america?

I would check with norton360 as i live in the usa and do not have to worry outside of the us.

Where is my order

Hello – very sorry you seem to be having problems locating your license.if your norton license purchased was a download delivered by amazon, it should have been emailed to you and/or also appear by accessing ‘your account→digital games and software’if you purchased an amazon software subscription, it should appear under ‘memberships and subscriptions’

Is this the latest version of norton 360 deluxe

Yes, this is the very latest version of norton 360 program.

Our best wishes,
the norton lifelock team

Does this work with an android

Yes, norton 360 is compatible with android phones and tablets.

Our best wishes,
the norton lifelock team

I live in pr thisi can use this product in my pc’s?

Hi,norton security subscription purchased from us stores can only be activated inside of us.our best wishes,the norton lifelock team

Can i buy the license now and use it next january?

‘your subscription will expire exactly in one year from the day it was first activated.’ that is a very carefully worded answer from norton. While it appears to be saying, ‘yes you can use it next january and get 365 days from the day in january that you start using it’. The answer doesn’t actually say that. It says you get
one year from the day it was ‘first activated’. What norton does not say is ‘first activated’ is the day you buy it, not the day you start using it. Very misleading by norton. Sure can install it and start using it whenever you want, but the countdown of your 365 days until it expires, starts the day you bought it, not the day you start using it.

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If i purchase norton 360 deluxe, should i also purchase norton vpn?

No vpn comes with norton 360 for 5 computers

Do i receive a hard copy or is it down loaded?

Do i have to use the download right away? I have a copy of norton which expires june 2020? I do not want to pay renewal price through norton. Thank you!

Why does it make sites load slower than before install?

It’s checking the downloaded files to make sure there are no viruses. Lots of stuff going on in the background to keep your computer safe.

I bought this on 12/23/19 but never downloaded it. Now i’m finally ready to do it and can’t!! It says it’s unavailable, but if buy it then i can d/l

If you bought it , there should be a ‘ key ‘( series of numbers you need to enter on the norton site)..
I would just go to the norton site and seek customer support .. Your ‘ key’ might also be somewhere on your amazon account ,, you will need that key in order to download .. Contact either amazon cust support or norton ..

Sorry i couldn’t help more .. Hope that helps you

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] AMAZON Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal – Includes VPN, PC Cloud Backup & Dark Web Monitoring [Download] : Everything Else

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Just renewed my sub again & it worked flawlessly… Again

[update: 2022]
within 10 minutes of paying for this i had it installed/updated on my main computer and my laptop. It’s not difficult & very easy to opt out of auto-renewal. Follow these steps:

once you pay go to your amazon orders, click on your order and click ‘view your item’
>> it will show you a screen with your new product key (copy if you want). Click ‘redeem’
>> this takes you to the norton website where you need to login. You will have to enter payment info but don’t worry, you can delete this… I entered a credit card so if norton plays any stupid games i can process a charge back.
>> as soon as your account is activated, while you’re still on the website, hover your mouse over your account name and click ‘manage my subscriptions.’
>> you’ll have to click that you want to cancel several times. Just pay attention and read, it’s very easy. Some buttons will be gray. Don’t try to talk to anyone, you can do it all by yourself.
>> once auto renewal is cancelled you can go into your account, billing info and delete the cc info you just put in.
>> you can click download from the website to download the latest version, which will install over your existing norton. Only took a few min to install & update.

Note: i never needed my product key for anything.

>> any subsequent downloads to other pc’s can be handled right thru the website. Just go to the website & login on that machine and download the same way you just did and done.

One last thing i’ll mention is that my desktop did not require a restart to finalize installation but my laptop did for whatever reason.

Enjoy your next year of antivirus subscription!

[old: 2021]
i see a lot of people complaining about how they’re having such a difficult time with norton and as someone who has dealt with their nonsense in the past, i was pleased to find this work out so easily. My subscription expired as of yesterday and i needed to renew so i was determined to do it no matter what.

Anyone who can rub two braincells together knows that norton’s automatic subscription renewal (through your norton account) costs like 5x more than what you originally paid. Not sure why norton likes to play these stupid games but it must count for something if they continue to do it year after year.

It’s always cheaper to buy a fresh new version than renew like that. Btw, it’s still cheaper here on amazon than renewing with a discount on norton’s own website, which they will offer you if you have auto-renewal turned off… And you should do so immediately after installing.

No, you do not have to chat with an agent to cancel. Someone else posted that they did but they must not have read much before proceeding. Look for the grey buttons. Follow the prompts and cancel your auto renewal, you’ll be promted a few times.

You do have to enter billing info in the beginning, which my paypal info was saved from last year. If you really don’t trust norton, then once your sub is active just remove your billing info, which i went ahead and did as a precaution even though i know for a fact they didn’t abuse it.

