ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black

ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black

Buy ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black and other Waist Packs at Yakibest.com. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

What are ododos unisex fanny pack with adjustable strap small waist pouch for travel workout running hiking features?

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  • ➤versatile style: adjustable strap allow you to wear this belt bag in a variety of ways. It can be carried as cross back, shoulder back, waist back or handbag. It’s all up to you.
  • ➤functional: our mini waist bag is lightweight and easy to carry, room for phone, wallet, passport, keys, id and other small items, provide great convenience for you.
  • ➤high quality: ododos mini belt bag are made of durable fabric, zippers and straps which is water resistant, durable and anti-abrasion, ensure a long-lasting usage.
  • ➤design for: ododos mini belt bags ideal for men, women and teenagers, perfect for daily use, out door, gym workouts, running, biking, traveling, etc.
  • ➤warranty: you’re covered by our 100% full money-back guarantee. If you don’t love our products, simply return them without question within 30 days. Select your favorite color and ”add to cart” now.
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Ododos unisex fanny pack with adjustable strap small waist pouch for travel workout running hiking details:

Product dimensions

8 x 5.5 x 2 inches

Item weight

6 ounces


Unisex adult

Country of origin


ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black AMAZON

Buy ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black and other Waist Packs at Yakibest.com. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

Looking for specific info?

What’s the difference between black and black 2?

One wasn’t as shiney. It was a dark dull black. I love them both.

Is the strap big enough for larger people?

Deff not made for larger people. It doesn’t sit correctly around my chest when using it as a sling. If there was extender than it would be perfect.

Is the shipping time really two months? I want to order but at that rate i’d be better off buying one from lulu

I placed an order for this belt bag on august 15, originally shipping date was october 2, just got an email today (2 days after placing order) that i will be here the 29th of this month now. Went from almost 2 months to 2 weeks.

Is it really a month for shipping?

Received mine in about two weeks.

Will the zippered pocket fit an iphone 11?

Yes it does. Not super snug but it will fit and zip easily. Mine is in an otterbox slim case.

Has anyone bought an extender for this bag on amazon? If so which one?


When will brown restock?

It’s in stock now

Will you be restocking the caramel? What’s the difference between caramel and brown color?


Will this fit a 23′ waist?

Yes, absolutely

What is the difference between navy and blue? They both look navy blue in the picture?

I can’t help you. I got as gift for grandaughter. They have two blacks. They are a knock off of famous brand so it could be running low on one. If you like go for it.

Machine washable?

I haven’t tried yet. You definitely can clean with a damp sponge or cloth though.

Is the red coming back? I went to order and it’s no longer being sold.

I’m really not sure about the the color coming back in stock.

Does it have a plastic or metal zippers?

It has both the one in the front is metal and you have an extra pocket in back with a plastic zipper

Will you be restocking the white color?

Really not sure as you would to send message to company.

Can you iron on patches to this?

I’m not sure about iron-on patches. I would not try on this but maybe something of similar fabric content.

Has anyone bought the olive color? Is it true to the color pictured? I am curious to see color if someone has a picture.

My sister has olive one and it’s a very pretty color.

Will glock 43 fit in this?

I carry a 43 with 2 spare mags and fits perfectly fine

What are measurements?

I opened up the belt bag and laid it flat and all together it measured 44 inches.

Is the navy bag, a true navy? The pic has weird color?

Yes the the bag is true navy it’s super nice color.

Can you fit an iphone in the bag?

Yes definitely. There’s lots of room. 3 iphones fit in it when we were at universal studios

ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black AMAZON

Buy ODODOS Unisex Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap Small Waist Pouch for Travel Workout Running Hiking, Black and other Waist Packs at Yakibest.com. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns.

What are our customers saying?

5Expert Score
Hype is real.

I sat on ordering this bag for several months. Looked at it wistfully in my wishlist. Denied myself the frivolous purchase because i knew i didn’t *need* another purse. Yet, i kept seeing people with that lulu bag. I liked how small it was and how convenient (as a student) it was to not have to dig around in my backpack for my wallet, id, cash, etc. I was using another belt bag that was bulky and had a finicky zipper, and i wanted an upgrade. So, i caved and bought this dupe and let me tell you, it was absolutely worth it. I really wanted the caramel brown (of course, on backorder), but i bought the ‘blue’ – a gorgeous steely-blue/grey color in person with dark blue zippers, and i love that it doesn’t have a logo. Can’t attest to the durability or water resistance, but it fits my wallet, a tampon or two, my phone (i don’t have a ‘pro’ model so that might be more of a squeeze), some chapstick, and my work badge if necessary. And i can wear it with my backpack and not feel like a pack mule.

