O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red

Yakibest.com: O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red : Health & Household

What are o-cedar promist max spray mop features?

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria w/ just water: o-cedar’s promist max microfiber spray mop provides a lightweight, deep-cleaning solution for all your at home needs by effectively removing dirt, grime and over 99% of bacteria with just water! The mop pad features scrub zones that tackle tough stuck-on messes.
  • Deep cleaning microfiber: the o-cedar microfiber spray mop uses advanced microfiber that effectively captures dirt and grime with just plain water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Safe for all hard flooring, including finished hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and more.
  • Double-sided pad: the large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips 180 degrees allowing you to clean twice the floor coverage without having to stop and change the mop pad! The versatile microfiber pad allows you to use wet for a deeper clean to shine your floors or use dry for dusting purposes.
  • No batteries required: the promist max allows you to conveniently control the amount of fine-mist spray with the ergonomic grip handle and trigger without the need for costly batteries or annoying cords.
  • Washable & reusable mop refills: mop heads can be machine washed and reused, saving time and money! Keep an extra refill handy for the next mess.
  • Choose your own solution: just fill bottle with water and add 2 small teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution (sold separately) and you are ready to shine your floors! Comes with clip-on-cup for accurate measuring of solution.
  • Clean better with a microfiber spray mop: the promist max spray mop uses the magic of thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles without leaving streaks or scratches on the floor. It traps in pet hair, dust and dirt better than traditional mops while easily removing stubborn dried-on or sticky messes with scrubbing zones on the mop pad.

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red AMAZON

Yakibest.com: O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red : Health & Household

Looking for specific info?

An you use this on wood? Put any liquid in there?

Please, please don’t use murphy’s oil soap on any wood floor. I own a flooring store so i have experience with ton’s of different types of wood flooring. It will damage the finish on the wood after using over time. It will start lifting the finish off the floor. It will also start leaving a residue after a few times. If it is furniture – use murphy’s oil soap, but not on wood floors! Use only what the wood floor manufacturer recommends. If it’s raw wood floors and finished in the home you can use a very small amount (2 tablespoons) to a gallon of water. Use the smallest amount of water possible and make sure it is dry in a few minutes. Dry it off with a dry mop head if needed. Do not let the water sit there.

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What cleaner would be suggested to use with the o-cedar promist microfiber mop with spray?

I’ve been using white vinegar mixed with water- read somewhere this was a good solution- it’s been working well for me. With 3 grandchildren; 1, 3, 5 and the 1yo crawling, i mop evert night with the vingers solutiion and sunday’s i use a regular tile cleaner.
Vinegar solution is 1tbsp per canister of water. Others have used 1tsp per canister. You can play around with your own mixture; whatever works for you.

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What do you use for solution? Does it come with a solution?

I used mr. Clean and water in the refillable bottle. It did not come with solution.

Can we use this on linolium floors?

Thanks for asking. Yes we can use this spray mop on linoleum floors and leave you a nice floor. Hope that helps (=

My mop came with an unattached handle with a metal rod inside, how do i attach it to the mop head?

Screw them together.

I like the option of using the pro mist disposable pads if i have something really gross to mop up. Do the disposable pads work with this mop?

No. I made the mistake of buying the disposable pads when i bought the promist max because it said ‘frequently bought together’. So i assumed they worked together but there’s no way the disposable pads can hold on to the pro mist max. O’cedar, why don’t you develop disposable pads for the max? Like someone else said, if you have a particularly gross mess, you don’t necessarily want to wash and reuse the pad. Now i have to selectively use the mop for messes

Does the solution bottle leak between uses

10-3-20 ours is leaking and i found a small black triangular rubber piece that fell off . Where should it go??????? Love this spray mop when it doesn’t leak!!!!

Has anyone had issues with the spray trigger failing?

The spray is (unofficially) guaranteed to fail but it’s not in the mop…it’s the water bottle cap that causes this. I’ve been through three of these mops. I know where the fail is. It’s the little red center of the cap that fails. I just can’t figure out how to fix it for more than a few uses. Apparently o-cedar can’t either as it never gets resolved.

To lessen opportunity for it to happen again (if i get another), and for those reading this starting out with new, store the cleaning solution bottle seperately, upright, cap fully rinsed, and bottle uncapped. I do not think solution clog is what happens. I suspect a gravitational effect over the course of time if liquid left in the bottle and stored in mop.

We have to earn about $33 before taxes to spend the $22 to replace the mop every time it decides to fail and it gets tiresome! Besides, original mop is always better than the next ones any manufacturer makes. I’ve got my first two to prove it (1st generation o-cedar promist mops).

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Can you buy a new replacement bottle by itself?


I only wanted one not two so why are you adding two?

There is two cleaning pads. That’s so you can clean one and still use the other to clean. If that is what you are talking about

Can i still use the old refill pads on the standard pro mist mop?

Not sure although i do know you can easily purchase new refill mood for the new moor and the mop heads are easily to remove and toss into the washing machine. They clean well upon being washed. You can also add bleach to the wash and they will come out cleaner still!