I have norton installed across all my devices, this one in particular being a windows 10 machine. So yes, it does work just fine on windows 10. Once purchased i simply went to my amazon software library where the digital orders was, clicked the yellow ‘redeem’ button & reinstalled it with the prompts and everthing happened automatically.

At first it didn’t make sense that it needed to download again. However, it took less than a minute and after all was said and done, the new subscription info updated within the program itself on my computer, which i had open literally the entire time. Didn’t even have to copy and paste any key codes.

Try not to overcomplicate things and you’ll be just fine!!!

5Expert Score
It's always worked great for me

I’ve used norton for a number of years and that’s after using mcafee and kaspersky in the past. I’ve found norton to work the smoothest. The password manager is a great plus. I’m not a fan of their vpn so i use proton which i find to work much faster and it has a kill switch which can come in very handy. I would recommend you not purchase a new code for norton until about a week before your current subscription expires so the code doesn’t expire. Although it does appear that norton won’t start a new subscription code until the prior one actually expires. Then just go into your norton account on the website under subscriptions and cancel auto renewal. I’ve never had a virus nor any other issues with norton. I know microsoft has it’s own antivirus but i trust that about as much as i would trust my 8 year old daughter with bill gates.

5Expert Score
Excellent internet security product and easy to install

I feel that i have excellent computer protection for my small business and personal devices. This is a must have in this day and age. Who can afford to have their devices taken over by viruses or have computers slow down due to spyware. I feel much more secure knowing my devices are being protected by this product!

5Expert Score
Easy to

I needed to install an antivirus on my desktop and laptop. I download the antivirus and it working fine. Highly recommend this product.

5Expert Score
So far so good.

Super easy to install. Seems to be working flawlessly so far

5Expert Score
Don't stress !!! Everything is ok and works well !!

Hello everyone, i just felt the need to put my review out there immediately given all the bad reviews. So i have been using norton for years. I always turn off the auto renewal option after i enter a new key code from a new purchase such as this one. So given all the previous comment, i decided to call norton ahead of time prior to purchasing this product for another year. Call went very smoothly, they confirmed that the cancel auto renew option was still there however it will not show if you have already set up non renew from the previous year.

Until you actually enter the new product key and go through the minor install process to renew, the cancel auto renewal option will not show up. So i had 4 days to renew. I just purchased this product, amazon instantly sends you a link to click and follow the instructions. Or you can do as i did, logged in ahead of time, went to my covered pc and clicked to enter new product key. As soon as i did that, the renewal installation process began. Same as if you woud’ve clicked the link. Either way. Once i was done and all set up, i noticed that the ‘my subscription’ button all of a sudden showed up giving me the instant option to cancel auto renewal.

So in the end, everything worked well, everything was ok and it went pretty smoothly overall. As of now, when you try to cancel the renewal, a pop comes up asking to stay and not cancel and in return it offers you 30 additional days of coverage after 5 days. I have no problem waiting 5 days to set up non renewal after the fact for the additional 30 days. I think their hope is that you forget all about it. I assure i won’t, however if you are the type that might, then forget the extra free 30 days and set up non renewal right away.

Hopes this helps to clear everything up and calms everyone down with the freaking out reviews. Trust me, i would be the first to go nuts on norton if i couldn’t do this. I would go to another protection provider, but i like norton and everything went well.

Finally i want to let everyone know that on the phone they told me that my additional 4 days i had to renew would stack up on top of the new year renewal, this is not true !! As soon as you enter the new product key or set up the renewal, the new year starts as of the day you renew and whatever days were left are lost. So my recommendation is to wait till the last day or 2 before the renewal expires. I also recommend to not make the purchase till your ready to renew right there and then to not risk some kind of 20 day expiration limit that someone talked about in another review. I just did everything all at once just now from purchasing it, to installing/ renewing, to this review. Everything worked well !!!

5Expert Score
Great product and “ great saving from amazon…..”

Simple to install…after installing you can remove credit card from annual renew…regular price for this $69.00…for $34.00….i caught it on labor sale even cheaper…this a reliable great product, i used for over 10 yrs.

5Expert Score
Positives far outweigh the negatives

I’ve been using norton antivirus products for many years. I do a ton of web surfing, visiting many different types of sites — including some that use sketchy pop-ups, click-baiting, etc. — and i’ve never gotten a virus. Not once.
Norton has done an excellent job of keeping my electronic devices safe, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. And with their products regularly offered on amazon at heavily discounted prices, my wallet is almost as happy as my computer. Is it perfect? Nope — no software is. But the positives have always outweighed the negatives.

I always find myself chuckling and rolling my eyes at the numerous one-star reviews that are invariably piled onto products like this. A few folks have legitimate complaints (though rarely serious enough to support their knee-jerk single star ratings), but the majority of them are unjustified rants. They usually boil down to:

‘i can’t get this to load/work on my computer.’ i’ve never run into this problem, having downloaded it to numerous devices. I’m guessing you’re doing something wrong. And if you aren’t, i regularly see norton reps monitoring the reviews and reaching out immediately to help.