5Expert Score
Love it!

So convenient as a mom. I have my must haves in it (lipsticks, card holder, hand sanitizer, car fob) i love how i can easily fit my phone in it and have it close to me while we’re out rather than digging in a diaper bag to find my necessities. I used it while traveling and found it so easy to just throw on and have everything close to me. Not bulky at all. I wore it with a backpack diaper bag & without. Shipping took about a month but came in time for our trip 10/10 recommend. I got it because i couldn’t get my hands on the lululemon one so i can’t compare them but this was much cheaper & does the job just fine

5Expert Score
So convenient!

Over time, i carry less and less with me. I needed something that i could use for travel as well as daily for running errands. This fit the bill! This is awesome especially since it has many variations to be carried/worn. I’ve used it over my shoulder, extended the strap and wore it as a crossbody as well as around my waist. It’s large enough to fit my cell phone, glass case, hand sanitizer, credit cards, cash, and so much more. It’s easy to use going through tsa. I’ve used this daily since purchase and have no regrets.

5Expert Score
Love this bag!

Absolutely love this bag. Took a bit longer than expected to arrive but i am happy with the product. I was originally looking at the lululemon bag but i disliked that their logo was very visible. This bag is perfect neutral accessory. I use it to the gym and my walks on the beach. It is water proof and sweat proof. It fits my very large kindle paperwhite perfectly, hand sanitizer, iphone, airpods, keys and there is still room left to fill.

5Expert Score
This mama loves it!

Just got it yesterday and already putting it to use! I can’t be lugging a purse, baby, diaper bag etc. So for now this thing will become my best friend for our walks, grocery trip or anytime we leave the house. The color is more of a dusty pink than from the photo, but that’s okay. I’ll edit for durability and water resistance later.

5Expert Score
Best belt bag!

I now have 3 colors in this belt bag, they are large enough to carry everything i need to be hands free, but small enough not to feel bulky, looks chic, feels comfortable, great colors and simple design, i absolutely love! And i love my new hands free experience when i go out, not worried about having a handbag ,etc,

5Expert Score
Perfect belt bag

I bought this belt bag on the recommendation of lisa123marie who i’ve followed on instagram for a while. It is similar to the big athletic brand that costs way to much money in my opinion. I use this all the time, running to the gym, running errands, attending festivals, etc. It’s so versatile and you can’t beat the reasonable cost!

5Expert Score
Nice little bag

This is a nice little fanny pack. My initial reaction is it’s smaller than i expected, (it wasn’t much bigger than my iphone 13) but it will definitely hold a phone, small wallet, lip gloss, and a few other essentials. I like that it’s really minimalistic and simple. I have probably 10-20 fanny packs, in various colors/prints/sizes. This is a great option for someone wanting a simple, small waist pack.

The material is somewhat water resistant and feels durable. The strap is nice and thick and feels very sturdy. It also adjusted well and holds in place. There’s a zippered pocket on the body facing size, and a main zipper on the outside. The main zip is metal and hefty. The inside has two mesh pockets to help organize. All in all this is a great quality bag for the price.

I ordered in black and am still waiting for the light pink to arrive. I may come back for more colors and would love to see more print options too! If you’re on the fence about this or any fanny pack, get this.

5Expert Score
Lulu dupe!

I love my lululemon belt bag, but wanted a second color and they were sold out. I bought this one and it’s almost an exact dupe for the lulu bag. The only difference i notice is the zipper pulls. You can store so much in this bag and i use it nearly every day.

5Expert Score
Just as good as lululemon

I have been trying to get a lululemon bag for over 6 months. Lululemon makes it very exhausting to buy their everyday belt bag. So i brought this instead and it does not disappoint at all. No complaints. If you are tired of waiting for a lululemon bag, get this. It is just as good and you won’t have to wait long.