Does this item use batteries?

No batteries. Hand squeeze. Works very well

Does it roetate

You can use either side of the mopping pad. It flips from one side to the other. It also twists and turns to fit in tight areas.

How do you wring out mop head?

You don’t wring it out. It doesn’t get soaked enough to need to. You just use it then take it off and wash it in the washer.

If pads are washable, why dispose of them in 3 months? Hopefully, i can get the seller’s response too.

I use them over and over. Seller may have a good reason but i will decide when it is time to replace them.

Contacted o cedar, this newer model does not have bottle release button. They are contacting amazon. They say they have fixed the leaky bottle issue?

The one i received the bottle does not seem to leak. I have used everyday the last month and have not had any issues with it leaking.

What ratio should i use? Only 2 teaspoons of cleaner for the whole container doesn’t seem like much.

It has a small measuring cup that attaches to the handle. My best guess on volume is 1oz, maybe a little less.

Will it get the grooves in my tile floor clean? My swiffer mop doesn’t

I have saltillo (terracotta) tiles in my kitchen, with deep grooves. I clean the rest of the floors in the house as directed, then add extra water to the pad from the kitchen sink. The solution gets into the grooves more deeply but is still wiped by the pad. The floor is obviously left wetter as with a string mop but still dries quickly – and cleaner. Most efficient and convenient floor cleaner i’ve ever owned.

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How does the mop charge do i need batteries ?

It’s a mop…it doesn’t have a battery or plug in…you push it around

What size is the mop head?

Dimensions (which the seller fails to provide):
15 1/4′ along the closed edge of the mop head
16′ along the edge with an opening
5 5/8′ front to back

50 1/4′ from floor to top of handle held vertically. The length is not adjustable.

750ml capacity of the bottle with marks every 75ml.

Depending on the angle the handle is held, it sprays the floor with a very fine mist 24′ – 30′ out from the leading edge of the mop head.

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O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red AMAZON

Yakibest.com: O-Cedar ProMist MAX Spray Mop, PMM with 2 Extra Refills, Red : Health & Household

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Basic easy to use mop

You get what you pay for and that is a basic easy to use mop. When setting up there are three pieces that you connect and the mop part slides in and velcro’s up on one side. As mentioned in the description, this mop comes with two additional mops. It does not come with any cleaning solution and you are required to use your own solution. Filling with liquid is easy and is like filling up a water bottle. The bottle comes straight out, and the top twists off where you can fill up with cleaning liquid, reapply, and push back down into mop. All you do is pull the trigger and it squirts the liquid out and you mop.

Great to have if you need to do a quick and easy light mop on your hard floors.

5Expert Score
Great for the office

I bought this to clean the floors in the office i work at. Simple to put together and use. Makes cleaning up at the end of the night a quick task. Now i’m not going back and forth to the sink and wetting , rinsing… Repeat. Easy and less time consuming! Love it

5Expert Score
Spray mop that is easy to use & cost effective!!!

Love this mop, it works fabulous and you can use your own cleaning mixture. Also like the fact the mop head is washable and the mop cleans better than other mops i have owned! Bought my daughter one for her birthday too! Highly recommend this mop!! Also got here really fast!

5Expert Score
Is this the best choice out there?

It’s a fact that most cleaning products are made of cheap lightweight plastic these days, just the opposite of the idea that they should be tough and durable for such a challenging job. I usually try to buy commercial-grade mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies but there seems to be a definite lack of this specific type of damp mop being made for the janitorial industry. And typically commercial maintenance mops are too soaking wet for moisture-sensitive residential-grade wood laminate flooring.

I had the popular mop with the disposable pre-moistened pads and while it may be okay for a quick mop-up of a spill in the kitchen it is totally unsuited to damp mop an entire floor plan constructed with laminate. The moisture built into the pad doesn’t spread evenly or go where i want it to and there’s not enough of it to do even one room before drying out and getting too dirty to be effective.

I almost bought the bona equivalent because i like that the liquid is user refillable but no matter where i looked people who owned them said they were flimsy and broke easily. It was hard to find anything positive, in fact.

Then i happened to see this at a store and was impressed that by comparison. It just seemed better made. I like that the mop head is much larger than most and that it can be flipped so i can damp mop my entire downstairs without changing or cleaning the pad. The reservoir is easy to remove and fill and the nozzle is more than just a hole, it sprays a fine mist over a larger area. I like little things too, like the shape of the handle lets me change hand positions if i get tired and the trigger is easy to reach and pump.

The wrap-around microfiber pad is superior at scrubbing out little problem spots and the way it attaches is a better design than the stick-on hook and loop pads other brands use. Because it wraps around there are no sharp edges to scratch and dent furniture and baseboards.

Hint: there is a push button to release the reservoir for refilling. Because there is a built-in “o” ring to prevent leakage it isn’t as easy to push it back in place as you might expect. It’s a lot easier if you hold the release button in while you press firmly down on the reservoir until it clicks into place. I’m glad that they’ve designed it with such a tight fit … No worries about leakage.