‘norton is forcing me to sign up for their ridiculous auto-renewal.’ yes, it is annoying, and the auto-renewal prices have always been outrageous. But here’s a super-secret hint, folks: you can turn off auto-renewal as soon as you finish registering the product! Just go to your norton account and click (or double-click if necessary) the toggle switch to turn auto-renewal off. It will beg and plead with you not to…but stay strong, you will get through it. And then it’s done. Problem solved.

‘i don’t want to give them my credit card information.’ i’ll never understand why some people think this is such a big deal. You’ve already given amazon your credit card info, so clearly you have no problem with it being electronically transmitted to a soulless mega-corporation. So what, then? You think norton is going to use it to buy a private island in the south pacific? You’re going to turn off auto-renewal (see above), so you aren’t going to be charged for anything. Having to enter the number is a minor irritant at worst. If it’s just a matter of principle for you, fine, then don’t use their software…but giving it a one-star rating for that reason alone is laughable.

‘it sux’ (or some equally eloquent variation thereof). Wow, super helpful feedback there. Which other antivirus software do you prefer, and why? I’m certainly open to considering other options. But i’ve actually tried other products, and i’ve usually ended up regretting it for one reason or another. Norton has yet to disappoint me in any significant way.

Ok, enough of my own rant. If you want good antivirus protection at a good price and have even minimal computer skills, norton 360 fits the bill.

5Expert Score
Easy to install, easy to use, tons of protection

Norton’s is one of my go-to anti-virus protection suites.
It runs seamlessly in the background without any lag. It covers all the bases of protection and is one of the highest rated programs. I switch back and forth from nortons to whichever is also rated highest in that year, if another company actually surpassed nortons for one reason or another. I can say that the ease of use is far superior with this product.
Great for those not tech savvy as well.
This version does have the auto-renewal feature, but you can simply go in and disable that if you need to. They will let you know when your subscription is running down so that you aren’t left without the new updates after expiration.
It covers vpn, dark well monitoring, cloud backups, covers a total of 5 devices (computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones). It also will optimize your files, clear your cache (making your computer run far faster), lets you set your start-up programs, and will run back-up to the cloud, your computer, or any external device you chose.
My family runs high intensive gaming on our computers and laptops and have never experienced any lag or interruption while gaming (you can set it for a gaming silent mode as well).
They are top rated, typically rated #1 if not in the top 3 year after year for a reason.

5Expert Score
Norton works well enough

Feel safe using norton but would ask that they dial back the scare tactics with all their fear-mongering ads and the insistence of signing up for auto renewal with each purchase. Cancelling it is easy enough but many computer illiterate people might have a rough time.

4Expert Score
Pop-ups galore

Norton is reliable and gets high ratings for protection. Over the years they have worked to streamline the background resource use and this is still pretty good. The autorenewal is easy to shutoff after logging into your account online, but it still is extremely irritating that this is turned on by default when you purchase the product. There should be an option when you install the program and there isn’t. The biggest complaint i have about the 22 version is that they now have continual popups in the bottom of the screen. Some of these are ‘helpful’ prompts to do a quickscan and others are flat out marketing ads for addon products. I buy you to be silent but deadly, norton. Quickscan in the background or when i am idle and then be silent.

4Expert Score
Over 25 years with norton

Product itself is good and adding utilities was helpful. But their renewal process is terrible. They want you to automatically renew at over $100. You can get the same thing from amazon for around $30.

4Expert Score
Easy to install, no so easy to uninstall

Have used this product for last several years using the the ‘5 computer package’ download. It will conflict on occasion with microsoft windows 10 and several programs that are used frequently. It is known to be difficult, at best, to uninstall when the conflicts outweigh its usefulness.

4Expert Score
Good software but they keep trying to sell extras that should be in base software.

Like the software overall. Would give 5 stars except for 2 things: (1) annual renewable subscription is a ripoff…can get much cheaper on open market like amazon. Just cancel each year and purchase another copy. They need to be more competitive on annual automatic renewable and i would just let it renew each year, (2) they continually try to sell extras that should be in the base software. It gets really annoying.

4Expert Score
Payment conditions , tech support, maintenance.

Antivirus seems to be pretty good. Before selling, techsupport could more describe payment conditions, tech support, tech support expiration date. The sale does not disclose the full terms and conditions of the sale. The first fee is not a one-time payment, but you need to enter your banking card details to activate the antivirus.

4Expert Score
Solid software product

As a long time user of norton products, i keep coming back for the new annual version.

It is frustrating that norton insists on treating this ‘new’ install without checking or discerning that an existing version is on one’s computer. Further, norton will ignore the remaining days active on the earlier version.