4Expert Score
Nice little belt bag

Eta: since i wrote my review i’ve been able to get my hands in a real lululemon bag to compare. I still think this is a good dupe the fabric is not quite the same on this bag as the everyday lulu bag. This bag is made from a slightly lighter weight nylon – like a thick ripstop nylon. The lulu bag has a thicker and more satiny fabric. But the fabric on the dupe bag is very similar to the lulu bag in white opal which i do have now. They are very similar in weight and feel as it’s also more like a rip stop nylon. The traditional lulu bags are thicker and smoother. I think the main difference that makes these bags feel a little less weighty is the lining. The lining in the dupe bag is thinner than the lulu bag which overall makes it feel a little thinner and possibly cheaper depending on how you feel about that. I still think this is a good alternative to the lulu bag though.

This review is based on my first impressions since i haven’t had a chance to use the bag yet. The bag seems pretty well-made and sturdy. The strap is adjustable. I got the color brown which is kind of hard to explain. It’s a warm leaning brown that has a little bit of red in it. It’s a nice shade but it’s kind of hard to pinpoint.

I don’t have the original lululemon bag that this is supposed to be a dupe for. However i’ve shown the bed to a couple of people who do have the original bag and they all seem to think that this is a very good dupe. Overall i am very happy with this purchase and will probably buy it in a couple more colors.

4Expert Score
I’m done with dupes

I ordered this bag for an upcoming disney world trip because the “original” one was out of stock. And then the original one became back in stock so i ordered that, intending to return one of them. I’m keeping them both, and i’ll use this bag for hiking and the original bag for every day and traveling.

As you can see from the photo comparison, while the original is twice the price, there’s a reason for that. The quality isn’t even comparable. This bag feels like it is made out of strong but very crinkly paper. Moving forward i’m going to forgo purchasing “dupes” and either go without a trendy item or save up to purchase the real thing, as i prefer owning a few quality items over owning a bunch of low quality items which won’t last.

I gave this bag four stars because for the price it does function as a belt bag, and the strap is solid. I wish there were half stars as i feel this is a 3.5 out of 5. I rounded up instead of down because i realize i may be a bit of a quality snob. But really—look at the photo comparison.

Also note for plus sized individuals: this bag is just a little bit tighter than the original when worn crossbody.

Color note: i ordered the brown, as many reviews stated it was more of a rose. I found this to be accurate and i do like the color.

4Expert Score
Great on the go bag! And a great dupe!

I’m soo impressed with the quality of this bag! The straps are so comfortable and soft, and the bag material is outstanding. I love that it’s not super stiff material and is easy to access your stuff. This would be ideal for the airport or a hike. The color looks pretty much the same that i ordered.

There’s a ton of room on the inside surprisingly. I love that when you open up the main pocket, there’s three pouches on the inside for smaller things like headphones, chapstick, keys, medicine, etc. It helps so much to keep organized. There’s also an outside zipped pocket for more stuff.

I’ve worn the lululemon belt bag and i gotta say, this is pretty similar. Even the quality is pretty close. Almost identical besides the the lululemon is a tiny bit smaller size, and the zipper. The lululemon one has a plastic zipper but this amazon one is metal. I prefer the plastic but this one is okay.

3 cons:
1. Something that can be improved is there being a plus size option. I know this bag is meant for your “hip”, but no one wears it like that now days haha. I’m a size l/xl for tops and the bag is at the full length it can go. I wouldn’t want it any smaller.

2. As i mentioned earlier, i would personally really like a plastic zipper instead of a metal zipper. That might just be a me thing though.

3. This isn’t necessarily a con as it is me just being spoiled buuuut the shipping was longer than i’m used to with prime. It said it would take about a month but got delivered at about 2 1/2 weeks. Well worth the wait but it was strange for being prime.

Other than that, i’m so so happy with the bag and would suggest it to my friends. It might be better than lululemon just for the fact that they have so many color options!

4Expert Score
Not quite lulu but close

First off, this bag is very nice quality and i love the size and the ability to use it as a crossbody bag or a fanny pack. I bought this because i loved my lulu that i received as a gift and of course they are gone from the store. Lots of reviews stating that these are almost identical. It is a really nice bag, and if not for having the original first, i would give it 5 stars. The fabric is the biggest difference. The ododos is lighter in weight. It’s not shiny like lulu and the zipper is metal instead of matching plastic. All the pockets inside are identical, the stitching is good. In spite of the differneces, it’s great for the price. I wanted to see if it would be nice to give as holiday gifts, but i just keep wishing it was the lulu. Im going to use the this orange bag for walking at night and for the beach so i don’t ruin my original. All in all, if you missed out on lulu and really want something similar, i say go for it!

