NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5

NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5 NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5
NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers: Nuk comfytm pacifiers feature a one-piece 100% silicone design that gently contours to baby’s face. The heart-shaped shield fits perfectly under baby’s nose for easier breathing and to prevent irritation. The unique, breast-like nipple naturally fits baby’s palate and helps promote healthy oral development. Invented over 60 years ago by pediatric dentists and doctors, nuk orthodontic pacifiers are modeled after the natural shape of mom’s nipple while breastfeeding, creating an easy transition from breast to pacifier and back. The nuk® comfytm pacifier is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and is bpa-free and dishwasher-safe (top rack only).

What are nuk comfy orthodontic pacifiers features?

  • Shaped and sized for newborns
  • Breast-like nipple shape naturally fits baby’s palate
  • Nuk orthodontic nipple shape helps promote healthy oral development
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Heart-shaped shield fits perfectly under baby’s nose for breathing
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NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5 AMAZON NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5

Looking for specific info?

Do these have a ring to attach a strap to?

There is a little hole on each side to attach a clip to.

Is this product sure that there are no harmful substances? , is there a way for me to get more detailed information ? I want to make sure it’s not har

They are made of silicone and they are bpa free.

Is the product good for babies?

These pacifiers seem to be very good and comfortable for babies. Also their shape make it easy for the babies to put them on by themselves.

What is the difference between the 0-6 month than 6-18 ? Is it bigger?

Yes! The 6-18m are much bigger! My kid is 6 months and those are still a little to big.

Is there a place for a lanyard to attach to it?

There is a place to hang the nuk pacifier from a lanyard. The pacifier is hung a small soft plastic semi circle molded into the back of the pacifier. The semicircle is the same soft material as the pacifier and is more comfortable then the hard plastic ring on most pacifiers.

Are these medical or food grade silicone?

Description by nuk here on amazon states medical grade 100% silicone

Are these any different from the original ones?

By original if you mean the hard plastic ones. The nipple is the same shape but the flexible silicone makes it comfortable for baby if they sleep on their side because it bends. They are also easier to clean and no more water or mold to get trapped in them. Hope that helps.

What is the packaging for the 6 pack? Is it 3 sets of the 2 pack?

I received 2 sets of the 3 pack

Is wearing this product easy to hurt?

They are very soft and bendable, it quite unlikely that a baby can get hurt by wearing them.

Did anyone get these and they smelled like vinegar or a sharpie? I washed and sterilized, but am concerned by this smell.

Right when i opened mine they smelled like melted plastic i washed them and they still smell i’m to scared to give them to baby it’s a strong odor

Are these authentic coming directly from nuk?

They come in a pack of 3 that day nuk the same package it’s comes in store. They are authentic

Is there a loop in the middle for a clip? (i see loops on the side but can’t tell if there’s one in the middle)

Yes, there is a loop in the middle where a clip can attach.

Can these be sterilized in the microwave in a madela sterilization bag?

Yes, they can be sterilized in the microwave in a mandela sterilization bag also, in a regular sterilizer.

Can it use the steam sterilizer to disinfect it

I wouldn’t see why not. It is silicone and can be boiled or steam sterilized.

Why did this come in a clear plastic bag instead of nuk packaging?

It must be repacked or maybe fake for the product i received was in it’s original packaging .

Is this product sure that there are no harmful substances? , is there a way for me to get more detailed information ? I want to make sure it’s not har

Yes, they are bpa free. Bpa has been banned since 2012 so all baby pacifiers and bottles have to comply as per the fda

Are these made of food or medical grade silicone?

Yes it is made of medical grade silicone.

Is this product one piece and hollow compared to the other style that gets water trapped in nipppe?

It is one piece. The water doesn’t get trapped. My son prefers this one to any other.

Are the nipples thicker on the 6-18 mos than they are on the 0-6 mos?

The material isn’t thicker per se, but the bulb of the pacifier is a bit bigger.

Do these pacifiers glow in the dark?

There are a set of two that are made of hard plastic that glow in the dark mine is a cat and a glow in the dark lady bug. I found at bbb. The silicone ones do not glow

NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5 AMAZON NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers, 0-6 Months, Timeless Collection, Pack of 5

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Don’t hesitate

I’m not going to lie. I was totally against a binkie. But things change when you become a mom. I will only buy these binkies! My son like to sleep on his stomach and thinking of a hard plastic binkie pushing on his face? No thank you! These are amazing!

Update: 6 month old will use these only at bedtime. He still loves them and can even use the for teething when needing to sooth his gums a bit more at bedtime. 1000/10 recommend

5Expert Score
Orthodontic pacifiers

For those of you who use pacifiers or plan to use pacifiers, i urge you to look up the importance of using an orthodontic pacifier. Using a round pacifier can cause an unnatural curvature in the roof of the baby’s mouth, same with bottles.
I currently only use nuk, but i’m sure there are plenty of other brands out there with orthodontic pacifiers.
I love these colors and bought pacifier clips to match.