One has to reach out to customer service with norton to get the remaining days updated to the new license/version.

Another annoyance is that norton does not automatically recognize the existing devices associated with the earlier version. Again, another reason that customer service for norton had to get involved.

The norton customer service seemed at time to work to resolve the issue too quickly. It took at least 2 times to get all of the above issues (recognizing remaining days on earlier version and add the existing devices set up with the earlier version).

Lastly, i remain somewhat concerned about using the norton vpn–i was using it prior to my latest installation of the norton 360 and found it seemed to slow my on-line processing down. Norton customer service claims it was my internet provider–that may be the case. In theory i am using a 200 gb transmission speed but one can never been sure what is happening within the spectrum (formerly timewarner cable) internet world.

4Expert Score


4Expert Score
I've been using it for years. It works. It's also easy to turn off auto-renewal.

I’ve used norton virus and pc protection for years. I’ve found no reason to switch. It works, protects me from attacks, and is easy to use. I run a manual full-machine scan once a week. I’ve never encountered a virus having gotten onto my machine.

This particular product auto-renews, which some commentators have found intrusive. I do, too. It’s very easy to turn off, however. After you install the product go to the ‘my subscription’ area of your online account. In the upper right-hand area of the screen you’ll see an ‘automatic renewal’ toggle. Just switch it to ‘off’. You’ll subsequently see a screen asking you to state reason why you turned off this feature. I chose ‘i prefer not to respond’, clicked ‘continue’ at the bottom, and the feature was turned off. Simple.

The installation of the product, as i was already using norton security standard from last year, took all of two minutes. Now i’m protected for another year.

As i noted, i’ve been using the norton suites for years. It may slow my machine a bit when i’m browsing, but i’ve found via using task manager to examine the cpu usage that generally chrome is hogging the memory, not norton. And it may slow the boot-up of my desktop but, again, it’s a small price to pay for online security and i don’t find it annoying.

I feel completely protected by norton; my experience has informed and validated that feeling. No complaints.

Update (nov. 2020): i renewed my norton subscription last month. I still had a couple weeks remaining on it and yet, after i renewed, the expiry date didn’t adjust to add on those two remaining weeks. I was miffed. Logged on to the norton site and eventually learned (through a chat session with a rep and also a subsequent call) that lifelock bought symantec during late 2019 or 2020 and has a policy of not adding on the remaining days when you renew the subscription. This seems underhanded to me. Anyway, i called a rep and he quickly adjusted my expiry date to include those extra couple weeks remaining on my previous subscription.

Be warned: either wait until the day of expiration to renew or, if you renew earlier, be prepared to waste 30 minutes or so slogging through the lifelock customer service system to claw back the remaining days. The annoyance was not quite enough to induce me to cancel my subscription. If this sort of thing keeps up, however, it will be.

Lifelock reps, if you’re reading this: be honest in your operations. You tried to steal 4% of a subscription i’d already paid for. That’s dishonest.

4Expert Score
Great anti-virus app renewal with horrendous install instructions

I’ve been using nis for 15+ straight years. It is now titled norton 360 & comes with a decent i suspect vpn, wi-fi privacy scanning, identity monitoring, and more . Norton no more consumer an inordinate amount of resources on your device as it did 10-15 years ago. Still, on my pc i will occasion turn off norton while backing up or copying lots of files bc the av action will slow the transfer. Norton 360 has really improved & modernized this app over the last few years. But i can’t speak to many of the newer features other than vpn & wi-fi security. It covers 5 devices. As for vpn, many secure sites need to see your ip to work & connect correctly. My suggestion there is not to use public wi-fi on banking & important online activity.

As for purchase and installation, i’ve attach a jpeg of instruction notes i wrote up after this today. On the my norton site for renewing & viewing your norton subscriptions, there is a default [ x ] auto-renew box next to your ending renewal. Some users now report that if you uncheck this, it terminates your service & updates. You can leave it on then, and uncheck it at the end of the year renewal & see what happens. I noticed when i first checked my account & profile today at my norton, there was a ‘renew’ button to the right of my current 2020 subscription (and maybe because auto renew was turn off). When i clicked the ‘renew link,’ it said $34.99 i think. I have not checked to see how this displays since my purchases & renewal on amazon. But after having norton nis for 15+ years, they seem to change their my norton panels almost every year. Typically the price changes based on how close you are to the end of subscription date. My advice to others is to click this ‘renew’ button and see what price it shows. And then compare that to the price on amazon. Even on amazon, the renewal price can vary quite a bit from week to week. So check both. And if renewing at norton is only a few dollars more, i’d renew there. I think it’s one less step. Good luck. And try & keep this simple, like the saying, ‘keep it simple stupid.’

4Expert Score

Cost lower than actual manufacturer.

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