Is it commercial grade and will it last forever? No and i doubt it … It’s what you get for the price these days. But all things considered, after seeing all of the choices available, i think it is the best choice out there.

5Expert Score
Cleaned extremely well

Wife was skeptical and po’d i bought it. But after 1st use was amazed at how well it cleaned. Tried a second pad and it was clean after use. We did use a the cleaner made specifically for our coretec floors but the combination also worked better than anything else we’ve tried on our other laminate floors as well. 🙂

5Expert Score
Great mop…

I keep buying this product because work perfect for wood floors. I can used under the chairs, coffee tables etc.

5Expert Score
Great floor cleaning option

Environmental favorite as pads can be washed & reused over & over again. Don’t have to apply a lot of pressure. Spray, give it a second to work, go over once or more & get great results. Just give it a try. You’ll see the difference immediately. Recommend!

5Expert Score
Beats swiffer by a long shot!

This is quality. Not cheap junk. My mom always said o’cedar had the best mops. I guess that hasn’t changed. I’ve thrown away swiffers. They don’t live up to the hype. They always leave behind a residue that attracts more dirt.
This mop is perfect. It needs no batteries. Just a good old fashioned pull lever. The pads are thick & absorbent & you can use both sides of the pads without having to remove it during mopping. Just flip the swivel base over & keep going!
Just one thing. Don’t be mislead by the title. I mistakenly thought that i was paying to get an extra refill of cleaning solution. This doesn’t include solution. It just meant an extra cleaning pad! Either way, i’m more than pleased. Great mop!

5Expert Score
Save money, never buy swiffer pads again

The microphone fiber mop pad cleans easily with in the washing machine. You can use any liquid solution in the bottle. I love this mop!

5Expert Score
Light weifht and easy to use

Love these for quick wipe ups

4Expert Score
Best wet mop

After purchasing several different floor cleaning units for my dura-ceramic floor, including having a hoover floor scrubber, this ocedar mop does the best cleaning job. My floor is a magnet for dirt do to it’s textured finish (i’d never put this kind of flooring down again). There is a thin line of grout which this mop’s pad actually cleans vs just gloss over. I’d give this product 5 stars except it has 2 minor design flaws: 1) the whole unit is rounded so you can’t lean it upright without it falling over (need to prop it in a corner); 2) there is no way to hang it when not in use but even that is manageable by looping a cord through the handle.
Yes, i would buy it again.

4Expert Score
Effective and convenient, but leaves floor too wet

I have two large dogs that leave drips when eating and drinking. I use this mop in the area where their food and water bowls are, as well as the kitchen area, on lvt flooring. It does a passable job and i like the spray bottle feature. However, it requires me using an old towel under the mop to get the floor dry quickly after the first pass. Also when i look at the pad, the dirt appears in uneven patterns, unlike a sponge mop that gets uniformly dirty as you mop. So i feel like the coverage may not be uniform, because the towels used to dry get dirtier than the pad! I love that the pad is removable and washable and that so far, it’s washing up clean even after appearing filthy. (like the o’cedar dust mop that grabs up dog hair tumbleweeds) the extra pads were a bonus for the slight upcharge. I guess you can’t have everything, but this is all in all, a pretty good housekeeping tool.

4Expert Score
Really like

As a professional cleaner, i bring this to every job. I clean roughly 2 houses per week. This still works great, and i have been using it consistently for about 3 months. However, the handle is starting to feel a bit shaky, as if something is loosening up. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse because it is still fine as of now, but i worry it might break

4Expert Score
Would buy again

I like this mop for the washable pads. Bought for work as our other mop would smell bad. Use one pad for each room. But if you’re srubbing hard the velcro comes apart and pad comes off.

4Expert Score
Better than spending $ on swifter products

Good product to use on floors, you can use any cleaner and also you can wash the pad when done. Will save you $ on products you will need with a swifter. Really like you can switch both sides of the pad. Highly recommend to at least buy 2 pads just in case.

4Expert Score
Great for maintaining clean floors – too flimsy for deep cleans

The concept is great and it is definitely a lot better than similar products. Being able to wash the pads is a godsend. At first, i was worried that the white pads would retain the dirt and grime, but after many uses, i can safely say it does wash out with ease. Being able to use my own cleaners has saved me a great deal.

My only complaint is the pads do not have any kind of scrubbing capability and the plastic pole and handle feel very flimsy.

4Expert Score
Great cleaning unit

I love that i can put in what i want on my floors that you can spray and get a good deep clean. I always put bleach in my sprayer to do my kitchen floors it turns out wonderful. Then just pull off the pad and throw it in the wash machine. No more swiffer solution or buying pads.

4Expert Score

I like it it works good

4Expert Score
Great product

Cleans well, very lightweight. Very easy to use and put away.

4Expert Score
Great for small cleans

Works good for quick clean up

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