5Expert Score
One piece, perfect colors.

Baby #6 is overdue so we haven’t used yet. I’m excited about these binkies because they don’t have parts that can fall off or get mold inside. They are beautiful fall colors, which will match with almost any outfit and they match nicely with the clip leashes i bought on amazon (babygoal 6 piece). They are not wild patterns that will distract him. The only con is the listing says 0-6 months but the package says 3+ months. I hope they will still work for a newborn.

5Expert Score
So durable

These are so durable and one of my favorites! They can teeth on them and suck on them which is a plus, the only negative i have found is that they are not breathable which doesn’t help with that drool rash that can happen, but i would still keep purchasing them because i like them that much.

5Expert Score
Love that they’re one piece

I switched my baby to these from the avent soothie because they’re better for oral development. I also love this specific nuk paci because it’s one piece so you don’t have to worry about it getting mold inside

5Expert Score
My baby loves these!

These are the best pacifiers ever! They are easy to clean and amazing for teething. I’ve already purchased 2 sets.

5Expert Score
Hands down best pacifiers

My baby loves these. They have lots of different colors and are great for matching outfits. So easy to clean and such a nice material. My baby is not even 2 months yet so not sure about teething tho!

5Expert Score
Two color

These pacifiers were the wrong color but they are still good quality i love this brand i ordered the green as pictured but i received the blue pacifiers

5Expert Score
Being a solid piece of plastic is reassuring considering other brands are recalled

I bought these because we had to size up, they are durable, they fit, and they are a single piece of plastic which is super reassuring at night considering the frigg recall. They are easy to clean, we sterilize them in the microwave a lot and they don’t seem to be losing any quality. Solid purchase.

5Expert Score
These are the ones

I’ve searched hugh and low for a pacifier my lo will take and this is the one! If you’ve tried everything else, give these a try

4Expert Score
Start with these binkies

After seeing in multiple videos and talking with a pediatric dentist i realized how bad the binky my baby is using is for his mouth/teeth. This was the top recommended for proper growth. I bought them and my baby legit hates them! He will chew on it as a teething toy but will not suck on it to soothe. I wish i would have started with these right when he was born!!! I am slowly trying to transition now. Don’t make the same mistake !!

4Expert Score
Love them, except for one thing

Overall, these are great pacifiers. I love that they are one piece, how they shape around the mouth/nose, their flexibility. I can’t say much for durability yet because we’ve only used for a couple months. Still, my 4 month old seem to like them a lot, and that’s important too!
The only thing is that it attracts hair so easily. I have two cats, and their hair sticks to it so easily. My hair sticks to it real easily too, and my hair is pretty long. I don’t have this problem with any other type of pacifier.
Still, i recommend.

4Expert Score
Very cute- hard to keep hair & dust off of them

These are very cute, durable, easy to clean, everything i would want except the rubber material has kind of a static to it that attracts hair and dust

4Expert Score
Amazing pacifiers, so we ordered more. But…

We love these pacifiers. They’re the only ones both our boys would take. However, if you care about color do not order from amazon. We didn’t get the color in the picture. Instead, we got the old ones.

4Expert Score
Its nice but baby didn't like it

Baby kept pushing out the mouth cause it have sharp edges

4Expert Score
Muy practico

Cumple con su función

4Expert Score
Just what i wanted

A friend of mine suggested these pacifiers because they don’t mess up a childs teeth. I bought them fir my son but he hasnt quite latched onto it yet. They’re extremely easy to clean and i love that its all once piece so no room for bacteria to build up. Love the colors!

4Expert Score
Cute but not preferred

These are definitely a more ‘stylish’ paci and good colors, but my baby much prefers the standard nuk paci.

4Expert Score
Great but hair sticks!

Our 4mo old loves these and they are extra soft on her cheeks! She is a sucks with force of 10,000 vacuums and she was getting red marks from the plastic nuks (though we love those too for the glow in the dark feature!). We purchased these and the red marks have disappeared! These are also easier to clean than the plastic nuks in my opinion. The only caveat is you’ll be cleaning them sooner – because of the rubbery material, they seem to attract dust and hair (huge pain if you have any pet that sheds like i do!). We just accept the fact that we will need to clean these often and toss them in when we sterilize bottles. Overall we are satisfied!

4Expert Score
Love these but

Love these but they collect hair and lint like they’re getting paid to do it. It’s just the material, i know, but it gets so gross over the course of the day.

It does trap moisture around her mouth as well and she developed a little red dry patch in the corner. That’s not fully on the pacifier because she is an excessively drooly baby, but the lack of airflow sure didn’t help.

She likes ‘chewing’ it when she’s teething (she’s 6 months). I love that it’s one piece, it’s so easy to clean. It also doesn’t leave marks on her face like the other nuks.

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