4Expert Score
Arrived with a broken zipper :/

Edit: the company did reach out to me and refunded the purchase price with no fuss. So kudos to their customer service. I liked the bag other than the broken zipper and may have tried ordering another one if i hadn’t already purchased a different brand.

This bag arrived with a broken back zipper. It’s completely split. That’s where i like to keep my phone and therefore makes the bag unusable. Very disappointed – i purchased a different bag for the same price that was much higher quality. This one sucks. Do not recommend. Unfortunately i already took the tag off before i used the bag and realized the zipper was broken.

4Expert Score
It’s okay

The bag is okay, i love a food fanny pack/belt bag for everyday use and especially during traveling. Unfortunately the quality of the bag isn’t all there. The zipper can be difficult to open/close, causing it to get jammed or stuck at times. Overall the zipper just feels and looks cheap. The material of the bag is kinda strange, looks to be waterproof(haven’t tested it yet)but it feels kinda crusty or like a rough material. For the price it’s not terrible and it’s definitely getting used for the halloween season , but i wouldn’t purchase another one.

4Expert Score
Cute and arrives faster than estimated!

I bought this on a whim and at first didn’t notice the estimated delivery date cuz i assumed it was prime 2 day delivery (silly me). I needed it for a trip on 8/17 and the original estimated delivery was mid-end of august so i panicked a little but read from other reviews that delivery is actually much quicker than anticipated.

For those wondering, i ordered on 7/16 and got it on 7/29 to ny so just about 2 weeks total. Between that time, they kept updating the delivery date to a shorter time period. They shipped on 7/27 for me. So don’t let the far delivery date scare you.

For the product itself, it’s cute, functional, and i can hold a decent amount of items in it without looking bulky (card holder, extra mask, hand sanitizer, lotion, eye drops, chapstick, some makeup,etc). I agree with another reviewer that it would be better with two zippers so you can open it on either ends especially when you wear it as a cross-shoulder and want to switch up which shoulder you want to wear it. Not a big deal though!
The only con so far is the outer material. Dust seems to cling to it easily. I bought ivory so i wouldn’t want to wear a black/dark colored cotton shirt with it.

4Expert Score
Perfect for cross country traveling

It is perfect for traveling and is lightweight. I got the bright aqua because i was leaving for a trip and wanted something fast. The color is brighter than most but i definitely will be purchasing another color. I could fit my keys, phone, and wallet and more. The only thing, it smells a little funky like metal and it lingers on your hands once you touch it. I didn’t have time to wash it but i’m hoping after the first wash, it still holds up. Overall i think it’s worth it and it’s way cheaper than a lulu bag.

4Expert Score
Great bag, but took 2 – 3 weeks to arrive

I agree with other reviewers, this a great bag for an affordable price, but don’t depend on the expected delivery date shown when you place the order. I ordered a black one and expected it to arrive with in a few days but it took 3 weeks to arrive. I was happy with the product so i decided to order another one in the caramel color. That bag took 2 weeks to arrive. If you don’t need it in a hurry, i highly recommend this bag.

4Expert Score
Navy = faded denim/gray toned navy

Detailed review:

arrival: i bought this bag just before lulu released their true navy color for the upcoming fall season. Ordered 7/30 and arrived 8/11 much earlier than the expected sept arrival.

Color: it is definitely a navy, but more of a “faded” navy (medium navy with gray undertones) than a rich dark navy as we expect. Still beautiful to be neutral friendly and universal with any outfit keeping this specific color tone in mind.

Fit (see photos): i am 5’2”/195 lbs/us12/36d bust. With it fully extended, i still had room for a fist (5-6 inches) in the front. I’d say that it could fit up to a 14/16, but depends on your bust size.

Outfit 1 photo: you can see the gray undertone when compared with with “true (dark) navy” sweatpants.
Outfit 2: it’s a perfect match with my “faded navy” sweatshirt.
Accessory comparison photo: compared to my navy nails and watch wrist band, you can see that it shifts to the gray undertone.

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